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The 11 Best Apple Orchards in New Mexico

When the air turns slightly cooler and a soft breeze blows across the best apple orchards in New Mexico, everyone knows it’s time for apple picking. Here is our list of the best apple orchards in New Mexico presented in no particular order.

If you’re looking for some great apple picking, farmer’s markets, fall fun, and more, we hope you’ll explore one or more of these best apple orchards in New Mexico as you enjoy the cool fall season.

1. Manzano Mountain Retreat and Apple Ranch

Estancia, New Mexico

Baskets of red apples

At Manzano Mountain Retreat they grow over 4,000 bushels of apples annually, which is an impressive amount of apples. Offering over 37 varieties of apples, Manzano has the widest selection of apples, making it the largest and one of the best New Mexico apple orchards. 

Additionally, they press a wonderful apple cider with no additives; it’s nothing but pure, pasteurized apple cider. You can purchase it frozen, allowing it to keep until you are ready to defrost and enjoy at your convenience. Perfect for saving until the holiday and making cider donuts, cider cake, or mulled apple cider. 

Apple trees planted by the Spanish Conquistadors cover the foothills of the Manzano Mountains with their ancestors producing apples in the New Mexico apple orchards today. 

When you visit Manzano Mountain Retreat you can enjoy their swimming pool, basketball courts, fishing, and hiking. Time to plan a trip with your local civic, business, or family group for a fun-filled day at one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico.

2. Nichols Ranch and Orchards

La Luz, New Mexico

Since 1882, Nicholas Ranch and Orchards has been a family-run orchard bringing glorious produce to the folk who love New Mexico apple orchards. With their orchards planted at 6,800 feet above sea level, you can experience the cool fall air while enjoying the beautiful views of Tularosa Basin and White Sands National Park.

Apple picking and picked for you options are both available. Classics like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Honey Crisp are ready to keep your family happy with the familiar apple flavors. Options to explore different varietals like Ambrosia, Pacific Rose, Sugarbee, and Opal give adventurous apple lovers exciting options. 

3. Alary Farms

Corrales, New Mexico

Apple cider in jugs

At Alary Farms there is no apple picking, but that doesn’t mean you miss out on some great apples. Alary Farms offers patrons perfectly picked and selected fruit from the tree. As one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico, Alary Farms is on your must-stop list for fresh, seasonal produce. 

While you are waiting for apple season to start, you can check out their award-winning apple pie recipe, their apple custard pie, crisp Betty, and apple crisp recipes. 

4.  Costanza Apple Orchard

Belen, New Mexico

Costanza Apple Orchard is one of the largest apple orchards in New Mexico. They grow over 1,000 apple trees and offer apple picking for a fun day on the farm. Alternatively, you can grab a pre-picked bag of apples to take home and enjoy. You can explore the orchard with a walking tour where you can taste-test your own apple right from the tree. You certainly can’t get any fresher than that.

Costanza Apple Orchard offers a variety of apple qualities. They offer options for fresh eating, a lower grade for baking, and drops for feeding farm animals and pets. There’s a good value for everyone at Costanza, one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico.

5. Hays Honey & Apple Farm

Bosque Farms, New Mexico

Hays Honey & Apple Farm is one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico that offers a large variety of apples. Classics like Granny Smith, Braeburn, and McIntosh will bring back childhood memories of eating apples.

Lesser known varieties like Ginger Gold, Arkansas Black, and Winesap offer foodies a variety that is not available from the large commercial grows. Hays Farm is a gem in the world of New Mexico apple orchards.

6. Kerby Orchard

Farmington, New Mexico

Apples on trees in apple orchard

Kerby Orchard, one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico, grows 14 varieties of apples to sell at the local farmers’ market. The beautiful orchard produces classic Fuji and other apple varieties along with fresh apple cider.

When ripe and in season, they also provide peaches, plums, nectarines, prunes, pears, and more.

Supporting small local farms is critical to their survival. Additionally, the fresh, local produce is healthy for your family. Stop by one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico for some of the most amazing apple varieties and shop local!

7. Cadwallader Mountain Farms

Mountain Park, New Mexico

Cadwallader Mountain Farms has been in the business of providing fresh produce since 1943. It is a family-run farm and one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico for apple picking.

In addition to apple picking, Cadwalleder Mountain Farms offers you pick cherries, peaches, and other fruits when in season. Their selection of apples includes Gala, Cortland, Rome, Winesap, Golden Delicious, and others. 

8. Rancho Arco Iris

Dixon, New Mexico

At Rancho Arco Iris, you will find one of the finest certified organic New Mexico Apple Orchards. They offer seasonal favorites like Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonathan, and Old Fashion Rome

They also provided a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, as well as a nice selection of seeds all prepared organically.

Rancho Arco Iris is a small but mighty family owned business that’s been in operation for over 20 years. Stop by and enjoy one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico.

9. Palomas Orchard

Williamsburg, New Mexico

apples at farm market

Many New Mexico Apple Orchards practice a high standard of sustainable agriculture, Palomas Orchard is one such orchard. This family owned and operated farm focuses on organic methods with GMO-free produce and free-range livestock. You know when you purchase from Palomas Orchards you are buying the healthiest, local food for your family. 

Palomas also offers customers a CSA that will deliver amazing, locally grown produce to you every week. 

10. Potter’s Ranch

Mayhill, New Mexico

At Potter’s Ranch, you will find heirloom apple trees producing fabulous apples for your fall fruit enjoyment. Their trees have been producing great apples for generations. 

They produce a variety of fruits seasonally and are adding more fruits and fresh vegetables regularly.

Nestled in the Sacramento Mountains, explore Potter’s Ranch, one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico.

11. Rancho de Santa Fe, The Fruit Basket, and Velarde Orchards

Velarde, New Mexico

Apples in bushel baskets.

Visit the Rancho de Santa Fe, The Fruit Basket, and Velarde Orchards at local farmers’ markets and at their roadside stand in the Velarde area. They provide a variety of apples, pears, peaches, apricots, and cherries. You will love their wonderful apples and other farm produce. 

They also provide award winning salsas, chiles, peppers, assorted spices, breads, gourmet mixes, and much more. Stop by a local farmer’s market or their roadside stand to enjoy delicious apples from one of the best apple orchards in New Mexico

Visit the 11 Best Apple Orchards in New Mexico!

Whether you are apple picking at a local apple farm or purchasing apples already picked, you will be well on your way to enjoying fresh, delicious apples from any of these best apple orchards in New Mexico. Next, keep learning all about apples: other apple orchards, apple varieties, apple recipes, and more!