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The 10 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for the best Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of some of the best farms for your family to visit to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Best Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania

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We’ve even split them up based on geographic regions, even though some of them are worth a drive, even if you don’t live nearby. Read on to learn about some of the Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania!

Best Christmas Tree Farm in Eastern Pennsylvania

1. Becks Christmas Tree Farm

Mt. Bethal, Pennsylvania

It’s hard to believe that just an hour and a half from a major city Philadelphia, there can be a Christmas tree farm so perfect it feels like it’s out of a Hallmark Christmas movie!

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Becks Christmas Tree Farm. The owner, Dave Beck, is so invested into making his customer’s Christmas magical that he’s working on creating the “perfect Christmas tree” by breeding different trees together for their positive qualities, in order to get a result that has the best qualities of all the trees!

This Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm is open daily from the day after Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas Eve. You get to choose and cut your very own Christmas tree that will fit perfectly in your home and they provide the saw to make it happen.

There are special events every year, too! The weekend after Thanksgiving, they partner with a local photographer to give your family the perfect backdrop to your annual Christmas cards.

Then, the first weekend of December, there will be lots of festive friends there to greet and mingle with while choosing your tree.

2. Hill Farms

Lehighton, Pennsylvania

While some Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania just have trees to browse, Hill Farms offers so much more!

Hill Farms takes pride is always being ahead of the curve when it comes to the tree varieties they offer. In the 1930s, they were the one of the first farms East of the Mississippi river to offer what’s now considered one of the most iconic Christmas tree types, the Douglas Fir.

Douglas fir Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm

Since then, they’ve taken more risks that have paid off and have decided to grow what they consider to be the next big thing in Christmas trees— the Turkish Fir Tree! They’re one of the only farms in the state to offer this tree that is all over Europe.

On top of their amazing Christmas tree selection, they also have a gift shop called The Primitive Pinecone that’s stuffed to the brim with amazing ornaments, garlands, wreaths, and other decorations.

If you’re looking to visit this Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm, head on out between 9:00-4:30 Monday-Friday and from 8:00-4:30 on the weekends starting the day after Thanksgiving.

3. Plow Farms

Mohnton, Pennsylvania

Plow Farms has been operating for generations of the same family and takes pride in farming responsibly, while still providing some amazing Christmas cheer to the community.

They’re sure to have something for every family that visits them since they grow 12 different types of Christmas trees, with heights ranging from 5 feet all the way to 16 feet!

In addition to the regular Fir types, they also offer several Spruces to choose from, a few Pines, and even a Cedar tree! All fresh Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania have good smelling trees, but there’s something special about a cedar that will make your home that much cozier this winter!

Plow Farms also has a Christmas Shop, full of Christmas goodies like ornaments, things to hang on your wall, and even decor for your yard.

Best Christmas Tree Farm in Central Pennsylvania

4. Flemings Christmas Tree Farm

New Alexandria, Pennsylvania

Newer on the scene – it opened in 2015 – Flemings Christmas Tree Farm loves providing an excellent experience and customer service to the people of Central Pennsylvania.

Trees at this Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm are pre-cut and ready for you to choose, bale, strap to your car, and take home to decorate.

Pre-cut trees at Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm

Just because it’s a simpler experience than cutting your own tree doesn’t mean it’s got less Christmas cheer. Alongside their freshly cut trees, Flemings also offers sleigh rides, petting zoos, and meet and greets with Santa himself!

5. Mann’s Country Gardens

Gillett, Pennsylvania

Mann’s Country Gardens is a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania that truly has it all! Anything you need for Christmas—tree, decorations, even gifts–they’ve got it all in a one-stop-shop for you.

During the holiday season, they’re open Wednesday-Saturday from 10:00-5:00 and have thousands of trees in six different varieties for you to choose from. They offer precut trees, but you can also choose to cut your own.

Mann’s Country Gardens is more than just a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, though. They also produce a ton of maple syrup products with syrup tapped from their very own trees. You can also find local honey, jams & jellies, produce, and farm fresh flowers there year-round.

Best Christmas Tree Farm in Western Pennsylvania

6. Candle Tree Farm

Washington, Pennsylvania

Candle Tree Farm, just south of Pittsburgh, doesn’t believe you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas. If you’re ready visit a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania to get into the Christmas spirit and don’t want to wait, you can visit them on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to get your tree and other Christmas decorations!

They’re open from the day before Thanksgiving until the first full week of December. It may seem like a short window of time, which it is, but they pack a ton of fun into that window!

Tour of Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm

They’re open daily, from 1:00-5:30 on weekdays and 10:00-5:30 on the weekend, and have hundreds of reasonably priced fresh trees for you to choose from.

If you’ve got someone in your family with little legs who doesn’t love walking a long way, they’re in luck because Candle Tree Farm offers a tractor-pulled wagon ride out to their field of trees.

7. Cypher’s Christmas Tree Farm

Butler, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to make a difference in the world through a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, you’ve got to visit Cypher’s Christmas Tree Farm because there you can do just that!

At Cypher’s, you can choose to cut your own Spruce or Fir tree. They don’t offer live trees, but you’re welcome to dig your own up if you’re hoping to have a living Christmas tree of your own.

Once you pick out and cut down your tree, you can head to the gift store to get a fresh wreath, made right on the farm!

While you’re in the holiday shop, you can also pick up locally made sweet treats. You also have the opportunity to purchase gifts that were made in Africa.

Some of the Cypher family lives and works in Uganda, Africa, and they’ve provided the holiday shop with ornaments and other items straight from the people of Uganda. Purchasing those items not only supports the Ugandan people who made them, but also the Cyphers, who are living there and helping the community thrive.

8. Hozak Farms

Clinton, Pennsylvania

Hozak Farms, just west of Pittsburgh, is a great, affordable option for a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania to visit with your family.

They offer flat rates on trees, depending on their species, so you don’t have to think about how tall the tree you’d like to get is and do math out in a field to figure out how much you’ll owe. All tree prices also include tax, shaking, and baling.

Bailed Christmas trees in Pennsylvania

Hozak Farms is open every day from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Once you’ve picked out your tree, you’ve got to head inside the Christmas Barn for a warm drink and sweet treat while you peruse all the Christmas goodies they have to offer.

There are over 30 trees inside the barn that are decorated with beautiful and unique ornaments available for purchase. You can also find poinsettias and fresh boughs you can use as decorations.

9. Love’s Christmas Tree Farm

Spartansburg, Pennsylvania

A family farm that had been retired and now has had new life breathed into it, Love’s Christmas Tree Farm in Spartansburg desires to be a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania that your family can come to create Christmas memories year after year.

This charming, simple farm has trees affordably priced, as low as $5.00/foot. While you’re out in the field looking for the perfect tree to cut down, you’ve got to keep an eye out for a 20% off coupon a sneaky elf named Ernest likes to hide.

10. McConnell’s Christmas Tree Farm

New Castle, Pennsylvania

Open and operating since 1975, McConnell’s Christmas Tree Farm in Pennsylvania is open every day from the day after Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas Eve.

Christmas Dog

McConnell’s offers cut your own, pre-cut, and even live burlap-wrapped trees for you to choose from.

Bring your dog on a leash and make sure to swing by their gift barn for any extra decorations you may need to pick up.

Wrapping up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in Pennsylvania

We hope one of these Christmas Tree Farms in Pennsylvania sounds like the perfect spot to take your family to start a Christmas tradition!