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Small-Scale Growth: Finding the Best Mini Greenhouse for Your Indoor Plants

Mini indoor greenhouses are the perfect option for those who are new to caring for plants or those with small or limited spaces. Because of their miniature size, these greenhouses are wonderful for those who don’t have the time, space, or funds to care for the more traditional larger-style greenhouses.

With these mini greenhouse picks, you can continue caring for and nurturing your favorite plants in smaller indoor areas, balconies, small terraces, or whatever space you have to work with! Keep reading to see our top picks and a complete buyer’s guide for finding the perfect mini indoor greenhouse.

Mini Greenhouse

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
HOMEGROWN-PRO Portable Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Best Mini Greenhouse on Wheels:
The Genesis 3 Tier Portable Rolling Clear Greenhouse

Best Tabletop Mini Greenhouse:
Mini Tabletop Portable Greenhouse

Best Overall

HOMEGROWN-PRO Portable Mini Indoor Greenhouse

HOMEGROWN-PRO Portable Mini Indoor Greenhouse - Perfect Greenhouses for Outdoors & Indoors Gardening, 24''x22''x12'' Small & Heavy Duty Green Houses for Outside - Ideal Green House Planter for Herbs

You don’t need to be a talented chef to know how fresh herbs can really enhance that home-cooked dish. If you don’t have the space to grow an herb garden outdoors, you’ll need this mini greenhouse.

Weighing in at 0.7 pounds and only 24x22x12 inches, this mini greenhouse is perfect for kitchen herb gardens or petit tomato plants. You can grow whatever kind of herb, plant, or flower–that’s what makes this mini greenhouse so impressive.

The front opening allows you to access your plants easily, and the back window offers excellent airflow and light into the greenhouse.

The cover is water and weatherproof and is made of premium polyethylene materials, which offers an easy, hassle-free setup.

You can also easily control the humidity and temperature by moving this greenhouse by more or less lighting and misting in your water when needed.


  • Perfect for indoor plants, herb gardens, or flowers
  • Keeps pets from disturbing plants
  • Great for apartment living


  • Needs to be more balanced
  • Set-up instructions take time to follow

Best Mini Greenhouse on Wheels

The Genesis 3 Tier Portable Rolling Clear Greenhouse

This is the right pick for you if you’re looking into having the more traditional-looking greenhouse yet scaled down for indoors. This 3-tier portable rolling greenhouse is made of a premium clear PVC protective covering, powder-coated frame and shelving, and a dual-zippered door.

This mini greenhouse, fully assembled, is 19x27x52 inches, the perfect size to tuck away or have it front and center in your living space. The shelves are 27 x 18 inches, and the door is 44×19 inches once fully opened, the door offers the perfect amount of space for you to tend to your plants.

The four caster wheels make this greenhouse roll like a charm if you need to switch up your space or move to a more or less sunny area.


  • Portable
  • Durable shelving can hold supplies of plants up to 15 pounds
  • Large, securable door


  • No bottom drip pans
  • The shelving is not adjustable

Best Mini Greenhouse for Tabletop

Mini Tabletop Portable Greenhouse

Mini Tabletop Portable Garden Greenhouse Windowsill Nursery Plant Cover Tent Humidity Domes for Indoor and Outdoor Home Seedling Propagation and Gardening Germination 23x12x16.5 Inches

If you need the optimal mini greenhouse, this tabletop portable one has you covered. At 23×12.6×16.5 inches, this greenhouse can sit atop almost any hard surface.

The transparent plastic covering promotes healthy growth by keeping plants sealed in. The zippered door and window make it easy to access your plants while aiding in temperature, airflow, and humidity control.

This mini tabletop greenhouse is the perfect miniature setup if you want to add in some grow lights and heat mats for germinating flowers, vegetables, or herb seeds for early gardening. Or to get your house plants blooming and beautiful. Whatever plant you’d like to care for, this easy-to-set-up mini greenhouse makes it as simple as ever.


  • Perfect for seedlings and propagating indoor plants
  • Excellent for tabletops and large window sills
  • Portable


  • Plastic may rip with extended use
  • No drip tray is included, so moisture runoff is possible

Best Aesthetic Mini Greenhouse

AWAWING Wooden Greenhouse

AVAWING Wooden Greenhouse, Cold Frame Portable Greenhouse with Removable Shelves, Doors & Translucent PC Protection for Home Decor Indoor Outdoor Patio Balcony Garden, Grey (30.0"x 23.2"x 43.3")

If you’re looking for a functional greenhouse that offers more visual appeal, this mini greenhouse fits the bill. Weighing in at a little under 20 pounds and 30x23x42.7 inches, this greenhouse not only offers great space but is pretty nice to look at.

The 3-tiered shelves provide a spacious display, while the polycarbonate sides and roofing give way to optimal sunlight and warmth. The roof can prop open to let in adequate amounts of airflow and to control humidity levels.

You can easily add in grow lights to propagate better growth or quickly move the greenhouse to sunny areas during the day. The rustic style adds charm to any interior design, and the fir wood structure gives a sturdy solid foundation.


  • Sturdy design
  • Rustic feel matches most decor
  • Slated shelving
  • Additional bottom tray catches water and debris


  • The roof doesn’t have a complete seal
  • Will need a larger area to store

Best Mini Greenhouse with Grow Light

Strip Indoor Mini Greenhouse with Grow Light

Bstrip Indoor Mini Greenhouse with Grow Light ,27.2" L × 19.9" W × 27.2" H Portable Greenhouse for Seed Starting Trays , Dimmable 2ft 15W Plant Light for Indoor Plants , Led Grow Light with Timer

Only a little over 4 pounds, this 27x20x27 greenhouse is perfect for seed starting and growing stunning house plants, herbs, and even flowers. Built with a sturdy metal frame, this mini greenhouse keeps plants safe from being knocked over by curious pets.

The PVC cover maintains perfect temperatures and the included grow light promotes good growth and health of your plants. The full spectrum grow light perfectly simulates natural sunlight at an energy-saving fifteen watts, all with the added benefits of the PVC cover your plants will get all the light they need to thrive. This is beneficial for those without many sunny windows to place the mini greenhouse near.

The multi-function switch includes different timing modes and dimming effects to care for any germination process or plant nurturing properly.


  • Perfectly sized for houseplants
  • Great tabletop greenhouse
  • Easy to move


  • No access door
  • No bottom base

Buyers Guide to the Best Mini Greenhouse for Indoor Plant Growing

Old fashioned mini greenhouse with flowers

We looked into many factors when we made this list of the best mini greenhouses for indoor plant growing, and we think you should know what we used to determine the best products so you can do it too! Here are some of the things we considered when making this list.


When purchasing a mini greenhouse for your indoor growing needs, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials used and what to expect.

PVC Plastic Covers

Most big and mini greenhouses will use PVC as the cover over plastic, wood, or metal framing. Why PVC? PVC is cheap, durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and flexible. It lets the right amount of natural light through to nurture your plants but not enough to burn them.

Polycarbonate Paneling

When looking for a greenhouse with a bit more structure, try looking for ones with polycarbonate paneling. This thicker plastic sheeting makes up the walls and roof of a greenhouse and is usually connected to the frame via screws, clamps, or tie-downs.

This material is strong, rust-free, corrosion free, and sturdy. It also offers great light transmission and humidity control inside the greenhouse for healthier plants.

Plastic, Wood, and Metal Framing

Depending on the look or money you’re willing to spend on a mini greenhouse will likely determine what kind of material the frame is made of.


Plastic is the cheapest option. And when thinking about growing indoors, there isn’t any dangerous weather or other elements at play that can destroy or harm the plastic. That’s why you’ll see a lot of plastic-framed mini greenhouses when searching for indoor options.

Plastic is excellent for mobility. These mini greenhouses can easily be moved from room to room or space to space to catch the best lighting and adjust the temperature.


Wood framing is more aesthetically pleasing but usually heavier and more cumbersome than plastic and metal options. You’ll also need to be careful with what type of wood these mini greenhouses are made of since they will be open to water while you’re tending your plants. The last thing you need is a rotting greenhouse in your living room.

The right type of wood, such as fir, cedar, and treated can last many years and add interest to your home decor, all while keeping your plants happy and healthy.


Metal framing is another highly popular option for mini-greenhouses as it’s cheap, sturdy, and isn’t prone to much damage. When looking at metal frames, they must be powder coated. This will keep them rust-resistant and hold up to the humidity and watering your plants require.

Of course, metal can lose its coating; if that happens, it can be susceptible to rusting and corrosion. But when properly cared for can last many years, offering a study mini greenhouse for all your plant’s needs.


Man seeding seeds in mini greenhouse at home. Home leisure growing seedlings at home. Gardening in apartment.

When purchasing a mini greenhouse, it is all about how mini you want. This greatly depends on what type of plants you want to grow, what planters or pots they will be placed in, and where you’ll store your new mini greenhouse.

Some mini greenhouses have just enough space to grow a few herbs or a potted house plant or two, while others scale a bit higher and offer more growing area. Depending on what plants you’re growing this will give you an idea of how large or small your indoor greenhouse should be.

Added Grow Lights or Heat Pads

When planning out your mini greenhouse, you may want to ask yourself if you’d like to add some grow lights or heat mats or if it would be better to find a mini greenhouse with these things included.

Grow lights and heat pads are not at all required for some small hobby house plants, but when wanting to propagate and germinate seeds and starters, they may be quite important.

If you think in the future you would like to start using lights and mats, purchase a greenhouse that would be capable of housing them. Of course, if you’re planning on keeping a few houseplants or even growing some kitchen herbs, this may not be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seedling in mini greenhouse at home. Home leisure growing seedlings at home. Gardening in apartment. Selective focus.

Are there disadvantages to mini greenhouses?

The drawback to any mini greenhouse is the size. Some can be pretty small and if you have a growing hobby for house plants, you may run out of room quickly.

Will a mini greenhouse deter pets from messing with my plants?

In most cases, yes. Having a mini greenhouse when you have pets, such as curious cats or dogs, can be a great deterrent. No more spilled, uprooted house plants, flowers, or herbs!

Can I grow vegetables or only houseplants in an indoor mini greenhouse?

The benefit of owning a mini greenhouse is you can grow whatever your heart desires! Whether that be house plants, herbs, flowers, or a mini vegetable harvest.

You do need to avoid plants that get too large, but smaller tomato plants and pepper plants would thrive in a mini greenhouse.

What is the purpose of a mini greenhouse?

The purpose of a mini greenhouse is for those with limited growing space or drafty 3rd-floor apartments where having access to land isn’t an option.

Mini greenhouses allow you to grow plants and keep them thriving in nearly any kind of condition and in any kind of space you have.

Wrapping up the Best Mini Greenhouses for Small Scale Growth

No garden? No problem. With these fantastic mini greenhouse picks, you’ll be well on your way to growing whatever it is you can. Remember not to pick too small of a greenhouse, as your new hobby might just take off!

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