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The 10 Best Christmas Tree Farms in New Mexico

Nothing announces the Christmas season like bringing home a live tree to decorate. It’s an event your family can look forward to spending together every year. If you’re a resident of the Southwest United States, you may be wondering where all the Christmas Tree farms in New Mexico are.

Christmas tree farms in New Mexico

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I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best New Mexico Christmas tree farms along with all of the national forests in the state where you cut a Christmas tree. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Northern New Mexico Christmas Tree Farms

1. Adam & Kim’s Christmas Trees

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Adam & Kim’s Christmas Trees is the perfect place to find a beautiful Christmas tree if you live in Santa Fe. Their team picks out trees from Christmas tree farms in Oregon, then they have them transported to one of their two tree lots in New Mexico.

You can expect to see fresh-cut Noble Fir, Grand Fir, and Douglas Fir trees at their lots. They also offer tabletop Noble Firs that work great for those with small living spaces. Along with trees, Adam & Kim’s Christmas Trees sells wreaths made from Noble Fir greens.

If you want to add some New Mexican culture to your home, purchase one of their Chile Sandia Ristras in multiple sizes. An arrangement of dried chile peppers, Sandia Ristras welcome in good luck and health for your family.

2. Cassidy Farms

Cleveland, New Mexico

Located at an altitude of 7,000 feet, Cassidy Farms is able to grow many types of evergreen trees that aren’t common in New Mexico. Varieties you’ll see at this New Mexico Christmas tree farm include the Colorado Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, White Fir, White Pine, and Scotch Pine.

National forest in New Mexico

Cassidy Farms was established in 1983, and since then, they have specialized in growing and installing beautiful evergreen trees along with aiding local businesses in landscape design. To inquire about one of their nursery-grown evergreens, contact Cassidy Farms by phone or email.

3. Carson National Forest

Taos, New Mexico

Did you know that if you obtain a permit from the U.S. Forest Service’s website, you can select a tree from one of New Mexico’s national forests to cut down? This is a great idea if you don’t live near one of the Christmas tree farms in New Mexico. Fun fact – fourth graders are eligible for a free tree if they purchase an “Every Kid Outdoors” pass.

Carson National Forest consists of 1.5 million acres of rolling hills covered in beautiful evergreens and aspen trees. It’s a wonderful way to spend the day with your family and find the perfect tree.

The Forest Service recommends you cut a tree in a dense forest area, so that the surrounding trees will have more room to grow. You also need to be 300 feet from any campground or roadway for the safety of others.

Cut your tree all the way to the ground, and fill in any dirt that was dug up in the process. Also, make sure to avoid cutting any Bristlecone Pine trees.

4. Santa Fe National Forest

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Finding a tree in Santa Fe National Forest is another great alternative to New Mexico Christmas tree farms. Here, you’ll find the picturesque national forest filled with hot springs, canyons, and mesas.

The Forest Service offers tags for trees up to 10 feet in height. Trees taller than 10 feet will need an additional tag, and there is a three-tag limit per person.

New Mexico forrest

Besides finding a Christmas tree, there are also several hiking trails and picnic areas you can take advantage of to complete your fun-filled day outdoors.

Best Central New Mexico Christmas Tree Farms

5. Cibola National Forest

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Starting in November, you can purchase your permit to cut a tree from Cibola National Forest. On their website, you’ll find maps of where you can cut trees in the forest. The forest service allows two trees per household, so you can select more than one if you wish.

Cibola National Forest covers over 1.9 million acres in New Mexico, divided into four separate districts and several grasslands. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and biking. Also within this national forest is a diverse collection of wildlife including mule deer, cougars, black bears, and pronghorns.

Not only will visiting Cibola give you the opportunity to find a beautiful tree, but your family can also learn about nature and wildlife in your home state.

6. Dave’s Evergreens

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Opening the day after Thanksgiving, Dave’s Evergreens offers a variety of pre-cut Firs to the Albuquerque area until Christmas Day. You can find the lot across the street from Big 5 Sporting Goods.

National forest Christmas trees

Dave’s Evergreens prices their trees based on size, and they sell trees as large as 13 feet tall. The staff will even help load the car onto your vehicle. Dave’s is a great place to find a fresh tree within the city, especially if you don’t have the time to get out to another New Mexico Christmas tree farm.

7. Delancey Street Holiday Trees

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The next New Mexico Christmas tree farm on the list is Delancey Street Holiday Trees. They have tree lot locations in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Besides trees, you’ll find mistletoe and wreaths decorated and ready to go. Delancey Street also carries living potted pines if you prefer to plant your Christmas tree after the holiday season.

Make sure to check out their website before you visit, so you’re updated on all of their rules and guidelines for social distancing and visiting safely.

Best Southern New Mexico Christmas Tree Farms

8. Gila National Forest

Silver City, New Mexico

If you can’t find a New Mexico Christmas tree farm near you, consider visiting Gila National Forest. This national forest contains over three million acres! The Gila Wilderness is considered the first wilderness area in the United States with its gorgeous streams and mountains.

The forest service provides maps of areas where you can cut down a Christmas tree. You’re allowed one tree per tag up to 10 feet tall, and the tree needs to be cut from an area that is 200 feet away from any campgrounds or paved roads.

Christmas tree farm in New Mexico

Once you’ve chosen your Christmas tree, ride through one of the forest’s scenic byways, where you’ll see hot mineral springs and desert lakes. You may even cross the Continental Divide!

9. Guzman’s Greenhouse

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Guzman’s Greenhouse sells beautiful Balsam Firs as well as several varieties of Pine trees to light up your home for Christmas. Stroll through their greenhouse as you choose the perfect tree. Whether you need a small tabletop tree or an 11 foot Fir, you’ll find it at Guzman’s.

Some of the Christmas trees sold at this New Mexico Christmas tree farm can be planted outdoors after the holiday season. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to enjoy Christmas, and the tree will be outside for you to appreciate for years to come.

Guzman’s Garden Center has two locations in Las Cruces, so you can choose whichever location is more convenient for your family!

10. Lincoln National Forest

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Last, but not least, on the list of Christmas Tree Farms in New Mexico is Lincoln National Forest. This national forest is located just to the right of White Sands National Park. It has beautiful mountain ranges with elevations of up to 11,500 feet.

Different types of trees you’ll see in the park include Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, and Aspen trees. The forest service releases permits for cutting trees in November.

If you’re up for more fun, skiing and snowboarding are just some of the exciting winter activities at Lincoln National Forest. There are also areas within the park that are set aside for snow tubing and sledding.

Wrapping Up Christmas Tree Farms in New Mexico

You may not find very many Christmas tree farms in New Mexico, but there are plenty of beautiful national forests to visit! Plan your visit to one of these destinations, and enjoy a day outside with your family, getting ready for the holiday season.

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