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The 8 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Wisconsin

The Christmas Tree is such an important staple of the holiday season. It truly bring all your decorations and festivities together and helps serve as the beating heart around which so many Christmastime memories are made.

Choosing the perfect, freshly cut live Christmas Tree is important to you, and we are here to help you find the best place to get yours for this holiday season.

Whether you prefer to cut your own live tree or purchase one that is freshly cut, we are here to help! Read on to see our top picks for some of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin and learn why these are the must-visit locations for making holiday memories across the state!

Christmas tree farms in Wisconsin

No matter where you call home in the wonderful state of Wisconsin, we know you want to find the absolute best Christmas tree farms in your area that will suit you and your family’s unique needs.

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That’s why we’ve put together this list, sorted by region! Whether you are located in the northern, central, or southern portion of the state, our list of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin will help you find the absolute best farm to visit that is closest to you.

Best Northern Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farms

1. Aissen Tree Farm – Pilsen

If you’re looking for one of the best Christmas Tree Farms in Wisconsin where you can enjoy picking your own Christmas tree out, not just with your human family members, but with your four-legged loved ones as well, then you have got to bring everyone to Aissen Tree Farm!

Located in the Pilsen area of northern Wisconsin near Ellisville, Aissen Tree Farm offers lots of wonderful amenities including the hardworking employees shaking and binding up your tree for you, mounting it on your vehicle, and so much more!

In addition to a great selection of Christmas Tree varieties and the option to bring your dogs along for making lots of Christmas memories, you can also shop for all your Christmas greenery needs from among the wreaths, garlands, and swags available at Aiseen Tree Farm.

And don’t forget to drop in at the gift shop and browse for an ornament, décor piece, or other item to commemorate your visit to one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin!

2. Waite’s Fraser Farm – Clintonville

Stop in at Waite’s Fraser Farm if you are in the area of Clintonville, Wisconsin, and have all your Christmas Tree needs met at one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin! This seasonal business is family-owned and run, and has been serving this portion of northern Wisconsin for many, many years.

Christmas wreath in Wisconsin

At Waite’s Fraser Farm, you will find lots of the popular Fraser variety of Christmas Tree, as well as other Christmas greenery items including boughs, garlands, wreaths, swags, and even kissing balls for sale. No matter how you are planning to decorate this Christmas season, Waite’s Fraser Farm can certainly be your one-stop shop for all your holiday greenery needs!

3. Pleasant Valley Tree Farm – Elk Mound

When it comes to purchasing freshly cut Christmas Trees and having an unforgettable holiday experience, Pleasant Valley Tree Farm is truly one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin. This is a great place for making memories and finding the perfect Christmas Tree for your home!

Located in the Elk Mound area of Wisconsin, Pleasant Valley Tree Farm offers fresh trees that have already been cut, as well as making available saws for you to take out into the field and harvest your perfect tree for yourself!

You can also take time to warm up with free hot chocolate, apple cider, and popcorn in the farm’s rustic country store while you shop for unique holiday gifts that will always bring back wonderful memories of your visit to Pleasant Valley Tree Farm.

More than just a place to get yourself a freshly cut Christmas Tree, Pleasant Valley Tree Farm is a unique location where you and your loved ones can make memories together that will last a lifetime!

Best Central Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farms

4. Conklin Tree Farms – Wheeler

Looking for the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin where you can get your trees, not just in season, but to grow for yourself? You will certainly want to pay Conklin Tree Farms a visit, then!

This is a family-owned business in the Wheeler area of central Wisconsin, and they offer something that you won’t find at just any Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin: potted spruce trees that are available for sale in the spring and falls seasons, as well as transplants of spruce, fir, hardwood, and pine trees!

Christmas Tree Transplant

That’s right—in addition to the annual Christmas Trees that are available to be cut down or purchased as previously-cut here at Conklin Tree Farms, you can also have these varieties of trees transplanted on your own property as well! These great services make Conklin Tree Farms a real standout and are just a small portion of why they are rightly considered one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin!

5. Ginter Christmas Trees – Friendship

If you call the central Wisconsin area your home and are looking for one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin for folks with a smaller living space or perhaps those in search of a unique spin on traditional Christmas Tree fare, then Ginter Christmas Trees in the Friendship area of Wisconsin is the place for you!

The unique appeal to what Ginter Christmas Trees brings to the table is the way they take classic, fresh Christmas Tree trimmings and arrange them into something totally unique and extremely effective on saving space!

You are sure to love their evergreen arrangements, from their small potted tree arrangements to their infamous Gnome Christmas Trees that are absolutely one-of-a-kind! If you are in need of a smaller Christmas Tree or an arrangement that shakes things up for the holiday décor, or you would like to check out the Gnome Christmas Trees that this business is particularly famous for, be sure to pay Ginter Christmas Trees a visit. We just “gnome” you will love it!

Best Southern Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farms

6. St. Croix Valley Trees – Somerset

If you are on the hunt for a place to make some amazing Christmas memories with the whole family, both young and old, then you will want to stop in at St. Croix Valley Trees and see why this warm, inviting, and pet-friendly location is considered to be one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin!

Christmas tree in Winconsin

Located in the town of Somerset, just a little under an hour from the Twin Cities, St. Croix Valley Trees offers a lot more than just the chance to cut your own tree from its offerings of varieties such as Silver Spruce, Koreana and Siberian Firs, and Balsam hybrids; you can also enjoy free hot beverages to keep bellies full and hearts happy while you search for your perfect tree!

And the whole family is sure to enjoy the expanded Magical Castle, a great location on the tree farm that lives up to the whimsey of its name. This is a great place to enjoy some unforgettable Christmas magic with the ones you cherish most.

7. Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm – Wanaukee

Looking for one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin year over year, with almost half a century of serving the local and expanded community with trees you can cut down for yourself and thousands of options to choose from? Look no further than Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm in Wanaukee, Wisconsin!

Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm is a place that certainly knows their business, and they do it quite well! Affordable and efficient, Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm is sure to have the perfect tree to fit your specific holiday needs.

What’s more, you can pick up some other lovely Christmas greenery from their selection of wreaths and garlands, as well as do some Christmas shopping from the unique and rustic décor pieces and other items found in the Capaul’s Christmas Tree Farm gift shop.

This is a fantastic location to do all your Christmas decorating shopping at once, with the certainty of walking away as a satisfied customer thanks to this farm’s dedication to helping you find the perfect tree.

8. Cooks’ Woods – Fennimore

One of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin when it comes to reliable Christmas Tree purchases on any day of the week, between the end of November and the days leading up to Christmas, Cooks’ Woods Christmas Tree Farm in Fennimore is a great pick for your place to shop for your Christmas Tree, holiday greenery, and more!

Christmas tree farms in Wisconsin

Open daily from November 20th all the way through December 23rd—including opening on Thanksgiving Day!—Cooks’ Woods is here to serve you whenever the timing works best for you to swoop in and pick out the Christmas Tree of your dreams.

Their wide variety of fresh Christmas Trees brings in folks from all over, and the best part is, you have the option to select and cut down your own tree, or have the folks at Cooks’ Woods take care of chopping down and baling the tree you choose for you!

Whatever your individual tree-cutting needs, you are sure to have a satisfying and delightful experience at Cooks’ Woods, making them one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin for all sorts of folks in the southern portion of the state.

Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in Wisconsin

Feeling excited to pay a visit to one—or more—of the best Christmas Tree farms in Wisconsin? There is so much to explore and do in areas just like these, from pumpkin picking to visiting flower nurseries and even planting gardens of your own. Check out the rest of our site for the 10 Best Pumpkin Patches in Wisconsin, as well as lots of ideas on all things to do with florals, fruits and veggies, and more!