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25 Best Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

Need help finding the best Christmas tree farms in New Jersey? Maybe you’ve just moved into the area, or perhaps you’re wanting to choose and cut your very first real tree.

Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

In any case, there plenty of great Christmas tree farms in New Jersey. Whether you live in north, central, or south Jersey, here are 25 of the best options throughout the state.

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Best Northern New Jersey Christmas Tree Farms

1. Wyckoff’s Tree Farm

Established in 1958, Wyckoff’s Tree Farm offers a selection of over 5,000 cut-your-own trees each holiday season. Tree species include Canaan fir, Concolor fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, and Norway spruce.

The farm opens on Black Friday weekend. Just keep in mind that the farm gets extremely busy during weekend hours. Visit on a weekday if possible!

2. Shale Hills Farm

Named Good Housekeeping’s best New Jersey Christmas tree farm, Shale Hill Farm offers a variety of pines, spruces, and firs.

Cutting a Christmas Tree at a New Jersey Christmas Tree Farm

After Thanksgiving, Shale Hills is open every weekend during the tree-cutting season. Make the most of your experience by visiting the farm’s movie theater and grabbing some seasonal treats at the cottage.

3. Cedar Grove Christmas Trees

For 40 years, Cedar Grove Christmas Trees has been one of New Jersey’s leading wholesale providers of trees, wreaths, and accessories.

This family-owned business is headquartered just 14 miles outside of Manhattan, but they also offer online ordering and delivery. This year, Cedar Grove’s tree season begins on Black Friday.

4. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

Phillipsburg’s Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is a popular spot for New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania shoppers alike. This 40-acre farm has over 40 varieties of trees, including firs, spruces, and pines that grow up to 16 feet tall.

Custom Christmas Wreath

In addition to trees, this couple-owned business offers an array of beautiful custom-made wreaths and garlands. Get yours after Thanksgiving!

5. Bear Swamp Farm

Owned by the Hosford family since the 1940s, Bear Swamp Farm is one of the mainstay Christmas Tree farms in New Jersey.

The farm sells a variety of choose-and-cut and pre-cut trees, with species ranging from Balsam firs to blue spruces. After claiming your tree, visit Bear Swamp’s Christmas shop for an array of holiday crafts and artisan items.

6. Stonerow Tree Farm

Stonerow Tree Farm has been one of the top Christmas tree farms in New Jersey for over 50 years. As Stonerow charges a fixed price for all sizes and varieties, it’s easy to budget for your dream tree.

New Jersey Christmas Tree Farm

Plan your visit accordingly, as Stonerow is only open on weekends.

7. Beaverbrook Tree Farm

At Beaverbrook Tree Farm, choose-and-cut tree species include Douglas fir, Norway spruce, white spruce, and blue spruce. Handcrafted Balsam wreaths are also available.

What’s more, this family-owned business donates 10% of all proceeds to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF).

8. Sunset Christmas Tree Farm

Blairstown’s Sunset Christmas Tree Farm is home to hundreds of choose-and-cut spruces and firs. Saws are provided, and the farm’s friendly staff can even assist with shaking and tying your tree to your vehicle.

Christmas Tree on a Car

For this year’s tree cutting season, this New Jersey Christmas tree farm will open the day after Thanksgiving.

Best Central New Jersey Christmas Tree Farms

9. Cherryville Farms

Cherryville Farms offers five species of trees—blue spruce, Norway spruce, Canaan fir, Douglas fir, and concolor fir. The farm also sells custom wreaths and all sorts of handcrafted items at their on-site gift shop.

Cherryville’s trees sold out in 2021. Beat the crowds by visiting this New Jersey Christmas tree farm early in the season.

10. Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Spanning 145 acres, Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm offers more than 10,000 trees up to eight feet tall. Tree prices are based on species—not height.

Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm in New Jersey

Once the tree cutting season begins, this choose-and-cut, third-generation family farm is open every day except for Monday.

11. Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm & Shop

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm & Shop is home to well over 50,000 choose-and-cut and pre-cut trees.

Of course, the Anne Ellen Christmas experience doesn’t stop with trees. The farm’s shops are chock-full of ornaments, stockings, tree skirts, candles, lights, and other holiday decorations.

12. Keris Tree Farm & Christmas Shop

The 24-acre, family-operated Keris Tree Farm & Christmas Shop is open Tuesdays through Sundays during the tree cutting season.

Visit the farm this year for their 33rd season. After choosing and cutting your choice of fir or spruce, stop by Keris’ Christmas Shop for various artisan items.

13. Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Farm

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Farm is known for their Douglas firs, which grow up to 12 feet tall. Each tree, regardless of species or height, costs $65.

Tall Douglass Firs

After choosing your tree, grab a wreath or decoration for your door, mailbox, or table. Like most New Jersey Christmas tree farms, Charlie Brown’s will open right after Thanksgiving this year.

14. The Evergreen Farm

The Evergreen Farm offers a wide selection of both pre-cut and choose-and-cut trees, all priced at $10 per foot.

Beyond trees, the farm sells an assortment of holiday-related accessories—from lights and ornaments to wreaths and stands. Visit Evergreen during any weekend after Thanksgiving.

15. Lazy Susan Tree Farm

Located right off the turnpike, Lazy Susan is one of the most popular Christmas tree farms in New Jersey each year. In addition to a variety of choose-and-cut and pre-cut trees, the farm sells beautiful handmade wreaths.

Pre-Cut Christmas Trees at a New Jersey Christmas Tree Farm

The farm is typically open each weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Enjoy complimentary hot chocolate and candy canes while you’re getting your tree.

16. Barclay’s Tree Farm

Barclay’s Tree Farm offers five main tree varieties—Fraser firs, Douglas firs, white firs, Norway spruces, and blue spruces. The farm has a straightforward pricing model, with trees below and above 12 feet costing $65 and $120, respectively.

As the farm provides saws, netting, and rope for free, simply show up and pick your tree. A friendly staff member will even cut it down for you if needed!

17. Simonson Farms

The two fields at Simonson Farms are home to over 50 acres of trees—including various spruces, pines, and firs.

Christmas Gift Shop

Before leaving with your tree, stop by the Christmas Shoppe for all types of holiday accessories and décor. If you love fresh produce, be sure to also take advantage of Simonson Farms’ online store.

Best Southern New Jersey Christmas Tree Farms

18. Foster’s Holly Ridge Tree Farm

Located roughly halfway between Atlantic City and Philadelphia, Foster’s Holly Ridge is a top New Jersey Christmas tree farm. Douglas spruces, blue spruces, Canaan firs, Douglas firs, and white pines are the farm’s main tree varieties.

Holly Ridge typically opens the Friday after Thanksgiving. As trees sold out early in 2021, be sure to get yours early this season.

19. Conover’s Tree Farm

Each year, Conover’s Tree Farm puts more than 3,000 premium Christmas trees up for sale. Trees range from tall and skinny to short and stout, across multiple varieties.

This is one of the few Christmas tree farms in New Jersey that allows you to reserve your tree ahead of time. Make sure you show up on opening day and claim yours.

20. Edwards’ Christmas Tree Farm

At Edwards’ Christmas Tree Farm, varieties include Norway spruce, blue spruce, Balsam fir, concolor fir, Scotch pine, and white pine.

Blue Spruce Trees from a New Jersey Christmas Tree Farm

In addition to their selection of choose-and-cut and pre-cut trees, the farm specializes in hops. The Edwards’ tree-cutting season usually kicks off on Black Friday.

21. Belly Acres Christmas Tree Farm

Franklinville’s Belly Acres is another beloved New Jersey Christmas tree farm. Each year, they offer a wide selection of choose-and-cut trees—ranging from blue spruces to Douglas, Fraser, and concolor firs.

All trees are sold at an attractive price—$60 per tree, regardless of variety or size.

22. Spruce Goose Christmas Tree Farm

Spruce Goose’s selection includes Douglas, Canaan, Fraser, and white firs, as well as Norway and Colorado blue spruces.

Kids at a Christmas Tree Farm in New Jersey

This year, Spruce Goose will open on Thanksgiving Day and close by Sunday, December 11th. Keep in mind that the farm is closed on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the cutting season.

23. Exleys’s Christmas Tree Farm

Exley’s Christmas Tree Farm has locations in both Sewell and Monroeville. Both fields offer early tree tagging, allowing you to reserve your live tree before cutting season arrives.

Exley’s also hosts a handful of fun fall activities—including hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking.

24. Eisele Christmas Tree Farm

Established in 1972, Eisele Christmas Tree Farm is home to more than 8,000 trees across eight acres. Beyond trees, this family-owned business farms and sells local honey. Ask about it before leaving with your tree!

Christmas Honey

Like many other Christmas tree farms in New Jersey, Eisele is typically only open during weekends throughout the cutting season.

25. Stimpson’s Tree Farm

Stimpson’s is a family-owned and operated New Jersey Christmas tree farm. While a wide variety of choose-and-cut trees are sold each year, supplies tend to run out quickly.

In years past, Stimpson’s has only been open during weekends. Be sure to visit the farm and choose your perfect tree early on!

Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

Whether you need a choose-and-cut or pre-cut tree, visit one of these top New Jersey Christmas tree farms today.