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7 Best Gardening Gifts for Mom

A beloved garden is a gift that keeps on giving…and when your mom is a gardener, there are lots of different options for gifts you can give her, too!

A smiling Latina woman gardening. Gardening gifts for mom are sure to make her smile!

Gardening gifts for mom are fun to shop for, important to her, and a great way to bond you both together.

Read on for our top picks on gardening gifts for mom, insight on how to choose them, and more!

How to Choose Gardening Gifts for Mom

There are lots of possible factors that come into play when choosing some gardening gifts for mom. This is true whether these gifts are for Mother’s Day, her birthday, another special day, or just because! You will find quite the market of gardening gifts for mom out there, so heading in with a clear idea of what you want will help make it easier to select the most fitting gifts possible.

To start off, you will want to consider whether you need to pick gardening gifts for mom that are practical versus more ornamental or decorative. If your mom is a veteran gardener, she may have lots of equipment and tools for gardening already purchased and prepared. She may even have personal preferences around these items that will make purchasing gardening gifts for mom a lot trickier.

A mature woman gardening.

If this description fits your mom, you may consider some gardening gifts that are a bit more on the decorative or even personalized side. This will help prevent doubling up on any items she already has or getting gardening gifts for mom that may never really see any use.

On the other hand, if your mom is just now starting out her garden, you may find a lot of the more practical gardening gifts for mom will be your best bet. These can vary based on the size of her garden, the kind of gardening she wants to do, and more!

Lastly, you are likely to find that there are some gardening gifts for mom that are still useful every year—things like seeds, mulch, seedlings, compost, fertilizer and feed, and more!

Bearing in mind what your mom specifically needs to help her garden flourish and thrive, let’s dive in and look at some of the best gardening gifts for mom!

The 7 Best Gardening Gifts for Moms

Practical Garden Gifts for Mom

Gardening Tool Sets

If you are looking for practical gardening gifts for mom that can cover all the bases at once, a gardening tool set is a fantastic way to go! There are many options out there in terms of gardening tool sets that you can search out based on your mom’s specific needs. Many that you will find in your search contain a fantastic assortment of practical tools to kickstart a garden.

For example, most good gardening tool sets will include such items as a trowel, weeding fork, rake, spritz bottle, trimmer, and more. These can help a mom who is new to gardening to start off right, with all the tools she needs ready at hand, while a veteran gardener may simply enjoy having a matching toolset all easily kept in one place. Ultimately, for your gardening gifts for mom, you have your pick of whichever gardening tool set fits her specific needs best.

To get you started on your search, a couple gardening tool sets we recommend are the JUMPHIGH garden tool set and the RAYKUL garden tool set. Both of these will make excellent gardening gifts for mom. JUMPHIGH leans a bit more into practical storage with a plastic container, and they have a wider tool variety, while the RAYKUL set is smaller, a bit more transportable, and focused on being among the best gardening gifts for mom specifically, with a “Best Mom Ever” decal.

Garden Tools Set, JUMPHIGH 10 Pieces Gardening Tools with Purple Floral Print, Ergonomic Handle Trowel Rake Weeder Pruner Shears Sprayer, Garden Hand Tools with Carrying Case Gardening Gifts for Women

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Garden Kneeling Pad

No matter your mom’s age, kneeling on the hard ground for hours while planting, weeding, and otherwise tending the garden can be hard on the knees, hips, and feet. And if your mom is older, this can be an even greater complication.

For this reason, garden kneeling pads are among the top gardening gifts for mom. They can also be useful to replace every year to 2 years in order to keep the plush setting of the kneeling pad itself, and they store well in between gardening seasons. So even if your mom is a seasoned gardener who uses garden kneeling pads often, this practical purchase can be stored until it’s needed and then pulled out the moment your mom retires her old garden kneeling pad.

All in all, garden kneeling pads are practical and see some of the most use of any of the gardening gifts for mom out there. To begin your search for one, we recommend the highly rated KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad. This particular product has the added bonus of being lightweight, transportable, and useful for other practical activities, so its application might just stretch beyond being one of the best gardening gifts for mom.

KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad Extra Thick Kneeler Pad for Gardening Work Water Resistant Removable Neoprene Cover Memory Foam Knee Cushion Slow Recovery with Shock Absorbing EVA Foam Green

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are another of those great gardening gifts for mom that are both practical and which she likely can’t have too many of. After all, it is always wise to have extra gloves on hand in the event that her favorite pair might be missing or in the wash when it comes time to tend the garden!

Best of all, there are plenty of varieties and variable uses with gardening gloves, making them some fantastic gardening gifts for mom with a broad spectrum of possible styles and uses. From fine rubber gloves to elbow-length gloves that help protect from barbed leaves and vines, you can find a pair of gardening gloves for your mom that stands up to just about any job she many require them for.

Our top pick for gardening gloves we recommend is the NNBB Gardening Gloves with Fingertip Claws. These are highly-rated gardening gloves with plastic tips that will help your mom to till up weeds and dig deep with her bare hands.

The claw design makes them a great option among gardening gifts for mom if your mother struggles for any reason with a classic style weeder, rake, or trowel. This way, her hands can accomplish the same tasks without having to grip and wield a garden tool.

NNBB Garden Gloves with Fingertips Claws Quick– Great for Digging Weeding Seeding Poking -Safe for Rose Pruning Best Gardening Tool Best Gift for Gardeners (Double Claw)

Decorative Garden Gifts for Mom

Solar Garden Lights

If you are on the hunt for gardening gifts for mom that are decorative and will help elevate the beauty of her garden by adding a touch of animated color, light, and whimsy, you might consider solar garden lights. These often come in a vast array of styles, including flowers, hummingbirds, Chinese lanterns, and more. Choices can be made to tailor to the particular style of your mom’s garden.

To start off your search, we recommend looking into these TONULAX brand solar lily garden lights, as they are among the best of the bunch. They are waterproof, heat and moisture resistant, and they will bring an ethereal glow to your mom’s garden beyond what normal flowers can do in the dark.

Solar Lights Outdoor - New Upgraded Solar Garden Lights, Multi-Color Changing Lily Solar Flower Lights for Patio,Yard Decoration, Bigger Flower and Wider Solar Panel (2 Pack,Purple and Red)

Wind Chimes

Among the post popular decorative gardening gifts for mom are wind chimes. You will find these are available many a lawn and garden store or novelty shop, and usually in a vast variety of styles. To help get you started on your search, we recommend the stunning JOBOSI brand moon crackle wind chime.

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Garden Signs

Sometimes the best gardening gifts you can get for mom are the ones that bring a touch of personality to the practicality of a garden! For this reason, garden signs are among the most sought after and beloved gardening gifts for mom. Ranging from sassy and edgy to cheery and warm, there is sure to be a garden sign for just about any mom out there.

There are, of course, countless aspects from which to approach purchasing a sign as one of your gardening gifts for mom. To start of your search, you might look into something as simple as a “Welcome to Mom’s Garden” sign, such as this one from Blesem brand. But you know your mom best, and there are plenty of signs to choose from that can decorate her garden and make her think of you each time she sees them.

Blesem Welcome Mom Garden Sign Plaque – 15"x 9" with Hooks – Décor Ideas for Gardening Mom - Mom Gifts from Daughter, Son, Kids - Hang Wooden Sign on Gate, Fence, Wall or Shed - Gift Ready (Mom)

Seeds, Mulch, and More

Perhaps highest on the list of both practical and simple gardening gifts for mom are things that can often be found each year: seeds, mulch, compost, fertilizer, and other such gardening supplies. The wonderful thing about these is that, particularly if your mom is tending a vegetable garden, these will be useful gifts you can purchase year after year!

You can find lots of good gardening supplies and gardening seeds from Hoss Tools, as well as non-GMO, organic gardening seeds from True Leaf Market. Whatever your mom’s preference for seed sourcing and things to grow, you are sure to find some excellent gardening gifts for mom at these websites!

Delight Her With Gardening Gifts for Mom

A smiling African American woman in the garden.

Whether your mom is gardening as a hobby or as a lifestyle, choosing gardening gifts for mom is a great way to be supportive of her interests. They truly show how much you care, and allow you to invest practically and from the heart in something that means so much to her.

As you look for ways to delight the other gardeners in your life, be sure to check out our Gifts for Gardeners page for ideas on what to give!

Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on tools and supplies, then you’re in the right place!