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9 Best Pumpkin Patches in Washington

Fall in the Evergreen State is underrated. The gloomy weather makes the colorful leaves of autumn really pop, and the moderate temperature is ideal for sweaters. Everything about Washington State screams autumn!

Pumpkin Patches in Washington

Pumpkin patches in Washington are surprisingly abundant. They don’t just grow apples here. You have your choice of several fun pumpkin patches in Washington. Read on to discover our top picks.

Pumpkin Patches in Washington – Western Washington


Craven Farm – Snohomish, WA

Credited as the first-ever pumpkin patch in Washington’s Snohomish Valley, Craven Farm has been letting visitors pick pumpkins for over thirty-five years. At Craven Farm’s Fall Festival, you can select from a wide variety of different pumpkin breeds with the gorgeous mountains as a backdrop. But leave room in your trunk as they also have an antique show on the property where you could find a new tchotchke for your living room. 

This pumpkin patch in Washington has lots of other activities, so you and your group can really make a day of it. There are multiple barns to check out with homemade goods and animals to gaze upon. When you’re done there, find your way through their corn maze. Take a tractor ride. Even grab a seat and scope out the duck races. 

Swans Trail Farms – Snohomish, WA

Come down to Swans Trail Farms, which is one of the only pumpkin patches in Washington with u-pick fields open to the public seven days a week in October. You’ll need to set an appointment to visit on a weekday, but if you’re able to sneak a day off work, this is a great option to beat the crowds that flock to patches on weekends. 

They have fifty acres of pumpkins to comb through, making them a very large pumpkin patch in Washington. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pumpkins, so you’ll have no problem finding the one that speaks to you. Bring a lunch with you and make a day of it, eating at their picnic benches as you gaze on the bountiful fields. Grab some of their homemade donuts and apple cider for dessert, or scope out other delicacies in their country store. And end your day with their famous Washington-shaped corn maze. 

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm – Snohomish, WA

Most pumpkin patches in Washington have you take a tractor ride down to the u-pick fields. One of the most scenic rides you will experience will be at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm. The tractor will carry you deeper into the Snohomish Valley and through plentiful corn fields en route to the pumpkins. It will be a fall to remember well before you’ve even picked out your pumpkin! 

Once you’ve locked down your future Jack-o-Lantern, stop by their country store, which on weekends is a full-service restaurant. You must try their roasted corn. The savory, salty taste will make you weak in the knees. For something sweet, treat your taste buds to Sarah’s famous homemade donuts, which are so fresh they melt on your tongue. Wash it down with sweet, tart apple cider. Since this is all made from fresh, local ingredients, that means it’s healthy, right?


Spooner Farms – Puyallup, WA

Washington pumpkin patch

Family-owned and operated, Spooner Farms has had a presence in the Puyallup Valley since 1882, making it one of the oldest farms in the state. Like many pumpkin patches in Washington, Spooner Farms is very family-friendly, owing to their family ownership. It has tons of kid-friendly options to entertain your little ones once they find their pumpkin soulmate in the u-pick field. 

There’s a corn maze and an animal barn to get up close and personal with four-legged friends.  Pete’s Play Town is an expansive playground where your kids can burn off energy, and the sugar they got from a deliciously fresh caramel apple and caramel popcorn. Cap off your day with a turn at the pumpkin slingshot, where you can watch a pumpkin can be blasted and smashed. Fun for adults as well as kids! 

Thomasson Family Farm – Enumclaw, WA

Located in bucolic Enumclaw, Thomasson Family Farm is a pumpkin patch in Washington that has a plethora of activities to enjoy, possibly the most of any pumpkin patches in Washington we’ve visited. They put the active in activities, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes to get the most out of your day. 

Sure, they have a corn maze and farm animals to pet. But when you’re done with those typical activities, suit up for laser tag. There’s a full laser tag arena set up where you can compete with your group or against our visitors. For those more into sports, take part in a pickup game of Feedbox basketball or swing down their zip line across the field.

They have giant Connect 4 and giant Jenga where you can create fun group memories and get loads of pics for Instagram. For the real little kids, a playground with slides and a sandbox will give them lots of room to explore. You can really make the most of your time in this pumpkin patch in Washington. 

Double R Farms – Puyallup, WA

Really Rural? Rest and Relaxation? The two R’s in Double R Farms stand for the two generations of Richens who own the property, but the other options are also applicable. The rural pumpkin patch in Washington offers a resplendent field of pumpkins, and also an excuse to unwind amid nature. 

Tucked away in an extra rustic corner of the Puyallup Valley, Double R Farm will give you all the fall vibes you can handle. Comb through vast fields to find your ideal pumpkin; the farm has the largest collection of pumpkins in the area. Next, after finding your way through their five-acre corn maze, check out their eighty-year-old barn, which is filled with the most unique assortment of gourds and pumpkins grown each season.

And every visitor to Double R Farms must experience slingshotting a pumpkin, which only costs one dollar. You have not lived until you’ve sent a pumpkin flying through the air to be demolished in an orange, seed-packed blaze of glory. 

Pumpkin Patches in Washington – Eastern Washington

Pumpkin patch

Hidden Acres Orchard – Mead, WA

If you’re looking for an eco-conscious pumpkin patch in Washington to explore, check out Hidden Acres Orchard outside of Spokane. 

Open since 1970, Hidden Acres Orchard is proudly powered by alternative energy sources. You can see up close and learn about how solar, wind, and biodiesel energy power their farm. 

They run Educational Harvest Tours, which gives you a broad understanding of how the farm operates. Stick around for Bee Talk with Farmer Karene, where you can learn how bees pollinate their crops. And make sure your kids meet and take pictures with Penelope the Giant Talking Pumpkin. (You might enjoy here, too!) There’s also a tire maze created from reused scraps. After the tour, stop by Frontier Village, where you can enjoy their playground and animal viewing area, plus see how their grain silo works. 

In addition to pumpkins, Hidden Acres Orchard grows tons of different vegetables and fruit that you can pick. And if you’ve ever wanted to camp in a pumpkin patch in Washington, then Hidden Acres has you covered, letting you camp under the stars. 

Beck’s Harvest House – Colbert, WA

Beck’s Harvest House is the oldest continually family-owned farm in the Green Bluff Region, in operation since 1987. 

Step into Pumpkin Land, where you have literally miles of pumpkins to choose from, of all shapes and sizes and colors. Beck’s Harvest House has live music performances during their peak fall season, adding to the local ambiance. They have local food trucks stop by where you can grab lunch before heading into their giant corn maze. For dessert, try one of their famous homemade pies or pumpkin donuts. Families and groups also have the option to rent a special tented area to have a private event. 

Siemers Farm – Mead, WA

Bring your appetite to Siemers Farm. It may seem odd for a pumpkin patch in Washington to also have a pizzeria on site, but who would say no to pizza? 

Yes, Siemers Farm famously has Castle Pizza connected to the property. Visitors can order pizza by the pie or slice to enjoy at picnic tables overlooking the fields. They have a full menu of salty Bavarian pretzels, salads, wraps, and beverages to consume, too. 

After grabbing your pizza and pumpkin of choice, bring the little ones to Fort Siemer. The kids’ playground area is designed like a pirate ship, giving kids the objective to “defend” Fort Siemer. 

Wrapping up Pumpkin Patches in Washington

There are lots of options for a picturesque excursion to the best pumpkin patches in Washington. But for most of these farms, plan to make a day of it. They’ve really gone the extra mile to provide activities and food options to make the trek out worth your while. T

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