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Hidden Cove Orchard

Apples on trees in orchard at Hidden Cove Orchard.
There are many discoveries to be found at Hidden Cove Orchard.

Hidden Cove Orchard won’t stay hidden for long. This apple orchard should be one of Minnesota’s crown jewels. Don’t let the hidden name fool you, this orchard has had a huge impact on the community. 

This Cold Spring apple orchard is full of surprises, events, and, of course, apples! Let’s wander through this orchard and see what Hidden Cove has to offer. 

Discovering The Hidden Cove Orchard

Hidden Cove Orchard is operated by Gary Menke and Dave Spoden, two apple enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion for apples with the world. You can find Gary and Dave tending to the orchard and the business on any given day you stop by. 

The staff of Hidden Cove Orchard take pride in being able to help their guests find what they are looking for. You can always find a friendly member of the Hidden Cove team to help you with all of your orchard-related questions. 

This orchard is located minutes from St. John’s University and just a half-hour drive from St. Cloud. Gary and Dave strive to offer everything from pre-packed apples fresh from the orchard to a seasonal gift shop. You can even find events and live entertainment hidden amongst the apple trees! 

This Cold spring apple orchard was designed to have the same feel as a park. It’s built for easy strolling and a relaxing experience. 

What kinds of experiences can you find here? 

This Cold Spring Apple Orchard is All About Events

Hidden Cove Orchard hosts two yearly events. These are based around fall and winter holidays. You’ll find the entire apple orchard is decked out to celebrate the season. Even the gift shop changes its merchandise to match what people are looking for each season.

Let’s take a closer look at two big yearly festivals. 

Fall Apple Tyme Festival

Cider in glass on a table cloth with apples.
Quench your thirst with an adult cider beverage.

It’s the fall apple harvest and this Cold Spring apple orchard is going all out to celebrate.

First off, you’re going to find the best apples of the season at their Fall Apple Tyme Festival. They’ve got their best produce on display and now is one of the best times to pick it up. It’s not just apples that make this festival so special.

There’s plenty of activities for kids. You can find face painting, clowns, and plenty of balloons. This orchard festival is a great place for families to have some seasonal fun. There’s also fun for grown-ups at this orchard. 

While the kids are off having their own fun, the adults can enjoy some things just for them. You can find beer, wine, and cider sales during this festival. There’s also live local music as well as artists and other members of the community setting up shop. You can even enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn wagon.

Christmas Open House

Apple pie slice on a white plate
Pick up a pre-made pie to enjoy at home for the holidays.

Hidden Cove Orchard is known all over the state of Minnesota for its Christmas Open House. This event starts up in November where things kick off with a Thanksgiving theme. This Orchard has plenty to offer for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Their late-season of apples features some of the crispest and flavorful apple cultivars. You’ll be able to find delicious apples at this orchard packed and ready to go on a nice cold afternoon. 

What would Thanksgiving and Christmas be without some delicious food? This Cold Spring apple orchard also has a selection of foods available for sale. One of their most popular items is their frozen pies that you can take home just in time for a holiday dinner with the family.

They’ve also got plenty of Christmas-themed items for sale. You can find everything from the nostalgic decor of yesteryear all the way up to a nice modern Christmas wreath. 

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Don’t Skip the Gift Shop

Jams, jellies, and fruit on a wooden table.
Be certain to visit the gift shop for some delicious jams and jellies.

The Hidden Cove Orchard gift shop is your one-stop-shop for everything rustic and nostalgic. When you close your eyes and imagine a gift shop located in the scenic apple orchard, it’s the Hidden Cove Orchard gift shop you’re thinking of.

Some of the more interesting items that you can find at this gift shop are their antiques. You can find vintage table lamps, serving trays, and even hand-painted pumpkins so you can take home a bespoke decoration. They also have candles, ceramics, and a little something for everyone.

Before you think this gift shop is all decor, they’ve even got some homespun and rustic foods for sale. You can find plenty of jams and jellies as well as honey and other edible gifts at this gift shop. 

They’ve even got some wine, beer, and cider for the adults. 

It’s All About the Apples

A variety of apples
Choose from a large variety of apples at Hidden Cove Orchard.

This Cold Spring apple orchard sure knows their stuff. You can find countless apple cultivars growing in this orchard. Their website gives you an up-to-date list of what apples they have for sale. The website also shows you what those apples are good for as well as what time of year you can expect to be able to pick them.

 Here are just a few of the kinds of apples you can find in this orchard.

There’s Also More to Do at This Orchard

The Hidden Cove Orchard opens up in September and runs through December. No matter what time of year you stop by this orchard, you’re sure to find some exciting activities going on.

On their more relaxing days, you can enjoy a stroll through the orchard and its park-like layout. This is a great place to relax and quietly pick some apples with the family.  That’s a picture-perfect day out if we’ve ever heard of one.

You can also find more upbeat days with food trucks, live music, and events for the whole family.

Where You Can Find the Hidden Cove Orchard 

We hope we’ve piqued your interest in visiting the Hidden Cove Orchard. This Minnesota apple orchard has a little something for everyone and we’re excited to hear what you discover during your exploration. 

Hidden Cove Orchard is located at:

27524 Hidden Cove Rd.
Cold Spring, MN 56320