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Golden Sweet Apricot Tree

The Golden Sweet Apricot is a delicious fruit with an ancient history. The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree is not only the source of some tasty fruit, it’s also a hardy plant that can grow almost anywhere in the United States. You’ll be able to cook anything from barbeque sauce to cakes with the fruit from these trees. 

Golden Sweet Apricot Tree
Golden Sweet ripe apricots hang on a branch against the sky on a summer day

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Golden Sweet Apricot so special. 

History of the Golden Sweet Apricot Tree

So where does the Golden Sweet Apricot get its start? 

The history of apricot trees goes back for thousands of years. Modern genetic studies of different varieties of apricot have traced them back to a common ancestor originating in China and Central Asia. They’ve been spreading throughout the world since! 

This apricot is an all-star for North American gardeners looking to try their hands at growing apricots. It’s cultivated all throughout the United States in almost every region. 

What makes the Golden Sweet Apricot so compelling for farmers and gardeners alike? 

Golden Sweet Apricot Characteristics

Golden Sweet Apricots

The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree is known as being one of the most popular ornamental apricot trees. It grows to a height of around 15-feet and features beautiful heart-shaped foliage. The canopy forms a large mushroom shape that provides ample shade and a pronounced silhouette. 

All of these features come together to make this tree a great choice for gardeners with an eye for aesthetics. 

Planting Zones

If you’re already asking yourself how to grow the Golden Sweet Apricot Tree, we can’t blame you. 

Planters in North America are in luck. This apricot is basically built for these climates. It does well in zones 5-8 which means that nearly every state has some area where this tree can be successfully planted. 

Size and Spacing

When it comes to the Golden Sweet Apricot Tree, you’ll want to follow the golden rule of giving them about as much space as their final canopy size. This means somewhere between 15 and 20 feet of space for this tree. 


The Golden Sweet Apricot is a type of fruit tree known as a self-pollinator. This means that the tree’s own flowers pollinate themselves. You won’t need to worry about planting two or more of these in order for them to fruit. 

It should be noted that having two or more self-pollinators means that your fruit will not only be more consistent, but also larger. You don’t need a second Golden Sweet Apricot Tree for pollination, but it will increase the yield and quality of the fruit. 

Tree Care

By now you probably want to run off and start your very own apricot orchard, and we can’t blame you. In order to make the most of any apricot tree, you’ll need to know these Golden Sweet Apricot care basics. 


The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree loves sunlight. This is a fruit tree that is classified as “full sun.” In people terms, this tree loves catching rays and working on its tan. 

If you’re growing a Golden Sweet Apricot Tree, try to make sure it’s planted, or potted, in an area that gets 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. This is part of the reason why they need to be planted so far apart from each other. Overlapping these trees can cut down on their much-needed sunlight hours. 


This is a moderate water user. This means that you’ll want to ensure that the top layer of soil is dry to about 1-inch deep before watering again. 

In hot summer months, this tree can benefit from having its roots cooled. To do this, simply add a layer of mulch over the base of the tree. This slows evaporation and helps to keep the roots nice and cool. 


Pruning the Golden Sweet Apricot Tree depending on your goals for this plant. 

If you’re growing this as a fruiting tree only, you can prune it down to 6 to 8-feet in height and keep it there. If you want this to be more ornamental than anything else, you can let it grow as you’d like. The Golden Sweet Apricot benefits from the usual pruning practices such as removing dead or dying branches and pruning for overall shape. 

Prune the Golden Sweet Apricot in the summer, and you’ll be good to go. 

Diseases & Care

There are several diseases that can infect your Golden Sweet Apricot Tree. These include everything from bacterial canker to mildew from infected rose bushes. There are also pests and insects that will go after ripe fruit or the leaves themselves. 

The best defense against these problems is to do two things. The first is to keep your tree healthy. Following watering, sunlight, and other care recommendations will make sure your apricot tree can fight off any diseases. The second thing you can do is to keep an eye on your fruit trees. If you catch any signs of rot, mold, or pests early, they are much easier to correct. 

Now that you’ve got a healthy and fruitful apricot tree growing in your yard, what should you do with all that fruit? 

Common Uses For The Golden Sweet Apricot 

Apricots and Honey
Bottle of Honey and Apricot fruits.

Apricots are one of the most adaptable fruits to have in the kitchen. They can blend into savory dishes as quickly as they can become amazing deserts. 

Here’s what you need to know about cooking with the Golden Sweet Apricot. 

What Does This Fruit Taste like?

Can you imagine tasting a relaxing summer afternoon in a single bite? That’s what the Golden Sweet Apricot tastes like. 

This fruit is sweet with a refreshing taste and a nice, easy flesh. This makes it one of the best apricots for eating right off the branch. Once they have been cooked, the flavor gets deeper and richer which lends it to both savory and sweet recipes. 


Crisps and crumbles are the two most iconic recipes for apricots. These two desserts let the fruit shine and use a variety of crumble bases to add texture to the final dish. These apricots can also be baked into cakes or cooked down into preserves. 

Fans of savory meals will be glad to know that the Golden Sweet Apricot is a classic pairing with chicken dishes the world over. This apricot also does well when transformed into a glaze or incorporated into barbeque and hot sauces. 

Eating raw

Can you eat a Golden Sweet Apricot raw? Yes! Of course you can! 

Just like apples are to autumn, apricots are to summer. You can head down to your local orchard or harvest them in your own yard sometime around the middle of the summer. These are some of the best fruits for eating right off the branch. 

Canning / Freezing / Drying

What should you do if you’ve got too many Golden Sweet Apricots to eat in one sitting? Save them for later, of course! 

The Golden Sweet Apricot is an amazing fruit to dry and preserve for the long haul. These fruits can be preserved in a variety of ways. Canning and freezing are two great choices. Drying is the classic way of making your apricot harvest last for months to come. 

Delicious Apricot Recipes

If you are looking for a delicious way to serve your freshly harvested apricots, then you’ve got options. 

These fruits are perfect when used in savory and sweet dishes. Whether you are looking to stun the neighbors with a homemade apricot barbeque sauce or you want to treat your family to apricot crumble, these fruits give you the versatility you need to really show off your culinary skills. 

Check out even more fruit recipes on Minneopa Orchards.

Health Benefits of Golden Sweet Apricots

What’s not to love about the Golden Sweet Apricot? If you’re still looking for more reasons to love this fruit, you can turn to its health benefits for more reasons. Here are just a few things this fruit can do for you:

  • Improved eye health
  • Clearer, healthier skin
  • Golden Sweet Apricots are nutrient rich fruits
  • They are a hydrating snack
  • They might help with everything from digestive health to protecting your liver

Where To Buy a Golden Sweet Apricot Tree?

Ready to plant your own Golden Sweet Apricot Tree? Then check out the latest deals for apricot trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. These trees can sometimes be found on Amazon and are also available from local gardening shops.  

Where To Buy a Golden Sweet Apricot 

Just looking to try out some apricots before you commit to growing a whole fruit tree? The good news is, these apricots are available throughout the United States. 

Because they can grow in nearly every region in this country, they are common sights in late summer months. Farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and local orchards are all great places to go looking for fresh apricots in the summer. 

Wrapping Up The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree

No matter how you slice it, the Golden Sweet Apricot is a delicious fruit with boundless potential. The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree is easy to grow and can adapt to nearly every zone in the United States. This fruit tree has earned its spot as one of the all-stars of the apricot world. 

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