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The 11 Best Loppers for Pruning

When you need to trim woody undergrowth or branches, loppers are an essential tool to have on hand. These tough pruners are designed to snap thick twigs requiring more leverage than a hand pruner can offer. With the right pair of loppers, clearing away heavy growth and trimming trees becomes a breeze.

But how do you know which set is right for your needs? This handy guide will help you narrow down the best loppers currently on the market, ensuring you invest in a quality pair that gets the job done.


Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Hoss Tools Loppers

Best Loppers with Telescoping Handles:
KSEIBI Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Handle

Best Loppers with Compound Action:
TABOR TOOLS Anvil Lopper with Compound Action

Best Mini Loppers:
AIRAJ Small Bypass Mini Loppers

What Are Loppers?

Loppers are a type of gardening shears or scissors used for cutting woody stems like twigs and small branches. They feature a long handle designed for pruning well beyond your reach, which makes them the largest kind of manual cutting tool for gardening use.

You use loppers with both hands, leveraging the long handles to cut through branches up to two or three inches in diameter. The longer the handles, the farther you can reach without exerting yourself.

When operating loppers, it’s important to wear gloves and safety goggles, especially if you’re trimming branches above your head.

Check out our list of best loppers for pruning to get a better idea of the type of lopper you should buy.

The Best Loppers

Best Loppers Overall

Hoss Commercial-Grade Loppers

Hoss Tools Loppers

When you need commercial-grade tools for all your pruning and trimming needs, look no further than Hoss loppers. These top-grade loppers are constructed with aluminum and high alloy steel to ensure they last a lifetime. They’re also offered in 32-inch and 36-inch lengths.

Best of all, Hoss loppers weigh only four pounds, which is considerably less than comparable models. The curved blade features a hook design that lets the loppers slice through thick branches through continuous use. It’s no wonder they’re preferred by the US tree fruit industry!


  • Provides quality cuts with minimal effort
  • Available in two lengths
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by Hoss’s one-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cons

  • Higher price point than other models

  • Best Loppers with Extendable Handles

    KSEIBI Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Handle

    KSEIBI 252606 Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Aluminium Light-weight Handle, Tree Trimmer, Branch Cutter, Loppers, Pruning Shears, Garden Pruners Up to 2 Inch Cutting Capacity, 28 ~ 40 Inch

    Designed with a heat-treated, hardened steel blade and a 20-inch to 40-inch telescoping handle, the Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Handle from KSEIBI is a versatile option for all your trimming needs. Take advantage of a two-inch cutting capacity and Teflon-coated blade to slice through thick branches with ease.


  • Non-stick, Teflon-coated blade
  • One of the best loppers for a variety of jobs requiring different lengths
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Blade resists wear and corrosion
  • Cons

  • Not the most durable option

  • Best Loppers with Compound Action

    TABOR TOOLS Anvil Lopper with Compound Action

    TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action, 30 Inch Tree Trimmer, Branch Cutter with ⌀ 2 Inch Cutting Capacity, Chops Thick Branches with Ease.

    Boasting a two-inch max cutting capacity and a 30-inch comfort-grip handle, the anvil loppers with compound action by TABOR TOOLS is a great investment. The compound action system features multiple pivot points, lending the blades three times as much cutting force!

    One of the best anvil loppers on the market, TABOR TOOLS Anvil Lopper features a straight blade that cuts on a flat edge anvil, ensuring a swift cut every time. It’s also backed by the company’s one-year conditional warranty.


  • Ergonomic handles provide optimal grip
  • Anti-shock rubberized grips increase comfort
  • Covered by the TABOR TOOLS one-year warranty
  • Cons

  • Blades could be sharper
  • Will still need bypass loppers to make final cuts

  • Best Mini Loppers

    AIRAJ Small Bypass Mini Loppers

    AIRAJ Small Bypass Lopper,Heavy Duty Gardening Clippers-Pruning Shears,Wear Resistant Steel Scissor Hand Tools for Pruning Bonsai,Flowers and Branches Below 30 mm Indoor and Outdoor

    Bigger isn’t always better. The AIRAJ Small Bypass Mini Loppers is a great option for gardeners who only need to prune branches, shrubs, and flowers under 30 mm in diameter. This model boasts an anti-skid, rubberized handle for maximum grip control and a Teflon-coated blade to resist wear and corrosion.


  • 15-inch handle is easy to maneuver
  • Anti-skid handle
  • Shock absorber reduces impact force when cutting
  • Cons

  • Only designed for small pruning jobs
  • Short life expectancy

  • Colwelt Small Bypass Loppers

    Colwelt Small Bypass Loppers 17-Inch, Light Duty Bypass Tree Trimmer, Lopping Shears with Sharp Carbon Steel Blades, Chops Branches with Ease, Branch Cutter with 1.25 Inch Clean Cut Capacity

    When you’re on a tight budget, consider purchasing the Colwelt Small Bypass Loppers. One of the best loppers in this price range, these Colwelt lopping shears cut through branches up to 1.25-inch thick. They boast sharp carbon steel blades and weigh only 1.6 pounds, so anyone can use them.

    Plus, in addition to getting a quality pair of loppers, you’ll also receive a free pair of gardening gloves! What’s not to love?


  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbers protect wrists and arms
  • Ergonomic steel handles
  • Cons

  • Only meant for cutting small branches
  • Handles might be too short for some users

  • TABOR TOOLS Bypass Lopper

    TABOR TOOLS GL16A Bypass Lopper, Chops Branches with Ease, Classic 28 Inch Tree Trimmer, Branch Cutter with 1 1/4 Inch Clean Cut Capacity.

    Another great gardening tool by TABOR TOOLS is the 28-inch Bypass Lopper. This model features a 1.25-inch cutting capacity, ensuring your finishing cuts are quick, clean, and easy. The carbon steel blades remain sharp, even after continuous use, and you can re-sharpen them as needed.

    Best of all, these loppers are easy to store thanks to a convenient hole in the comfort-grip handles. TABOR TOOLS Bypass Lopper is simply one of the best loppers a backyard gardener can buy.


  • Lightweight and balanced
  • The coated, low-friction blade can be re-sharpened as needed
  • Easy to store
  • Cons

  • The shock absorber isn’t very durable

  • Corona Tools DualLINK MAXFORGED Bypass Loppers

    Corona Tools | 33-inch Branch Cutter DualLINK MAXFORGED Bypass Loppers | Tree Trimmer Cuts Branches up to 2-inches in Diameter | SL 8180D

    Gardening with chronic pain and fatigue can be challenging, but the Corona Tools DualLINK MAXFORGED Bypass Loppers make tree-trimming as easy as possible. The innovative shock-absorbing bumper reduces shoulder pain and fatigue while the contoured grips fit comfortably in hand. These loppers also weigh just 4.3 pounds and have a two-inch max cutting capacity.


  • Easy to use even for tough jobs
  • Designed for superior sharpness
  • Cons

  • The blade isn’t as strong as some competitors and may bend

  • Jardineer Anvil Loppers Shears

    Jardineer 2

    When you need a tool designed to prune fruit trees, potted plants, thick twigs, and bushes, look no further than the Jardineer Anvil Loppers Shears. These 30-inch, long-lever loppers cut branches up to two inches thick, making them great for most home landscaping projects. The heavy-duty ratchet jaw reduces effort while maximizing cutting force, ensuring each cut is a breeze.


  • Comes with a spare blade
  • Teflon-coated blade resists corrosion and wear
  • Provides maximum cutting force with minimum effort
  • Cons

  • Heavier than comparable options

  • Edward Tools Lopper and Pruner Set

    Edward Tools Lopper and Pruner Set - Heavy Duty Heat Treated Carbon Steel Blades - 1 1/2

    Bigger isn’t always better. One of the best loppers on the market is a compact option that’s easy for anyone to use. The Edward Tools Lopper and Pruner Set gives you two versatile tools with ergonomic comfort-grip handles, heavy-duty carbon steel blades, and a lifetime warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Includes both a lopper and pruner tool
  • Covered by the Edward Tools Lifetime Warranty
  • Cons

  • The blades may need sharpening after heavy use

  • Fiskars Power-Level Bypass Lopper

    Fiskars (394803-1001) Ultra Blade Power Gear Bypass Lopper, 31

    If you’re shopping for an easy-to-handle lopper, consider the 28-inch Power-Lever Bypass Lopper from Fiskars. Weighing only three pounds, this unit utilizes power-lever technology to leverage your grip, giving you two times more cutting power than conventional single-pivot models. You’ll also love the precision-ground, hardened steel blade, which remains sharp through continuous use.


  • Power-Lever technology enhances your grip strength
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Cons

  • Some reviewers have reported defective blades that snap

  • Fiskars PowerGear2 Bypass Titanium Lopper

    Designed to offer three times more cutting power, the PowerGear2 Bypass Titanium Lopper from Fiskars is a state-of-the-art tool to use for the toughest gardening projects. It boasts a fully hardened steel blade coated in titanium that slices through branches and stems up to two inches in diameter.


  • Durable
  • Covered by Fiskars Lifetime Warranty
  • Cons

  • More expensive than some options
  • Not great for smaller limbs and branches

  • Different Types of Loppers

    Just like hand pruners, loppers come in two varieties: bypass and anvil.

    Bypass loppers feature a single-edged blade that cuts through a thick branch as it closes. They provide a clean, close cut that’s perfect for live vegetation, but you do need to position the cutting head at just the right angle. Bypass loppers also can’t cut larger diameters and tend to jam when cutting dead or dry vegetation.

    By contrast, the blade on anvil loppers can cut larger diameters, making them a powerful option for dead vegetation. They tend to crush soft plants, however, and tend to dull more quickly. Anvil loppers are also bulkier to hold.

    Best Loppers

    How to Choose the Best Loppers

    There are a few questions to ask yourself before investing in a set of loppers.


    Does your project require bypass or anvil loppers?

    Blade Material

    Is the blade constructed from durable material? Does it have a Teflon coating for smoother cuts?

    Cutting Action

    Do the loppers feature a ratcheting compound action or geared cutting mechanism to maximize cutting power?

    Length and Weight

    Can you handle a heavy set of loppers? Or would you prefer a lightweight option? How long of a handle will you need?


    What grip style do the loppers have? Is it ergonomic enough for continuous use?

    Telescoping Handles

    Do you anticipate needing to trim limbs at varying heights? Would a telescoping handle work best for your needs?

    It’s worth noting that just because a pair of loppers may lack some of these features doesn’t mean they’re not the right tool for the job. The best lopper for you depends on your individual preferences and project needs.

    Tips and Tricks for Using Loppers

    Once you’ve purchased your new loppers, it’s important to note a few cautions and tips for ensuring long-lasting, safe use.


    Avoid Overusing Your Loppers

    Even the best loppers will wear out or break when used incorrectly. While you may assume you can use your loppers on branches that exceed the recommended max cutting diameter, it’s always best to use a saw or other appropriate tool for bigger jobs.

    Don’t Overextend Your Arms

    Loppers are designed to go beyond your natural reach, but try to avoid extending your arms when using them unless it’s for a quick cut. Extending your arms too often will cause fatigue and may result in an unclean cut.

    Keep Your Blades Sharp

    Even the best loppers dull over time. Instead of throwing them out, maintain your blades by resharpening them as needed.

    Keep the Loppers Clean

    Always clean your loppers before storing them to keep them in pristine shape. You should wipe the blades clean and, if using water or a cleaning solution, dry them before applying a thin coat of oil to prevent rust.

    Don’t Twist Bypass Loppers

    Bypass loppers should be positioned correctly before making a cut, so you should never twist them while cutting. If you’re attempting to cut a thicker branch than the tool is designed to handle, the extra force you need to exert will likely cause them to rotate. When bypass loppers rotate mid-cut, your cut won’t be clean.

    Choosing the Best Loppers

    Trimming branches and woody undergrowth is a tough job, but the best loppers make it as easy as possible. These long-handled, heavy-duty pruners make quick work of any trimming job, but it’s important to choose the right tool for your specific needs. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of loppers in your budget.

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    Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on garden tools and garden supplies, then you’re in the right place!


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