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Nurturing Spaces: Innovative Greenhouse Ideas For Your Backyard

There are a lot of different reasons why you might want a greenhouse.

Greenhouses allow you to grow what you want year-round, protect your precious plants from adverse weather, and create the optimum growing environment.

However, you might have just as many reasons talking you out of your greenhouse dreams.

But it’s important to remember that “greenhouse” is a term that’s far from prescriptive.

To make a greenhouse work for your needs, you may have to get a little creative.

Keep on reading for some innovative greenhouse ideas to rejuvenate your space!

Greenhouse Ideas

Greenhouse Ideas For Small Spaces

Verticle Greenhouse

If you’re short on space, try building up rather than out!

In addition to saving space, vertical greenhouses fall under the larger umbrella of vertical farming.

As a practice, vertical farming is focused on preserving resources and arable land.

Not only does vertical farming save space in smaller yards or patios, but it’s also a more sustainable way to plant and grow. Two birds, one stone.

There are many different ways to set up a vertical greenhouse, the most common being a greenhouse cover over a tall, shallow plant shelf.

If you really want to get creative, try using upcycled materials to create your plant shelf, like a ladder or an old bookcase!

Regardless of the specifics, a vertical greenhouse is a space-saving, resource-saving greenhouse idea that looks as nice on an apartment balcony as it does on a sprawling lawn.

Raised Bed Greenhouse

Alternatively, a raised bed greenhouse is great for small spaces and utilizing containers you already have on hand.

You can add a horizontal greenhouse cover to any raised bed or trough to create a mini greenhouse wherever you might container garden.

This method is particularly good for succulents, which usually prefer partial shade and high-humidity environments.

You can companion plant your succulents in a raised bed and watch them thrive in their own mini greenhouse!

This raised-bed greenhouse idea is friendly for tight spaces and budgets, making it another terrific option for apartment living.

Octagonal Greenhouse

Sure, seeking out an octagonal greenhouse seems a bit random and oddly specific. But if you want to utilize your greenhouse space to the fullest, there’s a good reason to do so!

The more straight edges and corners in a space, the more surface area for shelving and stacking.

Domes or rounded edges are often popular choices for greenhouses. And while they look super cool, the lack of straight sides makes installing shelves tricky.

If all you can utilize in your greenhouse is ground space, you will run out of usable area much quicker than if you were to make good use of vertical space, too.

This means you can invest in a smaller greenhouse without sacrificing the space you need.

Sustainable and Efficient Greenhouse Ideas

Lean-to Greenhouse

The gist of this particular greenhouse idea is in the name.

Rather than standing alone, a lean-to greenhouse uses an existing wall and leans against it, acting as an extension of the home rather than separate from it.

Lean-to greenhouses aren’t just a creative, convenient, budget-friendly greenhouse idea. They’re a sustainable method, too!

Most importantly, lean-to greenhouses do a wonderful job of distributing sunlight and heat equally and efficiently.

Because the structure is leaning up against a building, the heat that typically gets trapped in the brick, stone, or wood siding works to keep the greenhouse at the optimum temperature.

This means less need for artificial heat in cooler months.

When it comes to gardening, the less human involvement, the better for the earth. Keeping things natural is a surefire way to minimize your carbon footprint.

If it’s leaning up against your home, you don’t want an awning to shade the greenhouse too much.

Make sure to have your greenhouse positioned where it can get plenty of sun to achieve this insulated warming effect!

Translucent Glazing

Similarly, a greenhouse of any shape or size can benefit from the resource conservation power of translucent glazing.

Greenhouses that incorporate different building materials are lovely and can accent the home beautifully.

But, if your primary concern when exploring innovative greenhouse ideas is to lower costs and find sustainable solutions, clear glazing all around is a better option.

A translucent greenhouse conducts light and heat in a much more efficient way than one creating its own partial shade through its opaque accents.

However, not all translucent material is created equal.

There are two main options used for constructing greenhouses: glass and polycarbonate glazing.

Both have pros and cons and are eco-friendly in their own ways.

Glass has a higher light transmission and is more sustainably produced than polycarbonate.

But polycarbonate provides much better insulation and UV protection, meaning less need for artificial heat.

Regardless of your preference, clear glazing overall is a great choice for a more hands-off greenhouse idea that conserves resources and lowers your electricity bill.

Pitched Roof Greenhouse

When deciding on the best angle to choose for your greenhouse roof, there are a lot of different factors to consider.

Aesthetics is a big consideration, as well as rainfall, sunlight, and required maintenance.

But your roofing angle and style can actually impact the way your greenhouse holds and distributes heat.

If you haven’t already noticed, this idea is a pattern among sustainable greenhouse ideas. Conserve, conserve, conserve!

The better the heat retention, the better the greenhouse is for the environment. But you knew that already.

With that being said, pitched-roof greenhouses (as opposed to flat-top or dome-style roofs) facilitate better air flow and temperature regulation, calling for less interference from you to keep it optimal.

And, with the added height, you can bring all kinds of trailing and vining specimens to your greenhouse and let them flourish.

Greenhouses as Focal Points

Greenhouse Extensions

It’s easy to interpret a focal point as strictly central, like an ornate greenhouse positioned in the middle of a sprawling garden.

As such, if you’re tight on space, you might feel discouraged from trying out new, more aesthetically-motivated greenhouse ideas that really draw the eye.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case!

One way to introduce a greenhouse as a focal point that is still mindful of your space and existing structure is through a greenhouse extension.

Greenhouse extensions are exactly what they say on the tin: a greenhouse that is an extension of your home.

They flow well with the pre-existing design of the home while acting as a transitionary space between outdoor and indoor.

As a part of your home rather than separate from it, greenhouse extensions are attached to the heart of your entire property: the house!

Greenhouse Architecture

However, if you are leaning more toward grandeur than symbiosis, why not try out some different architectural greenhouse ideas?

One way to draw attention to your greenhouse is to create contrast.

Mixing materials like brick, wood, stone, and glass and adding some color to the greenhouse framework is a great way to do this.

You can also experiment with different shapes, layouts, and roofs to add some extra architectural flair to your greenhouse idea.

Determining what style of greenhouse is best for you is a balancing act between efficiency, function, and visual preference, and that balance can look a bit different for every person.

Dome-shaped greenhouses are efficient to produce and look amazing in your backyard but require much more space due to the lack of interior surface area.

Steel and brick are shockingly inefficient but look absolutely beautiful as greenhouse building materials and are extremely durable.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make based on what factors are most important to you.

But if you’re looking to really spice up your greenhouse’s appearance, don’t be afraid to explore outside of simplistic efficiency models!

Upcycled Greenhouse

Greenhouse facelifts don’t have to be a big, involved undertaking.

If you’re tight on time or funds or maybe want to approach your greenhouse a bit differently, upcycling might be the way to go.

An upcycled greenhouse will most certainly draw the eye and be totally unique from any other greenhouse out there.

Old windows and doors are excellent choices to build your one-of-a-kind greenhouse with. You could even use glass or polycarbonate bottles, wooden pallets, discarded ladders, or even a trampoline!

No matter what you choose, you can be sure that no one else will have a greenhouse like yours, and that’s sure to make yours the focal point of your backyard.

Incorporating Your Greenhouse Ideas

Greenhouse Shed

If you don’t want your greenhouse to stand out, incorporating your greenhouse ideas into pre-existing structures or combining functions into one area is an excellent want to blend in.

As a gardener, you likely have a boatload of tools and supplies you need to keep your greenhouse up and running.

So why not turn your greenhouse into a shed?

On an elementary level, having your garden shed attached to your greenhouse is going to save you a lot of back and forth.

But bringing these two structures together is also a genius way to make the most of your space and material!

The building looks cohesive and natural – a perfect asset to any gardener’s domain.

Culinary Greenhouse

For those just starting out, you might not know where to begin when selecting which plants you want to grow in your greenhouse.

There are a lot of different greenhouse ideas out there, and unfortunately, we can’t always choose all of them.

If you’re a foodie, you can bring the farm-to-table dining experience to your backyard with a culinary greenhouse.

Gardening for culinary purposes requires a lot of constants, some of which just aren’t accessible to everyone.

With a culinary greenhouse, you can grow those hot peppers you’ve had your eye on just about anywhere!

Veggies and herbs all need some level of consistency to thrive, and a greenhouse can provide exactly that. Plus, it’s a good solution to some tough pest problems.

With a kitchen greenhouse, you won’t have to worry about losing another crop of tomatoes to a random overnight freeze again.

Greenhouse Patio

Let’s face it – we’ve probably all daydreamed about sitting on a rocking chair on our front porch and watching the world go by.

Depending on where you live, that dream can be pretty far from your grasp.

Even if you have a porch and the space to furnish it, your house might face a busy, noisy road that’s anything but peaceful.

Or maybe you live in a condo or townhome with a great yard space but no porch or patio to speak of.

If so, you can get creative and make yourself a patio instead.

This patio greenhouse idea gives you the feel of front porch sittin’ with the added bonus of privacy in your own backyard.

Innovative Greenhouse Ideas: FAQ

Greenhouse in back garden with open windows for ventilation

Should I build or buy?

The answer to this question involves weighing a lot of factors against one another.

Knowledge, time, money, resources, space, and location can all impact how you respond to this query.

If you’re a handy person with some free time and you know what you want to get out of your greenhouse, then building it yourself can be an infinitely rewarding experience.

However, if you’re new to having a greenhouse and aren’t quite sure what you and your plants need, it’s best to consult a professional or greenhouse manufacturing company to help you make your choice.

How do I know where to put my greenhouse?

The placement of your greenhouse can make or break your entire gardening project.

You need level ground, enough space to maneuver around your greenhouse, and, most importantly, the right amount of sunlight.

Light transmission can make or break your greenhouse. So placing it where you can ensure it gets at least six hours of uninterrupted sunlight is crucial.

Are specific greenhouse designs better than others?

Depending on your situation, not all greenhouses are created equal.

Some designs are more sustainable than others, some make better use of space than others, and some are kinder to the eyes than others.

Determining what the “better” choice is means assessing your needs hierarchically.

Are greenhouses good for the environment?

On the most rudimentary level, tending to nature is always good for the environment.

However, when it comes to sourcing materials and maintaining the inner ecosystem of your greenhouse, you definitely have some choices that can impact your greenhouse’s eco-friendliness.

There is no one size fits all perfect solution. The best we can do is try to reduce our carbon footprint everywhere we feasibly can.

Creating Greenhouse Ideas to Nurture Your Space

Introducing new greenhouse ideas to your backyard is exciting and rewarding and can bring new life to your home.

But innovative greenhouse ideas don’t just nurture your space. If you let them, they can nurture your mind, your heart, your muscles, your tummy, and your relationships.

Working in the yard brings exercise, mindfulness, good food, and good time spent with loved ones.

Taking the time to invest in your outdoor space is nourishing – here are just a few different ways to do that. For more information on jazzing up your backyard, check out our comprehensive guide to backyard living.

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