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The 8 Best Pumpkin Patches in New Hampshire

As the spooky season approaches and the chill of harvest time in New England dances on the air, you inevitably start to feel the urge for a visit to a pumpkin patch—for the experience itself, and for those wonderful gourds that will decorate your home throughout the autumn season.

A woman carving a pumpkin for Halloween.

If you are ready for some pumpkin picking at one of the best pumpkin patches in New Hampshire, then we have got you covered! Read on for our top picks of some of the most welcoming and wonderful New Hampshire pumpkin patches, where you can pick your own pumpkins, enjoy cider sweets, make memories, and soak up all the spine-tingling fun that this fall season has to offer.

8 of the Best Pumpkin Patches in New Hampshire

It likely comes as no surprise that pumpkin patches in New Hampshire are a bit spread out! Whether you call the northern, central, or southern portion of the state your home will define in large part how far you may have to travel to enjoy the adventure of picking pumpkins in the crisp outdoors.

For that reason, we have broken down this list of our top New Hampshire pumpkin patch picks into north, central, and southern regions. That way, you can easily find the pumpkin patch that is the most convenient for you to visit!

Best Northern New Hampshire Pumpkin Patches

A couple picking pumpkins together. Pumpkin patches in New Hampshire are great for creating memories together.

Windy Ridge Orchard

North Haverhill, New Hampshire

Though the pickings are arguably rather slim when it comes to New Hampshire pumpkin patches in the northern portion of the state, Windy Ridge Orchard is worth even a bit of a drive down for residents of far northern New Hampshire who are looking for a wonderful pumpkin patch experience!

Located in the North Haverhill area of the state, Windy Ridge Orchard is a great place for picking your own homegrown pumpkins in season, as well as sourcing your freshly picked apple needs. Stop in at the cider house on site for freshly made cider from the orchard’s own apples to cap off your wonderful pumpkin picking experience.

No matter how far you have to travel to visit Windy Ridge Orchard, you are sure to enjoy your experience at this warm and welcoming New Hampshire pumpkin patch!

Best Central New Hampshire Pumpkin Patches

A pumpkin patch on a sunny fall day.

Riverview Farm and Haunted Corn Maze

Plainfield, New Hampshire

Gourds, pumpkins, and squash of all kinds are just a few of the treats that await you with a visit to Riverview Farm and Haunted Corn Maze in the Plainfield area of New Hampshire. This is a family-focused and beloved location that is ranked as one of the best pumpkin patches in New Hampshire!

Here at Riverview Farm, you have your pick of browsing the pumpkin patch to select your own pumpkin for carving, cooking, baking, or decorating; or you can make your choice from the previously harvested pumpkins available at the Farm Store. While you are there, you may just fall in love with some of the other food and merchandise that Riverview Farm has to offer, like their fresh donuts, produce, and veggies.

And you certainly will not want to miss out on a visit to Riverview Farm’s Haunted Corn Maze, a complex and thematic maze that tells a new story each year in the way that you navigate its many twists and turns.

From excellent pumpkins to this one-of-a-kind corn maze attraction, Riverview Farm is a perfect place to make some unforgettable fall memories with family and friends!

Beans and Greens Farm

Gilford, New Hampshire

If you have your heart set on visiting one of those unique pumpkin patches in New Hampshire that has its focus set on an all around phenomenal family experience, then Beans and Greens Farm is the perfect pumpkin patch for you and your loved ones!

Finding its home in the Gilford area of New Hampshire, Beans and Greens Farm has tremendous attention placed on family fun and providing healthy food and sweet treats that are locally sourced! You can kick off the autumn months at Beans and Greens Farm with their annual Harvest Festival, with lots of games, mazes, and fun on-site for folks of all ages.

Stop in and visit the farm’s adorable barnyard animals; purchase pies, donuts, and other baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth; and, of course, “carve” out some time to pick your own pumpkin for decorating, eating, or making a Jack O Lantern that will impress all your friends.

Stop in at Beans and Greens Farm and find out for yourself why this is one of the most beloved pumpkin patches in New Hampshire!

Overhead view of assorted fall pies.

Moulton Farm

Meredith, New Hampshire

Looking to support a New Hampshire pumpkin patch that puts its heart and soul into foods of all kinds that benefit the body, with a farm setting that welcomes adults and children alike to make tons of lifelong memories? Then you will definitely want to stop in and visit Moulton Farm in the Meredith area of New Hampshire!

This wonderful farm has so much going for it! From their incredible pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin, to their bakery and farm kitchen on site where you can get some delicious, farm-sourced food to go, you are sure not to leave Moulton Farm disappointed…and you are not likely to leave with an empty stomach, either!

This location is ranked as one of the most popular pumpkin patches in New Hampshire. Come in and experience for yourself all the reasons why that is!

Stone Brook Hill Farm

Gilford, New Hampshire

Another great option for sourcing your pumpkins in the Gilford area of New Hampshire is Stone Brook Hill Farm.

On the quieter side of things, Stone Brooke Hill Farm is one of those New Hampshire pumpkin patches that makes it incredibly easy to get yourself some pumpkins for the whole season.

If you are less inclined to browse for and pick a pumpkin from the patch yourself and are more interested in an expedient visit to grab the pumpkins you need for carving, baking, or decorating, then Stone Brook Hill Farm has got you covered. Simply drive up and purchase a pumpkin of whatever size and shape you need from their farm stand…it truly is as simple as that!

This straightforward experience has earned a devoted following and ensured that many visitors will return to Stone Brook Hill Farm for all their pumpkin needs throughout the autumn season.

Best Southern New Hampshire Pumpkin Patches

A family walking in a pumpkin patch.

Kimball Fruit Farm

Hollis, New Hampshire

If you call the southern portion of New Hampshire your home, and particularly if you are right near the border with Massachusetts, then you will most likely want to pay a visit to a New Hampshire pumpkin patch that is popular in both states—and Kimball Fruit Farm in the Hollis area fits that bill perfectly!

Located just an hour from major cities such as Worcester in Massachusetts and Concord in New Hampshire, Kimball Fruit Farm offers a wonderful opportunity to pick your own pumpkin as well as other fruits and vegetables that you can pick throughout the year.

And that’s not all! If you enjoy the goods and produce that Kimball Fruit Farm offers, there are a couple of other ways to get your favorite items. You can have boxes shipped right to your door or visit a variety of Farmers Market locations throughout the growing and harvesting season.

These fantastic options make Kimball Fruit Farm among the most popular pumpkin patches in New Hampshire—and in northern Massachusetts as well!

Sunnycrest Farm

Londonderry, New Hampshire

If you are looking to make some fantastic fall memories in the month of October specifically at a wonderful New Hampshire pumpkin patch, then you will want to drop in for a visit at Sunnycrest Farms in the Londonderry area!

Pumpkin patch

This popular farm offers a great variety of fruits and vegetables you can pick for yourself throughout the growing season, but one of their greatest attractions by far is their wonderful pumpkin patch. In the month of October as their pumpkins become ripe, be sure to stop in and pick your own.

While you are at the farm, you will want to set aside time to visit the market and bakery and see the farm animals.

Sunnycrest Farms offers a wonderful experience for pumpkin patch visitors that can only be fully experienced in the month of October, so make sure to make your calendars and don’t miss the opportunity to make memories at this great New Hampshire pumpkin patch!

McKenzie’s Farm

Milton, New Hampshire

Are you in the mood to visit a well-known you-pick New Hampshire pumpkin patch in the Milton area? Look no further than McKenzie’s Farm!

With their pumpkin patch open throughout the harvest season and a wide array of pumpkin varieties to choose from, including classic orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, and even blue and pink ones, you are sure to find a pumpkin that perfectly fits your personal and decorative needs!

McKenzie’s Farm is a popular pumpkin picking location as well as a great option for other you-pick fruits including apples, berries, and peaches, and their farm store is a great place to visit for sourcing your food needs locally as well.

No matter what time of year you visit McKenzie’s Farm, you are sure to love what you find there!

Make Memories Visiting New Hampshire Pumpkin Patches!

We sure hope you are feeling excited to kick off an adventure to one of these fantastic pumpkin patches in New Hampshire!

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