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The 5 Best Seed Organizers to Keep Your Seeds in Order

If the gardening bug has bitten you, you’ve no doubt considered how to store your seeds to ensure you’re ready for the next planting season.

There are several products on the market that can be considered among the best seed organizers. Some are designed for prepackaged seeds, others are designed to store unpackaged seeds. Read on for a look at some of the best seed organizer options.

Seeds laid out and ready for best seed organizer and seed planting

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
SZLTZK 60 Slots Plastic Seed Storage Box

Best for Seed Packets:
Eaasty Garden Seed Organization Binder

Ideal Decor Organizer:
Glochyra Seed Storage Box

Best Overall

SZLTZK 60 Slots Plastic Seed Storage Box

60 Slots Plastic Seed Storage Box, Seed Storage Organizer with Label Stickers(seeds not included), Seed Container Storage use for Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Clover Seeds, Basil Seeds, Tomato Seeds

Plenty of room and very convenient — six words that describe the ideal seed organizer. And that’s why the SZLTZK box is at the top of the list when considering which is the best for the home gardener.

The SZLTZK seed organizer can be handy if you’re planning on storing seeds for heirloom varieties of flowers, vegetables, or fruits. Particularly with heirloom seeds passed down through your family, you’ll want to be sure they’re kept safe and viable.

Product Features

What you’ll get with the SZLTZK seed organizer is a low-profile plastic case filled with 60 plastic containers equipped with tight-sealing lids for airtight protection of your seeds. The SZLTZK organizer also includes a set of labels to help you keep track of your seeds.


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Sturdy construction with high-quality plastic


  • Labels are too small
  • It may not be ideal for larger seeds

Best for Seed Packets

Eaasty Garden Seed Organization Binder

360 Seed Storage Organizers 80 Resealable Self Sealing Seed Envelopes 280 Pockets Garden Seed Organization Binder Garden Seed Saving Envelope Seed Collecting Template for Vegetable (Clear, Plastic)

Suppose you gather seeds from your garden or swap seeds with gardening friends. In that case, the Eaasty garden seed organizer, complete with storage envelopes, is an excellent choice among the best seed organizers.

Each storage envelope with the Eaasty organizer includes spaces for writing down the type of seed in the envelope, the date on which it was stored, and any special notes about the seed variety or other helpful information.

Product Features

In addition to its plentiful supply of seed envelopes, the Eaasty binder includes 35 pages of plastic storage sleeves, each equipped to hold eight seed envelopes, giving it the storage volume to be considered among the best seed organizers.


  • Nearly 300 storage pockets
  • Storage pockets are waterproof
  • 80 storage envelopes included


  • Envelopes won’t accommodate high quantities of larger seeds

Ideal Decor Organizer

Glochyra Seed Storage Box

GLOCHYRA Seed Storage Box Garden Seed Packet Storage Organizer Seed Container Comes with 100 Plant Labels, 10 Seed envelopes, Marker Pen

If you’re looking for a seed organizer that is both durable and beautiful, the Glochyra seed storage box will more than meet your needs in keeping your seeds in order for future planting seasons.

Constructed of galvanized steel, the Glochyra organizer, one of the best seed organizers you’ll find, is attractive enough to store in the open, featuring a bright flowery design with a lovely script reading “Seeds.”

Product Features

With a latched lid to keep seeds in an airtight and dry environment, the Glochyra seed organizer offers the necessary protection to ensure the long-term viability of the seeds stored inside.

The interior of the Glochyra seed organizer is divided into three sections, providing an opportunity to keep the flower, vegetable, and other seeds separated for convenient access.


  • Includes labels and marker pen
  • Large enough to store small garden tools
  • Handles on the side and top for easy carrying


  • Includes only ten seed collection packets

Keep filing Gardening Seed Organizer Binder

Gardening Seed Organizer Binder (Red)

For novice gardeners needing to store seeds between planting seasons, the Keepfiling Gardening Seed Organizer Binder is an excellent choice on this list of the best on the market.

The product is sized to fit prepackaged vegetable and flower seeds. The Keepfiling binder is also a superb choice for more seasoned gardeners who need to keep seeds stored across different gardening seasons.

Product Features

One of the best features of the Keepfiling seed organizer is the smaller storage packet located next to the larger storage packet intended to house seed packages. The smaller space becomes a perfect place to store notes on the seeds in the adjacent larger one.

The binder comes with 20 pages of plastic seed sleeves, more than enough to safely and conveniently store seeds.


  • Sturdy enough to use outdoors
  • Easier than box storage for locating seeds
  • Loose seeds stay in the storage pocket


  • It could use a decorative cover

Marsui 90-Slot Seed Storage Box

90 Slots Plastic Seed Storage Box Clear Seed Storage Organizer with Label Stickers Planting Seed Container with Lid Garden Seed Organizer with 2 Sheets Stickers for Flower Plants Vegetable Seeds

For the serious home gardener, the Marsui 90-slot seed organizer will help keep track of the many seeds that comprise ambitious home vegetable and flower gardens. And that’s why it made this list.

Product Features

Particularly helpful concerning the massive capacity of the Marsui seed organizer is that the organizer has a low profile, making it easy to store away between gardening seasons.

The 90 seed organizers comprise 60 plastic containers measuring 2 inches deep, 1 inch long, and two-thirds of an inch wide, and 30 containers measuring 2 inches by 1 inch by 1 inch, providing ample space for various seeds.


  • Good mix of storage container sizes
  • Lots of self-stick labels included


  • Labels may be too small for some users

Buyers’ Guide to the Best Seed Organizers

Seed calender and seeds ready to be places in one of the best seed organizers

Most, if not all, gardeners will want something more than a resealable plastic bag stuffed with seed packets and shoved into the crisper drawer of their refrigerators as their seed storage system.

But for most gardeners, a notebook-style seed organizer will be a perfectly acceptable choice as the best choice. On the other hand, gardeners who have ample garden space or who want to grow heirlooms or other specialty seeds likely will be more satisfied with container-style organizers.

FAQs on Seed Organizers

Once you’ve chosen the best seed organizer for storing your vegetable and/or flower seeds, you’ll have to decide where and how to store them. Read on for some guidance on those issues.

How should seeds be stored?

A primary consideration for storing seeds is choosing a storage method that works for you, whether using plastic containers or sealed envelopes, as offered in the seed organizers you’ve seen in this post.

Seeds should be stored where they are cool and dry over the long term. Ideally, temperatures between 35 degrees and 40 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for your stored seeds. Still, if you don’t want seeds in your refrigerator, reasonably chilly places will do.

Regarding dryness, store your seeds in a location where the humidity is consistently at less than 40%. If that’s not possible, store your seeds in a place with less than 70% relative humidity. At 70% humidity, the moisture content of your seeds will be at the point where fungi can develop.

It’s possible to freeze seeds for storage, but you’ll be limited to using plastic containers from higher-end products, and you’ll need to be sure that both the seeds and the container are completely dry.

How long can seeds be stored?

Seed storage

Regardless of which of the best seed organizers reviewed here you decide to use to bring some organization to your gardening, you should recognize that there is a limit to how long they can be stored. Those limits range anywhere from a single year to as long as five years, even when the seeds are carefully stored.

If you have some stored seeds about which you’re not certain, you can test them by placing a few seeds inside some moist paper towels. Leave them in a resealable plastic bag where the temperature will be at or near 75 degrees.

If the seeds haven’t sprouted within a few days, they’re likely unfit for planting.

Wrapping up the Best Seed Organizers

We hope this post has helped you to decide which will be the best seed organizer to help you organize your gardening efforts. For help on the next step in starting your plants, check out Minneopa Orchards.

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