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Elegance in Iron: Why Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Is A Must for Your Outdoor Setting

By itself, a patio makes your backyard more beautiful, interesting, and usable. However, there’s only so much you can do without furnishing it. To fully enjoy your patio, you need furniture so that you can sit, eat, socialize, and/or do something productive.

We’d like to suggest wrought iron patio furniture to fulfill that need! Not only is wrought iron furniture lovely and timeless, it also has a ton of other benefits that make it the absolutely perfect furniture for your patio.

Keep reading to learn more about wrought iron and why you need it in your backyard!

Wrought iron patio furniture dining table and chairs kept outside on a tiled floor at a cafe. Tiled staircase is also visible in the background on a summer evening

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is an iron alloy characterized by low amounts of carbon. It’s usually fused with slag, a mixture of stone, mineral, clay, and/or coal waste left over from smelting metal. An expert artisan can create many products from it, and wrought iron patio furniture is among the most popular.

A Brief History

Asia Minor appears to have the earliest known records of wrought iron, where it was introduced as an alternative to bronze in the 3rd century B.C.E. Though weaker and less resistant to corrosion in comparison to bronze, iron soon claimed higher demand. After all, it’s more common in the natural world, making it more accessible and cost-efficient.

Wrought iron in particular was easy for the ancient Asians to weld into tools, weapons, armor, and construction materials. As its popularity spread, that’s how most civilizations used it. Since the 20th century, however, it’s favored primarily for architecture, decorations, embellishments, and home furnishings–such as wrought iron patio furniture.

Why Should You Have Wrought Iron Patio Furniture?

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There are many different types of furniture that you could put on a patio, but wrought iron furniture offers both beauty and functionality. There are numerous other benefits to using wrought iron furniture, and we think you’ll agree that wrought iron furniture is an excellent addition to any patio oasis.


If you’ve ever seen wrought iron patio furniture, you know how beautiful it can be. Most of it features exquisite designs, including swirls, curves, lattices, and/or floral themes, though the smelter is only limited by their skill and imagination. Also, since wrought iron is usually white, black, brown, or dark gray, it always looks classy and complements any color scheme.


As it’s made from a durable metal alloy, wrought iron patio furniture can easily last at least a decade. With proper care, it could even remain usable for a lifetime. In other words, though it costs more than other types of furniture upfront, it’s remarkably cost-efficient because you would not have to replace it for a long time–if ever.


Some materials have a limited range of uses when it comes to patio furniture, so there are only so many items, colors, and styles you can coordinate. Luckily, wrought iron is super versatile and easy to mix and match. Talented smelters will even master certain designs and keep them available for years in various furnishings, making it easy to find coordinating sets of tables, chairs, and benches.


You won’t be disappointed if you use wrought iron patio furniture as it is. However, you can also paint the iron, attach cushions or pillows to the seats, drape tablecloths or doilies on the tables, etc. Make it suit your particular comfort and/or aesthetic needs.

Low Maintenance

Wrought iron is prone to wear and other problems, like corrosion, scratches, chipping, and brittleness. Overall, however, it’s sturdy and reliable; it doesn’t require as much maintenance as other materials. Even with minimal care and attention, you can use your wrought iron furniture as often as you’d like for years. Who doesn’t like things that help them save time, money, and resources?

Plus, since wrought iron patio furniture is heavy, it’s much less likely than other types of furniture to get knocked over or carried away by severe wind. There’s no need to go looking for it after a storm!

Types of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron outdoor patio furniture in a landscaped flower garden.

Wrought Iron furniture is not only a worthwhile investment for your patio, but it also comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s not limited to one particular type of furniture–which is what makes wrought iron so versatile and easy to work with!

No matter what type of furniture you’re looking for, there’s a wrought iron piece that’s just right for you and your patio!

Dining Sets

When the weather is nice, you may love eating or drinking on your patio any time of day, and a wrought iron dining set is perfect for that It’s also a lovely place to feed and entertain guests. The best way to enhance the experience is to have a durable and gorgeous dining set.

If your patio is a modest size, or you prefer one-on-one interactions, you only need a small table with two chairs. To accommodate larger groups, a big rectangular table with four to six chairs would be better.

No matter your preference, lots of wrought iron patio furniture could be classified as the dining set of your dreams!

Individual Chairs

You may like the simplicity of sitting and relaxing outside. In that case, the only wrought iron patio furniture you need would be a lone chair or two. Together with an umbrella, awning, pergola, or gazebo for shade, it’s ideal for quietly absorbing the beauty of your surroundings for a while.

Rocking Chairs

Maybe you agree that one or two chairs would be all the wrought iron patio furniture you need. Why not take that concept a step further and invest in a rocking chair? Hardly anything feels as soothing as swaying back and forth, especially in the fresh air. The only downside is that you might never want to leave your patio!

Patio Swings

You know what else rocks–literally and figuratively? Patio swings! They boast the same calming effect as rocking chairs, but they’re often more varied and convenient. Many seat multiple people and include special features like consoles or foldable mattresses. You may love the options made from wrought iron.


Perhaps you have property so spacious that you could take long walks and admire the scenery around you. After you’ve walked for a while, wrought iron patio furniture would provide a welcome means to rest, and a bench is particularly nice. It could fit you and a walking companion, like a dog or loved one, or it would give you a place to stretch out and bask in the sunlight.

Side Tables

No matter your seating arrangements, many people wouldn’t consider their wrought iron patio furniture set complete without a table. Side tables are particularly handy because you can set them close to wherever you’re sitting.

If you want to bring a snack, drink, book, radio, phone, tablet, or laptop outside with you, a side table gives you easy access. It could also be a fabulous spot to put a potted plant or decorative statue if you just want to make the space prettier. You may especially like a side table with a drawer or shelf to permanently set down anything you’d like to keep outside.

Coffee Tables

Maybe a side table doesn’t appeal to you, but you would still like a piece of wrought iron patio furniture to set your belongings. A coffee table is an excellent alternative. Since it tends to be larger than a side table, you could keep more items outside with you or set up additional decorations.

Console Tables

Though better known as hallway furnishing, console tables also make wonderful patio furniture. When in front of your seat and near an electrical outlet, it’s a perfect place to put a TV and other electronics so that you can watch a show or play a game. Alternatively, when you have guests for an outdoor gathering, you could use it to spread out all the food and drinks you prepared.


Once you have places to sit and set your things, you might think that you don’t need any more wrought iron patio furniture, but that’s not true! You deserve to put your feet up, too, so consider including a wrought iron footrest among your purchases. Whether you’re sitting still or rocking back and forth, a footrest could help you stretch your legs and feel pampered.

Frequently Asked Questions

outdoor patio set with rock wall

With all the information and products available for consumption, shopping for wrought iron patio furniture can be daunting. To help you make informed choices, we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions.

What is the difference between wrought iron and cast iron?

Both cast and wrought iron can be used for furniture. They’re fairly similar, so people sometimes get them mixed up. What distinguishes them from each other?

While the chemical makeup of cast iron is 2% to 4% carbon, wrought iron typically has less than 0.08%. A high carbon content makes cast iron tougher and more durable, but it also becomes heavier and less malleable, so it’s harder to transport and weld. Since it’s lighter and easier to use, wrought iron patio furniture is a more affordable and practical choice than cast iron.

What are the maintenance requirements for wrought iron patio furniture?

Though wrought iron patio furniture is strong and long-lasting, it’s prone to certain problems.

The low carbon content makes wrought iron susceptible to bending, scratching, and denting. When you select wrought iron patio furniture, check the manufacturer’s recommendation for how much weight it can support, and don’t let it support anything heavier than that.

When moving it elsewhere, lift it up rather than scraping it across the ground. Consider moving it into your garage or storage shed during a storm so that it doesn’t get hit by large debris driven by high winds, or get rid of the debris altogether beforehand.

Corrosion is another thing that can diminish your wrought iron pieces. To prevent that, take time once or twice a year to clean the iron with warm water and mild soap or vinegar, then treat it with epoxy primer or powder coating. You can also try bluing, as long as you don’t mind the bluish-gray finish afterward. As an extra precaution, you could store it somewhere indoors during rainy or snowy weather.

How can you remove rust?

Corrosion can happen despite your best efforts. If your wrought iron patio furniture is looking rusty, gather the following:

  • A soft, clean rag or cloth
  • A bowl and spray bottle filled with vinegar
  • A roll of aluminum foil
  • A can of WD-40

First, coat the furniture in WD-40, then wipe it down with your rag or cloth. Next, lightly spray it with vinegar. After that, rip off a piece of aluminum foil and shape it into a ball or rod. Dip it into the vinegar and use it to gently scrape the rust away. Once you’re satisfied that the rust is gone, apply a new coat of powder or primer in hopes it will stay clean.

What should you consider when shopping for wrought iron patio furniture?

You never know what could happen, so when choosing wrought iron patio furniture, buy from manufacturers that offer warranties. It will give you peace of mind knowing that they can help if the furniture is defective or sustains unforeseen damage.

Furthermore, although you should plan to maintain your wrought iron patio furniture, the manufacturer should guarantee a good start by finishing it with powder coating or primer before selling it to you. This is key to preventing corrosion or premature wear.

Beyond that, simply prioritize styles and sizes that appeal to you. Stick to manufacturers with a reputation for quality and trustworthiness.

How should you prepare your patio for the furniture?

As you wait for your wrought iron patio furniture to arrive, you can prepare your patio by clearing it of debris and any other furnishings that may already be there. Since you risk scratching or bending the iron by dragging it along the ground, you must lift it to get it where you want. For that, you need ample space to move without tripping or hitting other objects.

On a similar note, remember that wrought iron patio furniture is usually heavy. To make setup easier and avoid injury, consider scheduling a friend or family member to assist with lifting and moving. You could show your gratitude by letting them be the first guest to use the furniture alongside you!

Get a Complete Set of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture!

Once you start buying wrought iron patio furniture, you may not stop until your backyard looks like an elegant scene from a fairytale. You will love how it balances beauty with strength and dependability with versatility. Wrought iron furniture is the perfect addition to any backyard patio. So go out there and grab a few pieces today!

If you want even more inspiration for how to transform your backyard space into your own private oasis, visit our section on backyard living!