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9 Cute and Useful Honey Spoons

It’s a delicious and special treat when you use real–and especially local–honey. High-quality honey can make such a difference, even if it’s just in your morning cup of tea, and you can really taste all the unique flavors.

Good honey deserves a honey spoon to match, and there are so many great honey spoons to choose from! You can get one for yourself to elevate your experience or buy a honey spoon as a thoughtful, unique, and practical gift.

If you need the perfect honey spoon, you’ll find one below, no matter what you’re looking for.

honey spoon

1. Handmade Olive Wood Honey Spoon

Honey Dipper, Olive Wood Honey Stick, Handcrafted Honey Spoon 7.3-Inches

This handmade olive wood honey spoon is beautiful and simple.

Carved by hand from high-quality Turkish olive wood, it’s lightweight, durable, and completely food safe. The natural wood grain pairs nicely with delicious golden honey.

The traditional honey dipper shape of this honey spoon makes it easy to avoid making a sticky mess. Just dip into your honey and twirl until you’re ready to let it drizzle. This honey spoon also works well with syrup, jam, melted chocolate, molasses, caramel, and more.

It’s easy to store anywhere neatly–although you might want to leave it on display on your counter instead.

2. Beaded Honey Drizzle Spoon

For something a little more fun and funky, you might like this beaded honey drizzle spoon.

This honey spoon features a unique wire-wrapped design with a cabochon marble stone in the color of your choice for a custom touch. The handmade artistry really stands out, while the stainless steel construction means it will last you a long time and handwashes easily.

The spoon itself holds about an ounce at a time, with a convenient spout shape for easy pouring. You can neatly drizzle honey and other similar products, or you can use it for small dry goods like chia seeds.

3. Brass Honey Bee Spoon

To go with upscale tastes, consider this brass honey bee spoon.

Handmade from solid brass with a decorative honey bee design, this honey spoon has a sophisticated look. It feels solid and has a beautiful shine, perfect for using on a charcuterie board with local honey.

A daintier option, this honey spoon holds about half a teaspoon in a heaping scoop. It makes a great gift and can even be purchased with gift wrapping.

4. Stainless Lip Honey Spoon

Norpro, Silver Stainless Steel Honey/Jam Spoon, One Size

If escaped drips drive you crazy, you’ll love this stainless lip honey spoon.

Durable and functional stainless steel has a handle shaped so that it can hook onto the lip of your jar or mug. Honey or tea drips back where it belongs with no mess for you to clean up. It works just as well with any other sticky liquids that are prone to inconvenient dripping, like jam, jelly, yogurt, and applesauce.

The handle is still long enough to get those last little bits at the bottom of the jar. You’ll always find yourself reaching for this honey spoon when you’re in the kitchen or serving at the dinner table.

5. Glass Honey Spoon Straw

Get something unique and extra useful with this glass honey spoon straw.

This is the perfect accessory for making hot or cold drinks. Use it as a regular honey dipper to swirl and keep honey from dripping, then use it to stir and sip. It works just like any other honey spoon with a bonus feature!

If you’re not mixing up drinks, it works perfectly for drizzling honey into your favorite recipes. The hand-blown Pyrex glass is made to last and can withstand hot or cold, and is even dishwasher safe. Since the glass won’t conduct heat, you can sip hot and cold drinks through the straw.

This honey dipper ships to you in compostable and recyclable packing materials for an eco-friendly touch.

6. Stainless Steel Honey Dipper

Honey and Syrup Dipper Stick Server Honey Spoon 304 Stainless Steel Wand for Honey Pot Jar Containers-6.3 Inch

If you prefer practicality over all else, this stainless steel honey dipper is for you.

It has the classic honey dipper shape but is made from durable and easy-to-wash stainless steel. It’s dishwasher-safe and will definitely last you a long time.

Give it a personal touch, and choose from available colors for the ball on the end. This honey spoon is perfect for casual everyday use, serving guests, or even as party favors.

The grooves in the dipper help collect and hold onto honey, caramel, syrup, and anything else you need to drizzle.

7. Glass Pot with Wood Honey Dipper Lid

Form and function meet in style with this glass pot with wood honey dipper lid.

Get a cute honey jar and honey dipper in one! This product lets you store your honey with a convenient dipper always right at hand.

You can tell it’s handmade because of all the thoughtful touches. The lid and attached dipper are carved from beautiful olive wood. The glass jar has a nice decorative shape, so it’s the perfect way to display golden honey on your countertop or serve on a charcuterie board.

8. Alessi Silver Honey Dipper

Alessi Acacia Honey Dipper, One size, Silver

For a more out-there style, check out this Alessi silver honey dipper.

This unusual stainless steel honey dipper has an interesting and unique look you’ll love. It’s both decorative and useful, a combination you’ll reach for again and again.

The dipper has a honeycomb ball shape to artfully drizzle honey and other products. Simply dip into the honey to let the globe gather it up and twirl until you’re ready to stir the honey in. It works perfectly as a tea stirrer and holds about half a teaspoon.

Because it’s made from stainless steel, it’s sure to last and can go right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

9. Premium Personalized Sterling Silver Honey Spoon

Maybe you’re looking for something luxurious and extra special, and this premium personalized sterling silver honey spoon fits the bill.

This stunning honey spoon is made from real sterling silver and is handmade by a third-generation silversmith. The artistry of this piece is so unique, featuring a pouch in the shape of a beehive that scoops up honey. It can even be engraved for a personal touch.

This honey spoon would make an unforgettable gift for someone special or an opulent treat for yourself. Elevate your experience every time you need a spoonful of honey or have guests to serve.

Find the Perfect Honey Spoon

Honey dripping from a wooden honey spoon on natural background with flowers

Using a great honey spoon can not only be more practical but also just look nicer in your kitchen, no matter what your style is.

Honey is delicious and goes with so many other flavors, but it can often get everywhere and make a huge mess. If you have a honey spoon, you can avoid the stickiness and also add a nice decorative element at the same time.

Honey spoons are also great gifts that you can find at any price point and give to almost anyone. They’re thoughtful, versatile, and easily matched to personal preferences and aesthetics.

Where does honey come from? Honey bees, of course! Visit our page to learn more about these amazing insects and how they make delicious honey.