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The Best Onion Storage Containers to Keep Your Onions Fresh

If you have one produce item on hand, it will most likely be onions. Onions are a key ingredient in many recipes and can be added to almost any dish to enhance its flavor. Although you can keep onions for quite a while, they won’t store forever.

Reaching into the bag only to pull out old soft onions is a pain and feels like throwing money into the garbage. But with these onion storage containers, you’ll keep your onions fresh and ready for use when you need them most.

Keep reading to see our top picks so you’ll never deal with moldy onions again!

Our Top Picks For Onion Freshness

Best Overall:
Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers

Best Budget Option:
Hutzler Classic Onion Saver

Best Space Saver:
Hanging Mesh Storage Bags

Best Decorative Option:
Set of 2 Antique Cream Onion and Potato Storage Canisters

Best for Stacking:
Set of 2 stackable Kitchen Counter Baskets With Bamboo Top

Best Overall

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container, Medium, 3.2 Cup, Clear, 2-Pack (2025333)

These Rubbermaid containers not only keep onions fresh but keep any produce crisp and delicious. So you’re really in for a deal if you purchase these airtight containers.

Designed for stackable, easy storage, they can fit perfectly in your fridge and are great if you’re into prepping and planning your meals. The best feature is that these containers lock in the odors to prevent your fridge from reeking of freshly chopped onions. Because of the odor-free and stain resistance of these onion storage containers, they wash up like a charm, and all residual onion smell easily washes away.

Because these containers are freezer safe, you can chop, dice, or slice any onions that are close to needing to be used and toss them in the freezer for later. Because of the versatility of these containers and airtight quality, they make the best overall on our list.


  • Airtight lids.
  • Odor-resistant.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Plastic tends to scratch and crack after continuous use.
  • Heat can distort lids and containers over time.

Budget Conscious

Hutzler Classic Onion Saver

Hutzler Classic Onion Saver, yellow

Nothing is worse than only needing a few slices of a fresh onion and then realizing you have to store the rest away for later. But with this classic onion saver, you pop in the onion, place it in the fridge, and it’s ready for you the next time you need it, plain and simple.

They say you don’t mess with the classics for a reason. These things really work. Whether sliced, diced, or whole, its easy to keep this onion storage container in plain sight in your fridge so your leftover onions never go out of sight. This onion saver is also fun at cookouts and barbeques and easily recognizable when used as a serving vessel.

Cut out the disposable wraps and bags and keep your leftover onions in this dishwasher-safe onion storage container.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easily recognizable, and won’t get lost in the fridge.
  • Traps potent onion odors in.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Difficult to open.
  • Plastic is on the thinner side.

Best Space Saver

Hanging Mesh Storage Bags

Ahyuan Hanging Mesh Storage Bags 5 Pack Onion Bags Mesh Garlic Net Bags Potatoes Bags Long and Large Reusable Net Storage Produce Bags for Fruit Veggies Garbage Bag for Home RV Camper Storage

When limited on space or wanting to keep the onions out of the fridge, you’ll have to indulge in these hanging onion storage bags. Not only are they perfect for onions, but they can be used for other produce as well, and since you get a pack of 5, the options are endless.

The breathable mesh design keeps onions from spoiling and is durable enough to be used repeatedly. These onion storage containers are great for those who love bulk buying since you can hang them in your pantry or any dark, cool space. With a velcro opening on the bottom of the bag, you’ll keep your onions in rotation so they don’t even have a chance to rot.


  • Comes in a pack of 5.
  • Breathable mesh design.
  • Hang almost anywhere.
  • Perfect space-saving design.


  • Comes in a pack of 5.
  • Breathable mesh design.
  • Hang almost anywhere.
  • Perfect space-saving design.

Best Decorative Option

Set of 2 Antique Cream Onion and Potato Storage Canisters

G.a HOMEFAVOR Set of 2 Antique Cream Vintage Potato Onion Kitchen Storage Canisters Jars Pots Containers 2 Pack Set, Potatoe, Onion Bin Caddy, With Aerating Tin Storage Holes & Metal Lid

When looking for style and function, these onion storage containers are it. Not only are you keeping your onions fresher, but you get a bonus potato container. These containers will dress up any kitchen countertop while keeping your produce fresh but out of sight.

Because of the bottom ventilation holes, you can keep 3 to 5 pounds of onions as crisp as the day you purchased them—no more lost rotten onions at the bottom of the crisper drawers.


  • The trendy design matches all home decor.
  • Bottom ventilation prevents molding.
  • Potato and onion designs.


  • Metal is very thin.
  • Denting is possible when washing.

Best for Stacking

Set of 2 Stackable Kitchen Counter Baskets with Bamboo Top

2 Set Stackable Kitchen Counter Basket with Bamboo Top - Pantry Organization and Storage Wire Organizing Basket - Cabinet Countertop Organizer Bins for Produce, Fruit, Vegetable (Onion, Potato), Bread

When dealing with limited pantry space, vertical storage is the way to go. Not only are these stacking baskets of amazing quality they are quite pretty sitting on the countertop. Better yet, they are not limited to onion storage.

Made with high-quality metal and a 100% natural bamboo top, these onion storage containers are made to last. These baskets are 12 inches by 11 inches, giving you plenty of room for that huge onion sale you couldn’t pass up. With an attached tag, it’s easy to write the item and the date of purchase so you remember how long you have been storing your produce.

Once you are ready for chopping and slicing, you can use the BPA-free bamboo topper as a cutting board. This makes for easy food prep as well as space-saving and functional storage.


  • Cutting board topper.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Space saving.
  • Attachable label.


  • A little on the larger side.
  • Difficult to assemble.

Onion Storage Containers Buyer’s Guide

When looking for onion storage containers, you should consider a few things before purchasing.

Onions braids hanging to cure onions after harvesting.
Onion braids for curing onions after harvesting.

How to Properly Store an Onion

Where to Store?

Generally speaking, onions like good airflow, and dark, cool, and dry places. It is said that it’s best to store onions in a dark corner of a pantry, a cool basement, or even a garage (depending on the weather, of course).

Once an onion is cut, it is best to keep it in an airtight container in the fridge to keep ahold of that freshness, but they will only hold for a few days before needing to be tossed out.

Keep Moisture Away

Onions need to be kept away from anything that emits extra moisture into the air. This includes different produce items like potatoes. You should also be taking onions out of any plastic shopping bags so they can have proper air circulation.

No Direct Sunlight

When looking for a place to store onions or a place to put an onion storage container, you need to find an area that is free of direct sunlight. Light from the sun can cause the growth of microorganisms which in turn cause the onions to mold and rot.

Onion Shelf Life

If you follow the above instructions perfectly, you can keep onions firm, intact, and non-sprouting for 3 to 6 months.

In the fridge, onions keep for about a month or two, so keeping them properly stored can almost double even triple their shelf life.

Chopped or sliced onions in an airtight container can keep for about 7 to 10 days, and frozen diced or sliced onions should be used within 8 months.

You’ll find more information by reading our blog post about proper onion storage.

Onions stored in a stacking wire basket over a basket of potatoes, which isn't proper onion storage.
It turns out this is the wrong way to store onions!

Things to Consider When Buying an Onion Storage Container


The purpose of buying an onion storage container is to make your life easier and to keep onions fresher for longer, saving you time and money.

Look for a container that would be practical for how you use onions and where you’d want to store them. If you’re somewhat of a home chef and cook with onions daily, you may want to look into the countertop options.

But if you only use onions once in in a while or like to keep a few cups of already diced onions in your fridge, airtight containers may be a better fit for you.


Consider how much space you have to store onions and if a vertical stacking basket or a hanging mesh bag would make more sense.

Some kitchens have limited counter space but could have great pantry space or vice versa. Regardless make sure the onion storage container is something that wouldn’t be in your way and can sit untouched.


When thinking of materials used to store onions, you’ll see a myriad of options with just one quick Google search. From mesh to plastic, glass to metal, numerous options are readily available. So which one is best?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question except to make sure the material is food safe. The material you decide to pick greatly depends on where you want to keep your onion storage containers.


Depending on the type of container you choose, some may come with handles for hanging, such as the mesh bags, or even handles for carrying from place to place, like the wire mesh baskets.

If looking into more airtight container options for the fridge, you might want to choose ones with clear lids and sides so you won’t lose track of what is inside.

Onion storage containers that look like onions themselves are great options for never losing them in the back of the fridge, saving you time from searching around.

Types of Onion Storage Containers

For Already Cut Onions

When looking to store onions that you are storing or prepping for later use, it’s best practice to look for containers with airtight lids and fit into your refrigerator.

Reusable plastic or glass containers with sealable lids work wonderfully for this purpose. Avoid using zip lock bags as they allow odors to seep into your fridge and aren’t reusable.

For Un-Cut Onions With Skins Intact

The best onion storage containers for uncut onions are containers that offer ventilation. Mesh bags, wire baskets, and metal tubs with air holes are excellent options.

Wrapping up The Best Onion Storage Containers

Two crocheted hanging baskets used to hold onions, garlic, and nuts.
The crocheted bags prove onion storage can be beautiful!

With this top-tier list, you’re well on your way to choosing the best onion storage container for your home or kitchen. Whether you’re trying to store onions that are already cut or ones that are still intact, you’ll find what you need here.

If appropriately stored, onions can keep for up to 6 months, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run! If you follow our complete buyers guide, you’ll be bulk buying and storing onions like a pro.

For onion varieties, growing, and care tips, check out our Onions page!