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The 19 Best Pumpkin Patches in Idaho

With the changing colors, falling leaves, and sweater weather, autumn is a beautiful time to make memories with the people you love. Since 19th-century Irish immigrants in the U.S. first popularized the use of pumpkins to carve jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkin patches have become a traditional place to take your loved ones in the fall. Idaho has lots of them!

Three pumpkins carved as jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

However, when there are so many options, how do you decide which ones to visit? Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Read on for a list of the best pumpkin patches in Idaho!

What Makes Pumpkin Patches So Fun?

Jack-o’-lanterns were originally believed to chase away the wretched spirit of Stingy Jack, who was rejected from both heaven and hell, dooming him to walk the earth restlessly. Over time, the imagery of the jack-o’-lantern itself–in addition to a simple appreciation for the art of carving–became reason enough to carry on the tradition and visit pumpkin patches.

Woman holding a pumpkin carved for Halloween.

Nevertheless, that’s not the only reason pumpkin patches are so in-demand. The pumpkins are wonderful props for photos, games, and activities, like mazes and relays. The fields lend themselves well to other fall festivities, too. Hayrides, petting zoos, haunted houses, and corn mazes are just a few examples.

Many of the most well-loved pumpkin patches in Idaho have some or all of these attractions!

19 Must-See Pumpkin Patches in Idaho!

To help you plan your outing to a pumpkin patch (or two), we’ve organized our list by region in the state. That way, you’ll easily find a pumpkin patch in Idaho that’s near you!

Best Eastern Idaho Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin patch.

Ashland Produce

Rigby, Idaho

Throughout the year, Ashland Produce grows a variety of pesticide-free vegetables. In the fall, they supply pumpkins and other squashes as well. Though you can pick them straight from the patch, there’s also the option of purchasing them pre-picked at the farm stand. Your kids can play in the hay bale maze, too!

RC Acres

Anthony, Idaho

With the motto “We plant it, you pick it,” RC Acres is a well-known pumpkin patch in Idaho. In fact, they welcome school tours annually. When harvest time comes around in the fall, they celebrate not only by opening the patch to the public, but by offering barrel and cow train rides! If you would like to ensure there’s room for a large group, they’ll accept reservations.

Young girl picking out a pumpkin.

New Sweden Farms

Idaho Falls, Idaho

The owners of New Sweden Farms are such big fans of pumpkins that it’s all they grow! Pick your own pumpkins or ask the workers to do so for you. Either way, you can enjoy their corn maze, wagon rides, petting zoo, pony rides, and concession stand. They even do party reservations, perfect for anyone in your circle with a birthday in September or October!

U-Pick Red Barn

Idaho Falls, Idaho

The U-Pick Red Barn is passionate about both farming and fun! On top of offering seasonal produce all year round, they have chickens, pheasants, and kittens available to interact with people, in addition to one of the most diverse pumpkin patches in Idaho. They’re already known for including a hay maze, straw pyramids, slide, corn pit, model train, and jumper pillows, but recently, they also added pumpkin cannons!

A sign for a pumpkin cannon, a popular attraction at some pumpkin patches in Idaho.

Swore Farms

Pocatello, Idaho

Lots of pumpkin patches in Idaho feature corn mazes, but the one at Swore Farms is especially popular. It comes with a straw maze, hay rides, straw slides, and even a gigantic wheat sandbox for kids and the young at heart! The mazes are available for walking at night, too. After picking a pumpkin, check out their other fall produce, like corn and squash.

Grove City Garden

Blackfoot, Idaho

Have you ever gone to pick pumpkins only to find out that lots of people got there before you? The Grove City Garden sets itself apart from other pumpkin patches in Idaho by asking that you call ahead and reserve a time to come. That way, they can better ensure that there will be great pumpkins and other produce for you to choose!

Best Central and Southern Idaho Pumpkin Patches

Closeup of harvested pumpkins.

Landers Pumpkin Patch

Paul, Idaho

The Landers Pumpkin Patch has so many pumpkins available that you won’t find them in just the pumpkin patch! Workers also spread pumpkins around the lawn and throughout the hay bale and straw mazes. Occasionally, there’s even a haunted maze along with snacks and other goodies.

Tubbs’ Berry Farm

Twin Falls, Idaho

Don’t let the name fool you; Tubbs’ Berry Farm boasts one of the most prominent pumpkin patches in Idaho every fall. Priding themselves on using natural methods to grow their crops, the farm lets you pick pumpkins and indulge in the fun of a hayride, bale maze, slide, petting zoo, gift shop, and an apple blaster! They’ve also set aside certain areas specifically for photography.

A boy holding a pumpkin.

Bluerock Farm Market

Twin Falls, Idaho

The Bluerock Farm Market takes care of more than 80 acres of crops, six of which are dedicated to all kinds of pumpkins. Once you’ve chosen a pumpkin, stop at the Bluerock Farm Market, where you’ll find fresh, high-quality produce and excellent restaurants. You can even grab a bouquet of cut flowers for someone you love!

Burley Straw Maze & Pumpkin Patch

Burley, Idaho

The Burley Straw Maze & Pumpkin Patch finds unique ways to distinguish itself as an especially entertaining pumpkin patch in Idaho. In addition to a straw maze, slide, corn pit, straw pyramid, and jump pad, you’ll also find a barrel train, corn cannon, zip line, and swing ride! Those with a penchant for the spooky should visit on a Saturday night in October when the straw maze is haunted!

Jack-o-lanterns lining a path at night.

Magic Valley Corn Maze

Hansen, Idaho

True to its name, the Magic Valley Corn Maze is among the most fantastical pumpkin patches in Idaho, thanks to its eerie haunted corn maze. Families also love its large slide, corn maze, train rides, petting zoo, corn cannon, and paintball skeet shooting. If you’d like a unwind, get a cup of delicious hot chocolate and sit around the huge campfire.

Jerome Punkynland

Jerome, Idaho

Would you say that the only thing as wonderful as picking pumpkins is making a new friend? Jerome Punkynland is unique among pumpkin patches in Idaho for also offering great Pyrenees year around! When you go to pick pumpkins, check out the petting zoo as well and see whether you bond with any of the furry residents there!

Best Southwest Idaho Pumpkin Patches

View of a pumpkin patch.

The Berry Ranch

Nampa, Idaho

Although you’ll find countless scrumptious berries when they’re in season at The Berry Ranch, there’s also a great pumpkin patch come autumn. They’ll let you pick your own pumpkins and take a hayride! However, be aware that they don’t accept reservations, so go early in the season to make sure you score a good pumpkin.

Cabalo’s Orchard and Gardens

Kuna, Idaho

Emphasizing natural growing practices, Cabalo’s Orchard and Gardens is another choice for those who prefer pesticide-free pumpkin patches in Idaho. Besides taking you around the patch on a hayride, the owners collect amazing recipes for pumpkin foods and make them available at the farm stand.

Lowe Family Farmstead

Kuna, Idaho

Some pumpkin patches in Idaho love to pull out all the stops for fall, and the Lowe Family Farmstead is one of them. You might go to pick out a pumpkin or two, but you’ll be tempted to stay for the potato sack slide, pig races, corn cob beach, pony rides, corn maze, hayrides, candy cannon, apple blaster, bubble barns, and both cow and grain trains–and that’s just half the list!

Jordan’s Garden Center

Boise Idaho

At Jordan’s Garden Center, autumn is considered so special that the owners strive to make it affordable. In fact, there is no fee simply for visiting the pumpkin patch and using the hay maze, corn pit, or petting zoo. The pumpkins themselves are a bargain, too. Of course, you can also pick up any of the produce you need at their store.

Twin Oaks Farms

Eagle, Idaho

Twin Oakes Farms proud to grow the largest pumpkin patch in Idaho. In fact, the estimated weight of all the pumpkins together is over a million pounds. You can take a hay ride to explore the patch and find your perfect pumpkin, but they also have horses and trains ready to ride. Give their corn crib and straw tower a try as well!

Best Pumpkin Patches in the Idaho Panhandle

A family at a pumpkin patch.

Prairie Home Farm

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

The Prairie Home Farm humbly describes itself as “nothing fancy.” However, having operated for over 100 years, it’s merely mastered the art of tranquility. When visiting, you can pick a pumpkin while savoring the beautiful scenery, feeding animals, or listen to storytellers who regale listeners in the barn every Saturday.

Hickey Farms

Sandpoint, Idaho

Hickey Farms is all about adventure when the leaves change! Starting the first Saturday in October, they hold a fall festival, featuring local crafts, freshly harvested produce, a corn maze, a gift shop, and more. Of course, they also have one of the most respected pumpkin patches in Idaho.

Which Idaho Pumpkin Patches Will You Visit?

You can’t go wrong with any of these pumpkin patches in Idaho; each of them is committed to quality and fun for people of all ages.

A display of pumpkins with a mini pumpkin carved as a jack-o-lantern.

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