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The 15 Best Orchards in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is brimming with a variety of farms and orchards that offer everything from apple picking to musical entertainment and seasonal family fun. From apples and pumpkins to peaches and plums, these best orchards in Oklahoma have everything to meet and feed your need for fresh fruit and family fun.

Come along and let’s explore the 15 best orchards in Oklahoma!

1. Livesay Orchards

Porter, Oklahoma

Apple trees in one of the best orchards in Oklahoma.

Livesay Orchards has everything that your classic apple farm would have. Of course, you can’t be one of the best orchards in Oklahoma without offering its own stellar apple picking. Apple picking season at this orchard runs from August to October and features a variety of different types of apples. In the off-season, they offer other fruit and produce that you can either purchase or enjoy picking yourself.

Livesay Orchards really shines in Autumn. Their pumpkin patch as well as hayrides for the kids opens up a whole new level of fun. They also offer a corn maze, a play place for the kids, and a learning center where your kids, and maybe even some of the adults, can learn a thing or two about farming. 

2. High-Fence Farm

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

High-Fence Farm is a great choice if you’re looking for apple orchards in Oklahoma that offer more than just apples.

This farm has a greenhouse that opens up every summer. They sell everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to herbs and plants for your home garden. They’ve also even been known to sell tree seedlings if you’re looking for a bit more of a noticeable plant for your yard.

Their apple seasons have varied from year to year, but one thing stays the same. They typically run out of apples in the picking range early in the season as High-Fence Farm is very popular. If you’re looking to do some apple picking at High-Fence Farm, you’re going to want to get here sooner rather than later. 

3. The Peach Barn — Orchard & Bakery

Porter, Oklahoma

Baskets  of peaches

If you’re looking for a slice of frontier living that still has country hospitality, the Peach Barn has exactly what you’re looking for. They have apples too!

You can head to their website and view a calendar of the produce that you can find in season right now. This will let you know what the Peach Barn currently has available for their fresh, homegrown produce. They also have an on-site bakery that offers a wide range of homemade goods.

You won’t find corn mazes or hayrides at the Peach Barn, but you will find a slice of country charm and a friendly shopping environment. This is a relaxing location for you to pick up produce fresher than you can find anywhere else.

4. Wind Drift Orchards

Harrah, Oklahoma

Next on our list of best orchards in Oklahoma is Wind Drift Orchards where they specialize in peaches.

They offer nearly 40 varieties of peaches in their orchard for all of your fresh peach eating, baking, and canning needs.

This family-run farm also offers a curbside pickup option for peaches. You can order ahead of time, and they will package the peaches for you so you can get the freshest possible fruit without having to pick it yourself. 

5. Buffalo Creek Berry Farm

Mustang, Oklahoma

If you’re near Mustang, Oklahoma the Buffalo Creek Berry Farm is your one-stop shop for the freshest vegetable surround.

This berry farm offers fresh berries throughout the seasons. Their blackberries and strawberries are among some of their fan’s biggest favorites. Local families also love shopping at Buffalo Creek Berry Farm as they have a constantly available selection of fresh produce.

Berry picking is an ideal activity for the whole family as it’s a little easier than picking apples. The berries are typically closer to the ground and the lighter haul means easier work for the youngest family members. 

6. Agape House Berry Farm

Mustang, Oklahoma

The Agape House Berry Farm is one of the best choices for U-Pick berries which places it on our best orchards in Oklahoma.

This berry farm has checked every box when it comes to making sure that its facilities are a great stop for families. This berry farm grows thornless blackberries that are safe to pick for kids of all ages. They’ve also mounted their berries on trellises to make the picking process easier than ever before.

The owners of this berry farm are also eager to share with you their knowledge about growing berries. You can get in touch with the owners of the Agape House Berry Farm to schedule a tour of the farm as well as ask them questions about what it’s like to grow berries for a living. 

7. Crestview Inc. Farms

Arcadia, Oklahoma

If you are looking for organic produce from our list of best orchards in Oklahoma, you’ll want to visit Crestview Farms.

Crestview Farms is an organic farm that is open to the public. They stock a wide range of fruits and vegetables and local families are constantly amazed at what they’re able to find on this farm. They also have herbs and a selection of potted plants that you can bring home and grow on your own.

You can check their website or get in touch with them ahead of time to learn more about their selection. Locals have recommended having a shopping list ready before you head to Crestview Farms because their selection is just that expansive. The staff at Crestview Farms are also well known throughout Arcadia for their customer service. 

8. The Pumpkin & Christmas Tree Stand

Edmond, Oklahoma

Boy choosing Christmas tree at market.

When fall rolls around nothing beats heading to the local pumpkin stand to browse the selection of carving pumpkins and interesting gourds. The Pumpkin & Christmas Tree Stand is an Edmond classic that offers unbeatable prices on fall’s most iconic produce.

Of course, you and your kids will be able to find some wonderful carving pumpkins at the Pumpkin Stand in Edmond. You can also find a wide range of corn, hay bales, and all kinds of gourds whether you’re looking to cook or decorate.

When the seasons change to winter, The Pumpkin Stand transforms into The Christmas Tree Stand and offers a selection of holiday trees as well as other seasonal goodies. 

9. Orr Family Farm

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A unique selection from our list of best orchards in Oklahoma is the Orr Family Farm. The Orr Family Farm isn’t your everyday fruit picking location. This facility is more like a farm-themed family fun complex that offers everything from kids’ summer camps to camping and glamping for the whole family.

The Orr Family Farm row features plenty of standard form activities. You can even find a pumpkin patch here in the fall that would be at home at any orchard throughout the country. What separates the Orr Family Farm from your standard U-Pick orchard is the wide range of activities families can enjoy at this location.

10. Riggs Orchard

Spiro, Oklahoma

The Riggs Orchard is one of those rare orchards that is able to offer almost any fruit you can think of.

The Riggs Orchard has berries, plums, apricots, peaches, and even has apples available in the fall. In summer, they’re open from June to August until all of the available produce has been sold. They’re open on Saturdays during the fall, and they offer a family fun selection of iconic fall food ranging from apples to kettle corn. 

11. Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch

Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pumpkin Patch on farm.

It might be easier to just tell you what the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch doesn’t have to offer! This pumpkin patch is nearly an enchanted wonderland that has something for everyone.

Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch has pulled out all the stops. Here’s just a little glimpse at what your family can enjoy at this pumpkin patch. Whether you’re coming for the petting zoo, the woodland fairy castle, or you want to adventure into one of their Fireside night events where you can roast s’mores, listen to live music, and explorer mazes under the moonlight, this place has it all!

If you’re in Arcadia, and it’s pumpkin season, you really can’t go wrong with stopping into the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch, one of the best orchards in Oklahoma.

Kids of all ages will have a blast playing Pumpkin Checkers, exploring the gift shop, or enjoying what the grounds of this pumpkin patch has to offer. Adults can roast some s’mores over the fire or lounge in the hammocks while the kids tire themselves out! 

12. First Fruits Berry Farm

Edmond, Oklahoma

First Fruits Berry Farm is your classic berry picking experience.

This berry farm offers thornless blackberries. This is a special kind of blackberry that naturally grows without thorns. This means that adults and kids alike can really pick blackberries without worrying about catching themselves on a pesky thorn.

This berry farm operates on a picking schedule. You can give them a call or check their website to see what the current schedule has to offer. 

13. Queen Bri’s Honey

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Here’s something that is a little bit out of the ordinary when it comes to finding the best orchards in Oklahoma.

Queen Bri’s Honey isn’t a local orchard, but it is absolutely vital to the orchards in the Oklahoma City area. Queen Bri’s Honey is an apiarist. That is someone who specializes in keeping bees and raising bees for honey.

Queen Bri’s Honey makes the best local honey in Oklahoma City as well as offering beekeeping classes for adventurous adults. 

14. Thunderbird Berry Farm

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Thunderbird Berry Farm specializes in freshly grown blueberries. You can book your time slot on their website and enjoy your blueberry picking experience.

This berry farm also offers potatoes, squash, and a variety of other vegetables. Make sure to check out their vegetable selection when you swing through for your blueberry picking adventure. 

15. Owasso Christmas Tree & Berry Farm

Owasso, Oklahoma

Last but not least on our list of best orchards in Oklahoma is Owasso Christmas Tree & Berry Farm.

Owasso Christmas Tree & Berry Farm it’s a great place to stop by with the family no matter what season it is. They offer berry picking during the warmer months and transition into a Christmas tree farm as things start to cool down.

Make sure to check out their website to see what they currently have to offer. 

Visit the Best Orchards in Oklahoma! 

If you’re looking to have some rustic fun with the family, you can find a great variety of fresh fruit and more from any of the best orchards in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is lucky to have plenty of berry farms, family fun farms, and a wide range of organic farmers selling top-of-the-line produce to the local community. The sooner you get to enjoy apple farms in The Sooner State, the better! 

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