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Persian Carpet Zinnias: How to Decorate With, Grow, and Eat This Beautiful Flower

As practical in its use as it is eye-catching in its beauty, the Persian Carpet Zinnia is a popular Zinnia variety – also called the Mexican Zinnia – with plenty to offer to any gardener or landscaper. Read on to learn about the ins and outs of planting, growing, and making use of this gorgeous Zinnia variety, the benefits this flower variety offers, and so much more.

Persian Carpet Zinnia

Characteristics of the Persian Carpet Zinnia

One of the best-known attributes of the Persian Carpet Zinnia is that it makes a perfect landscaping variety! As its name might suggest, this is a Zinnia variety with a full-bodied bloom and rich color hues. It will do well in containers as well as in beds and as a bordering flower, with the added bonus that it attracts pollinators to help your whole garden and landscape thrive!

Visually, the Persian Carpet Zinnia is quite stunning. Its typical color patterns are bicolored and may include various shades of red and burgundy, gold and cream, pink, white, and orange. The flowers may be single or doubled in petal rows.

The Persian Carpet Zinnia also tends to be bushier and more compact than many other Zinnia varieties. Its leaves, likewise, are smaller and narrower than you might find on some of its contemporaries, and it grows to a height of about 12 to 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Persian Carpet Zinnias

This is also quite a heat-hardy Zinnia variety, so you can enjoy its beauty throughout even the hottest summer months up until the first frost. All of these characteristics combined add a great appeal to the Persian Carpet Zinnie for both indoor and outdoor growth!

Where to Buy Persian Carpet Zinnias

Persian Carpet Zinnias can be found for sale in many places. Some gardeners may prefer to source some Zinnias already sprouted or growing from a local nursery, lawn and garden center, or flower stand, while other folks may be on the hunt for mature and precut Zinnias simply for use in décor or floral arrangements.

The good news is that, with just as many people preferring to grow Persian Carpet Zinnias themselves, this is a great Zinnia variety for growing from seed right in the ground.

Can You Grow Persian Carpet Zinnias at Home?

The Persian Carpet Zinnia makes a great flower for home growing! It will do well both in an outdoor setting even in the hottest months, as well as indoors in a container. Indoors, your plant will need some window space to thrive, but for those with adequate access to sunlight, this should present no problem.

One of the most significant things about this Zinnia is its tremendous hardiness. Not only is this a great heat-and-drought resistant flower variety, it also is deer resistant, which is a great bonus if you live in an area frequented by herds.

Persian Carpet Zinnia

In addition, it makes for a fantastic cut flower. So you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your Zinnias before and after the peak growing season!

Besides its undeniable beauty making it broadly appealing as both an indoor and outdoor plant, the Persian Carpet Zinnia also has a great draw for gardeners. The beautiful blooms of this colorful Zinnia will attract many pollinators, which is a fantastic help for other plants in your garden.

Planting Persian Carpet Zinnias

When growing outdoors, the Persian Carpet Zinnia should be planted at different times depending on your hardiness zone. Folks in Zones 3-10a can plant their Zinnia seeds outdoors in the spring after the final threat of frost has passed. Zones 10b-11a can plant Zinnias from autumn to spring, while folks in Zones 11b and up can grow this variety of Zinnia all year round.

Regardless of your hardiness zone, your Persian Carpet Zinnia will need moist soil and full sunlight in order to thrive, so be sure to plant it where sun exposure can be maximized. Seeds should be planted ¼ to ½ inch deep, spaced 6 to 8 inches apart.

For indoor growth, your Persian Carpet Zinnias will need to be planted in a container twice the size of the planet. The use of a peat soil or potting mix rich in organic matter is recommended, with a bit of chopped mulch to help keep the soil from drying out.

Zinnia Sprouts

Give your Persian Carpet Zinnia seeds and mature plants an average to slightly above average amount of water depending on drought conditions throughout the year.

Making a Bouquet/Decorating With the Persian Carpet Zinnia

The absolute visual splendor of the Persian Carpet Zinnia makes it a great cut flower used for home décor or added to a bouquet. In fact, this can be among the primary reasons that many folks choose to grow Persian Carpet Zinnia.

There are a few uses you may want to consider for these bright and brilliant blooms. The first would be a simple vase décor to add a pop of color in any room of the house. To prolong the life of a Zinnia in a vase, be sure to harvest the blooms for your decor before you see small, yellow flowers beginning to show between the petals. You should also refresh the vase water often.

Zinnia Bouquet

Another fantastic application for a cut Persian Carpet Zinnia is as a component to bouquets. In particular, Persian Carpet Zinnias can make a great addition to an autumnal bridal bouquet.

Their broader span and deep set colors can help strengthen the appearance and fill out the breadth of a bouquet without stealing the show from any other centerpiece flowers.

Finally, a unique décor use for a Zinnia would be as an edible decoration. Though they lack flavor except for a mildly bitter center, Persian Carpet Zinnias can make for a great garnish on certain food dishes, drinks, desserts, or even just as an edible attraction on a serving platter.

Where to Buy Persian Carpet Zinnias

Persian Carpet Zinnia seeds can often be sourced from local areas such as nurseries and lawn and garden centers. When sourcing online, we recommend the Heirloom seeds from Botanical Interests. This reliable resource has reaped for many folks a fantastic array of Zinnias to enjoy!

Wrapping up the Persian Carpet Zinnia

Excited to spice up your landscaping and décor with a splash of Persian Carpet Zinnia color? Then visit my zinnia page for more growing tips, care guides, bouquet suggestions, and more!