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Hosting Made Easy: 15 Spectacular Backyard Bar Ideas

An amazing backyard bar can save you time and money. With a backyard bar, you and your friends can say goodbye to long wait lines and noisy crowds by putting on the party in the comfort of your backyard.

Coming up with ideas for your backyard bar is the fun (and challenging) part, though. There are so many ways to maximize the use of an outside bar, so we’re here to help you brainstorm what to do with your space.

Keep reading to see 15 of our favorite backyard bar ideas! By the end of this post, your creative juices are sure to be rolling.

Two glasses with drinks and fruit for backyard bar ideas

Multi-Purpose Backyard Bar Ideas

A backyard bar can be more than just a bar. Take a look at these backyard bar ideas that maximize the use of what you already have.

1. The Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Patio Bar

If you already have a large kitchen window, then this backyard bar idea is the ultimate setup. Transform your window space and kitchen into an indoor/outdoor kitchen patio bar.

Add a few bar stools to your outside space to give your guests a place to sit while they enjoy a drink or meal on the patio, right outside your kitchen. Serving drinks or a snack will be a breeze with this setup, especially if you have a pool and want to avoid wet feet walking through the house.

2. The Shed Bar

If you already have a storage shed, you can easily transform this shelter into a backyard bar with all your favorite accessories. A shed bar can provide a comfortable atmosphere and offer you all the storage you need for your bar and other patio items.

Buying or building a whole new shed is unnecessary just because your current one doesn’t have a window.

You can install a window in any shed using a reciprocating saw to cut out the space for the window and a cordless jigsaw to smooth out the wood before installing the window of your choice.

3. The Garden Backyard Bar

This backyard bar idea involves placing your bar setup in the middle of your garden. Having a garden backyard bar offers a serene, magical experience while you sip and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

For suggestions on how to revitalize the land surrounding your garden backyard bar, check out these unique garden ideas.

4. The Potting Bench Bar

If you have an old potting bench lying around, turn it into a backyard bar. Remember to leave a few pots of flowers behind to decorate your bar.

Do you like the appeal of this backyard bar idea, but you don’t have a potting bench?

We like the Topeakmart Potting Bench because it comes with a removable sink. You could fill the sink with ice and place beverages inside to keep them cold longer.

Simple Backyard Bar Ideas

Your backyard bar doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a look at these easy-to-create backyard bar ideas.

5. The Rolling Cart Bar

Rolling tables make perfect backyard bars because they’re easy to move around your patio, and you can use them indoors if the party must be moved due to inclement weather.

Any rolling cart can be used for this backyard idea. Simply decorate your cart with your beverages, drinkware, and other bar accessories.

You could also buy a rolling cart with a special wine glass rack.

6. The Drink Cooler Bar

A drink cooler mixes a rolling cart and cooler for a sophisticated way to ensure your beverages stay cold. Try a portable ice chest with a shelf for all your accessories, such as plates and glasses.

VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest, Portable Patio Party Bar Drink Cooler Cart, with Shelf, Beverage Pool with Bottle Opener,Grey

This backyard bar idea is super simple to put together because all you need are drinks and ice, and you’re ready to serve your guests!

7. The Outdoor Balcony Bar

An outdoor balcony bar is super simple to install on your patio or balcony. This balcony bar table is made from teak wood, one of the most naturally durable woods.

Views Folding Balcony Bar Table for The Home Bar (4 Ft, Teak Color) | Acacia Wood, Weather Protected, Adjustable for Different Railings, Foldable, for The Outdoor Patio, Porch Deck

This is an excellent backyard bar idea for apartment dwellers who want to enjoy the luxury of having a bar in their backyard. It’s also a great choice for homeowners with second-level decks.

Unique Backyard Bar Ideas

Try something different in your backyard. Your friends will chat about these backyard deck ideas for a long time.

8. The Pizza Oven Bar

You might not be thinking about using your backyard bar as a place to make food, but you can scale up your backyard bar by adding an outdoor pizza oven. There are several pizza ovens you can choose to add to your bar.

A wood-fired pizza oven is one of the most delicious ways to cook outdoor pizza, and we recommend the Ooni Karu Pizza Oven. This pizza oven cooks authentic stone-cooked pizza in just 60 seconds!

You could buy a propane pizza oven if you don’t want to mess with wood. This one comes with all the tools you need for a tasty backyard bar pizza-making experience.

9. The Camper Backyard Bar

Old campers make awesome backyard bars, and they add a creative, unique touch to the whole experience of having a bar in your backyard. Most campers already have the counter space you need, you just need to prepare the window.

Vintage camper bars are popular rentals in some areas. If you don’t want a permanent backyard bar but you need one for a special event, look locally for camper backyard bar rentals.

Fancy Backyard Bar Ideas

If you live on the glamorous side of life, then these fancy backyard ideas will appeal to your eyes!

10. The Full-Service Kitchen Pool Side Bar

Imagine the luxury of having a full-service kitchen bar right beside your outdoor pool. Poolside barbecues are a treat, but no one wants to damage their indoor spaces by tracking water from the pool inside.

Spend more time in the pool with a full-service kitchen right by your pool (and keep a closer eye on the kiddos while you cook). Add elegant umbrellas around the bar to keep the wind gusts, hot sun, and water splashes at bay.

The most important part of designing your outdoor full-service kitchen is choosing the cooking equipment.

The Napoleon Prestige Gas Grill is stunning and comes with a rear and bottom range burner–it also comes with a cooler for your drinks.

11. The Backyard Bar with a Television

Add a television to turn your backyard bar into a sports bar or a hotspot for movie nights. When choosing a television for your outside bar, select a special TV designed for the outdoors.

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED 4K The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor, Direct Full Array 16x, Quantum HDR 32x, Weatherproof, Wide Viewing Angle Smart TV w/ Alexa Built-in (QN65LST7TAFXZA, Latest Model)

Televisions designed for the outdoors possess weather-resistant properties. Outdoor TVs have brighter screens and can survive humidity and extreme temperatures. They’re also designed for full or partial sun, so buy the best TV for your backyard bar’s setup.

12. The Pergola Covered Bar

A great way to add value to your backyard is to cover your outdoor bar with a pergola.

Pergolas magnify the beauty of your outdoor space just by being there, plus it provides your bar area some much-needed privacy and shade.

Classic Backyard Bar Ideas

These backyard bar ideas aren’t new by any means. If you prefer familiarity and a classic look, check out these long-time favorite backyard bar ideas.

13. The Rustic Backyard Bar

A backyard bar doesn’t have to be fancy; maybe you’d prefer a more homey, rustic space. Rustic bars can be built from aged wood and metal and decorated to make the space look vintage.

12x14 Backyard Bar Plans Yardbar Plans Outdoor Bar Plan Diy

Consider vintage decor ideas like light fixtures, custom wall art, and rustic wall displays when putting together your rustic backyard bar.

14. The Tiki Bar

If you live in a tropical area, you’re familiar with the Tiki Bar. Fortunately, you don’t have to live in a tropical area to have one.

Order your tiki bar decorations online and have them delivered wherever you want to set up your backyard Tiki Bar.

Grand patio Outdoor Tropical Paradise Tiki Bars, Phuket 3 Piece All Weather Resin Wicker Steel Islander Tiki Bar and 2 Stools with Ceramic Top & Storage for Garden Patio Hawaiian Luau Party, Natural

Start with a Tiki Bar hut and add other fun decorations. Don’t forget a lighted palm tree and tropical umbrellas for your drinks.

15. The Wicker Bar

Wicker is a popular outdoor material because it’s weather-resistant. Wicker is also attractive and looks cozy on backyard patios.

Tangkula Patio Bar Set, 3 Piece Outdoor Rattan Wicker Bar Set with 2 Cushions Stools & Glass Top Table, Outdoor Furniture Set for Patios Backyards Porches Gardens Poolside (Turquoise)

Wicker bars are easy to find and tend to be cheaper than other options you might find on this list.

Wrapping up 15 Spectacular Backyard Bar Ideas

Having a backyard bar can truly be a magical experience. Hopefully, you’ve uncovered your inner creativity with these backyard bar ideas and are ready to start prepping for hosting made easy.

If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your backyard, check out our Backyard Living section.