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The 5 Best Juicers for Oranges

Nothing beats a fresh glass of orange juice, but if you’re still buying it from the store, it’s time for an upgrade. Making your own is easier than you think, especially with the right juicer.

Stick around and we’ll guide you to the perfect orange juicer, whether you’re after just a quick glass or juicing an entire tree’s worth of oranges!

A pitcher of fresh orange juice.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Eurolux Stainless Steel Electric Orange Juicer

Budget Electric
Cuisinart Pulp Control Juicer

Best Manual Juicer
CO-Z Hand Press Juicer Machine

Best Overall

Eurolux Stainless Steel Electric Orange Juicer

Eurolux Die Cast Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer Squeezer, for Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit | 300 Watts of Power, With 2 Stainless Steel Filter Sizes for Pulp Control

As you might expect, Electrolux comes out on top as our pick for the best overall orange juicer.

If you’re serious about orange juice and like to make more than a glass or two at a time, this juicer’s 300 Watt industrial motor and stainless still frame should serve you faithfully for years.

It also has various size filters you can use depending on whether or not you like your orange juice pulpy!

Budget Electric

Cuisinart Pulp Control Juicer

Cuisinart CCJ-500P1 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, 1, Black/Stainless

The Cuisinart orange juicer has all the bells and whistles that you might expect from a motorized appliance. It’s hands-free and gives you plenty of options for making juice.

The stainless steel coating ensures that it can avoid rusting out, and its spigot allows you to put a glass right underneath to catch the juice.

The juicing cone can accommodate oranges of any size. It has three different settings that let you control how pulpy you want your juice. Each setting also does auto-reversing, which pulls even more juice out of the orange.

Cuisinart’s Final Spin features extracts every last drop of juice from your orange, giving you the most efficient use of each orange.

Best Large-Batch Manual Juicer

CO-Z Hand Press Juicer Machine

CO-Z Hand Press Juicer Machine, Manual Orange Juicer and Professional Citrus Juicer for Orange Juice Pom Lime Lemon Juice, Commercial Lemon Squeezer and Orange Crusher, Easy to Clean, Black

The CO-Z Hand Press Juicer Machine, Manual Orange Juicer is one of the best juicers for oranges that don’t need electricity. No need to worry about batteries and no need to fumble with a cord or find an outlet to plug it in.

However, because the action of a non-electrical juicer is manual, in order to squeeze out every drop of juice, the action of the juicer needs to generate a lot of force without any automatically spinning indenters or rotating blades.

For other non-electrical juicers, this can mean that the person operating it has to squeeze pretty hard to operate the device.

For this juicer though, the easy-to-operate lever effortlessly generates an incredible amount of force onto your oranges, squeezing out all the juice while the strainer filters out seeds and pulp.

It’s also highly durable and has some weight to it, making it unlikely to slide around or topple over.


  • Doesn’t require electricity to easily juice an orange
  • Only a couple of parts require cleaning.
  • Durable


  • The 15lbs of this machine may be too heavy to move easily for some users
  • A little bulky

Budget Manual Juicer

Chef’n Citrus Orange Squeezer and Juicer

Chef'n Citrus Orange Squeezer and Juicer

This is one of the most efficient handhelds available. It can squeeze out twenty percent more juice than the average handheld orange juicer.

Made with stainless steel and nylon, this is a durable juicer that will enjoy a long life in your kitchen. It can also go on the top drawer of your dishwasher, which means super easy cleanup.

The dual-gear design reduces hand fatigue, so you can juice a good number of oranges. This is another great option to use for cooking or when you’re playing bartender!

Best for Cooking

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Juicer

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer

The OXO comes with a juicing cone atop a collection measuring cup and is a great tabletop orange juicer for those with limited counter storage. Compact and portable, it stores well in cupboards without taking up much space.

The juicing cone can squeeze out up to 1.5 cups at a time, and you can pour yourself a glass of orange juice right from the appliance. Its drip-free pour spout keeps your kitchen clean.

When you’re ready to wash it, the juicing cone snaps off for easy cleaning.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of criteria to keep in mind when shopping for a device to help you juice your oranges.

Our list weighs these considerations, but whether or not you choose a juicer from our list, you’ll most likely want to evaluate the juicing products that you’re shopping for by these characteristics.

  • Juicing Effort: If you don’t mind a bit of physical work, a more affordable, manual juicer works well.
  • Size and Weight:
    • Important for storage – some juicers might be too big for a drawer.
    • Ensure it’s sturdy enough to avoid slipping or tipping.
  • Electric vs. Manual:
    • Electric juicers are faster and easier but require disassembly for cleaning.
    • Manual juicers are simpler, with fewer parts to fail and no need for power sources.
  • Reviews:
    • Check customer reviews for real-life insights.
    • Look for a meaningful number of reviews and watch out for fake ones.
  • Mess and Cleanup:
    • Consider the ease of cleaning.
    • If a juicer is hard to clean, it might deter you from using it. Sometimes a simpler model with easier cleanup is preferable.
Father and son making orange juice together.

Enjoy The World’s Freshest Orange Juice With Your Own Orange Juicer

There’s something that just feels and tastes different about orange juice you’ve made yourself. That something is freshness, and it can’t be undervalued.

At Minneopa Orchards we love fresh fruit and fruit juice, and we have lots of information on both. If you’re interested in reading more about oranges, navigate over to our Orange Trees page on our website for lots more blog posts and growing guides.