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The 17 Best Christmas Tree Farms in South Carolina

Did you know ninety-eight percent of all Christmas trees are grown by tree farms? Nothing is more festive and instantly puts you in the holiday spirit than visiting a Christmas tree farm.

Christmas Tree Farms in South Carolina

If you’ve never experienced the joys of visiting one of these types of farms, touring the land, and cutting down your very own tree, I invite you to try it out this year! In this article, I’ll share the most incredible list of Christmas tree farms in South Carolina that need to make their way to your winter bucket list.

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Are you ready for a fun arrangement of the most incredible Christmas tree farms in South Carolina? Grab a warm blanket and a mug of creamy hot cocoa, get cozy, and let’s go!

Southern Christmas Tree Farms in South Carolina

1. Wrights Christmas Tree Farm


Let’s discuss Wright’s Christmas Tree Farm to start this list off right with the greatest Christmas tree farms in South Carolina. Wright’s is a delightful tree farm that devotes its time to “tree research,” hoping to develop unique varieties of Christmas trees.

Wright’s Christmas Tree Farm is also known as the oldest farm in the state and is on its second generation. If you pick one of their gorgeous trees this season, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

2. Bear Creek Christmas Tree Farm


Another fabulous South Carolina Christmas tree farm is Bear Creek. When you visit this farm, you can choose to cut down any of their evergreen trees, enjoy a cup of warm complimentary cocoa, and maybe even snag a wreath or poinsettia-themed garland.

cutting your own tree

Enjoy the family-owned feel you’ll receive from this fantastic establishment! Bear Creek Christmas Tree Farm is also a proud South Carolina Christmas Tree Association member!

3. The Merry Christmas Tree Farm


The Merry Christmas Tree Farm, a choose and cut Christmas tree farm in South Carolina, offers large assortments of trees! Choose from Christmas tree types such as a Leyland Cypress, Murray Cypress, Virginia Pine, Carolina Blue Saphire, Eastern Red Cedars, or White Pine.

Enjoy cups of complimentary hot chocolate or coffee while searching for the “perfect tree.” Of course, kids will also love their Charlie Brown “freebie trees,” perfect for making their own personal tree!

4. Hidden Trails Christmas Tree Farm

Ware Shoals

Here at Hidden Trails Tree Farm, you’ll find a South Carolina Christmas tree farm offering you six different types of trees, tabletop tree selections, and even living starter trees to plant after Christmas!

Christmas pop corn in South Carolina

Come and enjoy fresh popcorn and a cup of steamy hot chocolate, then shop at their Christmas-themed stores. Catch a sighting of Santa himself, if you’re lucky, and don’t forget to purchase a fresh handmade wreath for your front door!

5. May-Lan Tree Plantation


Since this South Carolina Christmas tree farm is newer, it still has limited amounts of trees available each year. However, if you’re lucky enough to snag one of these trees, you’re in for a real treat!

Come to May-Lan Tree Plantation and choose your own tree, see their farm animals, plan a picnic, or stay till nightfall and toast a marshmallow over an open fire. Don’t forget to stop in and pay Santa a visit before you go!

6. Clarks Hill Christmas Tree Farm

Clarks Hill

Another excellent South Carolina Christmas tree farm I want to make sure to discuss is Clarks Hill Tree Farm. Clark’s Hill has been family-owned and operated since 1983.

Christmas tractor ride in South Carolina

Explore fifty acres on their tractor pull and select your favorite tree among seven different types of evergreen trees. Then, complete your visit with hot chocolate and a few other festive concessions. Finally, check out their fresh wreaths, garlands, and table centerpieces!

7. Turkey Creek Christmas Tree Farm


Turkey Creek Christmas Tree Farm is a choose and cut Christmas tree farm in South Carolina offering a large field of trees. In addition, farmer services are here to help you drill, shake, and bale your selected trees.

Come enjoy tractor rides, an adorable barrel tractor train for the kids, and cups of hot cocoa during your visit. When the weather allows, warm up by the fire at their complimentary fire pit!

8. Mystic Tree Farm


I couldn’t sit here and make a “Greatest Christmas tree farms in South Carolina” list in its entirety without recommending Mystic Tree Farm! At Mystic Tree, you can plan to shop for your tree and decorate as early as the nineteenth of November!

South Carolina Christmas tree farm

You’ll surely find everything you need to “deck your halls,” such as fresh Christmas trees, stands, homemade wreaths, and even fresh garlands. Let Mystic help you bring home your perfect tree this year with their included full-service assistance!

Midland Christmas Tree Farms In South Carolina

9. Hollow Creek Tree Farm


Hollow Creek Tree Farm is a South Carolina Christmas tree farm that offers amazing trees, various homemade home decorations, and even custom bows! In addition, you’ll love their handmade Christmas ornaments and adorable novelty snowmen to decorate your new tree.

Enjoy some free coffee or hot chocolate after you select this year’s tree. Choose from a wide range of different trees such as Leyland Cypress, Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Blue Spruce, Blue Ice Cypress, Virginia and White Pine, Deodar, and Red Cedar, and their exclusive variety, the Hollow Creek “Slims.”

10. Gurley’s Christmas Tree Farm

Beech Island

Gurley’s Christmas Tree Farm is the place to go for a stunning Christmas tree this year. Choose from their beautiful selections of evergreen trees and enjoy these special moments with your loved ones!

South Carolina Christmas Tree Farms

Gurley’s is a South Carolina Christmas tree farm that sells excellent quality trees at amazing prices. You can rest assured any tree you choose was grown and raised right and will become the perfect way to ring in the upcoming holiday!

11. Penland Christmas Tree Farm


For a great selection of beautiful South Carolina Christmas tree farm recommendations, visit our friends at Penland Christmas Tree Farm! A holiday adventure at Penland is sure to go down as one of the best memories you’ll make with your family this Christmas season.

Find “your perfect tree” among full, gorgeous homegrown Christmas trees. They offer you favorites such as Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire, White Pine, Christmas Mint Cypress, classic Fraser Firs, and more.

12. Matthews Christmas Tree Farm


Take note, Matthews Christmas Tree Farm is one of the best Christmas tree farms in South Carolina! Here’s why you’ll love shopping at Matthews this season:

Not only have they maintained a five-star rating from their pleased customers, but they also take pride in growing the very best trees and always sell out year after year! Matthews trees are stunning, yes, but the owners are also the sweetest family you’ll ever meet and treat you as their own!

13. Lutz Christmas Tree Farm


When it comes to Midland Christmas tree farms in South Carolina, make a plan to visit the Lutz Christmas Tree Farm this holiday season! Support this “new to the club” South Carolina Christmas tree farm nestled in the heart of the state.

Precut Christmas Trees in South Carolina

Choose among their selection of beautifully grown and cut evergreen trees. Also, remember to check out their ball and burlap trees for a twist on the traditional varieties of trees.

14. Friendship Valley Christmas Tree Farm


Friendship Valley Farm is a South Carolina Christmas tree farm that genuinely lives up to its name. Friendship Valley has outstanding trees and provides the utmost service with a smile.

This family-owned tree farm opens on Thanksgiving Day and carries trees until the end of December. They still do general farming, but in 2002 they “grew new roots” and started their first South Carolina Christmas tree farm.

Lowcountry Christmas Tree Farms In South Carolina

15. Lebanon Christmas Tree Farm


Lebanon Christmas Tree Farm is the perfect tree farm in South Carolina to gather at with your family this year! First, start family traditions while enjoying refreshing scents of evergreen and pine. Then, come and stroll through their acres of trees and find “the one.”

Christmas Tree Farm in South Carolina

Lastly, your children will be thrilled to explore Lebanon Farm! Come have them sit on Santa’s lap for a photo op and enjoy scavenger hunts, train rides, or holiday hay rides.

16. W. Lee’s Classic Christmas Tree Farm


W. Lee’s Classic Christmas Tree Farm is a unique precut Christmas tree farm in South Carolina that allows you to view classic cars while you shop for the “perfect tree!” W. Lee’s Classic is seasonal and will open right around Thanksgiving every year.

I enjoy their recycling habits! After you’ve enjoyed your tree, make sure to save and return it. Little Frying Pan Farm comes for a visit and allows their goats to come and feast on your old trees! Such a family fun event for everyone to enjoy and giggle over!

17. Booth’s Christmas Tree Farm


Lastly but certainly not least on my list of the greatest Christmas tree farms in South Carolina is Booth’s Christmas Tree Farm. Booth is celebrating 58 years and counting, providing the best Christmas trees “proudly grown” at this farm.

I learned a lot from reading their explanation of how Christmas trees are grown to maturity, carefully maintained, and then sold to families to enjoy every year at Christmas time! The amount of pride and joy Booth has for their trees is uncanny.

Christmas trees in South Carolina

Wrapping Up The Greatest Christmas Tree Farms In South Carolina

South Carolina is home to the most extensive amounts of peaches in the nation. So now it’s fair to say they are also home to many outstanding Christmas tree farms! I’m confident you’ll find your “perfect Christmas tree” at any of these beautiful Christmas tree farms in South Carolina.