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The 9 Best Humidity Domes for Seedlings

Indoor gardening comes with its own set of unique challenges. A good indoor humidity dome for seedlings can help by keeping your plants moist and warm.

Humidity domes work like a mini greenhouse keeping warm air and moisture in so seeds germinate faster and you don’t have to water as often.

I’ve put together a list of the best humidity domes for seedlings in several different price ranges. Whether you’re looking for something large, small, or in between this list has you covered. You’re sure to find a humidity dome to match both your planting needs and your budget.

Seedlings under a humidity dome. Using humidity domes for seedlings is an important part of seed starting.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Hoss 48-Cell Seed Starting Kit

Budget Option:
Clear Plastic Humidity Domes

Best Vented Dome:
Hoss Deluxe Seed Starting Kit

Budget Vented Dome:
NEWKITS 5 Packs Seed Starter Tray Kit

Best Overall

48 Cell Seed Starting Kit

Hoss 48 Cell Seed Starting Kit.

My favorite humidity dome for seedlings is the 48-Cell Seed Starting Kit from Hoss. The set includes two 24-cell trays for a total of 48 cells. These trays are the perfect size for medium gardens. You can easily start several different kinds of plants at once using all the cells. The domes are a perfect fit over the top of the trays and the drip trays are strong and sturdy.

The kit also includes garden labels, a special outdoor marker, seed starting mix, and fertilizer. You’ll have everything you need to get started except the seeds!


  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • Domes fit well over trays
  • Strong and sturdy


  • If you’re just looking for a humidity dome you won’t need all the extras this kit comes with

Budget Option

10 x 20 Clear Plastic Humidity Domes

Plant Tray Clear Plastic Humidity Domes: Pack of 5 - Fits 10 Inch x 20 Inch Garden Germination Trays - Greenhouse Grow Covers

If you’re looking for a humidity dome for seedlings without all the extras, check out the 10×20 Clear Plastic Humidity Dome from Living Whole Foods. These trays are a perfect fit for most 10×20 seed trays.

This product is a great option if you already have seed trays and you just need a humidity dome to cover seedlings.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy Plastic


  • Not very tall
  • Only comes in one size

Best With Vents

Deluxe Seed Starting Kit

Hoss Deluxe Seed Starting Kit

The Deluxe Seed Starting Kit from Hoss is a great size. At 15x23x9, it can hold a lot of plants. The kit includes two trays with 24 cells each, a large bottom tray, garden labels, seed starting mix, fertilizer, and of course, the large humidity dome to cover seedlings.

This humidity dome is thick and sturdy. It’s tall, so seedlings can stay under it for weeks even as they grow. There are two adjustable vents on top. The vents slide easily from open to closed, allowing you to adjust the vents to just the right level.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Tall height accommodates larger plants
  • Vents are easy to adjust


  • If you already have a good seed starting setup you might not need all the extras

Budget Vented Domes

NEWKITS Five Pack Seed Starter Trays

5 Packs Seed Starter Tray Kit NEWKITS Seed Starter Trays with Humidity Dome Plant Germination Starter Kit for Greenhouse Grow Germination Seeds Growing Starting(60 Cells Total Tray)

Multipacks are a good way to get a bunch of humidity domes for seedlings all at once.

If you like having lots of smaller trays, the NEWKITS five-pack from Amazon is a great choice. This set of five comes with dome covers, 12-cell seed trays, drip trays, labels, and two small potting tools.

The set works great for starting a lot of seeds at once. For larger gardens, you can plant one type of seed per tray. If you have a smaller garden you can use the cells to plant several different kinds of seeds in each tray.


  • Cells are deep
  • Includes dome, drip trays, and seed trays that fit together perfectly
  • The dome is a good height, reaching six inches over the trays


  • The trays are small

Hoss Tools 12 Cell Seed Starting Trays

Hoss 12 Cell Seed Starting Trays

Another of my favorite humidity domes for seed starting is the 12-Cell Seed Starting Tray from Hoss. This set works well for smaller gardens or for starting a lot of the same plant.

The trays themselves are well-made and sturdy. The domes are lightweight and fit over the trays well. The drip trays are great for keeping your work surface clean.


  • The smaller size works for a variety of uses
  • High-quality construction
  • Good size drainage holes at the bottom


  • If you’re starting a lot of plants you’ll need a lot of trays

Hoss 24 Cell Seed Starting Kit

Hoss 24 Cell Tray

One of my favorite multipacks is this 24 Cell Tray from Hoss. These trays are the same product that comes with the 12-cell seed starting trays above but sold in a multipack with some extras.

This set comes with two of the 12-cell seed trays with domes plus seed starting mix, fertilizer, and garden labels.

The trays are a great size and work well for a variety of purposes. They are strong and sturdy and can be used for many seasons without wearing out.


  • High-quality construction
  • Includes seed starting mix and fertilizer
  • Lasts for years


  • 24 cells aren’t enough for starting a larger garden so you might need multiple sets

LeJoy Garden Propagator with Humidity Vents

LeJoy Garden Propagator with Humidity Vents Domes,Heavy Duty Growing Tray Mini Greenhouse for Seedlings,Clones

Another good humidity dome for seedlings is this Propagator with Humidity Vents from Amazon. The set includes just the lid and the tray, so if you don’t need any extras, this could be a good option for you.

The vents slide back and forth for easy adjustments. The top is a good height to accommodate plants at different heights. The length and width aren’t very big so if you have a lot of plants you’ll need more than one of these.


  • Tall height
  • Adjustable vents


  • The length and width are not very big.

CJGQ Seed Starter Tray Kit

Seed Starter Tray Kit, 20 Packs Plant Starter Trays Germination Kit with Seedling Tray and Humidity Dome, Garden Propagation Set Indoor Greenhouse for Seeds Grow Starting (Total 240 Cells)-Dark Green

These humidity domes for seedlings come in a 20-pack from Amazon. The set includes 20 drip trays, 20 seedling trays, and 20 plastic dome covers. Each tray has 12 cells for a total of 240 cells with this set. You can start a lot of plants with that many cells!

The humidity domes have air vents on the top to adjust the humidity level inside the seed trays.


  • Lots of trays for a good price
  • The lids fit well over the trays
  • Has air vents on the top


  • The trays come stacked together and are difficult to separate
  • The plastic feels a bit flimsy

Bootstrap Farmer Microgreen Tray

Microgreen Tray Hobby Starter Bundle 2 of Each - Extra Strength Microgreen Tray with Holes, Shallow 1020 No Holes, and Humidity Domes

Another good option is this Microgreen Tray starter set from Amazon. This set comes with two drip trays, two seedling trays, and two humidity domes. All of the pieces are well constructed with high-quality materials, making the set strong and sturdy.

The dome has adjustable vents to improve air circulation for the seedlings. Another good feature is you can water from the bottom by filling the tray with water making it easy to keep your seedlings moist.


  • Specially designed for microgreens
  • Strong and durable
  • Adjustable vents on top of the dome
  • Good for bottom watering


  • The height of the seedling tray is very short

AQUEENLY Seed Starter Tray

AQUEENLY Seed Starter Tray 5 Pack Seed Starter Kit Seed Trays with Humidity Adjustment Domes and Base Growing Trays Seed Germination Kit 120 Cells Seedling Tray for Seeds Growing (24 Cells per Tray)

Another great budget-friendly option is this Seed Starter Tray set from Amazon. The set comes with five seed trays and drip trays, plus five humidity domes and some small tools. The domes have an adjustable vent on top so you can control the humidity level inside the trays.

The seed tray cells are small in this kit. Seedlings will need to be potted up before they’re big enough to be transplanted outside. The kit includes tools to help you re-pot when seedlings outgrow the cells.


  • Adjustable vent
  • Includes labels and other extras
  • Great Price


  • Cells are small
  • Only comes in a five pack

Time to Get the Best Humidity Dome for Seedlings

A good humidity dome for seedlings improves germination rates and keeps your plants warm and hydrated. Which of these domes are you looking forward to trying?

To get more tips on starting plants from seed, visit the Seed Starting page on our webiste. There we have resources on everything you need to get your garden off to a great start. You’ll find things like planting tips, how-to guides, product recommendations, and much more. We have resources to help you grow healthy seedlings every step of the way!

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