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Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm: An Amazing Minnesota Apple Orchard

Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm is the perfect day trip for Minnesota families. The pursuit of fun fall activities, fresh apples, and aromatic cider is an experience worth a drive!

Learn everything you need to know about visiting Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm. Discover what to expect when you visit, how to prep for the trip, and the absolute must-have orchard and farm gifts you’ll want to bring home!

Overhead view of girl picking apples from a tree -- if you like the idea of picking organic apples at farm committed to sustainability, then Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm is the destination for you.

About the Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm

Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm is a premiere apple orchard in the Driftless Region owned and operated by farmer Dane Diede and baker Hillary Diede since 2014. The Diedes are committed to their vision of an organic orchard and farm that offers delicious apples, and much more!

In fact, the property includes not just an apple orchard, but also a Market, a Greenhouse, and pigs!

Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm Apples

Throughout the apple season, apple-lovers can pick their own apples, including well-known varieties like McIntosh, Honeycrisp, and Red Delicious, and more unique flavors like Wolf River, Sweet 16, and First Kiss. In total there are over 30 varieties available!

Closeup of ripe, red apples on a tree branch.

Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm Market and Greenhouse 

At Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm, you should certainly stock up on homemade juice, cider, apple butter, apple pie, and other specialty baked goods.

Think apple turnovers, cookies, and other delectable pastries. Hillary studied at the Apicius School of International Hospitality in Florence, Italy, so these pastries and other treats are world-class!

Closeup of a display of baked goods -- you can enjoy foods made by a formally trained baker when you visit Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm.

Homestyle farmhouse snacks are also available, including candy apples, popcorn, and honey. This is a great place to enjoy a family picnic and some absolutely fabulous pictures among the apple trees!

Gifts like cutting boards, handmade soaps, candles, and more goodies made by local Minnesota makers are also available from the Market hard goods section.

Don’t miss the onsite greenhouse as well. Open seasonally from mid-April through June, this is your one-stop shop for all things growing. 

Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm Pigs

The apple farm is also home to their famous pastured pork. The Diedes purchase their pigs from a nearby organic farm when they are a mere 40 pounds in spring. The pigs also help with cleanup by consuming leftover apples all season long!

Dropped fruit can lead to many unwanted pests and fungus. So this four-legged cleaning crew provides a much-needed service while also supporting farm sustainability! Pork meat is of course also available for sale.

What to Know When Visiting Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm 

Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm’s prime apple time is September and October. Visitors are welcome during the rest of the year as well, but hours and attractions may be more limited. Make sure to always check their website for the most up-to-date information!

Man putting picked golden apples into a crate.

When visiting a farm or orchard, it’s important to wear clothes suited for outdoor weather including potential rain or even snow. This is Minnesota, after all. Dress in layers because apple picking can be hard work. And don’t forget sturdy shoes that can handle uneven terrain and mud!

Another handy tip is to bring a cooler in the car in case you purchase any perishables. It’s always best to be prepared!

Visit Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm!

Orchard visits are a wonderful family tradition. You’ll remember the fun, the photos, and the sweet taste of fresh apples! Start a yearly tradition and enjoy. We hope that you’ll plan a visit to this Preston Apple Orchard this fall!

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Sunday 12th of February 2023

I'm looking for Golden Russet apple fruit. Let me know where I get these apples. New Family Herę. Live Byron, MN. Thank You!