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The 5 Best Watermelon Taps and How to Use Them

Did you know watermelons aren’t just meant to be eaten? They can be hollowed out and turned into a handy keg, holding a variety of beverages and keeping them cool. Their size and thick rinds seem practically designed to be vessels for communal drinks.

You can transform your watermelon into a beverage dispenser with the help of a watermelon tap. Keep reading to learn about the best taps to invest in for your next fiesta.

Watermelon Tap

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Vellax Magic Party Tool

Party on Tap Watermelon Tap Kit

The Best Watermelon Taps

Below are a few of our recommendations for watermelon taps, which run the gamut from simple brands to more high-end accessories.

Best Overall

1. Vellax Magic Party Tool

The Vellex Magic Party Tool can up the fun at any party. It has one of the sturdiest attachments in the market. It has a very low chance of leaking from the hole and in between spigot uses.

Watermelon Tap Beverage Dispenser Kit - Fruit Keg Tapping Kit & Coring Tool - Juice DIY Spigot, Beer Faucet, Great Spout to Turn Halloween Pumpkins into Ice Tea & Alcohol Drink Party Cocktails

It comes with a coring tool that can make drilling a hole a cinch. The coring tool is sized to match the watermelon tap, which should eliminate potential leaking.

And best of all, it’s easy to pull apart and clean. Like most taps, it’s recommended that you hand wash them.

2. Party on Tap Watermelon Tap Kit

If you want a tap that can bring the party, then check out the Party on Tap Watermelon Tap Kit. Not only does it come with a tap, but you also get cute watermelon-themed party straws for guests to use. They are perfect for cocktails and margaritas.

Party On Tap Watermelon Tap Kit - Keg Spout, Coring Kit, Straws, Instructions Included - Great For Dispensing Juice, Alcohol, Or any Other Beverage At Your Next Party

The tap comes with an extra-large handle, making it easy for guests to use. Nobody will be getting their hands dirty touching the watermelon rind. The large handle also makes it easy to pull for your most inebriated guests.

3. Unido Box Watermelon Tap

The Unido Box watermelon tap is made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, which makes it durable for repeated use. If you’re someone who throws a lot of parties, it’s a great option. Also, shoot us an invite, please!

It’s easy to install into the watermelon. It has a wider plug, which helps if your drilling skills are a little rusty.

Unido Box Watermelon DIY Keg Tap Kit with Coring Tool, Pumpkin, Large Fruit Beverage Dispenser Spout Cocktail Party Hosting

The Unido Box is meant to be washed by hand, which can keep it intact for many future uses. Throwing your watermelon tap into a dishwasher could potentially warp the material.

People have also used the Undo Box on pumpkins, too. It’s the best way to add spooky fun to your Halloween party.

4. Blazin Watermelon Tap

The Blazin Watermelon Tap is heavier than most taps in the market, coming in at just under one pound. What gives it such heft? The premium chrome-covered brass of the spigot will add weight, but that’s also one of its best qualities.

Blazin Watermelon Tap - Brass and Chrome Keg Kit - Pumpkin Fruit Ice Tea Drink Dispenser

It’s hardier and can withstand major usage. If you’re someone who throws lots of well-attended parties, then your watermelon tap is going to get major usage. The last thing you want is it breaking mid-soiree.

With the Blazin, you’re getting a tap that’ll last through tons of celebration and post-party washing. It can be used with watermelons, pumpkins, and most other melons available. And if something should happen, you’re backed with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

5. KegWorks Watermelon Tap Deluxe Kit

The KegWorks Deluxe Kit can add a touch of class to any gathering.

The tap is designed to mimic what a bar tap would look like. Your guests can get the fun thrill of feeling like they’re behind the bar with this watermelon tap. Its large, black handle is easy to find and pull, which is helpful for more inebriated guests.

KegWorks Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit

The watermelon tap has a chrome faucet knob with a brass lever, both of which are incredibly durable and long-lasting, so long as you take care of them. The coring tool can help you get the perfect spot for your watermelon tap.

KegWorks also provides very detailed instructions for setting up the tap, which is helpful for newbies. You can be a keg master on your very first go-around!

Why You Need a Watermelon Tap

Using a watermelon as a beverage dispenser is the perfect way to add a dash of fun to your next party. It’s colorful and will cause your guests to buzz.

Additionally, unlike with the regular pitchers and punchbowls, you don’t have to spend time cleaning out your watermelon when the party’s over. You can pop it in a trash bag, and you’re done!

Using a watermelon tap also gives your beverage extra flavor. You can fill the watermelon with juice, cocktails, sangria, beer, and even water. The watermelon will infuse the beverage with an extra sweet kick.

How to Use a Watermelon Tap

There is prep work involved with using a tap, but it’s only a few simple steps.

  1. Slice a thin layer off the bottom of the watermelon. This will make it flat and able to stay upright.
  2. Cut a lid on top. You can cut the lid in a straight line. But if you want to have fun, you can cut a jagged crown-like pattern. This will make the lid stay on easier, keep the insides from drying out, and add personality to your keg.
  3. Scoop out the fruit. You can serve the fruit as a side dish or repurpose it into a blended margarita. Make sure to have a sharp knife, a large serving spoon, and a large bowl to remove the insides. You’ll want to get all of the large pieces of watermelon out before you pour in your beverage. Watermelon chunks can clog the tap nozzle.
  4. Make a hole about three inches from the bottom. You’ll use the coring tool that comes with the watermelon tap to create a clean, tight opening.
  5. Plug the tap into the hole. It usually twists into the watermelon rind.
  6. Fill with your beverage of choice!

Tap Into the Fun of Watermelon Taps

To paraphrase The Social Network, serving drinks at a party isn’t cool. Do you know what’s cool? Serving drinks in a hollowed-out watermelon!

Whether you’re serving lemonade, punch, beer, or cocktails, liven up future gatherings with a watermelon tap. People can’t get enough of watching their drinks come out of a watermelon. Using one is easy and adds something memorable to any event.

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