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The 11 Best Orange Groves in Florida

Florida and oranges go together like PB&J. This sweet orange jewel is the symbol of the sunny state of Florida. Whether you are looking for a pick you own orchard for the freshest eating oranges, bags or boxes of already picked for you oranges, or great juicing oranges, Florida has the best orange groves to visit.  

The most perfect time for orange picking is between December and May when they are the most plentiful. The sweet smell of the orange grove will remain a wonderful memory forever. 

Whether you are searching for classic Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, or Honeybells, you will find these varieties and more at the best orange groves in Florida. Some of these groves offer pick your own options; others have farm stands where they have been freshly picked for you. Many of these orange groves offer shipping across the USA so you can enjoy the freshest citrus fruit, when it is the height of the season, delivered right to your front door.

Oranges on orange trees in grove.
Enjoy a day of picking fresh, juicy oranges from one of the best groves in Florida.

Enjoy our list of the best orange groves in Florida in no particular order. 

1. The Showcase of Citrus, Clermont

One of the best orange groves in Florida is Showcase of Citrus. Whether you want to try orange picking or pick other citrus fruits, this 2500 acre citrus farm has sweet juicy fruit just waiting for you. You can grab a basket and head out to pick your own oranges or simply visit the Old Time Country Store and grab a bag ready to go for you.

Another fun activity at the Showcase of Citrus is the Monster Truck Tours around the ranch. Hop aboard the huge 40-foot-long monster truck for a fabulous 4×4 outdoor ride through the groves, woodlands, and swampland. Fun for the young and the young at heart. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to the farm animals on your way out. 

Varieties grown include Valencia, Pineapple Oranges, Sugar Belle Oranges, Honeybells Oranges, Spring Navel Oranges, and Red & Yellow Navel Oranges. 

2. Dooley Groves, Ruskin

At Dooley Groves, you can pick your own oranges at the Enchanted Grove, a perfect spot for everyone to enjoy one of the best orange groves in Florida. Stroll through the orange trees, soak up the intoxicating aroma of orange blossoms, and be one with nature. Picking your own fruit not only guarantees you the freshest available, but you also get a little exercise in the process of orange picking. It’s a win/win!

Their County Farm Market has everything you need to keep your vitamin C revved up and ready to go. If you don’t have time to hit the orchards, then stop and grab a bag of picked for you oranges to go. You will love visiting their Florida orange groves. 

Varieties grown include Navel Oranges along with Honeybell Oranges and Sugar Belle Oranges. 

3. Ridge Island Groves, Haines City

Ridge Island Groves in Haines City is a family-owned and operated citrus grove since 1992. They offer hand-picked and packed produce that is shipped to most US States. You can have a little bit of fresh Florida sunshine shipped directly to your front door just in time for the Holidays. Oranges are at their peak in the winter months, so you can expect to enjoy fresh gorgeous fruit when the weather turns cold up north. 

If you are in the area, stop by their farm store to pick up your own fresh produce, marmalade, honey, jelly, and perfectly squeezed orange juice. You will love their delightful shop.

Orange marmalade and oranges on a wooden table.
Don’t forget to grab some orange marmalade for you and your family.

4. Hancock Groves, Dade City

When you visit Hancock Groves, you will find welcoming Florida orange groves where you can enjoy orange picking. Stop by the store and grab some fresh citrus fruits already picked for you if you are short on time. 

You can also pick strawberries and peaches along with the seasonal oranges. The farm grows other items like pummelos and has them available in the farm stand store. 

Varieties grown include Honeybell Oranges.

5. Spikes Grove, Davie

Three generations of the family have supported Spikes Grove, making it one of the best orange groves in Florida. 

Spikes Grove is unique in that in addition to delivering gorgeous oranges, they work hard to help you grow your own. You can purchase orange trees so you can have your own orange picking in your home orchard. 

Tree varieties they sell include Hamlin Orange, Navel Orange, Page Orange, Pineapple Orange, Parson Brown Orange, Red Navel Orange, Temple Orange, Valencia Orange, and Ambersweet Orange. 

6. Sun Groves, Safety Harbor

Gorgeous oranges, sweet and fresh from the tree can be shipped from Sun Groves to all your friends and family. Although you can’t go orange picking at Sun Groves, you can pick you own fruit boxes and have them delivered to your door for kitchen picking fresh from their Florida orange groves.

Varieties grown include Navel Oranges, Sugar Belle Oranges, Red Navel Oranges, Honeybell Oranges, and Valencias Oranges. 

7. The Orange Shop, Citra

The Orange Shop is located in Citra. Now with a name like Citra, you can expect they have been growing great citrus fruit for generations. The Orange Shop opened in 1936 and has been purveyors of amazing citrus fruit ever since. 

As one of the best orange groves in Florida, they offer high-quality fruit shipped across the USA. The Shop is a must-stop if you are in the area. You can sip on some excellent fresh orange juice and sample the fabulous items they sell. 

Varieties include Navel Oranges, Honeybell Oranges, Temple Oranges, and Valencia Oranges. 

8. Florida Orange Groves Winery, Petersburg

Two glasses of orange wine.
Quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of orange-based wine.

While not technically an orange grove, the Florida Orange Groves Winery definitely needs to make the list of Florida orange groves. They offer several orange-based wines including Orange Sunshine Sweet and Orange Sunshine Dry. Other citrus and fruit-based wines are available. The winery is open for tours and tastings. 

Fire up your Florida party and sip on your favorite fruit-flavored libation to bring on the sunshine. 

9. Al’s Family Farms, Fort Pierce

Not only can you purchase and ship fresh Florida orange orchards wonderful fruit, but you can also watch it being packaged at Al’s Family Farms. When you visit the store at Al’s be sure to try their famous Honeybell Orange Cake — it is amazing! Other fabulous items in their bakery include Key Lime Cake and Florida Mini Cake Samplers. Don’t forget to try their selection of pecans and pecan candies. 

Varieties available are Navel Oranges, Christmas Red Navel Oranges, Honeybell Oranges, and Valencia Oranges.

10. Dundee Groves, Dundee

Plan a stop at Dundee Groves where you can select your oranges to take with you or ship them off to friends and family. Since 1967 this family-run business is one of the best orange groves in Florida. In addition to a selection of oranges, they offer amazing marmalades, jellies, butters, and other delectable delights. 

Varieties they offer include Valencia Oranges, Navel Oranges, Red & White Navel Oranges, Scarlet Navel Oranges, Honeybell Oranges.

 Fresh oranges.
The best orange groves in Florida offer a variety of fresh, sweet oranges for you to savor.

11. Joshua Citrus, Arcadia

For over 100 years, the Shelfer family has been tending some of the best orange groves in Florida. At Joshua Citrus you will find groves of gorgeous fruit. Take a tour on a farm wagon through the citrus groves and experience the glorious scent of orange blossoms. Discover the beauty of orange tree branches loaded down with pretty little citrus jewels. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

At the Grove Stand you will find fresh citrus fruits, of course, but also jams, jellies, an assortment of sauces, and ice cream. Try their fresh-squeezed orange juice and their strawberry-orange juice for something a little different. 

Varieties grown include Navel Oranges, Honeybell Oranges, Temple Oranges, and Valencia Oranges. 


When you are looking for the freshest oranges available, look no further than some of the best orange groves in Florida. Here at Minnetonka Orchards, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best and most up-to-date information on all fruits across the country.

After you visit one of the best orange groves in Florida, please let us know about your experience. We’d love to hear from you!