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The 7 Best Christmas Tree Farms in North Dakota

Each year as the seasons change and the holidays draw near, many folks begin to look ahead toward finding a live Christmas tree that will perfectly bring together their festive Christmastime decor.

If you are on the hunt for the best Christmas tree farms in North Dakota where you can source a tree grown specifically for the hardy climes of your wonderful state, then we have you covered!

Christmas tree farm in North Dakota

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Read on for our roundup of Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota where you can find the perfect tree and make some unforgettable holiday memories along the way.

Why You Should Visit a Christmas Tree Farm in North Dakota

Although it has certainly become easier in recent years to source a live Christmas tree from lawn and garden chain stores and even some grocery store locations, it is still important to bear in mind the value of visiting a Christmas tree farm in order to meet your décor and greenery needs this holiday season.

In recent years, due to lower traffic overall, the presence of Christmas tree farms in North Dakota has dwindled significantly; some speculate there are 10 or fewer of these locations that are consistently open and active each season.

With plenty of hard work and care put into the growing and sale of these trees, your consideration for visiting a Christmas tree farm not only helps these often family-owned enterprises remain in operation, but it also ensures you are purchasing a quality tree, locally-grown and fit for your regional climate, that you can trust will remain in great shape throughout the season.

North Dakota Christmas tree farm

These are just a couple of the reasons why it’s mutually beneficial and a great choice to visit a Christmas tree farm in North Dakota for your Christmas tree needs!

With just a handful of active Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota spread across such a large state, it can be hard to know what is available in your particular region!

With that in mind, we have broken down our list of the best Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota by regions; that way, whether you call the northern, central, or southern portion of the state your home, you can quickly find any Christmas Tree farms in your vicinity.

Northern North Dakota Christmas Tree Farms

1. Handy Andy’s Nursery – Williston

If you are looking for a great Christmas Tree farm in North Dakota that will help you find a tree that matches not only your ideal Christmas vision, but one that is also suited perfectly to your unique collection of ornaments, lights, and other decorations, then Handy Andy’s Nursery in Williston, North Dakota is the Christmas Tree farm for you!

Here at Handy Andy’s, you not only have your pick of several great Christmas Tree varieties, but the helpful folks at this wonderful nursery will help walk you through all the different considerations to make sure you pick the tree that is right for you, from branch durability based on the make of your ornaments to recommendations regarding tree allergies and more—either in person or via the Christmas page on their website.

Guidance through a Christmas tree farm in North Dakota

Once you’ve selected your tree of choice, you may also want to browse the garlands, wreaths and other Christmas greenery and decorations available at Handy Andy’s. With a mind for satisfied customers and a wealth of knowledge about all things Christmas Trees and greenery, it’s no wonder why Handy Andy’s Nursery is considered one of the best Christmas Tree Farms in North Dakota!

2. TC Nursery – Burlington

Wonderfully knowledgeable about all things trees, plants, and landscaping—not just limited to Christmas Trees!—TC Nursery in Burlington, North Dakota is a great place to shop for your live Christmas Tree every year.

This nursery is a standout among its contemporaries because, unlike many Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota which are only open seasonally, TC Nursery is open in all seasons, offering services in different sorts of trees and landscaping.

This availability all year round has made them a trusted staple of the northern North Dakota area and a popular pick for folks shopping for a real Christmas Tree.

Offering several varieties of spruce, fir, and pine trees to choose from, TC Nursery is sure to meet all of your Christmas Tree needs! If you are on the hunt for one of the best Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota located in the northern portion of the state, TC Nursery is a great spot to visit. You may find yourself coming by for more than just Christmas Tree needs once you see all the landscaping and other greenery services they have to offer!

3. Towner State Nursery – Towner

Eager to find a Christmas Tree farm in North Dakota that has a mind for conservation and preservation across the whole upper plains area? Look no further than Towner State Nursery, located in Towner, North Dakota! This is a nursery on a mission, with all their greenery grown mindfully on a bend toward hardiness and durability.

North Dakota Christmas tree farm

Unique among Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota because it is managed in conjunction with the North Dakota State University and North Dakota Forest Service, Towner State Nursery is a one-of-a-kind place to shop for your live Christmas Tree—one where you can be certain of its health, quality, and the difference made by its planting and harvesting thanks to the diligence put into growing it and the conservation efforts it serves.

Visit Towner State Nursery, purchase your Christmas Tree here, and you can be certain you have truly sourced your tree from one of the most important and very best Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota!

Central North Dakota Christmas Tree Farms

4. Ring Family Farm – Thompson

Do you call the central span of North Dakota near the town of Thompson your home? Do you love the idea of purchasing your Christmas Tree from a regional, family-owned-and-operated Christmas Tree farm in North Dakota? Then Ring Family Farm might just be calling your name this holiday season!

With a heart for building and maintaining family traditions around all things Christmastime, Ring Family Farm offers Christmas Trees you can purchase throughout the yuletide season.

In addition, you can also find parties for making wreaths and visits with Santa hosted at Ring Family Farm as well! Stop by one of the best Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota for family-centric greenery sourcing and make some holiday memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime!

Making a wreath at a Christmas tree farm in North Dakota

5. Potter’s Way – Oaks

Seasonal, rustic, and as country as they come in the central North Dakota region, Potter’s Way in Oakes is a great choice among Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota.

Open seasonally, you will find not just a great variety of Christmas Trees to choose from here, but also lots of unique and wonderful rustic décor for sale at Potter’s Way that can make for fantastic Christmas gifts.

As an added bonus, being a registered member of the Christmas Tree Growers Association, you can be certain that when you visit Potter’s Way for your Christmas Tree sourcing needs, you are purchasing from what is certifiably one of the best Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota!

6. Cashman Nursery & Landscaping – Bismark

Considered to be one of the premier Christmas Tree farms in North Dakota, Cashman Nursery and Landscaping is known for its mindfulness toward being your one and only necessary shop for all things Christmas greenery!

From boughs and swags to poinsettias and mistletoe, whatever live foliage and Christmas Tree needs you may have, Cashman Nursery & Landscaping is determined to be a valuable resource where you can outfit all your requirements at once.

Poinsettias in North Dakota

Here at Cashman’s, you can choose the perfect pick from among their numerous fresh, precut Christmas Trees, including some that are beautifully flocked for an extra decorative flare. Then the helpful employees at Cashman’s will help tie up and load up the tree for you!

If you have an interest in purchasing a potted tree that can be planted in your yard for landscaping after the holiday season, this is something the folks at Cashman’s can help you with, as well. No matter how you choose to decorate with your holiday greenery, you can be sure you’ll find what you need to make a gorgeous spread at Cashman’s Nursery & landscaping.

Southern North Dakota Christmas Tree Farms

7. Happy Valley Tree Farm – Walcott

Looking for a Christmas Tree farm in North Dakota that will be mindful of the rigorous northern growing conditions, while still providing Christmas Trees with that classic, beautiful holiday look? Then you will want to drop by Happy Valley Tree Farm, operated by Lyons Enterprises, to meet your Christmas Tree sourcing needs!

The healthy, beautiful, and often unique varieties of trees available at Happy Valley Tree Farm are all grown with meticulous care, ensuring they will hold up well throughout the seasonal changes prevalent in North Dakota.

With many, many years of experience and knowledge under their belts, the folks at Happy Valley Tree Farm are here to help you find the perfect Christmas Tree that will meet your decorative needs and remain a gorgeous cornerstone for your holiday decorations as long as you need!

North Dakota Christmas tree in the snow

Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in North Dakota

Are you eager to visit one of the best Christmas tree farms in North Dakota from our list? Don’t forget, there is so much to see at many of these locations, including different landscaping options and other seasonal trees and plants in stock. If you live in North Dakota, you may be interested in The 7 Best Apple Orchards in North Dakota.