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The 7 Best Crack Weeders to Keep Your Driveway and Patio Weed-Free

It’s incredible what’s on the market these days to help you keep your landscape looking its best. Did you know there are tools to help you weed out annoying weeds stuck in your cracks?

Keep reading as we dig deeper into the practical uses of crack weeders, what they’re used for, and the best ones to throw in your basket next time you’re garden shopping. These best crack weeders are guaranteed to help you get rid of those pesky weeds once and for all!

Ready? Let’s get cracking!

A grass weed growing in a crack between patio pavers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Grebstk Crack Weeder

Best Stand-Up Option
Weed Snatcher Stand-Up Telescoping 6ft Weed Remover

The Inexpensive Must-Have Complementary Tool
Nisaku NJP2500 Zassou Tawashi Crevice and Sidewalk Crack Weeder

Best Multi-Purpose
Nisaku NJP651 Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

The 11 Best Crack Weeders For Getting Those Stubborn Weeds

Best Overall

Grebstk Crack Weeder

GREBSTK Crack Weeder Crevice Weeding Tool Manual Weeder Beech Handle Lawn Yard Gardening Tool

The Grebstk Crack Weeder is an incredible tool for keeping patio stones and deep driveway cracks weed-free. You’ll love the featured sharp narrow blade with the Grebstk Crack Weeder.

This type of crack weeder is perfect for tighter spaces and grassy weeds. The cost is always a huge perk when looking closely at this brand of gardening tools, one of the reasons we believe this is the best crack weeder you can buy.


  • Manual use
  • Sharp metal blades
  • Great for tighter spaces


  • The blade points wear quickly.

Best Stand-Up Crack Weeder

Weed Snatcher Stand-Up Telescoping 6ft Weed Remover

Weed Snatcher - Standard Ruppert Garden Tools Crack and Crevice Weeder and Lawn Edger for Weeding Driveways, Brick, Sidewalks, Yard Pathways, Patios, and More - Stand-Up Telescoping 6ft Weed Remover

Next is the Weed Snatcher. What’s great about the Weed Snatcher is its innovative wheel design. Weed Snatcher was also developed with an adjustable telescoping handle.

This great standing crack weeder features easily changeable heads with just a short click of a quick-release button!


  • Ease of the innovative wheel design
  • Adjustable Weed Remover


  • Not ideal for deep cracks

A Must-Have

Nisaku NJP2500 Zassou Tawashi Crevice and Sidewalk Crack Weeder

Nisaku NJP2500 Zassou Tawashi Crevice and Sidewalk Crack Weeder, Japanese Blade, 3.25-Inch, Stainless Steel/Wood Handle

This Japanese weeder is perfect when you can’t fit your blade down into the crack. And it’s very inexpensive!

The Nisaku Weed Cutter Pro is durable and well-made. It’s corrugated blade works to cut off weeds at the surface when you can’t fit a blade between the cracks.

I love the design of the ergonomic wood handle and the easy-to-use features for maneuvering around in tight spots.


  • Handheld tough weeder
  • Sharp blade head that’s highly effective


  • Best for smaller jobs only

Best Multi-Purpose Option

Nisaku NJP651 Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

Nisaku NJP651 Hori Weeding & Digging Knife-Hardened HRC58 Edition, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 7.25" Blade, Wood Handle, w/Premium Leather Sheath

Nisaku Hori-Hori Garden Knife is an excellent and sharp Japanese gardening tool. This weeding knife features a wooden handle and leather sheath. This knife is also extremely easy to use. In addition, a Hori Hori weeding & digging knife can become an all-purpose tool for your other landscaping needs.

And just look at it! This thing could be a family heirloom!


  • Belt Strap Knife Sheath
  • Sturdy design that’s great for crabgrass


  • Pointy blades, an extremely sharp tool

Swansoft Crack Weeder

SWANSOFT Crack Weeder, Stainless Steel Crevice Weeding Tool for Garden, Yard and Driveway

Next, the Swansoft Crack Weeder is a great value. It comes with a pair of claw gloves along with your crack weeder. Swansoft is made using stainless steel and rust-free designs. This best crack weeder is also durable and features a sharp scraper edge.


  • Value pack
  • Claw hand tool


  • Sturdiness

Lowest Cost

FITOOL Stainless Steel 13 Inch Patio Weeder

FITOOL Stainless Steel Patio Weeder 13-Inch - Premium Garden Hand Weeder - Stainless Steel Blade Mirror Polishing - with Soft Dual-Color Ergonomic Handle

Lastly, the FITOOL Patio Weeder features a sharp, stainless curved steel blade and an ergonomic handle. As a result, the FITOOL is perfect for removing crabgrass, moss, weeds, and grass in your paving and concrete gaps. In addition, its sharp edge is ideal for larger weeds and challenging segments of weed.


  • Sidewalk weeder great for clumps of grass
  • Great for prickly weeds in patio gaps and edges


  • Limited Warranty

Carrot Design: Cape Cod Weeder

Carrot Design Cape Cod Weeder Hand Garden Weeding Tool - Stainless Steel

I’m a fan of the durable design in the Carrot Design’s Cape Cod Weeder. This carrot-top weeder is easy to use, thanks to its design. The Cape Cod Weeder is excellent for tighter spaces and minor weed issues.

This weeder is also a great space-saving option making it the perfect tool for limited space.


  • Simple design
  • Long-lasting


  • Best choice for smaller jobs

What Is a Crack Weeder?

A crack weeder is a unique tool used to remove weeds from landscape cracks. They sometimes feature narrow attached blades to get “right to the point” and tear deep into those weeds at the root.

Using an L-shaped crack weeder to remove weeds.

The best crack weeders will remove weeds from your patios, decks, and decorative stones. Use these tools to get to those pesky weeds in driveway cracks and other tight nooks. These garden tools become essential for landscaping care quickly and solve these common issues gardeners face.

Why Do I Need a Crack Weeder?

Why not? Removing tough weeds from landscape cracks will improve your curb appeal and prevent areas from shifting naturally. Weeds can be tough to deal with as is; why not add these garden tools to your yardwork collection to ease up the chore of weeding?

Person using crack weeder to remove weeds growing between pavers.

Remember that standing crack weeders also offer additional relief from knee, back, and muscle aches that develop from bending and kneeling over time. Roots are also more brutal when embedded under concrete, bricks, and stones.

So now that you know what this tool is and why you’d need one, let’s look at the top 11 crack weeders on the market for you to choose from.

What Are the Different Types of Crack Weeders?

Stand-Up Weeder

Standing crack weeders are handy weeding tools used in an upright standing position. Unlike other varieties of crack weeders, vertical crack weeders are built with a step pedal, tall base, and comfort handles.

These standing weeders keep your muscles from becoming sore due to fewer amounts of strenuous back and neck movements.

Handheld Crack Weeder

Handheld crack weeders are great weeding tools if you need to reach tight spaces or a device great for quick movements.

Using a narrow tool for removing weeds from cracks between hexagon-shaped pavers.

Handhelds are also perfect solutions for storage space, thanks to their design that’s easily tucked away each season. Some handheld crack weeders even feature a keyhole for wall hanging.

Japanese Tool: Blade or Knife

If you choose this type of weeding tool, be careful! Japanese blade knives get the job done, but they’re also extremely sharp.

Expect your Japanese knife to last many years when it’s cared for correctly. Japanese knives are also used in multiple landscape care projects.

Homemade and Natural “Weed Be Gone”

Using a chemical-free “weed be gone” recipe is a great eco-friendly alternative to tackling annoying crack weeds.

Here’s my tried and true recipe for a homemade concoction made from ingredients you likely have on hand. Warning: only use this “weed be gone” on areas you want to kill; it will eliminate anything it lands on!

“Weed Be Gone”

  • A garden sprayer or mister
  • One gallon of white vinegar
  • A fourth of a cup of classic blue Dawn dish soap
  • Two cups of Epsom salt

Apply this homemade weed remover when your weeds are free of moisture. This mixture works quickly and gets down to the roots.

How To Choose The Best Crack Weeding Tools


Make sure a crack weeder that’s well-made and durable, so it lasts for years. Also, invest in a sturdy metal to handle the most challenging jobs.

A curved crack weeding tool lying on a brick patio.


Wooden handles are great because they’ll last. I also like when companies create comfort or comfort gel handles to help add extra comfort and relief to your already tired hands.


Depending on your needs, crack weeders come in various sizes. Choose sizes that best fit your needs, storage situation, landscape, and garden bed.

Using a handheld crack weeder to remove moss from patio cracks.


Costs vary depending on the types and styles of crack weeders you’re interested in. Choosing a kit is always a great value if you need to stretch a dollar. But, you get what you pay for in the end, so always select a middle or high-quality product to save you from repurchasing too early.

Wrapping Up The Best Crack Weeders

No one likes dealing with weeds, but I hope my post made your life easier in choosing the best tools. Knowing what crack weeders are, why and how they make gardening easier, plus what to look for when evaluating one means you’ll be able to pick the crack weeder that is right for you.

Grass weeds growing in between patio pavers.

In addition, I invite you to learn more about weeding tools for information about other tools that can help you this gardening season. Until next time, thanks for stopping by Minnetonka Orchards!

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Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on garden tools and garden supplies, then you’re in the right place!