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11 Amazing Sunflower Fields Across the US You Can Visit

There’s just something about sunflowers that provokes a feeling of happiness! Maybe it’s their beautiful bright yellow coloring or simply the fact that they remind us of summertime. Whatever the reason, sunflower fields are a gorgeous sight that are worth at least one visit.

Luckily, you can find sunflower fields located all around the country. There is bound to be one near you, and they may even allow you to take some blooms home!

Keep reading to find some of the best visitable sunflower fields across the United States.

Closeup of a multi-colored sunflower. Sunflower fields.

When Do Sunflowers Bloom?

Generally, sunflowers get planted in spring and are summer and fall-blooming flowers. They’ll typically bloom as early as July and continue to do so until October. So, keep this in mind while looking through this list.

Here are a few of the best sunflower fields in the United States that are worth checking out!

Sunflower Fields in the East

1. Buttonwood Farm – Griswold, CT

Connecticut’s Buttonwood Farm is a family dairy farm that has been around since 1975. But, they didn’t start growing sunflowers until 2003, when they began with just a one-acre sunflower field. By the following year, they turned that little field into 10 acres and then 14 acres not long after.

You can stop by to view and photograph the sunflowers any time they’re in bloom. But the farm also offers a sunflower picking event each July (dates vary depending on bloom times). And all the proceeds from this event go to Make-A-Wish!

The farm also makes about 50 flavors of ice cream with their farm-fresh dairy products for you to enjoy! They are open from March to October and offer fall activities when sunflower season is over.

2. Evans Orchard – Georgetown, KY

Evans Orchard is a fifth-generation farm and cider mill that offers plenty of pick-your-own options, including gorgeous sunflowers. It also has a fun outdoor play area for children, a petting zoo, and a market with a gift store. They’re open from May to August to enjoy all these activities.

This farm’s sunflower season typically begins at the beginning of August. But, they recommend calling beforehand to ask about bloom times for the specific year. Mother Nature has her own plans!

When the sunflowers are in bloom, you can purchase tickets inside the market to enter the sunflower fields. Once inside the field, you can pick your own sunflowers to take home. They offer 10 acres of sunflowers for you to enjoy!

3. Dogwood Farms – Belews Creek, NC

If you’re looking for only flowers, Dogwood Farms is a great choice. The farm is primarily a flower farm, as they offer a few different varieties, including sunflowers. But they also offer fall activities when the flowers stop blooming, along with other occasional seasonal events throughout the year.

When visiting the farm, they ask that you pay a small admission fee. And if you would like to pick flowers in the sunflower field, they typically charge by the stem. Sunflower picking season usually begins in July for this farm. But you’ll need to keep an eye on their social media pages and website for updates on exact bloom times.

4. Southern Hill Farms – Clermont, FL

The life of Southern Hills Farms started about four generations ago primarily as a vegetable farm with occasional berry crops. It was a private farm that solely produced commercially until 2014 when they opened it to the public. With this public access came the introduction of beautiful flower options like sunflower fields.

Due to Florida’s hot and humid climate, this farm has three sunflower harvesting times. You can visit to pick them in the spring, winter, and fall. Summer is usually off-limits because the weather is too extreme.

When visiting, you’ll need to pay a fee to get into the sunflower fields. And if you’d like to pick some to take home, there’s a per-stem fee. The farm is open during multiple intervals throughout the year, depending on the available crops.

Sunflower Fields in the Midwest

5. Treasured Haven Farm – Rush City, MN

At Treasured Haven Farm, you can find a variety of things to do. The farm has walking trails, a gift shop, fresh food products, organic hay and grains, and sunflower fields!

The farm is open throughout the year due to its multiple offerings. But you can expect to see their sunflower fields blooming from July to September.

Their sunflowers are all organic. They use the seeds in animal feed and pet treats for their nutritional content like fiber and antioxidants. Because of this, you cannot pick the sunflowers. However, you can admire and take pictures of them throughout the blooming period with an entry fee. You can also purchase seeds from them to plant your own sunflowers at home!

6. Grinter Farms – Lawrence, KS

Grinter Farms is a stunning sunflower field and local general shop you can visit in eastern Kansas throughout the year. You can enter the field around July or August, depending on when the farm plants their seeds. And the blooming time frame typically lasts until the end of September.

Visiting this farm’s field is fun and free! Admission into the fields for viewing and picture-taking costs nothing, but you can donate to the farm if you’d like. And you can take some sunflowers home at a recommended donation per stem.

Don’t forget to check out their bake shop for some delicious treats on your way home!

7. Beasley’s Orchard – Danville, IN

If you happen to be in central Indiana, Beasley’s Orchard is a beautiful farm to visit! The farm has been open since 1946 and offers farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, pick-your-own options, and fall activities.

Besides fresh produce, this farm also grows seven acres of sunflowers every year for your enjoyment. During peak blooming time in July, they host a beautiful sunflower festival where you can pick your own flowers. All you need to do is pay an admission fee and pay for any stems you pick in the sunflower fields. Admission tickets come with one free sunflower!

Sunflower Fields in the West

8. Maris Farms – Buckley, WA

Maris Farms started as a simple pumpkin patch in the 1990s. But then it exploded into a beautiful farm in the early 2000s, featuring animals, flowers, and summer and fall activities.

Since the farm started planting sunflowers, the owners have been offering a sunflower festival each year. This farm’s sunflower fields typically bloom in August, so the festival is often around this time as well.

During the festival, you can enjoy walking through acres of over 20 different varieties of sunflowers! The farm requires you to pay an admission fee, which includes one free flower. And then you can pay for any others you pick throughout your visit.

9. Hana Field by Tanaka Farms – Costa Mesa, CA

Tanaka Farms has been providing its community with local, fresh produce since 1940. Since then, the farm expanded and now offers flower fields at a different site called Hana Field. They offer a variety of breathtaking flowers throughout the year, including sunflowers (like that Teddy Bear Sunflower in the photo).

Due to the field’s location, you can access the sunflower fields throughout the majority of the year. They’re blooming almost all the time. You can purchase admission tickets to frolic through the sunflower fields. And you can also purchase pick-your-own tickets, which include 15 stems and a keepsake cup to carry them in!

10. Anderson Farms – Erie, CO

At Anderson Farms, they open up to the public for summer and fall activities, including their pick-your-own sunflowers event. Their sunflowers typically bloom from July into August, but exact times vary each year.

During the farm’s sunflower season, you can walk around their 15-acre sunflower field where you can admire 17 different varieties. Just keep in mind that you will need an admission ticket to get in.

And if you want to take some of this beauty home with you, the farm offers flower-picking tickets. Prices vary depending on which sized container you choose for picking. And you can take home however many you can fit in the container, as they don’t charge by the stem!

11. Bloomer’s Garden and Wildflower Farm – Sadler, TX

A visit to Bloomer’s Garden and Wildflower Farm will fulfill all your flower needs! The Bloomer family specifically dedicates this farm to growing flowers, with nine varieties of sunflowers being available. All flowers are pick-your-own, and they have a variety of berries available for picking as well!

The farm is typically only open in the summer, as most flowers bloom during this time. You can usually find bloom updates on the website for specific dates. And they charge by the stem and recommend that you bring your own container to carry the flowers. But they do have cups if you forget one!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting

Here are some things to think about before visiting a sunflower field:

  • Check blooming times. Sunflower blooming times vary depending on which state the sunflower field is in.
  • Dress according to the weather and terrain. If it’s sunny, always wear sunscreen. And most of these fields are on farmland, so you should wear sneakers.
  • Pack the right supplies. Bring a camera or phone for pictures, buckets to hold the flowers, and garden shears to cut the flowers.

Immerse Yourself in the Sunflower Fields Across the Country

Closeup of Big Smile Sunflowers.

When the warm weather starts moving in, it’s time to start spending more time outdoors. And sunflower fields are a great way to do this, as these happy-looking flowers are the perfect mood booster. So grab your camera and use this list to help decide which field to visit on your next day off!

Do you want to learn more about sunflowers? Check out our Sunflowers page for more information!