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How To Plan And Throw the Perfect Vineyard Wedding

A vineyard might be the perfect venue for your dream wedding. Gorgeous scenery, wine options on-site, what’s not to love? Planning and throwing a wedding at a vineyard can seem intimidating, but the result is worth it. If you want to get married at a vineyard, here are all the resources you’ll need to plan your dream vineyard wedding.

Find the Perfect Vineyard Venue

Couple at a Vineyard Wedding

The first step to planning a vineyard wedding is finding the perfect location. There are beautiful venue options for any budget all over the United States.

No matter where you are located, check out profiles of nearby vineyard wedding venues to find local options.

Pippin hill Vineyard in Charlottesville Virginia in the Fall

When selecting the venue for your wedding, keep in mind the type of event you envision. Do your research and ask the following questions.

  • How many guests can the venue comfortably seat?
  • What are the wine options?
  • Is there a list of vendors you must choose from if you want to use the location?
  • Does the vineyard allow children?
  • Are there on-site event supplies such as chairs and lights, or will you need to provide these?
  • Does the winery venue have indoor options in case of inclement weather?

Styles for a Winery Wedding

winery wedding reception table top

If you want an elegant outdoor wedding or a sustainable local event, a winery could be the ideal place for your ceremony or wedding reception. Decide on a style or theme for your wedding to make planning more cohesive.

So many themes and styles work for weddings in wineries, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before starting on all the details. Check out trendy style ideas for events at vineyards. A rustic, romantic look will enchant guests. An earthy, modern feel is just right for an eco-friendly winery wedding.

Consider working the vineyard theme into the style of your wedding.

  • Incorporate wine barrels as decorations or for guests to stand around and chat.
  • Make use of the vineyard view! Put grapevines and wine bottles in the background of pictures.
  • Use some grape clusters in invitations or menus.
  • Winery-themed favors are a hit for weddings at vineyards.

Choose Local Wedding Vendors

Wedding Flowers

Some vineyards may have a list of local vendors they often work with for weddings. Find wedding vendors around the area of your venue. Caterers, florists, and event planners may be accustomed to working with a winery for weddings. Furthermore, it’s a great way to support small local businesses.

Using local vendors is an excellent choice for a sustainable wedding. Local wedding vendors may be able to work with you to cut down and waste and keep your wedding earth-friendly.

Winery Wedding Décor

Chateau Elan winery vineyard

If you’re getting married in a vineyard, you’re probably already in love with the gorgeous views your venue has to offer. Be sure to make the most of them with your wedding decorations! Choose flowers and centerpieces that set off the scenery to its best advantage.

  • Jewel tones, purples, and reds in flowers contrast all the beautiful green of the vines.
  • Wine bottles could be part of the centerpieces – maybe as a fun bottle vase or wine candle.
  • Wine barrels work for everything. Put cake, flowers, or appetizers on top of a barrel and dress it up with lights for an elegant touch.
  • Personalized bottle openers make a useful guest favor.
  • A cute chalkboard sign or two can let guests know where everything is or what the bar has to offer.
  • Bottle corks make on-theme centerpieces and signs or use them to anchor flowers in vases.
  • Mini bottles of wine make memorable guest favors or gifts to the wedding party if your winery sells them.
  • Personalized labels add a romantic touch. See if your winery will provide custom labels.
  • Artificial grapes won’t wither in the heat. Use them in centerpieces or to dress up tables.

Choose Wine With Food in Mind

glass of red wine with cheese

One of the pluses of getting married at a winery venue is all the varieties of on-site wine. Wine tastings are often a memorable part of winery wedding receptions. If you’re buying wine from the vineyard beforehand, keep in mind what type of food you’ll be serving. Do some research or ask the winery what they suggest for events.

Plan for the Weather

wedding couple walking in vineyard at sunset

While part of the fun of a vineyard wedding is the beautiful outdoor scenery, be prepared for outdoor weather. Hot, rainy, or windy weather doesn’t have to ruin the day for you or your guests. These weather-proof tips and tricks will just add to the overall style of your wedding.

Rain: Whether you bring in a tent or the winery has an indoor area, make sure there is some sort of shelter. Keep an umbrella stashed in your emergency kit. Make sure the wedding party knows the plan if the skies begin to darken.

Wind: Decorations should be anchored well enough to withstand wind. If the reception is outdoors, make sure centerpieces are heavy enough to stand on their own. Turn glasses upside down, so they do not blow away. Think about wedding favors that could serve as paperweights such as a themed bottle stopper.

Heat: Vineyards need some amount of warm weather to produce well, so make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible if the weather is warm. Put some quiet fans here and there to take the edge off the heat. Leave recyclable paper fans on your guests’ chairs. A glass water dispenser with some colorful fruit inside only adds to the festive air. Cold drinks may condense, and spills are never fun, so have personalized wedding napkins at the bar.

Sun: Wine country is known for its plenty of sun. Weddings are more fun when guests can focus on the celebration and not warding off a sunburn. Think about providing personalized sunscreen favors for guests. They’ll thank you later.

Insects: Pesky insects are the bane of every outdoor wedding. They can get in your dress and pester your guests. Learn how to keep the insects away from your wedding. If all else fails, make sure some eco-friendly insect repellent is handy.

What to Wear for a Vineyard Wedding

Tuscany in Italy near the vineyards

A vineyard wedding dress should be romantic, elegant, and whatever makes the bride glow. Really, almost any look works if it fits the style of the wedding. Some considerations for a winery wedding gown:

  • Stay away from long trains if the ceremony is outdoors.
  • The same goes for sharp heels, which could get caught on the ground. Check out other wedding shoe options: chunky heels, pretty sandals, or even ballet flats are good outdoor choices.
  • Jewel tones are a common option for vineyard wedding bridesmaid dresses.
  • Consider the predicted weather for the venue location. Wear something that will be reasonably comfortable.
  • Lacy, modern, laid-back chic dresses are always in for winery weddings.

Guests, remember that vineyards can have rough ground and hot sun. Accessorize with sunglasses, a practical choice for sunny vineyards. Go with flats or chunky heels.

For women, a breezy maxi dress or flowy semi-formal outfit will look lovely. For men, a gray suit or dressy shirt and tie will generally fit the dress code for a wedding at a country winery.

Sustainability at Winery Weddings

Grapes ready to harvest

Sustainable and eco-friendly weddings have become essential to many. Vineyards are the ideal venues to practice earth-friendly entertaining habits. If you’re planning a sustainable wedding at a vineyard, here are some resources to help:

Wine country is a fabulous place for your dream wedding. Keep these tips in mind as you plan a beautiful vineyard wedding!