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The 14 Best Apple Orchards in New Hampshire

New Hampshire apple orchards are the essence of fall in New England. Our list of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire is presented below in no particular order. We suggest you explore these orchards for the best apple picking across the state.

On apple farms across New Hampshire you will find traditional autumn activities like apple picking, hay rides, cider donuts, and lots more fabulous family fun. Grab your keys and let’s go to visit one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire!

1. Applecrest Farm Orchard

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

Green apples on trees in apple orchard

When you visit Applecrest Farm Orchard you are taking advantage of a fourth-generation farming tradition of providing fresh, local produce. With over 40 different varieties of apples across 220 acres of orchards, your apple picking experience is guaranteed to be amazing.

Their apple picking varieties include classics like Cortland, Red Delicious, and Macoun, and more. You can also pick other apple farm classics like Hampshire, Gravenstein, and Empire, among others. 

Their Farm Market sells gorgeous, fresh from the vine fruits and vegetables that are picked for you. You can also pick your own other seasonal fruit including strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, nectarines, pears, and pumpkins.

In addition to great produce, you will discover hand-pressed cider, local honey, jams, New Hampshire maple syrup, and a selection of local cheeses. Rounding out the shopping experience, you will also find local dairy products, pasta, meats, and seafood.

Don’t forget to visit the bakery section where you can shop for homemade breads and pastries, including the classic apple cider donuts. 

Applecrest also has a seasonal creamery with delicious ice cream, a farm share CSA to keep you well-stocked in produce, and seasonal harvest festivals. Applecrest Farm is everything you want in a day-at-the-farm experience making them one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire.

2. Alyson’s Orchard

Walpole, New Hampshire

Your first visit to Alyson’s Orchard will be the beginning of your annual apple picking tradition. Growing 37 varieties of apples, there is always an apple ripening during late summer and early fall.

Fun and unique heirloom apples grown include the Duchess of Oldenberg, Wolf River, Dolgo Crab, Hudson Golden Gem, Ashmead’s Kernel, and so many more. Of course, you will also find traditional classics like Gala, Liberty, Honey Crisp, and others. 

You can also pick peaches, blueberries, raspberries, plums, pears, and pumpkins.

A visit to their Farm stand where you can purchase farm grown and locally made products will have your pantry well stocked. Maple syrup, jams, jellies, and honey line the shelves along with freshly baked apple pies and hearty chicken pot pies. 

Alyson’s is more than just an apple picking farm, you can stay for a farm style getaway visit. They offer three different accommodations, a rustic New Hampshire lodge or one of two classic New England farmhouse options.

With all the fun adventures to experience at Alyson’s Orchard, it’s no wonder it is one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire. 

3. Gould Hill Farm

Contoocook, New Hampshire

Gould Hill Farm offers an awesome apple picking experience. You can select from traditional varieties like McIntosh, Gala, Honey Crisp, and others. You can also try your hand at picking Zestar, Hampshire, and Ginger Gold along with other varieties.

The trees in the apple picking orchards are dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees which allow young children the joy of picking their own fruit.

Their farm store and bakery add to your experience. The store offers non-traditional items like handcrafted jewelry and unique gifts alongside locally made jams, jellies, local honey, New Hampshire maple syrup, and maple candies. At the seasonal bakery, you will find cookies, pies, crisps, muffins, apple cider donuts, and their famous pumpkin whoopie pies. 

When you are scouting out which of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire to visit this year, be sure to add Gould Hill Farm to your list. 

4. Carter Hill Orchard

Concord, New Hampshire

Flight of hard ciders

The Carter Hill Orchard in Concord ranks high among the best apple orchards in New Hampshire. Growing family favorite varieties like Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Gala, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith alongside harder-to-find varieties like Crispin, Gibson Golden, and SnowSweet. In addition to apples, they grow peaches, plums, blueberries, and pumpkins.

Their maple syrup can be found alongside a variety of delicious baked goods including pies, breads, cookies, whoopie pies, and cider donuts. You can pre-order holiday pies to ease your cooking stress.

Their New Hampshire Cider Works on-site cidery is the perfect spot to explore the world of craft ciders. Check out all the wonderful things happening at Carter Hill, one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire.

5. Currier Orchards

Merrimack, New Hampshire

The Currier Orchards apple farm is a family run, seasonal you pick orchard, It is one of the most quintessential apple orchards that New Hampshire has to offer. Currier offers classic New Hampshire apples including Cortland, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious, and Macoun.

You will also find seasonal treats like local cider, apple cider donuts, pies, and other fresh baked goodies. 

6. Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders

Lebanon, New Hampshire

At Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders you will find classic New Hampshire apple orchard apple varieties like Cortland, Macoun, Gala, and more. You will also find less common types like Wickson, Elstar, Esopus Spitzenberg, and others that will expand your apple tasting.

In the mood for some apple fun with a twist? Head on over to the orchard to enjoy a hard cider. Check out their upcoming events page and don’t miss Growler Days, where you can fill up on your favorite hard cider beverage. 

7. Windy Ridge Orchard

North Haverhill, New Hampshire

At Windy Ridge Orchard you can choose from 18 different classic apple varieties like Spencer, Gala, Cortland, and Paula Red. More than just one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire, Windy Ridge has nature trails, farm animals, and an art gallery. 

Their nature trails traverse the farm along an old logging trail and offers views of Black Mountain, a pond, the orchards, and pasture lands. Their Windy Ridge Art Gallery supports local New Hampshire and Vermont artists by displaying original artwork. 

Be sure to stop by their gift shop where you can find lots of great fresh produce, flowers, honey, maple syrup, jams, and of course, apples. 

Finally, when it’s time to find the family Christmas tree, hop on the wagon ride to the Christmas Tree Plantation. Select and cut your perfect tree and then enjoy a hot beverage and a tasty donut treat.  

8. Mack’s Apples

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Picked apples in basket

Mack’s Apples is an eight-generation family farm, so you know they are experts in growing apples. With 100 of their 400 acres dedicated as an apple farm, you will find just the right apple to suit every family member’s preference. For their you pick New Hampshire apple orchards customers, Mack’s offers Macoun, Cortland, Empire, Macs, and others as they become seasonally available. 

Their Farm Market offers all the latest harvested varieties that are in season. In addition to all your fall decorating needs like pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks, and pretty mums, Mack’s supplies fresh farm grown fruits, veggies, eggs, cheese, maple syrup, honey, jams, and jellies.

Bakery items available include pies, donuts, breads, and other fresh baked goodies. Don’t forget to grab a gallon of cider to round out your autumnal menu. In summer, Mack’s is the place to be when you are craving a nice cold ice cream cone. 

9. Sunnycrest Farm

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Sunnycrest Farm is one of the best pick your own New Hampshire apple orchards in Londonderry. Since 1943, Sunnycrest has been offering customers apple picking along with you pick strawberries, blueberries, flowers, raspberries, and pumpkins. 

The apple cider, fresh pressed on site, has no additives, and is delivered unpasteurized for a perfect fall beverage. The bakery kitchen offers wonderful baked goodies including cookies, breads, and cider donuts. Don’t forget to stop by and visit the farm animals. They love to visit with your family. 

10. McLeod Orchards

Milford, New Hampshire

Number 10 on our list of best apple orchards in New Hampshire is McLeod Orchards. Since 1945 McLeod Orchards has been supplying their visitors with gorgeous, healthy apples. Their apple picking varieties include Macs, Jonagold, Cortland, Gala, and a few special varieties like Roxbury Russet and Mutsu

The seasonal farm stand offers everything you need to fill your fall pantry with apples and other local New Hampshire goodies. The CSA at McLeod’s gives subscribers weekly fresh produce, offering healthful and seasonal fruits and veggies. 

11. Lull Farm

Hollis and Milford, New Hampshire

Lull Farm offers two locations providing many of your market needs and more. From fresh produce to market plants and flowers, you will enjoy all Lull Farm has to offer. Choose from market shopping, curbside pickup, and pick your own strawberries, apples, and pumpkins when available.

Place an order for pickup or stop by Lull Farm Bakery and Kitchen where you can choose from a variety of fresh homebaked breads, cookies, pies, cider donuts, and more.

They have all the items you expect from one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire, along with the unique addition of fresh seafood offered on Saturdays. 

12. Riverview Farm

Plainfield, New Hampshire

Corn Maze in field

At Riverview Farm, you will find 15 different varieties of gorgeous apples. They offer the usual suspects like Macoun, Cortland, and Fuji. You will also find some unusual varieties not often found in New Hampshire apple orchards like Zestar, Northern Spy, and Crimson Crisp. 

Riverview’s corn maze makes them unique in the state of New Hampshire apple orchards. The annual themed maze is enchanting and entertaining for all which is one of the many reasons it is on our list of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire.

Head on over to their Barn Store where you will be immersed in classic New Hampshire apple orchard style. There, you can pick up all of your fresh produce and seasonal decor needs.

13. Meadow Ledge Farm

Loudon, New Hampshire

When you visit Meadow Ledge Farm, you will be treated to a wide variety of pick your own apple options. Of course, they offer the standard apple picking fare like Granny Smith, Paula Red, and McIntosh. They also offer exciting apple picking varieties like Vista Bella, Burgundy, Spartan, and others. 

Visit their Country Store for delicious baked goods, fudge, cider, and other fresh from the farm items. Check out their selection of maple syrup and other sweet maple treats. Of course, there is always seasonal produce and local products available for your shopping enjoyment making Meadow Ledge one of the best apple orchards in New Hampshire.

14. Stone Brook Hill Farm

Gilford, New Hampshire

Stone Brook Hill Farm is one of the traditional apple orchards New Hampshire residents enjoy year after year. With over 1600 apple trees there’s plenty for everyone. Their selection of apple picking varieties includes McIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Ginger Gold, Red Delicious, and more.

When visiting Stone Brook Hill Farm, be certain to stop by their farm stand. There you can find fresh apple cider, cider donuts, local maple syrup, local honey, and more.

If you’re looking for great apple picking or want to take a hay ride through an apple orchard, visit Stone Brook Hill Farm for a day filled with fall family fun. 

Visit the Best Apple Orchards in New Hampshire!

Whether you are picking, growing, or cooking with apples we are your one-stop shop to keep you up-to-date about the apple world. Get out today and explore the best apple orchards in New Hampshire and enjoy some old-fashioned family fun.

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