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The 9 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Minnesota

You have enough to think about with all the flurry of the holidays on the horizon…choosing this year’s live Christmas Tree should not be another item to worry over! That’s why we’ve rounded up the best Christmas Tree Farms in Minnesota, all available in one easy list…we’ve done the heavy lifting, now you just have to pick your tree.

Christmas tree farms in Minnesota

No matter where in the state you call home, we know you want to find the most wonderful and hassle-free Christmas Tree farms to visit; that’s why we’ve broken this list down into northern, central, and southern locations! Now you can easily find the best Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota relative to your location.

Read on to find out why these are our top selections for Minnesota Christmas Tree farms…and discover which ones are close to home!

Best Northern Minnesota Christmas Tree Farms

1. Espe’s Christmas Tree Farm


If your heart is invested in supporting one of the best local, family-owned and -operated Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota, then you will want to put Espe’s Christmas Tree Farm on your list!

Having served the northern region of Minnesota, particularly around the city of Wannaska near Hayes Lake, for many years, Espe’s Christmas Tree Farm truly embodies the spirit of the holiday season in their warm, inviting atmosphere. With the insight of the family who owns Espe’s Christmas Tree Farm, you can venture out and select the perfect tree to fit your holiday décor needs and desires; and afterward, enjoy some fresh-baked cookies and cocoa to warm yourself back up and enjoy an extra dose of holiday cheer.

These warm, homey comforts are just a small part of what makes Espe’s Christmas Tree Farm so popular among all the Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota; stop in and experience for yourself why this is such a popular Christmas Tree location!

2. Hoffbauer Tree Farm


Are you in search of a Christmas Tree farm in Minnesota’s upper region near Duluth, with generational roots and a dedicated group of experienced Christmas Tree farmers who will help you select the perfect tree and other Christmas greenery for your home? Then Hoffbauer Tree Farm is a place you’ve got to see!

Minnesota Christmas tree farm

This two-generation Minnesota Christmas tree farm has a whole lot of heart and dedication invested into helping folks find the perfect Christmas Tree and greenery for their individual needs. Hoffbauer trees can be found often at local farmer’s markets and vendor events around the Duluth area in the mid-fall, even before the farm itself opens its doors for people to cut down their own trees near Thanksgiving weekend. With plenty of experience and dedication to speak off, Hoffbauer Tree Farm is one of those Christmas Tree farms you can be sure will not disappoint!

3. Plants Beautiful Christmas Tree Farm & Gift Shop

Parkers Prairie

Looking for an unforgettably magical experience at a Minnesota Christmas Tree farm? Look no further than a visit to Plants Beautiful Christmas Tree Farm & Gift Shop! Located in the Parkers Prairie region, Plants Beautiful Christmas Tree Farm is more than just a place to get your real Christmas Tree each year…it’s a place to make a lifetime of memories!

In addition to Plants’ wonderful Christmas Tree selection—which includes the option to pick a Frasier Fir tree from the farm greenhouse or head out into the tree fields to choose from several varieties including Balsam Fir, White Pine, Colorado Spruce, and more—this farm is also a fantastic place for fun Christmastime activities.

You can hop aboard one of the farm’s horse-drawn sleighs for a magical winter wonderland ride, or have a seat at the campfire and enjoy a delicious hot dog or bratwurst sourced from the local meat market; kiddos can also meet Santa, and folks of all ages will love perusing the gift shop for Christmas décor and one-of-a-kind gifts. With all of this to offer and so much more, it’s no wonder why Plants Beautiful Christmas Tree Farm lives up to its name—and why it’s a favorite among Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota!

Best Central Minnesota Christmas Tree Farms

4. B&J Evergreen Farm

Clear Lake

If you have your heart set on buying from one of those amazing Minnesota Christmas tree farms that has a long history of serving the community, with plenty of experience and knowledge to show for it, then you will want to pay a visit to B&J Evergreen Farm in the Clear Lake region!

Minnesota Christmas tree farm

Specializing in both annual Christmas Tree sales as well as in premier landscaping trees year-round, B&J Evergreen Farm boasts a great knowledge of all things trees and landscaping going back almost half a century! When you shop for your Christmas Tree and other landscaping needs with them, you can be sure you’re getting a quality tree that’s been grown with care and attention to its specific needs. You are sure to love what this wonderful Minnesota Christmas Tree farm has to offer!

5. Blackwoods Tree Farm


For those of the festive mindset, you know that picking your Christmas Tree each year is about more than just finding a good tree; it’s about the entire Christmas experience! And you won’t find many Minnesota Christmas Tree farms that more perfectly fit that holiday season aesthetic than Blackwoods Tree Farm in Stillwater.

From the layout of the farm itself in the beautiful, snowy landscape complete with warm red barns and a fantastic selection of trees you can purchase or cut down yourself, to the gift shop with its many ornaments, décor, and other unique items, you simply won’t find a cozier, more classic Christmas experience than the one at Blackwoods Tree Farm. Stop in for your Christmas Tree needs and make tons of memories along the way!

6. Cornerstone Pines

Grey Eagle

Choosing your live Christmas Tree is often more than just something you grab and go with—it can be an all-day event! And if you are on the hunt for Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota that offer fun, family-friendly activities in addition to a great selection of Christmas Trees to choose from, you and your loved ones will want to pay a visit to Cornerstone Pines in Grey Eagle!

Sleigh ride at a Minnesota Christmas tree farm

Open all year long, this Minnesota Christmas Tree farm truly comes alive in the cold season! Here you can enjoy horse-drawn sleigh rides, sledding, tubing, and other winter sports; bring your animal lovers to the petting zoo; send kiddos through the straw tunnels and visit Santa’s Workshop and Mrs. Clause’s Cottage; and so much more! There are tons of fun activities at Cornerstone Pines that will make this a family favorite, not just as a place to purchase your Christmas tree, but also as a cherished location to visit year after year.

Best Southern Minnesota Christmas Tree Farms

7. Hacker’s Tree Farm

Sleepy Eyes

Got your heart set on visiting one of those Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota that prides itself on its familial roots and knowledge of the tree-growing and nursery craft? Then Hacker’s Tree Farm located near Sleepy Eyes is the location for you!

Don’t let the name of this town fool you—your eyes, and the eyes of your family, will be wide open with wonder when you pay a visit to Hacker’s Tree Farm! This is a lovely one-stop shop for all your Christmas Tree and holiday greenery needs, including wreaths, garlands, swag, and more. Selling both wholesale and retail and delivering nationwide, Hacker’s Tree Farm has grown from difficult roots through lots of hands-on learning into one of the premier Christmas Tree sellers in Minnesota. You certainly won’t regret making this your go-to location for purchasing your real Christmas Tree each year.

8. Iverson Tree Farm


Whether you have your heart set on a Minnesota Christmas Tree farm that sells precut trees, or are looking for a holiday experience cutting down a tree for yourself, Iverson Tree Farm in Belview is here to meet your Christmas needs!

Cutting your own tree at a Minnesota Christmas tree farm

The experience of cutting your own Christmas tree at Iverson Tree Farm is like very few others. Detailed instructions and a clear system, as laid out on their website, help make this a safe, effective, fun, and straightforward process for everyone involved. You can learn a lot about the best ways to harvest Christmas Trees when you choose to source with Iverson Tree Farm, and best of all, with the wealth of knowledge they so readily share about the process, you can be sure to select a tree that will remain healthy and beautiful throughout the season. Visit Iverson Tree Farm for a confident and wonderful Christmas Tree shopping experience, time after time!

9. Guggisberg Tree Farm

New Ulm

If you have variety on the mind and are on the lookout for a Christmas Tree farm in Minnesota that has decades of history and many satisfied customers to show for it, look no further than Guggisberg Tree Farm in the New Ulm area!

This wonderful Minnesota Christmas Tree Farm offers a plethora of different Christmas Tree varieties to choose from, including different pines, spruces, and firs. The height of their available trees varies greatly as well, from 6 feet to as much as 12, meaning you can fill just about any space with a tree sourced from Guggisberg Tree Farm. Best of all, here at the farm, you will encounter a warm, welcoming, family-focused experience that will ensure you have a wonderful time all around shopping for your live Christmas Tree this holiday season.

Wrapping Up Christmas Tree Farms in Minnesota

Feeling excited to visit one—or even more!—of these amazing Christmas Tree farms in Minnesota? You don’t have to wait until the Christmas season to enjoy some great outdoor fun and family bonding in this amazing state! Check out our Evergreen Tree Information page for the best Christmas tree farms in other states and evergreen tree care guides, and visit our articles on The 17 Best Pumpkin Patches in Minnesota and Best 22 Apple Orchards in Minnesota for more great places to visit in your home state!