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The 18 Best Apple Orchards in New York

New York is the land of great food — bagels, pizza, even buffalo wings. But did you know that New York state is the second-highest apple producer in the country? The Empire State just trails Washington in terms of apple production. That’s a lot of apples!

You’ll find beautiful apple orchards all over New York. Some are upbeat, buzzing places with lots of family activities. Others are quieter places where you can get a classic apple picking experience. Many have some of the most breathtaking views you can find in New York. Choose one or more of the best apple orchards in New York and let Fall begin!

Keep reading to learn all about the 18 best apple orchards in New York that you should visit this fall.

1. Apple Ridge Orchards

Hudson Valley, New York

A boy in an apple orchard.

Apple Ridge Orchards is located in the Hudson Valley. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, this rustic farm offers some of the best apple picking in New York. Amazingly, though it seems remote, it is only a 30-minute drive from New York City.

Apple season isn’t the only attraction here, either! Summertime offers the chance to pick your own peaches, with apples and pumpkins following. Apple picking starts at the beginning of September along with plenty of other fun fall events.

There are also plenty of events, such as movie nights, hay rides, a petting zoo, and even the chance to observe honey bees in their hive. 

2. Pennings Orchard

Warwick, New York

Pennings Orchard isn’t just for picking apples, though its offerings rank it among the best apple orchards in New York. It also features a host of other fresh produce and fun activities in a family-friendly, rustic setting. 

In addition to the orchard, Pennings also features a beer garden, cidery, and market where visitors can buy fresh-baked goods and other treats. There are plenty of apple varieties as well, including Jonagold, Jona Prince, Rome, McIntosh, Mutsu, Macoun, Daybreak Fuji, and many other delicious choices. 

Pennings Orchard also raises dairy cows. It’s open for private events like weddings, school field trips, and much more.

3. Dr. Davies’ Farm

Congers, New York

The Dr. Davies’ Farm that still stands on this farm was built in 1836. In the century and a half since then, it has gained celebrity status by hosting actors, politicians, musicians, and television personalities of all kinds. 

These days, the farm is a popular place for both public and private events as well as seasonal festivities and school trips. Apple picking takes center stage, with 4,000 trees and 20 different varieties. These include Macoun, Granny Smith, Crispin, Winesap, Empire, and many more. 

In the autumn, you’ll find fun activities like hay rides, a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze for families. 

4. Wilklow Orchards

Highland, New York

Branches loaded with red delicious apples

There’s always something fun happening at Wilklow Orchards in Highland, New York. This sixth-generation family farm hosts events all year round, even in the winter. From autumn harvest festivals to live concerts, farmers’ markets, and unique dining experiences, Wilklow Orchards is never dull. 

All these events aren’t the only things that make this one of the best apple orchards in New York. There are plenty of fresh crops to enjoy, from apples to gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries, currants, and pumpkins. 

Wilklow Orchards grows 13 apple varieties, including MacIntosh, Gala, Fuji, Jonamac, Cortland, Cameo, and many others. Apple picking starts Labor Day and runs through October. 

5. Outhouse Orchards

North Salem, New York

You might think that Outhouse Orchards is a strange name for an orchard. But after one visit, you’ll understand why it’s one of the best apple orchards in New York! 

Its historic barn dating from the 1940s now serves as an open-air market where visitors can choose from the freshest, most delicious farm produce. You can also find apple cider, fruit pies, and homemade doughnuts for sale. 

Apple picking season runs from September 1st to November 1st and features many varieties! You’ll be able to pick your own Empire, Gala, Idared, Rhode Island Greening, and Crispin apples (among many more).

6. Soons Orchards

Lower Hudson Valley, New York

Soons Orchards have been growing produce in the Lower Hudson Valley since 1910. This upscale farm is the pinnacle of rustic-glam, making it not only one of the best apple orchards in New York, but also one of the most unique. 

You’ll find farm-fresh produce here and so much more! Enjoy the Tap Room, which features fine dining and freshly made hard cider, along with the farm store, which sells everything from maple syrup to nut butter, preserves, baked goods, and fudge. 

More than 50 apple varieties are grown here for eating, with another 35 exclusively for cider making. You can pick varieties like Cameo, Northern Spy, McIntosh, and Honeycrisp.

7. Barton Orchards

Poughquag, New York

Barton Orchards is one of the most active apple orchards in the state. This farm is the site of concert events throughout every season. Is it variety you seek? Barton Orchards offers fruit festivals to country music shows, car shows, family weekends, and more. 

If classic, simple farm activities are more your speed, there are a huge number of crops to pick. These include apples and delicious farm-fresh vegetables. 

You can also find delicious homemade baked goods in the orchard store, which is open year-round. Whether you like family activities, music festivals, or simple fresh produce, Barton Orchards is one of the best apple orchards in New York for you.

8. Apple Dave’s Orchards

Warwick, New York

An apple orchard perhaps one of the best apple orchards in New York.

Apple Dave’s Orchards offers a wonderful farm experience for families, kids, and adults. You can enjoy the on-site distillery as well as pick your own apples, mixing 13 varieties along with pumpkins and other crops. 

Varieties here include Cortland, Rome Beauty, McIntosh, Macoun, Golden Delicious, and many more. They are available from September to October for U-pick and pre-picked options. 

Celebrate Autumn at Apple Dave’s Orchards, one of the best orchards in New York. You’ll find fun family activities like live music, farm animals, and walking trails. There are also many foods prepared on-site, including doughnuts and ice cream, so come with an empty stomach!

9. Prospect Hill Orchards

Milton, New York

Immerse yourself in nature by visiting Prospect Hill Orchards, one of the best apple orchards in New York. Prospect Hill Orchards is a serene and beautiful place to pick your own fruit while admiring the lush surrounding farmland. Fruit is abundant here during the harvest season, which starts in June with cherries and ends in October with the last apple varieties. 

The apple orchards here are peaceful, lying alongside a pond. There is a picnic area nearby, so you can enjoy your fruit as soon as you pick it! There are also plenty of dwarf trees, so even the youngest children can pick their own apples.

Varieties here include popular favorites as well as lesser-known cultivars such as Snapdragon, Idared, Mutsu, and Rome.

10. Ochs Orchard

Warwick, New York

November Golden Hour At Ochs Orchard

Ochs Orchard is a fourth-generation farm in Warwick, NY. Its stunning views into the valley as well as its fresh, delicious produce put it among the best apple orchards in New York.

The farm began as a commercial apple orchard in the 1920s. In the 1960s, it was purchased by Peter Ochs, whose family still runs it today. 

Pick-your-own fruits and vegetables are available from June through October. There are many apple varieties, with the earliest available in mid-August. Some varieties you’ll find include Jersey Mac, Pristine, Ginger Gold, Tsugaru, Pixie Crunch, Ruby Frost, Shizuka, and Evercrisp. You can find more produce in the farmers’ market on the property.

11. Masker Orchards

Hudson Valley, New York

Masker Orchards is located in the Hudson Valley. A 200-acre farm, it has been in operation for more than 100 years. It features some of the best produce and most breathtaking views among the best apple orchards in New York.

There are plenty of events throughout the year for families. The orchard is also a popular spot for field trips and educational tours.

There are plenty of apples to pick, starting in early September. You’ll find varieties like Prime Red, Cortland, McCowan, Red Delicious, Sparta McIntosh, Rome, Smoothie, and Surprise. Of course, there are lots of treats available for purchase in the orchard store.

12. Whittier Farm

Asheville, New York

Whittier Farm, located in Asheville, NY, might be one of the most beautiful apple orchards in the state. It is a popular locale for weddings, baby showers, and other upscale events. But for much of the year, it’s a prime place to get your hands on delicious apples. 

There are plenty of apple varieties available here, with various ripening dates throughout the apple season. You can find Pippin, Cameo, Empire, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Rubymac, and many more in the orchards. 

If you are yearning for a peaceful, scenic apple picking experience this fall, Whittier Farm is the perfect choice for you which makes it one of the best apple orchards in New York.

13. Jenkins-Lueken Orchards

New Paltz, New York

Jenkins-Lueken Orchards is a family-owned fruit orchard in New Paltz, New York. The farm features special storage that allows it to continue to operate year-round. That means that you can find delicious produce even in the middle of winter. 

The orchard uses Integrated Pest Management to keep bugs at bay in the fields. That means that there are fewer pesticides and better fruit for visitors to enjoy. 

You can pick your own apples, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and pumpkins while enjoying the scenic views. Apple season here runs from September to October and features some perennial favorites, such as Honeycrisp, Fortune, Gala, Fuji, Jonagold, and Red Delicious.

14. Apple Hill Farm

Hudson Valley, New York

Three baskets of red apples.

There is nothing more quintessentially “autumn in New York” than a visit to Apple Hill Farm. Nestled in the Hudson Valley between the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains, this picturesque farm offers the chance to pick apples and enjoy hayrides under a crisp autumn sky. 

There is plenty of space to enjoy a picnic here with some freshly pressed apple cider and cider doughnuts. If you’d like to bring your family pup with you while you enjoy one of the best apple orchards in New York, dogs are welcome at Apple Hill Farm. Visitors are asked to keep them on a leash.

You’ll find varieties like Cortland, Mutsu, Empire, Opalescent, MacIntosh, Macoun, and Granny Smith available for both U-pick and pre-pick purchase. 

15. Reisinger’s Apple Country

Watkins Glen, New York

Reisinger’s Apple Country couldn’t exactly be called a “country” when it first began in the 1990s. At the time, it only featured a single acre of apple trees. These days, Reisinger’s has more than 12,000 trees and draws visitors from around the state.

The orchard is incredibly family-friendly. The owners provide wagons to haul kids in and apple bags for picking. All the trees are small enough for children to reach, too. 

Here, you’ll find delicious apple varieties such as Sansa, Zestar, Ginger Gold, Jonamac, Crimson Crisp, Northern Spy, Snapdragon, and Ruby Frost. You can buy fresh apple butter and jam in the farm store. 

16. The Orchards of Concklin

Pomona, New York

Number 16 on our list of best apple orchards in New York is The Orchards of Concklin. The owners of the Orchards of Concklin have been a part of the Pomona, NY community for 10 generations — going back before the founding of the United States. The Concklin family arrived in the 1600s and owned the land as early as the Revolutionary War.

These days, they produce fresh produce as well as baked goods, apple cider, and even special treats. There are also plenty of events throughout the year for visitors to enjoy.

There are more than 20 apple varieties available for picking during the autumn. You’ll find favorites like Cortland, McIntosh, Empire, Golden Delicious, Winesap, and Rome. 

17. Fishkill Farms

East Fishkill, New York

People on a Hay Ride at Fishkill Farms

Fishkill Farms is located in East Fishkill, NY. This 270-acre farm has been in operation for more than 100 years. The farm offers a huge variety of pick-your-own vegetables and fruits, starting with peas and strawberries in the spring. 

Fishkill Farms is committed to sustainable growing practices. The orchard is a popular spot for educational tours, school groups, and families from all over the state.

More than 100 apple varieties are grown here, with apple season kicking off in August and running into November. Varieties include Liberty, Crimson Crisp, Red Delicious, Spartan, Pink Lady, Fuji, Ginger Gold, and many more.

18. Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards

Lafayette, New York

This family-owned business has been around for more than 100 years.  Since its founding in 1911, Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards has grown into a 300,000 tree orchard growing twenty varieties of apples.  

Apple harvest season begins in late August and lasts through October. The Apples page on their website has the picking schedule for each variety, so you’ll know exactly when your favorite is ready – might we recommend the not-to-be-missed Northern Spy apple?

The orchard is open for u-pick, but there’s also an Apple Barn where pre-picked apples are available for purchase.

Fall events include activities for kids such as magic shows, a treehouse, and apple cannons.  For adults, there are orchard runs, live music performances, and cider fests!

Onsite you’ll find a cider mill where apples from the orchard go before being to the cider house or distillery.  You’ll want to sample their award-winning hard and soft apple beverages at the 1911 Tasting Room.

Before heading home, be sure to pay a visit to their General Store where you’ll find things like fudge and other treats, local art,  and Beak and Skiff merch.  Be sure to grab some of the limited-availability apple fritters made with fresh orchard apples!

Visit the Best Apple Orchards in New York

There are few places more beautiful in the fall than New York. Are you looking to relax, sip some cider, have a day of family apple picking fun, and more? Start your adventure with any one of the best apple orchards in New York. Here you have countless options to surround yourself in Fall.

Did we miss one? Please leave a comment or suggestion below to let us know of any orchards we could add to our list of the best apple orchards in New York. Next, discover great apple orchards in other states, too!


Thursday 18th of August 2022

I think you missed the one that is supposed to be number one in the country. Beak and Skiff in Lafayette NY


Saturday 20th of August 2022

Thanks for letting us know Ginny! We'll add it!