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The Best Compost Machine for 2024

Turning your food scraps into rich soil is a great way to go green. Still, there are challenges associated with composting that deter some people from taking the plunge.

Traditional composting takes a long time and certainly doesn’t smell the best. Keep reading to learn how the best compost machines make this process a breeze.

A pail of kitchen compost scraps. Having one of the best compost machines keeps food scraps out of landfills and makes compost for your garden.

Our Top Picks for the Best Compost Machine

Best Overall
Airthereal Revive Electric Kitchen Composter

Great for Kitchens
Vitamix FoodCycler

For Rapid Composting
Lomi Kitchen Composter

Large Capacity Kitchen Composter
Homaz life Electric Kitchen Composter

Best Overall

Airthereal Revive Electric Kitchen Composter

Airthereal Revive Electric Kitchen Composter, 2.5L Capacity with SHARKSDEN® Tri-Blade, Turn Food Waste and Scraps into Dry Compost Fertilizer for Plants

The Airthereal Revive is your kitchen’s must-have compost machine! It reduces food waste by 90%, turning it into dry, powdery compost for your garden or houseplants. With a 2.5-liter capacity and easy-to-clean aluminum bucket, it handles various food scraps in just four hours. Although there might be a slight smell during the cycle, it’s not unpleasant.

Perfect for daily use by families or less frequently for smaller households. Keep your kitchen eco-friendly!


  • Reduces food waste by 90%
  • End product is dry
  • Quick processing
  • Sturdy, easy-to-use product


  • Won’t process shells, hard bones
  • High moisture content causes clumpy results

Best for Kitchen Use

Vitamix FoodCycler

Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50, 2L Capacity, Grey

The Vitamix FoodCycler, a compact and quiet tabletop device, is the top choice for daily indoor composting. Utilizing consistent heat and a powerful blade, it quickly transforms kitchen scraps into a coarse powder. With its advanced carbon filtration system, it can handle even tough materials like cheese, meat, and bones without generating strong odors. The compost cycle completes in four to eight hours, producing a dry pre-compost perfect for further processing or adding to a vermicomposting bin. Ideal for those with limited space, it operates odor-free on any countertop, making it a hassle-free solution for reducing food waste in apartments.


  • The carbon filtration system eliminates odors for pleasant indoor use
  • The powerful Vitamix blade can process most waste, including animal bones, without any hassle
  • The operation is quiet, so you can run it overnight with no issues


  • It produces pre-compost instead of compost
  • The vessel is somewhat small, only holding half a gallon of scraps

Best Rapid Composter

Lomi Kitchen Composter by Pela Earth

Lomi | World's First Smart Waste Kitchen Composter | Turn Waste to Compost with a Single Button with Electric Countertop Compost Bin by Pela Earth

The Lomi Kitchen Composter by Pela Earth is a top choice for indoor composting, featuring a unique slow mode that preserves beneficial bacteria and fungi. Engineered with customer feedback and the latest research, it produces living pre-compost in 24 hours or dry pre-compost in just eight hours with its Quick and Dirty setting.

Manufactured in Canada with a focus on climate sustainability and carbon neutrality, it’s perfect for urban gardeners seeking a silent, odor-free solution.


  • Lomipod advanced filtration system offers fully odorless operation
  • Multiple settings allow you to choose what kind of pre-compost you want to work with
  • The machine uses less electricity than competing devices, saving you money and emissions


  • It produces pre-compost instead of compost
  • The composter, filter cartridges, and charcoal tablets can be expensive

Large Capacity Machine

Homaz life Electric Kitchen Composter

Homaz life Electric Kitchen Composter, Smart Waste Compost Machine, Indoor Countertop Food Cycler, 4.5 Liters

The Homaz life Electric Kitchen Composter is a new, high-capacity option in the indoor composting market. With double the capacity of tabletop options, it can process over a gallon of kitchen scraps in just four to eight hours. While it lacks a slower composting option, its single-speed setting efficiently dehydrates contents to produce sterile pre-compost. This energy-efficient appliance helps reduce methane emissions and waste, making it ideal for large households or commercial kitchens. Keep an eye out for future advancements as this technology evolves.


  • The large-capacity reservoir can process over one gallon of refuse in a cycle
  • The quiet and odorless design is ideal for indoor use
  • You can set it and forget it overnight for rapid automatic composting


  • It produces pre-compost instead of compost
  • The device is new on the market, so parts and support might be limited

The Best Compost Machine Shopping Guide

Choosing the best compost machine for your home involves considering several factors. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the right choice:

  • Capacity: Determine how much food waste you generate daily to select the appropriate size, whether you need a compact indoor machine or a larger outdoor one.
  • Speed: Decide how quickly you want your composting process to be. High-speed electric composters can break down food scraps in just a few hours, while traditional methods take much longer.
  • Odor: Look for compost machines with advanced filtration systems to minimize odors, allowing you to comfortably operate them indoors.
  • Composting Methods: Consider whether you prefer moist humus or dry pre-compost as the end product. Pre-compost can be further processed through other composting methods for optimal results.

Once you’ve assessed your needs, you can select the best compost machine that fits your requirements. Keep reading to discover more about the top electric compost tumbler from beyondGREEN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electric composter work?

Electric compost machines quickly break down organic material indoors, using airflow, heat, and movement. They reduce waste volume and odors but sacrifice beneficial microbes. Outdoor electric tumblers preserve these microbes for nutrient-rich compost.

Do compost machines smell?

Electric compost machines prevent strong odors by controlling airflow and using filtration systems. Balancing the ratio of nitrogen (from food scraps) to carbon (from dry fibrous materials) in compost helps minimize unpleasant smells in machines, bins, and piles.

What can you put in a compost machine?

In compost bins, focus on plant-based waste like fruit and veggie scraps, lawn clippings, and eggshells. While traditional advice suggests avoiding meat and dairy, advanced compost machines can break down these items by reducing moisture and increasing temperature, creating nutrient-rich fertilizer.

What are the benefits of organic waste composting?

Food waste makes up a significant portion of landfills, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Composting, a microbial process, transforms waste into balanced fertilizer. By composting at home, you reduce emissions and support plant growth. Advanced compost machines now offer composting solutions for small spaces. Explore various composting methods to find one that suits you.

Common food scraps that can be composted.

Time to try Composting!

Composting food waste is an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment from home. After reading this shopping guide, you should be on the right path to finding the best compost machine for you.

Do you want to know the top tips and tricks to get the most out of your new composter? Explore our website’s Composting page to learn more about this fascinating process.