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9 of the Best Tomato Planters For Your Tomatoes

Do you enjoy eating homegrown tomatoes? Want to grow your garden straight from seeds this year? Then imagine a large abundance of the ripest, juiciest tomatoes grown indoors or in your very own garden this season using the best tomato planters out there!

Sometimes I’ve found the best way to plant tomato seeds isn’t directly into garden beds. Keep reading as I’ll show you how to plant tomato seeds in containers and custom planters. Learn why these methods are so beneficial for outstanding home gardens.

Lastly, we’ll discuss different types of tomato planters and how to choose the perfect planters that fit your yard space, patio, window sills, or even balcony!

A best tomato planter.

Our Top Picks

9 Best Tomato Planters

There is a wide variety of tomato planters, so make sure to check out our entire list!

Best Overall

Hydrofarm Heavy Duty Tomato Barrel with a 4′ Tower

Hydrofarm GCTB2 Heavy Duty Tomato Barrel with 4' Tower, Green

With a list such as this, it’s tough to decide on just one perfect tomato planter. Still, this one takes the cake for overall value, usefulness, self-watering, proper drainage, and a supporting trellis!

Thanks to the Hydrofarm Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Tomato Barrel features, this best tomato planter works super well. It’s less likely you’ll encounter this tomato planter toppling over. It works all the way from tomato seeds to productive tomato plants!


  • Heavy-Duty design
  • Included trellis
  • Self-watering


  • You need to remember to water from the top first

Best Hanging

Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter

Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter, 2- Pack(Requires Plants,Soil and Fertilizer, not Included)

I like the convenience I’ve found in a hanging tomato planter. Hanging planters are an enjoyable and unique way to grow some tasty tomatoes without the requirement of a garden bed. You get to grow tomatoes with fewer bugs, pests, weeds, and the need to tie up vines.

Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter is a great product to help you avoid muscle strains, aches, and pains. In addition, this planter lets you pick freshly off the vine tomato variety at chest level!

Purchase the Pri Gardens Upside Down Tomato Planter soon to start your hanging garden!


  • Easier on your joints and muscles
  • Easy to install and use


  • Water retention isn’t the best

Best Indoor Planter

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black

Okay, this one’s a show-stopper. How cool is this? You can actually grow a good-sized garden right inside your home without worrying about pests, inadequate sunlight, and other gardening issues.

The AeroGarden Farm 24Plus might be pricey, but it opens up a world of other possibilities that you never thought were possible. AeroGarden Farm is the most innovative garden you can buy on the market. This garden is perfect for indoor vertical gardening. You can fully customize the LED lights, including everything you need together in one place, even tomato seeds.


  • Smart home indoor garden
  • Custom LED Lights
  • Plants naturally grow in water, with no mess or soil


  • Indoor space needed
  • A few of the screws need tightening
  • Never let the unit fall over during assembly

Best Self-Watering

Self Watering Mobile Tomato Planter Box with Trellis

The Lakeside Collection Self Watering Vegetable Planter Box with Trellis on Wheels - Mobile Garden

This Self Watering Mobile Tomato Planter is great for moving around to catch the most sun throughout the season. It’s also a great space saver, and your tomatoes will even water themselves!

These self-watering planters hold up to three gallons of water and have an included handle for your convenience. This planter is also on wheels for easy transport. You’ll love the additional trellis!


  • This potted tomato planter is self-watering
  • Mobile gardening
  • You can catch maximum sunlight exposure.


  • Thinner plastic for the price

Best Grow Bags

JERIA 10 Gallon

JERIA 12-Pack 10 Gallon, Vegetable/Flower/Plant Grow Bags, Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles (Black), Come with 12 Pcs Plant Labels

I love that these JERIA grow bags are easily collapsible, and you can pack them away each season. They are great if you’re short on space. This best tomato planter is also practical since you can quickly move your fabric bins around to collect the most sunlight.


  • Easy to use and collapsable to store
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Help your tomato seeds and plants receive the correct sunlight.


  • Not easy to store if you need to save your dirt
  • The handles could benefit from being lower on the pot.


Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter

Mr. Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter, Indoor & Outdoor

Stacy 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter is neat because you water the top pot, and the rest of the pots below will also receive water. This planter is also sturdy and well-made. The water flow design is fantastic because it prevents root rot and will grow just about anything!

This tomato planter can be used indoors or outdoors and is a great space-saving garden option. I also like the flexibility of the detachable sections and self-watering features.


  • Smart and efficient design
  • Great for all types of plants
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Sometimes plants on the bottom won’t receive the right amounts of water
  • There’s not much soil space for your plants to fully mature


GROWNEER Peat Pots Seed Starter Trays

GROWNEER 24 Packs Peat Pots Seed Starter Trays, 288 Cells Biodegradable Seedling Pots Germination Trays, Organic Plant Starter Kit with 15 Pcs Plant Labels

Do you need a great suggestion on a product that helps you plant and grow tomato seeds into starter plants? These GROWNEER Starter Trays are a great way to get your garden started early. Plant tomato seeds in each of these sections until you’ve grown your very own starter plants.

I like the eco-friendly style of these starter trays. Once your tomato seeds have grown into starter plants, cut them apart and plant your plants directly into the soil. Avoid the hassle of removing your plants incorrectly and possibly hurting the roots.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • These starter trays come in a value pack with plant markers as well


  • They drain almost too well and can dry out fast

Best for Beginners

Back to the Roots Organic Window Sill Indoor Garden Kit

Back to the Roots 25100 Organic Planter Grow Cherry Tomatoes Year Round, Windowsill Indoor Garden Kit, 1, glass

If the idea of getting soil, buying all the required materials, and everything that goes into gardening has you feeling overwhelmed, no worries!

Back to the Roots Organic Cherry Tomato Planter is a perfect way to get started or for your kids to experience planting without the worry of expense and extensive projects. Maybe you have a busy summer and can’t commit to a large garden. Or perhaps you live in a high-rise or apartment with zero space to include a garden; if so, this one’s perfect!


  • Perfect for apartments and smaller homes
  • Easy to use
  • Great for kids!


  • It only provides a handful of fruits

Best Indoor

AeroGarden Harvest Elite Indoor Garden with a LED Grow Light

AeroGarden Harvest Elite - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, White Stainless

Have you ever wanted to effortlessly and organically grow your own herbs and tomatoes in the comfort of your own home? Then, you’ll love the AeroGarden Harvest Elite.

This one features a digital display panel that’s perfect for keeping your tomato plants happy when life gets busy or when you’re on vacation. It also has unique settings to help your plants grow to their full potential!


  • Vacation Mode
  • Organically grown, juicy tomatoes from your home


  • Only handles smaller varieties of tomatoes, such as cherry tomatoes.

What Are Tomato Planters?

Sometimes you don’t have the space for in-ground garden beds. However, if you’d like to be able to grow some of your very own garden tomatoes, have no fear! Tomatoes can grow exceptionally well in containers, sometimes better than in gardens.

If you plant tomato plants in containers and planters, your tomato seeds will never risk being stolen by birds or small critters. Are you a bit shy on outdoor spaces? Some tomato planters use hydroponic systems to give your tomato plants the exact water and nutrients they need indoors.

Different Types of Best Tomato Planters

Self Watering

Names can be deceiving, but “self-watering” planters will not pour water onto themselves. Instead, self-watering planters will keep your plants’ roots consistently moist, meaning you can water less often.

Hanging Baskets

Learning how to plant tomato seeds is straightforward, but space is usually an issue. Instead, try using hanging basket planters which allow tomatoes to hang over their edges or straight down without using a cage or trellis.

Tomatoes hanging in a basket in a greenhouse.

Fabric Planters

When it comes to how to plant tomato seeds, these best tomato planters are great for sun rotation and allow tomato plants and seeds the required hours of sun. Consider buying fabric planters made of breathable BPA-free material.

Porous Tomato Planters

Porous tomato planters are necessary for growing tomatoes in pots. Porous means the planter has “pores” that allow water to flow through and never collect around the plant roots.

Hydroponic Tomato Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is a type of modern gardening that doesn’t require soil.

DIY Plant Starters

DIY plant starters are recycled materials that you can use for starting plants from seed instead of buying seed trays from a store. Examples can be egg cartons, or even small SOLO cups if you drill the right amount of drainage holes.

Woman planting seeds in an egg carton.

How To Choose The Best Tomato Planters To Grow Delicious Tomatoes


When you’re learning how to grow tomatoes in containers, pay attention to the type of space you have available for a garden. If space is limited, explore your indoor options.


Choose a tomato planter that fits well in your budget but doesn’t sacrifice quality. Remember that you’ll get what you pay for, so choose the best quality your budget allows.


Sometimes the best tomato planters come in value packs. These are great for getting started or for handling larger garden projects.

Easy To Use?

Container-grown tomatoes can sound like fun, but make sure whatever you choose, you’ll be happy to use them every season.

Considerations On Planting Tomato Seeds

The first step towards using the best tomato planters is planting the tomato seeds! First, select your favorite container planters for your garden. Then, ensure your planters are filled with well-draining soil and organic matter (unless they only require water to grow)!

The happiest tomatoes need depth for their rooting system. Giving plants the correct depths will allow your plants to grow and mature to their entirety.

You can give your tomatoes the best chances with hanging tomato baskets. Hanging tomato baskets allow tomatoes to grow from their base downwards.

Overall, container tomatoes do their best with the right care and support. Think about cages and stakes for ultimate tomato support when your tomato plants become fully established. Install your tomato cage ahead of time so your tomato plant grows within its given space.

Go Find Your Best Tomato Planter!

Are you ready to grow some delicious tomatoes now? I’d say I am! I can’t wait to get started with my tomato plants this season. Did you have a favorite best tomato planter stand out? Tell us in the comments!

Excited for more tomato content? Then visit our tomato page for growing tips, comprehensive guides, and tasty recipes!

Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming fast. So if you’re looking for advice on garden tools and garden supplies, then you’re in the right place!