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17 Gardening Gifts for Men They’ll Love

As winter approaches, we search for the best gifts to show our loved ones how special they are.

Is there a man in your life with a green thumb and a well-worn copy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac always on hand? Finding the right present for him doesn’t need to be a struggle!

To help you with your holiday shopping, we compiled a list of the best gardening gifts for men. Keep reading to discover the top picks this year.

An older man smiling while gardening.  Gardening gifts for men will delight male gardeners of all ages and interests.

Best Gardening Gifts for Outdoor Planters

This is our list of the best gardening gifts for anyone who loves consistently planting new plants in their outdoor garden!

1. Heavy-Duty Garden Cart

A red metal garden cart.

Homesteading involves a lot of heavy lifting. From seeding and mulching to pruning and harvesting, a heavy-duty cart or wheelbarrow is necessary for getting the job done.

This 38 x 20-inch steel heavy duty garden cart with sides can haul up to 600 pounds, and the 10-inch tires can traverse even the roughest terrain.

2. Hoss Double-Wheel Hoe

wheel hoe double

Anyone who has tried to manage a garden more extensive than a few square yards knows how challenging tilling and plowing can be. Hoss manufactures the highest quality American-made wheel hoes that solve this problem without the need for heavy equipment.

The Hoss Double Wheel Hoe simplifies the backbreaking labor of maintaining a homestead of any size. Do you want to elevate this gift to the next level? Explore the many wheel-hoe attachments available from Hoss Tools.

The Best Gardening Gifts for Foodies

Does the man on your list know his way around the kitchen? Does he always set aside the best crops for delicious new recipes?

Food truly is the heart of gardening. If you want to give your compliments to the chef, check out these perfect gardening gifts for men who love to cook.

3. Complete Fermentation Kit

An overhead view of jars of pickled fruits and vegetables.

Some gardeners save their best crops for later use in mouthwatering pickling recipes. Food preservation is a mix of art and science, and it can often bring out the best flavors in simple veggies.

This gift set has everything he needs to master his pickling skills. The Complete Fermentation Kit Includes:

  • Pickle Packer Jar Tamper
  • Pickle Pipes Fermentation Lids
  • Pickle Pebbles Fermentation Weights
  • Fermentation Instruction, Tip, and Recipe Booklet

4. Perfect Pickle Collection

A bowl of fresh cucumbers.

Nothing beats a crisp, homemade pickle—except one that was homegrown as well! This seed collection contains the best pickling cucumber varieties to get that perfect crunch.

Combine this premium seed collection with the Complete Fermentation Kit for the ultimate pickle-lovers gardening gift. Sustainable Seed Company Perfect Pickle Seeds Collection Includes:

  • Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds
  • Homemade Pickles Cucumber Seeds
  • National Pickling Cucumber Seeds
  • Wisconsin SMR-58 Cucumber Seeds
  • Mammoth Dill Herb Seeds

5. Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Making Kit

A man making bread.

Sprouting wheat berries before you grind and bake them unlocks super nutrients you won’t find in refined flour. Plus, the sprouting process is a fun way to watch your food grow!

If the man you are shopping for is known for his delicious homemade bread, he’ll love this gift. The Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Making Kit includes:

  • 2.5 Lbs of Hard Red Wheat
  • 2.5 Lbs of Soft White Wheat
  • 2.5 Lbs of Hard White Wheat
  • Stackable Sprouter
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • The Amazing Wheat Book

6. Heirloom Culinary Herb Collection

Closeup of culinary herbs.

Nothing accentuates a delicious home-cooked meal quite like fresh herbs plucked straight from the garden. Give him the gift that keeps giving by pairing this seed collection with indoor garden lights for the perfect kitchen herb garden.

The Heirloom Culinary Herb Collection includes the following quality seeds:

  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Mustard
  • Fennel
  • Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Arugula
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano

The Best Gifts for the Avid Gardener

For some folks, gardening is a simple hobby, while to others, it is a passion. Are you shopping for a man defined by his green thumb? You likely want a gift that will ignite his fire for all things growing.

Check out these top gardening gifts for men who always take their gardens to the next level.

7. Heirloom Seed Collection

A man holding garden produce.

Heirloom seeds produce plants from which you can collect seeds to further propagate the best varieties. Starting with seeds that produce impressive crops ensures the reliability and quality of the resulting offspring.

The Heirloom Garden Collection includes these seed packets:

  • Mortgage Lifter Tomato
  • Bennings Green Tint Squash
  • National Pickling Cucumber
  • Truckers Favorite Corn
  • Lacinato Kale
  • Landreth Stringless Bean
  • Red Burgundy Okra

8. Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties

Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties: The Gardener's and Farmer's Guide to Plant Breeding and Seed Saving, 2nd Edition

Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties offers an easy-to-understand introduction to plant genetics. Combine this book with his favorite heirloom vegetable seeds for the perfect experimental gardening gift.

The Best Wearable Gardening Gifts for Men

Every man needs a good pair of gloves and a solid tool belt. Don’t let him settle for cheap gear from big box stores, though!

Whether protecting his hands or giving him a place to keep his tools, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. Surprise him this holiday season with gear that is as rugged and sturdy as he is.

9. Hestra Denim Kobolt Goatskin Gloves

Closeup of a pair of old leather work gloves.

These flexible goatskin leather gloves provide all-day comfort and protection. The supple leather won’t interfere with even the most high-precision tasks.

10. Buffalo Leather Gardening Tool Belt

Garden tools  and a tool belt or apron.

A quality tool belt starts with the right material, and you cannot go wrong with buffalo hide. The rugged buffalo leather gardening tool belt looks sharp and can withstand heavy wear and tear.

11. Personalized Canvas Gardening Apron

A man holding a basket of eggs, wearing a canvas garden apron.

A durable apron makes all the difference in the shop and garden. This sturdy gray canvas apron can be personalized with his name, a custom message, or a small image.

The Best Gardening Tool Gifts

High-quality gardening tools make excellent gifts no matter the occasion. If you are struggling to pick the perfect present, check out these everyday gardening must-haves.

12. Radius Root Slayer Garden Shovel

Radius Garden 22211, Root Slayer Round Head Shovel, Red

Radius manufactures high-quality all-purpose garden shovels that can easily tear through roots and tough dirt. He will surely get great use out of the rugged Radius Root Slayer Round Head Shovel.

13. Gardener’s 4-in-1 Multi-Tool

Closeup of a multi-tool.

The Gardener’s Multi-Tool is a pocket-sized, all-in-one gardening tool ideal for daily use. This 4-in-1 garden tool contains a durable pruner, grafting knife, saw, and weeder, all in one compact package.

The Best Urban Gardening Gifts

You don’t need a large plot of land to grow your own food. Are you shopping for a man that amazes the whole neighborhood with his prolific balcony garden? You can’t go wrong with an urban men’s gardening gift that makes his growing season easier.

14. Urban Garden Gift Set

A tray of seedlings and plant markers.

This gift set has everything he needs to optimize his container garden. All he needs is the lights and a seed tray, and he’ll be set for a bountiful urban harvest.

The Urban Garden gift set includes:

  • Fade-proof pen
  • 5″ thermometer
  • Garden stakes
  • Container Vegetables Seed Collection

15. Indoor Garden Light Kit

Seedlings under a grow light.

This Indoor Garden Light Kit includes a 6400K 12W LED grow light, seed starter trays, water reservoir, capillary mat, and more.

Unique Gardening Gifts for Men

Are you shopping for the man who seemingly has everything? Surprise him with a unique men’s gardening gift this holiday season to show him how much he means to you.

16. The Best Gardening Gift for Cigar Lovers – Cigar Seed Collection

Closeup of seeds on a tobacco plant.
Seeds on a tobacco plant

Tobacco lovers will be delighted to receive this unique gardening gift for men! This collection of premium tobacco seeds will enable him to grow his own cigars. The kit contains two Cuban cigar tobacco seed packets and one broadleaf variety for rolling.

The Cigar Seed Collection includes:

  • Cuban Criollo 98
  • Havana 608
  • Connecticut Broadleaf

17. The Best Romantic Gardening Gift for Men – The Pin Oak Tree

Orange leaves on a pin oak tree in the fall.
Pin oak leaves in the fall.

Do you want to show the man in your life how much you love him? The Audubon Pin Oak is a romantic way to express your feelings for decades to come.

The pin oak is well known for holding on to its leaves all year. For this reason, it makes an excellent romantic gift for men. Let him know that your love for him is as strong and persistent as the sturdy pin oak.

Different Gifts for Different Gardening Styles

A man planting in a garden.

No gardener is built the same. Some men dedicate their lives to cultivating a culinary garden that could feed a village. Still, others delve into the scientific side of breeding the biggest and best versions of their favorite crops.

No matter what kind of gardener the man in your life is, a little research can lead you to his perfect present. That’s why we have broken down this shopping guide into a few key categories of great gardening gifts for men.

The Perfect Gift for the Gardening Man

A smiling male gardener.

After reading this guide to the best gardening gifts for men, we hope you found the perfect present for the special man in your life.

Explore our Gifts for Gardeners page to discover more ideas for all of the loved ones on your holiday shopping list.

Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on tools and supplies, then you’re in the right place!