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The 8 Best Christmas Tree Farms in South Dakota

In South Dakota, Christmas takes center stage during the winter. As people get cozy with a mug of hot cocoa or turn on the radio to hear the holiday music or just watch as a pristine blanket of virgin snow covers the world, they feel the stage become set for this magical holiday.

Excitement and merriment fill the air, and finally, out come the decorations. There are lights, reindeer, nativity scenes, and of course, the ever-popular icons of the holiday: Christmas trees.

South Dakota Christmas Tree Farms

And what a wonderful tree it is. It holds lights, ornaments, and presents. The image of the Christmas tree seems to encapsulate the holiday perfectly. It represents joy and good will. So, for those in the Mount Rushmore State looking for a place to get a Christmas tree, here’s a list of the best South Dakota Christmas Tree farms.

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To help you find the best Christmas trees near you, the following list is organized by region. Also, in addition to listing some of the great South Dakota Christmas tree farms, this list also includes other locations where you can aquire a Christmas tree in South Dakota.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Northern South Dakota

1. Buffalo Hardware LLC

Buffalo, South Dakota

There are many areas in the state where the unfortunate truth is that there aren’t a lot of Christmas tree farms to be found. Fortunately though, for those in the northwest region of South Dakota who may be struggling to find a Christmas tree, Buffalo hardware isn’t just convenient, it’s a good option.

Christmas store in South Dakota

Every year, they get in several dozen Christmas trees. Since Buffalo is such a small town, you’re unlikely to find a whole lot of competition for the tree on which you set your sights. Furthermore, you get small-town hospitality. The staff is very friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. In fact, if you call and there’s a question that they don’t have the answer to, leave your number and they’ll get back to you promptly.

2. The Lion’s Club of Watertown

Watertown, South Dakota

The Lion’s Club of Watertown, South Dakota sells Christmas trees every year. While they are not a Christmas tree farm per se, they’re still one of the best places to get a Christmas tree. Located in the cultural hub of Watertown, the Lion’s Club get their trees from multiple vendors starting around Thanksgiving and begin selling them then as well.

One major advantage of this is that they’re able to get around 10 different varieties of Christmas trees for you to choose from.

Additionally, the funds they raise benefit their community. Their primary focus is helping those with visual or auditory impairments. So, while you may have set out to find the perfect Christmas tree farm in South Dakota, you may find this is an equally rewarding alternative.

It’s, after all, fitting to support such a philanthropic organization during the holiday of giving. In years past they’ve set up in the Watertown Runnings parking lot, but be sure to send them a message to verify where they will be this year. Try contacting them on Facebook. They’re very responsive.

3. Rock Gardens

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rock Gardens is a fantastic South Dakota Christmas tree farm. They sell Colorado blue spruce, balsam fir, Fraser fir, Douglas fir, and Canaan fir. Furthermore, while they have you-cut trees, they also sell pre-cut trees from their stand in Milbank.

Christmas tree farm in south dakota

Their trees are sold starting before Thanksgiving until just before Christmas. That’s not all though. They have Christmas decorations galore including wreaths, swags, roping/garlands, crosses, and Christmas pots. Everything is handmade by the family that runs the farm, and nothing is shipped in. Check out their Facebook page for more information. They usually respond very quickly.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Central South Dakota

4. Pheasant Run Tree Farm

Pierre, South Dakota

Another superb Christmas tree farm in South Dakota is the Pheasant Run Tree Farm in Pierre where, starting November 22nd, you can purchase a tree. Their selection of trees includes balsam fir, Canaan fir, and Fraser fir.

Every year they manage to harvest dozens of trees for you to choose from. If you would like a Black Hills spruce, they have various sizes of this Christmas tree variety in their field ready for you to cut.

This family-owned South Dakota Christmas tree farm also makes room for philanthropy and community service. Your purchase of a tree helps support their local church, the Faith Lutheran Church, and their mission work.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Southern South Dakota

5. Black Hills National Forest

Rapid City, South Dakota

Much of South Dakota is very rural, especially in the southwestern part of the state. In these places, people are few and nature’s bountiful. The reality is that many folks aren’t close to a Christmas tree farm in South Dakota. They may not even have a seasonal Christmas tree stand that sets up in their town every year. But that doesn’t mean they can’t find amazing Christmas tree farms in South Dakota’s southern region.

Black hills national forest

In fact, you have access to a trove of pristine trees right there in the scenic Black Hills National Forest. Here, you can get a permit to chop your own tree. Permits are inexpensive and you can purchase 5 per household. Not only will you have the chance to truly take in nature, but you’ll find that there are many trees to choose from.

6. Brady Tree Farm

Yankton, South Dakota

The owner of the Brady Tree Farm in Yankton proudly maintains that his farm sells “the world’s greatest Christmas trees.” This isn’t just empty bluster. They grow thousands of trees on their farm. Furthermore, this incredible South Dakota Christmas tree farm not only offers varieties including Black Hills spruce, Colorado spruce, Balsam fir, and Scotch pine, but they let you cut it yourself.

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling up to doing the chopping, though. They’ll happily do it for you if you ask. Also available at this family-owned farm are various other Christmas paraphernalia to accompany your tree such as flags, garlands, roping, and centerpieces.

7. Riverview Christmas Tree Farm

Canton, South Dakota

The Riverview Christmas Tree Farm is one of the finest Christmas tree farms in South Dakota. The Christmas tree varieties that they offer include Fraser fir, balsam fir, Canaan fir, white pine, Black Hills spruce, and blue spruce. These you-cut trees are priced by length and differ slightly in cost depending on the variety.

Christmas tree farms in South Dakota

They also sell pre-cut trees which are yet to be priced. They provide the saw that you can use to cut your tree as well as the tractor/trailer to cart it back. The farm also offers drinks and snacks for purchase as well as holiday decorations such as wreaths. While you’re there you can also meet Santa and pet their animals!

8. Christmas Tree Acres

Harrisburg, South Dakota

For a Christmas tree farm in South Dakota, there are few places that beat Christmas Tree Acres. Not only is it a family business, but they have a wide selection of trees available to make your house that much more festive this holiday season. The tree varieties they offer are Scotch pine, Canaan fir, Fraser fir, Norway spruce, and white pine.

And don’t stress about a hassle or a mess. Their trees are pre-cut, shaken to clear any loose needles, and covered with a netting for convenient loading and unloading. That’s not all…

Their Christmas decoration selection goes beyond trees. They also sell the most incredible hand-made wreaths. Call ahead and you can discuss options to have your wreath customized to be exactly how you want it. They also sell tree stands, holiday treats, and so much more.

Tips For Finding the Best Christmas Tree Farms in South Dakota

Call Ahead

Before you visit any Christmas store or Christmas tree farm in South Dakota, always be sure to call ahead. Information you may find online may not be up to date. For instance, while Stonegate Outdoors is still in business, they currently do not sell Christmas trees despite what their website says. A human being can almost always provide you with better, more in-depth, and current information than a website.

Think Outside the Box

As we’ve seen, there are multiple ways to find an amazing Christmas tree in the Mount Rushmore State. It’s important to keep an open mind. Even if there aren’t any of those great South Dakota Christmas tree farms near you, you likely still have access to other options like cutting down your own tree in a nearby state or national park.

Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in South Dakota

South Dakota boasts some of the most picturesque and bountiful Christmas tree farms in the nation. Whether you’re searching for the perfect Douglas fir or a unique Blue spruce, these farms promise not only high-quality trees but also memorable experiences that will become cherished holiday traditions. Happy tree hunting and may your festive season in the Mount Rushmore State be evergreen!