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The 11 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Maryland

While they can be slightly dirty and inconvenient, nothing says Christmas quite like a live Christmas tree. Live Christmas trees had started to go out of style in recent decades because of how easy and affordable it is to purchase and construct fake trees.

Christmas tree farms in Maryland

However, live trees are making a comeback in a big way, and there are hundreds if not thousands of tree farms across the country that grow live Christmas trees. If you’re looking for some of the best Christmas tree farms in Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. No matter where you are in the state, there’s likely a farm near you.

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Best Christmas Tree Farms in Southern Maryland

There aren’t as many Christmas tree farms in Maryland’s southern region. However, here are two of the best options.

1. Cawley Family Farm

Cawley Family Farm is located in Denton and is easily one of the best Christmas tree farms in Maryland. They have been in operation since the mid-1990s and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Here are the different types of trees that the Cawleys grow on their 12-acre farm.

  • Canaan Fir
  • Blue Spruce
  • Douglas Fir
  • Concolor Fir
  • Norway Spruce
  • White Pine
  • Fraser Fir

Each of these trees is pre-cut but live to make your experience as easy and quick as possible. In addition to the trees, Cawley Family Farms also offers festive wreaths, ornaments, and a variety of other Christmas decor. It’s a one-stop shop for all your holiday decoration shopping.

2. Linden Hill Christmas Tree Farm

Located in Upper Marlboro of southern Maryland, Linden Hill Christmas Tree Farm is a seasonal farm that sells some of the best trees in the state. It also happens to be one of the oldest Christmas tree farms in Maryland, having been founded way back in 1889.

Maryland Christmas tree farm

Each of the trees you can purchase at Linden Hill Farm is live, pre-cut, well-watered, and cared for. As an extra courtesy, Linden Hill will even stack and bale the tree for you to make things as simple as possible. While they’ve updated many things around the farm, they still do transactions the old-fashioned way, so make sure you bring cash.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Central Maryland

Central Maryland is much more populated with Christmas tree farms, and there are many options to choose from. However, here are four of the best.

3. A Snowballs Chance Tree Farm

Simply having a name like Snowballs Chance Tree Farm already makes this one of the best Christmas tree farms in Maryland. This farm is located in Randallsville and is family-owned and operated.

Unlike the first two farms on this list, you’ll have the opportunity to check out the live trees while they’re still standing. You can then pick the tree of your choice and cut it down yourself or get assistance from an employee.

While they have a wide variety of trees, the three most popular options at Snowballs Chance are the blue, scotch, and white pines. Choosing a tree from this farm will allow you to feel like a true woodsman and provider as you fell a Christmas tree of your choosing and haul it back to your home.

4. Blue Heron Christmas Tree Farm

As with the Maryland Christmas tree farm we just looked at, Blue Heron Christmas Tree Farm is a cut-your-own tree event. You’ll get the chance to show up and browse the hundreds of trees they have growing on their farm and cut down the one of your choosing. This is a seasonal farm that’s only open from the day after Thanksgiving to the week before Christmas.

Maryland Christmas tree farms

Blue Heron Farm gives you the option of pre-cut Fraser Firs or cutting your own white pines and Douglas firs. These trees grow between six and ten feet tall, so be sure to make your choice based on what will fit in your home. In addition to trees, Blue Heron also provides any tools you need and sells wreaths and other decorations at their on-site store.

5. Mayne’s Tree Farm

Located in Frederick, Mayne’s Tree Farm is your one-stop shop for all things Christmas. They have six different types of Christmas trees to choose from, as well as a variety of Christmas wreaths, decorations, rope, bows, and more. As with the other farms in Central Maryland, this is a cut-your-own affair, so bring your truck and your tools!

If you want to head out to Mayne’s before the start of the Christmas tree season, you can partake in their fall festivities. Unlike many of the other Christmas tree farms in Maryland, Mayne’s is open during autumn and has lots of great fall activities, including a pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay rides, and much more.

6. Triadelphia Lake View Farm

If you want to go to one of the oldest Christmas tree farms in Maryland, look no further than Triadelphia Lake View Farm or TLV Farm. TLV Farm is located in Glenelg, Maryland, near the Triadelphia Recreational Area, which is a great place to take the family for a day in nature.

TLV Farm is a family-owned and operated establishment that first opened its doors in the late 1800s. They’ve come a long way since then and have expanded their operations to include Christmas trees, a pumpkin patch, fruits, vegetables, and much more. No matter what time of year you show up to TLV Farm, you’re bound to have a good time.

In regards to trees, TLV offers:

  • Blue Spruce
  • White Pine
  • Douglas Fir
  • Balsam Fir
  • Fraser Fir
  • Canaan Fir

If you come at the right time to cut down your tree, you can stop in at Santa’s workshop for a photo op for your kids! No matter what you’re looking for, TLV Farm has it and is the place to be this holiday season.

Christmas with Santa in Maryland

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Northern Maryland

Northern Maryland has by far the most Christmas tree farms in Maryland. They run throughout the territory, and there’s probably a farm within close driving distance of your home.

7. Pine Valley Farms

Pine Valley Farms consists of over 100 acres of land, making it one of the biggest Christmas tree farms in Maryland. Despite being large in size, Pine Valley Farms has a friendly, family feel, and their goal remains to provide top-notch Christmas trees to anyone who needs one.

They offer six different types of trees and are one of the only Christmas tree farms in Maryland that has Nordmann Fir as an option. They also have staples like the Douglas and Fraser Firs as well as Blue Spruce. Pine Valley has over 20,000 trees for sale, which means you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that suits your fancy.

8. Dreamland Christmas Tree Farm

The Dreamland Christmas Tree Farm in Northern Maryland goes all out when it comes to embracing the Christmas spirit. While they have thousands of Christmas trees to choose from, they also have a massive indoor shop that’s packed with decorations, ornaments, and even a cafe where you can enjoy some eggnog.

Egg nog for Christmas in Maryland

Dreamland also gives you the option of choosing a pre-cut tree or cutting your own tree down, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t want to take the kids with you into the woods to find the perfect tree, you can leave them behind with an adult at the Dreamland playground. It’s also one of the only Christmas tree farms in Maryland that’s pet-friendly!

9. Cherry Grove Tree Farm

Cherry Grove Tree Farm in Rising Sun is yet another quality family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm in Maryland. They opened their doors way back in 1972 and have been growing and selling Christmas trees ever since.

While their goal is always to sell you a quality tree, Cherry Grove is committed to keeping a customer-first attitude and making sure you have an enjoyable Christmas tree buying experience.

10. Jarrettsville Nurseries

In terms of which Maryland Christmas tree farm has the most diversity in its inventory, Jarrettsville Nurseries gives everyone a run for their money. They have a variety of Christmas trees to choose from, but they also have tons of decor, including garlands, wreaths, and much more.

Christmas shop in Maryland

When you arrive at Jarrettsville Nurseries, you’ll get a hay ride out to the 80-acre field full of trees. From there, it will be up to you to choose which tree you want, cut it down, and haul it back to your vehicle. Or, you can choose one of the many pre-cut trees they have in stock.

Either way, you should definitely freshen up with hot chocolate, and a delicious sandwich at one of their food stands.

11. Davidson Christmas Tree Farm

If you’re way up in north central Maryland near the border, you’ll find Davidson Christmas Tree Farm. This farm is one of the most popular Christmas tree farms in Maryland because it’s fairly close to Baltimore County.

For that reason, you should get to Davidson early in the season so that you get your choice of trees.

While they’re only open for a couple of weeks, Davidson Christmas Tree Farm routinely sells nearly all of their 30,000 trees in stock. To make life simple, all you have to do is point out the tree you want, and their staff will take care of cutting it down and packing it up for you.

Davidson has some of the tallest trees in Maryland, with up to twenty feet tall, making it the perfect place to find a tree for your outdoor space or business.

Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in Maryland

While it might not be the first thing you associate with the state, there are tons of quality Christmas tree farms in Maryland. Live, farm-grown Christmas trees are one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit and embrace the reason for the season. Don’t miss out on your chance to have the best Christmas ever!