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The Velvet Queen Sunflower

Though still considered a sunflower, I personally think this particular sunflower is better made for the night! The Velvet Queen sunflower is the tall, dark, and handsome of the flower world, and if you want to set your garden apart this year, it’s a great pick.

A touch of classic, a touch of unique flair, and all the charm you’re used to seeing in a sunflower! Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Velvet Queen sunflower.

The Velvet Queen Sunflower

Characteristics of the Velvet Queen Sunflower

The first thing to keep in mind with this (and any) sunflower? Their incredible height. These are not dainty little plants; they’re literal giants in the gardening world, standing as tall as a person! They can get up to six feet in height, so only plant these in your yard if you’re prepared to make a bit of a statement.

As for color, these might be my favorite type of sunflower for that very quality. Their color is a deep, dark crimson that stands out against any landscape, especially in the summer months.

Some blooms can lean more toward orange in the light, but they tend to bloom in that shadowy red shade. The petals are smooth, vivid, and rich, likely the reason for the “velvet” portion of the Velvet Queen sunflower’s name.

Because of their height, they certainly give the impression of regal stature and queenly composure. They add a dash of royal flair to any space where you decide to grow them!

If you pay attention to the flowers as they grow, before they reach maturity, you’ll be able to see the trait sunflowers are named for. Their shape obviously resembles a sunburst, but that’s not the only reason for their name.

Sunflowers also tend to “follow the sun” as young blooms, their heads turning to face the direction of the sun throughout the day! Even when they reach maturity and become more tethered in place, their leaves will still rotate to soak up as much sun as possible.

Velvet Queen Sunflower FAQ

Sunflower velvet queen Red sunflower

Where can you buy this flower?

While you’re not likely to be able to find full bouquets of this particular sunflower, you may find them scattered throughout various seasonal bouquets; their reddish color lends itself well to autumn bouquets.

You might have better luck tracking them down at farmer’s markets and flower shops rather than your basic grocery store flower section. If you want them for some kind of event, such as a wedding or otherwise, you may have to order them specifically if you have your heart set on this particular variety.

If you want the assurance of having access to these beautiful blooms whenever you want them, however, growing them yourself at home is the best bet! The ability to pick them from your own garden whenever you need them is far more convenient than having to track them down elsewhere in quantities large enough to suit your needs.

Can you grow it at home?

Not only can you grow this stunning flower at home, but it’s not that difficult; it’s great return for little effort! There’s no real need to start these seeds indoors; you can if you really want to lean on the side of caution, but these flowers are hardy and determined to grow in any conditions.

The only real consideration you need to take when growing these at home is the date of the final frost in your area. No matter how hardy the plant, you generally want to avoid putting seeds in the ground before the final frost of the season.

This “safe zone” will differ depending on where you live, so be sure to check your hardiness zone before planting!

What are the benefits of growing at home?

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest benefits of growing at home is that it allows you to have access to these gorgeous flowers whenever you please.

You can create your own bouquets whenever you want if you plant enough Velvet Queen sunflowers to cut some blooms off without leaving an unwanted gap in your garden.

Of course, even if you don’t choose to build bouquets with your own flowers, another benefit of growing Velvet Queen sunflowers at home is the sheer beauty they bring to your outdoor space!

If you plant them in the front yard, they’re certain to add to your curb appeal, and if you plant them in the backyard, you’ll create a beautiful view for yourself every time you step out into the yard.

If you have an entertainment space in the backyard, such as a patio or deck, these tall flowers actually make for a great “privacy fence” of sorts if you grow them in a particular arrangement. If you line the perimeter of your deck or patio with Velvet Queen sunflowers, their six-foot height can add a bit of shelter from the eyes of your neighbors if you aren’t in possession of a privacy fence.

Where should you plant it?

Besides choosing the best space aesthetically to plant your flowers, you’ll want to take the needs of the Velvet Queen sunflower into consideration when choosing an area to plant.

You need to pick a place with full sun—they are sunflowers, after all—but you also need to make sure you find a place with proper wind protection. Because of their height and top-heavy nature, these flowers can be easily damaged by strong winds.

If you don’t have an area in your yard that offers proper wind protection, you can use stakes to anchor the sunflowers in place.

Where To Buy Velvet Queen Sunflower Seeds

When it comes to tracking down Velvet Queen sunflower seeds, I recommend purchasing from True Leaf Market! Buying seeds online can be tricky if you aren’t careful about your sources. They’re a trusted provider of quality seeds, and it’s incredibly convenient to have Velvet Queen sunflower seeds shipped straight to your door.

Wrapping Up the Velvet Queen Sunflower

The Velvet Queen sunflower is a beautiful addition to any garden, and their unique coloring will always attract the eye! They’re also considered bird-friendly, so if you happen to be a bird-watcher, these are the sunflowers for you.

If you want more information on sunflower care, sunflower varieties, and more, check out our sunflower section now!