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21 Amazing Grapefruit Recipes

Grapefruit has gained an odd reputation! Some people don’t like it, while others claim that it is only good for dieting. However, there are countless ways to use grapefruit in all kinds of recipes, ranging from desserts to savory dishes.

In this article, we will share 21 grapefruit recipes that need to make their way to your kitchen! 

Closeup of a plate of grapefruit slices garnished with mint.  These grapefruit recipes will show you that fresh isn't the only way to enjoy grapefruit.
Most people think grapefruit is only eaten fresh. If you’re one of them, read on for some tasty grapefruit recipes that use grapefruit in ways you might never have imagined!

1. Grapefruit Greek Yogurt Cake 

This grapefruit Greek yogurt cake brings together all the most delicious elements of sweet and tangy dessert. This brown sugar tea loaf features a grapefruit citrus glaze. Meanwhile, the Greek yogurt adds a delicious lightness and moistness to the cake for a perfect pairing with the citrus. This is the perfect cake for a summertime party!

If you prefer cakes that are complex in flavor without being overly sweet, this grapefruit Greek yogurt cake might end up being your new favorite.

2. Shrimp, Grapefruit, and Avocado Salad

When you think of grapefruit, you probably don’t pair it mentally with shrimp! But the sharp citrus zip of the fruit goes perfectly in this unique salad filled with avocado and topped with sweet Thai chili sauce.

The recipe notes that you’ll want a big hunk of rustic bread to go along with it — probably to mop up every last drop of sweet grapefruit and chili. 

3. Leche Flan With Grapefruit

If you have ever had flan before, you know what a delicious treat it is. Of course, it is also extremely sweet. That over-the-top sugary taste pairs beautifully with tart, acidic grapefruit, taking a classic recipe in a fun and fascinating new direction. Topped with a grapefruit “flower”, this recipe will definitely stand out on the table (and maybe have people asking for a copy!). 

4. Spicy Grapefruit Jalapeño Margarita

Overhead view of three glasses of spicy grapefruit margaritas -- one of the grapefruit recipes for drinks.

Grapefruit is a classic component of many cocktails, such as the Paloma, Salty Dog, and more. It is also a great way to riff on classic mixed drinks that usually rely on orange or lemon juice.

Of course, this spicy grapefruit jalapeño margarita is in a league of its own. It builds on one of the most popular mixed drinks around — the margarita — and makes it totally unique with the addition of tart grapefruit juice and spicy chilis and peppers.

This is a drink you won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Grapefruit And Ginger Chia Seed Pudding

Talk about a healthy punch in a sweet dessert. This grapefruit and ginger chia seed pudding combines some truly top-notch ingredients normally seen in health foods to make a pudding that is sweet and citrusy all at once with the slightest bit of heat. With the right components, you never have to worry about your dessert being bad for you! 

6. Citrus And Roasted Beet Salad

Don’t brush this one off because it’s an unusual combo! You might find that you fall in love with this unique flavor profile of tart grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines with sweet roasted beets. The citrus comes through even brighter with a special dressing. Topped off with feta cheese, this one-of-a-kind salad is one you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again. 

7. Seared Scallops With Fennel, Cucumber, and Grapefruit

Want to make a dinner that is sure to impress? This recipe featuring seared scallops flavored with fennel, cucumber, and grapefruit will make everyone think you’re a gourmet chef. But amazingly, this dish comes together pretty easily! It has a unique and elevated flavor profile that seems to come straight out of a high-end restaurant.

How cool is it that it can come from your own kitchen? 

8. Roasted Citrus Relish

Citrus is the perfect choice for a delicious fruit relish. It makes a lovely balance of sweet and tangy that pairs wonderfully with savory dishes. You might find yourself putting this on top of everything from bread to fish, pork chops, chicken, and whatever else your heart desires.

This also makes a great office or neighborhood Christmas present, because who doesn’t love homemade fruit preserves? 

9. Grapefruit Meringue Pie

We’ve all had the classic lemon version, which remains a perennial classic for a good reason! This grapefruit meringue pie is an elevated variation that will have guests oohing and ahhing. The tart grapefruit pairs perfectly with the sweet, creamy meringue. It doubles as a gorgeous piece of table decor, thanks to that deep pink color that draws the eye. This recipe is enough to make even self-professed grapefruit haters change their tune!

10. Salty Dog Sangria

The Salty Dog is one of the most famous cocktails that uses grapefruit juice. While it can stand on its own, this recipe kicks it up a notch with the addition of rosé. The result? A super-fruity drink that is the perfect mix of sweet, sweet, and citrusy. It is full of flavor thanks to the combination of grapefruit juice and ginger ale.

But know that it packs a boozy punch — this cocktail incorporates both vodka and wine! 

11. Doughnuts With Citrus Curd And Grapefruit Sugar

You’ve probably never had a grapefruit doughnut before, but this recipe is so good, it might end up being a new favorite. Don’t be surprised if you demolish them as soon as they are out of the fryer. With a thick, gooey citrus curd filling and a healthy serving of grapefruit sugar, they are absolutely one-of-a-kind, and you will definitely find yourself making them again and again. 

12. Grapefruit Chermoula

If you have never had chermoula before, you’re in for a treat. This North African sauce is used throughout Liberian, Tunisian, Moroccan, and Algerian cuisine. For many people, it may be a totally unique experience with flavors that they have never tried before! This version adds tart grapefruit to add a fascinating new note to the original recipe.

If you love trying new foods from different cultures, this grapefruit recipe should be on your list. 

13. Rosemary Citrus Sorbet

Closeup of glass of grapefruit sorbet with grapefruit slices in the background.

This super-elevated dessert is elegant enough to impress any guest. With sour citrus fruits including lime and grapefruit and a fascinating note of rosemary, this sorbet is super refreshing. It is perfect for a warm summer evening. Even better, it is actually really easy to make at home (in fact, it only takes five ingredients to throw together).

This might very well become a new favorite when making a dessert to impress. 

14. Citrus Bars

Citrus bars are a riff on a classic lemon bar and, believe us, the upgrade is worth it. Packed with lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, and finished off with a sweet powdered sugar dusting, these one-of-a-kind citrus bars will blow anything you knew out of the water.

These should become everyone’s new potluck staple!

15. Soy Sauce And Citrus Marinated Chicken

Grapefruit isn’t just good for desserts and cocktails. It also makes an amazing glaze for savory dishes, as exemplified by this citrus marinated chicken! This is a fascinating new variation on the classic orange chicken that’s often found in some types of Asian cuisine.

One thing is for sure — you’ll want a second helping of this. 

16. Grapefruit Marmalade

Closeup of jar of grapefruit marmalade with a spoon in it.

You’ve heard about (and probably had plenty of) orange marmalade, but why not turn your next grapefruit crop into some delicious grapefruit marmalade? This fruity preserve has a great zip to it that pairs perfectly with a piece of toast slathered with butter.

Of course there’s nothing better than enjoying marmalade made from your own garden! 

17. Boozy Grapefruit Candy

Don’t those words make your ears perk up? This boozy grapefruit candy is a delicious mix of grapefruit and pomegranate rolled in sanding sugar. You might be tempted to wolf down a whole bowl, but be forewarned: “boozy” isn’t an exaggeration. These delicious homemade candies are fortified with Campari and Grand Marnier.

18. Spice-Rubbed Ham With Citrus Glaze

Move over, honey-glazed ham. This new version is as mouth watering as you can possibly get. It relies on limes and grapefruit to do the bulk of the lifting but also lets you get a bit creative by adding whatever other citrus fruits you like! Paired with a fennel and coriander rub, this dish smells so good that it will have you hungry long before it leaves the oven.

19. Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie

Overhead view of a strawberry grapefruit smoothie in a class with a straw.

Everyone loves a smoothie for breakfast or after a workout, but honestly, most of us don’t think to throw grapefruit in the blender. This yummy smoothie combines grapefruit with strawberries, sweet apples, and ginger. The result is a delicious treat that is packed to the brim with antioxidants.

Now that’s motivation for getting through your next workout! 

20. Candied Grapefruit Peel

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic. Candied peel has been the recipe of choice for using up citrus peels for hundreds of years. But you might not have ever tried candied grapefruit peel before! This yummy candy is a great treat, boiled to release its bitter oils and then soaked in sugar syrup. It also makes for a great gift around the holidays.

21. Grapefruit Gremolata Salmon

Citrus and fish are a pairing as old as time. But forget just doing lemon slices on a piece of salmon. This delicious new recipe swaps the lemon for broiled grapefruit and pairs it with a delicious gremolata. The result is a main course that is super fragrant and elegant enough for any occasion. It might even sway people who claim they’re not fans of seafood — as long as you can get them to try that first bite.


Can I Freeze Whole Grapefruit? 

You can freeze grapefruit, but freezing it whole isn’t usually the best option! Instead, peel it and cut it into segments. You can also remove the pith before freezing. This will help it freeze better (and take up less space in your freezer).

Grapefruit can be frozen for about a year. 

Does Grapefruit Burn Fat? 

Grapefruit has been touted as a healthy diet food for decades, but does it actually burn fat? Not exactly. While it doesn’t have any fat-burning properties, it is still a great choice if you’re looking to lose weight. That’s because grapefruit is full of fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer and reduces the temptation to overeat.

Is Eating Grapefruit Every Day Bad For You?

For people who are not on medication, there is no reason to avoid grapefruit! The fruit has been shown to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.

However, if you take drugs to regulate blood pressure, heart function, or manage anxiety or depression, you should avoid grapefruit altogether. The fruit and its juice can interact with some medications


Grapefruit is widely eaten raw, but there are so many ways to enjoy it! From desserts to savory dishes, this tart fruit is amazingly delicious and versatile.

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy grapefruit? Share your ideas in the comments! 

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