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25 Gardening Gift Ideas

Do you have a gardener in your life? When it comes to finding gifts for your gardener, it can be confusing to know exactly what your gardener will want for their toolshed. But deciding what that gift will be doesn’t need to be difficult.

Read on to find 25 gardening gift ideas that will make the gardener in your life happy!

A row of hanging vases made from recycled lightbulbs. Gardening gift ideas.

Gardening Books

You can’t go wrong with a book all about plants! Every gardener needs a go-to guide to answer all their questions. Consider one of these books as you search for gifts for gardeners.

Books with wildflowers stuck into the pages. Gardening books concept.

1. Happy Plant: A Beginner’s Guide to Cultivating Healthy Plant Care Habits

This comprehensive guide to gardening covers the history of plants, sustainable ways to cultivate them in your home, and more. It includes illustrations and photographs, and it’s great for the experienced gardener, as well!

2. The Complete Gardener’s Guide: To One-Stop Guide to Plan, Sow, Plant, and Grow Your Garden

This practical guide gives ideas and advice on planning and caring for any type of garden. It’s fully illustrated with easy-to-follow guidelines and offers problem-solving for tough gardening dilemmas. It can assist with teaching DIY landscaping projects, deciding which kind of garden is best for you, and dealing with garden pests.

Inside Decor

Gardeners can enjoy their hobby in more ways than just growing plants! Bring joy to your gardener’s day by giving them inspiration within the home.

An arrangement of sunflowers in an attractive vase.

3. Terra Cotta Plant Lady Mug or I’ll Be In My Office Garden Mug

Either of these delightful mugs will help start your gardener’s day off right! They can proudly show the world around them what their favorite hobby is and they can have their morning cup of coffee while they’re at it.

4. Into the Garden Sign

This whimsical decorative sign is perfect to hang in any gardener’s home! With 3 different sizes to choose from, this decoration is great for an office, kitchen, or even an enclosed patio. When it comes to gifts for gardeners, this one will earn a smile!

5. Set of 3 Distressed Ceramic Bottle Vases

This gorgeous set of vases is perfect for displaying flowers anywhere in the house. This gift is great for the hard-to-buy-for person and is simple enough to match any decor!

Gardening Planner

Every gardener needs a plan before they plant! These journals and organizers will make gardening life a whole lot easier.

Pencils sitting on an open journal book.

6. The Gardener’s Journal

The Gardener’s Journal is a spiral-bound notebook that is perfect for both new and experienced gardeners! The guided format will walk the gardener through choosing a location, steps for planting, plant requirements, and more. There’s even extra space for notes, drawings, or attaching seed packets.

7. The Family Gardener: Organize Your Food Growing Year

Written by a homesteader, this organizer will help guide any gardener from start to finish. It includes charts, worksheets, and tips for planting in your gardening zone. This is a great gift for a gardener in any season of their journey!

Lawn Decor

Gardens are more than just the plants that are grown! Decorative gifts can be fun and useful for many gardeners. Check out these gifts for gardeners that will light up the outdoors.

A whimsical metal "welcome" garden sign.

8. Glass Wind Chime Bells or Deco 79 Metal Rustic Garden Bells

Whether your gardener wants delicate color or a rustic feel to their garden, these decorative garden bells will compliment any garden! Garden bells give a welcome, festive feel that will invite visitors to come to enjoy the delight of nature.

9. Garden Cairn

Cairns have been used throughout history as a way to mark a site or path. This set of rocks is a beautiful way to differentiate your garden from all others! The decorative cairn is good for either outdoor or indoor gardens and makes a unique garden gift!

10. Butterfly Biome

Gift your gardener something that is both beautiful and practical! This adorable butterfly biome will attract butterflies from far and wide. What better way to compliment a garden than with natural wildlife fluttering around while adding some color!

11. Outdoor Fairy Lights

These solar-powered garden lights will add whimsy and light to your garden! They’re easy to install and sit among your plants, making a serene nighttime scene for your backyard. The lights are made to sway in the wind, adding a playful twist to your garden.

Unique Gardening Tools

Tools are another useful item for every gardener. Here are a few lesser-known tools and a few favorites that your gardener will love! And they make great gifts for gardeners that are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Compost tumbler hidden in plants

12. Black Iron Hori-Hori Knife

This gift is a great multi-use tool for both a beginner and an experienced gardener. It’s used to divide plants and cut through thick roots. The hori-hori knife is a Japanese-inspired knife that isn’t well-known but is a must-have for every gardener’s toolbox!

13. Aluminum Water Bubbler Sprinkler

Another must-have gift for every level gardener! This sprinkler allows water to seep into the root zone of plants. It soaks the root zone around plants, preventing soil erosion and water waste. It’s easy to use and garden-friendly. And it comes with a lifetime warranty!

14. Garden Hod Collection Basket

Whether your gardener collects flowers, vegetables, or other plants, this basket is beautiful and useful! It’s sturdy enough to store tools or firewood if needed. This high-quality basket is treated to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors.

15. Decorative Rain Gauge

An essential part of gardening is knowing how often to water your plants! This alluring decorative rain gauge will measure how much precipitation has fallen, giving the gardener the necessary information needed for future watering. Both elegant and functional, it will please any level gardener.

16. Garden Stool and Kneeler

Another great gift that will save a gardener’s back! The soft foam padding cushions the knees, giving comfort to a gardener as they plant or weed. It also has a built-in tool pouch, making it convenient and efficient. This item folds flat, which makes it easier to store, too!

17. Gardening Apron

This unisex apron is a great idea for every level of gardener. With 7 pockets, it has room for all-size tools to have handy at just the right moment! When it comes to gifts for your gardener, this one will be a hit!

18. Harvesting Apron with Pouch

Make gathering your harvest quick and easy with this harvesting apron and pouch! It’s roomy enough for all sizes of produce, flowers, and other plants. It’s water-resistant and made of sturdy washable canvas cotton. The unique innovative design makes it easy to empty the pocket once it’s full.

19. Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

The Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is a 37-gallon composter that is great for tossing garden, kitchen, and yard waste in so it can be used in your garden later! This model is perfect for beginner composters. Two separate sides allow for new clippings to be added while the other finishes the composting process. This composter makes it easy and efficient to learn the art of composting!

Gifts to Enjoy the Garden

Wrapping up our gardening gift ideas are a few that you won’t want to miss! These gifts for your gardener will allow them to enjoy the beauty of their garden as they relax.

A rustic bird feeder in the winter.

20. Garden Hammock

The perfect way to celebrate your creation is by relaxing right beside it! A hammock makes a great gift that will last for years to come. And this is a good idea for that hard-to-buy-for person. Add this to the top of your list of gifts for gardeners and you can’t go wrong!

21. Garden Hummingbird Feeders

This decorative hummingbird feeder adds both beauty and function to any yard. And it makes a unique garden gift! Attract birds to your garden and care for your natural community habitat while you’re at it. The hummingbird feeder is both rust-proof and leak-proof and is made from recycled materials.

22. Ceramic Bee Watering Station

Another unique garden gift is a bee watering station! This ceramic bowl with marbles for perching on attracts thirsty bees, in turn helping to pollinate your plants. This makes it a win-win for your garden! Of course you’ll want to replace the water often to keep it fresh for these hardworking, beneficial insects.

23. Wide Brim Gardening Hat

Another must-have for every gardener! This hat is great for covering both the face and the back of the neck from harmful UV rays from the sun. The lightweight and breathable cotton is equivalent to 50 SPF sunscreen and comes in a wide variety of colorand pattern combinations.


This is a great idea if you need a gift for the gardener who has everything! It also works if you just aren’t sure what they need to add to their gardening lifestyle.

Packages sitting on a doormat. Monthly subscription delivery concept.

24. Bulb-of-the-Month-Club

Your gardener will receive a different plant each month of the year! These bulbs will range from classic to exotic flowers, but all will be stunning once they bloom. The first bulb even arrives with a reusable decorative planter!

25. Local Botanical Garden Membership

This one will take some research on your part, but will bring a smile to your gardener’s face! Most areas of the country have a botanical garden within a few hours’ drive. These gardens often provide hours of enjoyment for patrons as they wander among flowers and plants from all over the world. Take the guesswork out of finding gifts for your gardener with a botanical garden membership!

Bonus Gardening Gift Ideas

One last idea for gifts for your gardener that you don’t want to forget!

Park Seed Gift Certificate

This is especially great if you’re looking to buy a gift for experienced gardeners. A gift card will always go a long way when it comes to bringing joy to your gardener’s day! Don’t spend time worrying about what to get your loved one. Let them decide what they need to add to their gardening toolbox.

Shower Your Gardener With Gifts!

A beautiful hammock in a garden.

That’s everything you need to know to make your gardener happy. With 25 gift ideas, you’ll have no problem finding the right gift for the beginner or experienced gardener in your life!

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