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Sparking Joy: 13 Creative Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Delicious s’mores, quality time with loved ones, the soft glow of the flames as you talk late into the evening – is there anything better than spending time around a bonfire in a beautiful outdoor setting? There’s nothing quite like the cozy closeness of gathering around a fire pit with your family and friends.

Despite what you may think, you don’t need to go to a campground or beach to enjoy this sort of fireside bliss. In fact, with just a bit of creativity, you can enjoy having a fire pit in the comfort of your own yard! Read on to learn more about some of our favorite backyard fire pit ideas.

A man sitting by a metal fire pit, just one of many backyard fire pit ideas

Best Basic DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Building a basic fire pit on your property is surprisingly easy. With some simple materials and almost no tools needed, you and your family can be hanging out by the fireside in no time.

For the following ideas, you’ll want to identify the best spot for the fire pit in your yard and start off with a base layer of gravel or lava rocks. From there, you’ll build up a retaining wall with the materials we discuss.

You’ll have lots of room for customization, as you can choose to arrange the backyard fire pit in whatever shape, size, and height you want.

1. Concrete Paver Fire Pit

The first option on our list is perhaps our simplest DIY backyard fire pit idea, the concrete paver fire pit. This container is easy to construct due to the prefabricated nature of the materials; the smooth cut of the pavers will give your structure a purposeful, put-together look.

Arrange them in a ring or rectangular formation, and stack them as high as you like – the possibilities are endless!

2. Brick Fire Pit

You can swap out concrete pavers for bricks for a more “farmhouse chic” twist on this basic backyard fire pit idea. Bricks come in various colors, and you can always choose to paint them, too. For an even more rustic look, try finding reclaimed brick to use.

You can also top your structure off with a ring of a different material, like stone, to put the perfect finishing touch on this charming fire pit.

3. Stone Fire Pit

If you’re interested in a more classic, rugged look, stone might be the way to go for your DIY backyard fire pit. You can choose whatever type of loose stone you have access to, either on your own property or at a local home improvement store.

Just be mindful of the fact that, since natural stones won’t have the same smooth edges as pavers or bricks, you’ll need to be a bit more intentional about finding the best way to fit them together.

4. Recessed Fire Pit

The options we’ve covered so far all assume that you’ll be building your structure upwards, but keep in mind that you can also build a pit that’s recessed into the ground.

Recessed fire pit with benches, a swing, and flowers around it

You’ll simply dig the hole first and fill the bottom with gravel. Then, you can line the sides of the pit with whatever material–bricks, stone, and so on–you choose

Unique Upcycled DIY Fire Pit Ideas

When it comes to DIY fire pits, there are so many different possibilities. We’ve covered some basic ideas so far, but here are some more creative options that involve upcycling everyday items to make your backyard the coolest on the block.

5. Ceramic Pot Tabletop Fire Pit

Who says that backyard fire pits have to be confined to the ground? Plenty of options exist for creating smaller DIY tabletop fire pits that will be perfect for your next outside dinner party or happy hour. As an added bonus, they can also help keep pesky bugs away!

One such idea involves using a ceramic flower pot. Simply fill the bottom of the pot with pebbles or rocks, then place a small gel fuel can inside the planter so that the top is slightly lower than the lip of the pot.

Fill the remaining space with rocks to stabilize the fuel can, and voila! A perfect miniature fire pit for your outdoor dining set or bar.

6. Glass Frame Tabletop Fire Pit

For a similar tabletop idea with a slightly more modern vibe, you can opt for a glass frame. You’ll need a rectangular ceramic or metal base and some glass stones or pebbles. Then, you’ll attach four glass panels to the sides.

As with the previous idea, add in a gel fuel can and stabilize it with some rocks, and you’ll have a stylish, chic tabletop backyard fire pit.

7. Washer Drum Fire Pit

If you’re interested in creating a full-size DIY fire pit from upcycled materials, why not go for a washer drum? It might sound a little odd, but think about it: the container is the perfect size and shape, and you can easily get one from a scrap yard or appliance repair shop.

Washer drum made into a fire pit

You’ll simply want to remove any plastic parts and touch it up with some high-heat spray paint.

To create a stand, you can attach some iron pipes to serve as legs; you could also choose to place the drum by itself inside one of the basic DIY pits we described earlier.

Then, fill the drum with logs, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a cozy evening by the fireside!

8. Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Another take on the DIY upcycled fire pit involves using an old wheelbarrow. This option can help you create a fun rustic look with an elevated pit container. There’s not much you’ll need to do to make this idea a reality.

Like the washer drum, you’ll want to clean your metal wheelbarrow, remove any parts that might melt, hit it with some spray paint if desired, and then fill it with logs.

Beautiful Fire Pit Containers to Buy

Clearly, there are a lot of ways to make a backyard fire pit for yourself – but if DIY isn’t really your thing, that’s okay too! There are many other fire pit options available for purchase that will look great in your outdoor space.

9. Concrete Slab Fire Pit

For a polished, chic vibe, check out a concrete slab fire pit. This style will mesh with almost any sort of backyard aesthetic! Many prefabricated models also feature an ignition system – so once you add your propane, you’ll be able to start your fire with ease.

10. Metal Fire Pit

Metal fire pits offer a sleek, modern look and are available in round, square, and even guitar-shaped designs. They tend to be a more affordable option for a backyard fire pit and look great when filled with charcoal or wood. Many are also treated with a rust-resistant coating, so they should require very little upkeep.

11. Fire Pit Table

Another unique option is a long fire pit table that’ll not only be great for gathering around but can also be helpful for creating your ideal patio layout. When purposefully placed, it can function as a space divider to separate different portions of your outdoor area while contributing to a contemporary, elegant vibe.

12. Stone Bowl Fire Pit

A large, polished stone bowl is another popular backyard fire pit container available for purchase. It can lend a striking contrast to the more natural elements of your backyard environment while still harmonizing with the space as a whole.

Stone bowl backyard fire pit on a paver patio surrounded by outdoor couches

And since stone is such a durable material, you’ll be able to enjoy this piece for years to come.

13. Smokeless Fire Pit

If you’re interested in purchasing a more modern container that can help you get a fire started quickly, a smokeless fire pit might be just what you’re looking for. These backyard fire pits are also helpful for people who are sensitive to smoke or just don’t like the smell.

Great Fire Pit Add-ons

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for wanting to have a backyard fire pit in your backyard is to be able to enjoy it with others. So, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some awesome add-ons to help make your fire pit the best it can be.

Metal Fire Ring

metal fire ring can be an especially helpful addition to a DIY fire pit. This piece goes inside the structure you’ve built to protect your pavers or bricks from the heat and keep them from cracking over time. It can also help to contain the fire within the pit, which can be particularly important if your area is experiencing a dry spell.

Grill Grate Attachment

Most people are familiar with the concept of cooking s’mores or roasting hot dogs over a bonfire – but what if you could grill food instead? A grill grate attachment can be the perfect way to expand the culinary capabilities of your fire pit.

Simply position it over the top of your pit and be ready to make just about anything you could cook on a normal grill.

Adirondack Chairs

Now, if you want to be able to spend a cozy evening by the fireside, you’ll need some comfy chairs! We happen to think that Adirondack chairs are the backyard pieces par excellence.

Known for their durability and longevity, they’re also available in various styles and can be made even cozier by adding some cushions or pillows. Place a few of these around your backyard fire pit for the perfect lounge spot.

S’mores Bar Cart

For our last idea, we couldn’t resist highlighting one of our favorite fire pit add-ons: a s’mores bar cart. This fun ensemble is great for parties.

Freshly made s'more sitting on a rock with a campfire in the background

Just use a regular bar cart to store s’mores supplies such as marshmallows, pokers, and so on, and you’ll have everything you need to cook this delicious dessert right by the fireside!

Wrapping up Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Whether you’ll simply be enjoying it with a few family members or hosting a larger gathering of friends, a backyard fire pit is sure to be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space.

With so many different options for building a DIY pit, buying a prefabricated container, or adding an extra creative touch to the one you already have, we hope this article has helped you find your next fire pit idea.

Be sure to check out our other backyard living posts for even more ideas to take your outdoor space to the next level!