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The 18 Best Apple Orchards in New York

New York is the land of great food — bagels, pizza, even buffalo wings. But did you know that New York state is the second-highest apple producer in the country? The Empire State just trails Washington in terms of apple production. That’s a lot of apples!

You’ll find beautiful apple orchards all over New York. Some are upbeat, buzzing places with lots of family activities. Others are quieter places where you can get a classic apple picking experience. Many have some of the most breathtaking views you can find in New York. Choose one or more of the best apple orchards in New York and let Fall begin!

An apple orchard perhaps one of the best apple orchards in New York.

The Best Apple Orchards in New York

Check out these top picks:

  1. Apple Ridge OrchardsHudson Valley
    • Enjoy apple picking and more just a 30-minute drive from NYC.
    • Summertime offers peach picking, and fall brings apples and pumpkins.
    • Fun activities include hayrides, a petting zoo, and movie nights.
  2. Pennings OrchardWarwick
    • Not just apples! Also a cidery, beer garden, and market.
    • Family-friendly with a variety of apple options like Jonagold and Macoun.
  3. Dr. Davies’ FarmCongers
    • A historic farm with 20 apple varieties and autumn activities like hayrides and a corn maze.
  4. Wilklow OrchardsHighland
    • Year-round events including harvest festivals and live concerts.
    • Offers apples, berries, pumpkins, and more.
  5. Outhouse OrchardsNorth Salem
    • Quirky name, fantastic apples!
    • Historic barn market with cider, pies, and doughnuts.
  6. Soons OrchardsLower Hudson Valley
    • Upscale farm with a taproom serving hard cider and fine dining.
    • Over 50 apple varieties available for picking.
  7. Barton OrchardsPoughquag
    • Active orchard with events year-round, from fruit festivals to concerts.
    • Offers U-pick apples and fresh produce.
  8. Apple Dave’s OrchardsWarwick
    • Great for families with on-site activities like live music and farm animals.
    • Pick from 13 apple varieties and enjoy homemade treats.
  9. Prospect Hill OrchardsMilton
    • Serene orchard with picturesque views and a picnic area.
    • U-pick apples available, including Snapdragon and Idared.
  10. Ochs OrchardWarwick
    • Fourth-generation farm with stunning valley views.
    • Offers pick-your-own apples and other produce.
  11. Masker OrchardsHudson Valley
    • Features over 100 years of history and breathtaking views.
    • Offers U-pick apples and events for families.
  12. Whittier FarmAsheville
    • Beautiful setting for apple picking and upscale events.
    • Plenty of apple varieties
  13. Jenkins-Lueken OrchardsNew Paltz
    • Family-owned orchard with a focus on sustainability.
    • Offers U-pick apples and other fruits.
  14. Apple Hill FarmHudson Valley
    • Quintessential autumn experience with hayrides and picnics.
    • Dogs welcome, so bring your furry friends!
  15. Apples and Moore Watkins Glen
    • Family-friendly orchard with small trees for easy picking.
    • Offers varieties like Zestar and Crimson Crisp.
  16. The Orchards of ConcklinPomona
    • Ten generations of farming history with over 20 apple varieties.
    • Offers U-pick apples and baked goods.
  17. Fishkill FarmsEast Fishkill
    • Committed to sustainable growing practices with educational tours.
    • Offers over 100 apple varieties and pick-your-own options.
  18. Beak and Skiff Apple OrchardsLafayette
    • Family-owned orchard with over 20 apple varieties.
    • Offers U-pick apples, fall events, and a cider mill.
A boy in an apple orchard.

Visit the Best Apple Orchards in New York

There are few places more beautiful in the fall than New York. Are you looking to relax, sip some cider, have a day of family apple picking fun, and more? Start your adventure with any one of the best apple orchards in New York. Here you have countless options to surround yourself in Fall.

Did we miss one? Please leave a comment or suggestion below to let us know of any orchards we could add to our list of the best apple orchards in New York. Next, discover great apple orchards in other states, too!


Thursday 18th of August 2022

I think you missed the one that is supposed to be number one in the country. Beak and Skiff in Lafayette NY


Saturday 20th of August 2022

Thanks for letting us know Ginny! We'll add it!