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The 5 Best Patio Tables For Outdoor Gatherings

When the warm weather finally arrives, it’s a sign that you need to get your patio back in order. It’s time to clean everything up, set up your outdoor furniture, and begin basking in the sun. But no outdoor space is complete without at least one patio table!

Summer is a popular time for outdoor gatherings with family and friends. But you’ll need somewhere for your guests to put their food down and enjoy their time at your home. Picking the right patio table for your yard is vital in keeping guests and yourself comfortable. So keep reading to learn about the best patio tables that can help suit all your outdoor needs!

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Furinno Tioman Outdoor Dining Table

Budget Option:
Flash Furniture Barker 31.5” Tempered Glass Metal Table

Best For Large Gatherings:
PHI VILLA Expandable Patio Dining Table

Best Overall

Furinno Tioman Outdoor Dining Table

Furinno Tioman Outdoor Dining Table, Natural 35.5"D x 59.0"W x 29.0"H

If you want an affordable patio table that gets the job done and looks great, this table is for you! The Furinno Tioman table is one of the easiest patio tables to assemble. All you need is the provided screws and tools and less than 20 minutes of your time!

Once assembled, it’s easy to move around into the perfect patio spot, as its lightweight design is just 44 pounds. Many wooden tables weigh almost double this amount! But don’t let its weight fool you. The design uses Dark Red Meranti wood, which is a durable hardwood that can withstand all four seasons.

This six-person patio table is a staple piece that offers a comfortable space to enjoy food and conversation. The beautiful, dark color is sure to match any patio space, while the wooden slats provide a unique look. And don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying time outside! This table has an umbrella hole if you want to stay cool under the beating sun!


  • Water-resistant
  • Treated with teak oil, which protects the wood
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes the stain is uneven
  • It can splinter if it gets exposed to extreme weather

Budget Option

Flash Furniture Barker 31.5” Tempered Glass Metal Table

Flash Furniture Barker 31.5'' Square Tempered Glass Metal Table, Bronze

While wooden patio tables are popular, they can get a little expensive. This is because hardwood can take a while to grow and harvest. So, a more budget-friendly option would be this Flash Furniture table, which features tempered glass and metal.

This patio table can seat up to four people and offers a strong table top and an alloy steel frame. The tempered glass top is much stronger and harder than traditional glass. It’s also much safer, as this material tends to break into chunks rather than sharp pieces. So, there should be fewer injuries if for some reason it does break.

Not only is it durable and safe, but this table has an interesting glass detail that makes it unique. If you look closely, you’ll see ripples. And these ripples are actually inside the glass, so you cannot feel them when you touch the table. It’s a simple yet beautiful detail that adds a wow factor to this small table.

And while the table may be on the smaller side, this makes it perfect for small backyards. It’s the perfect size for small families or corner dining areas.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Protective floor glides


  • It’s a little small
  • It can be time-consuming to put together

Best For Large Gatherings

PHI VILLA Expandable Patio Dining Table

PHI VILLA Expandable Patio Dining Table Metal Outdoor Table for 6-8 Person Lawn Garden Bistro Rectangular Table, with Adjustable Legs, Black Grates on Top

The PHI VILLA patio table is your best option if you tend to have large gatherings. While it may look like a simple six-person table, you can expand it to fit eight people in seconds!

Expandable tables often require you to store and remove table leaves. But this one swivels from underneath the table, which is a great space-saving feature. Not only is the table top expandable, but you can also adjust the table feet. This will help you adjust the table to any chairs you may pair with it.

This table’s slats and steel material provide a modern take on traditional patio tables, giving your patio a stylish look. But the steel design also offers durability and strength, along with an added frame lock to keep everything sturdy. And don’t feel worried about rust due to the metal design! It has an e-coating to protect it from any corrosion, giving you peace of mind.


  • Easily expandable
  • Waterproof and anti-rust
  • It fits up to eight people
  • 1-year warranty


  • It’s heavy
  • It may get scratched

Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Dining Table

Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Dining Table with Iron Legs, Sandblast Finish / Rustic Metal

The Christopher Knight table is the essence of the rustic style with its long slat design and natural wood look. This patio table uses acacia wood, which provides durability and a beautiful look for patio tables. Acacia wood can handle water and humidity much better than other types of wood, but it’s still a good idea to cover the table when it’s not in use to make it last.

Pairing this with a powder-coated iron frame creates the ultimate industrial, earthy mixture that’ll look great on every patio. It’s the perfect combination of strong, functional, and beautiful! Six people can enjoy their time at this table, making it a good choice for family time or a gathering.

Its foldable design is one of its best features, as you can put it away if you don’t need it! This is especially great if you have a small patio or backyard and need walking, standing, or dancing space.


  • It can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Moderately weatherproof
  • Foldable design


  • You need to cover it when it’s not in use to prevent damage
  • The stain can come off in harsh weather

LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Round Table

LOKATSE HOME 42.1" Outdoor Round Cast Wrought Iron Patio Metal Dining Table with Umbrella Hole, Steel Frame for Backyard Lawn Balcony Deck, Black

If you like circular tables instead of rectangular, this LOKATSE table might be the one for you! It fits four people, depending on the types of chairs you pair with it. This patio table is incredibly strong with its wrought iron design, steel frame, and powder-coated finish. It’ll last through inclement weather and years of use, leaving it sturdy for many warm days ahead.

The table is also functional in the sense that it can hold an umbrella if you need some shade coverage. However, you can easily use the provided hole cover if you don’t want to do that.

While sturdiness and functionality are important, the latticed design is another element to take note of. It looks like an intricately woven basket, which offers an elegant and unique look to your patio or backyard.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Can handle both hot and cold weather
  • It has an umbrella hole and cap


  • It might rust if it gets exposed to too much rain
  • It’s hard to balance drink glasses on it due to the raised woven design

Patio Table Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider

Budget Small Backyard Ideas

If you’re in the market for a new patio table, you should make a criteria list before buying. Picking the right table can be challenging. But it can be easier once you have an idea of what you should be on the lookout for. So here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect patio table.


Do you have a small patio or yard? Or do you have plenty of free space? Most available patio tables are big enough for about six people. But if you have minimal space, you might want to opt for a table that only seats two to four people.

Another thing to consider is your typical group gathering size. Consider the size of your household and how many guests you tend to have over at a time.

You’ll need a lot of table space if you have large groups of people over regularly. So you may want to get an eight-person table to accommodate this. But if you only invite a few people over at a time, a small table will do just fine. Think about your socializing habits and how often you have people over.


The primary materials you’ll have access to are either metal or wood. Metal tends to be sturdier, but the downside is that it can rust. That’s why you should ensure any metal table you choose has a powder coating, which protects the metal from corrosion.

If the table doesn’t have a powder coating, try to look for an aluminum-based table. Patio tables made with aluminum are naturally rust-resistant.

Wood is beautiful and offers a rustic look, but if you don’t care for it correctly, it can splinter and wear down. Most outdoor wooden patio tables do come with some kind of protectant to keep them from deteriorating quickly but covering these tables might still be a requirement to prevent water damage, which can lead to expanding and splintering.

Putting your wooden table under an awning, umbrella, or in the garage can also help keep water off. Screened-in porches are also great at preserving wooden furniture.


Think about the look you’re going for and consider what your patio or yard looks like. You’ll want to match the look of your new patio table to what you already have.

The materials of your table can also play a role in this. If you have a rustic, barn-like look to your yard, then using a wood table would typically look best. But if you have a more modern style, then something like glass or metal might be the best idea. It all depends on what you want your patio or yard to look like as a whole.

Care Requirements

Some patio tables require more attention than others. So, you need to think about what you’ll need to do to keep your table in good condition.

Wooden tables typically need to get covered when not in use, especially if you’re expecting rain or snow. Some wooden tables might even require you to keep up with teak oil applications to keep them in good shape. If you choose to use a sealant, you may need to reapply it every few years.

Metal tables can usually withstand more damage than wooden tables, but they can rust if the powder coating gets chipped or scratched off. You’ll need to keep an eye on your metal patio table to stay ahead of any corrosion.

Patio Table Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Pit Table

What is the best wood for outdoor patio tables?

Teak wood is typically the best wood to use for outdoor patio tables. It can be hard to come by and can get a little expensive. This is because it’s an extremely durable hardwood that can last an entire lifetime if you care for it correctly. Its grains are very close together, allowing it to withstand the elements and damage. One of the next best woods would be acacia wood.

How can you further weatherproof outdoor wooden tables?

If you like wood, you can take added precautions to protect it such as with a waterproof sealant. This is the best and easiest way to preserve your table.

Something like this will keep your beautiful wooden table lasting for years, as it’ll protect it from all harsh elements. You’ll notice that the rain will bead up on top of your table rather than soaking into it. So water damage shouldn’t be an issue.

Is steel or aluminum better for outdoor patio tables?

Steel is naturally stronger than aluminum. So, if you need something sturdy, then you should opt for a patio table made from steel. However, steel can rust if it doesn’t have a powder coating. So, if you want something naturally rust-resistant, you should get an aluminum table. Both materials have their perks and disadvantages.

Wrapping Up the Best Patio Tables

If you want the overall best patio table, the Furinno Tioman table is a great addition to your shopping list! It’ll match any yard with its beautiful dark wooden design. Features such as its lightweight design and water-resistant, teak oil-treated finish make this table especially notable. Keep this table and the other listed options in mind to help you complete your patio table search!

Do you need more ideas to help create the backyard of your dreams? Check out our Backyard Living page for more inspiration!