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The 15 Best Blueberry Farms in Mississippi

Fresh blueberries are delicious and nutritious fruits that are fun to integrate into your diet. You can use them to top off your pancakes or parfaits, add them to your daily smoothies, or mix them with salads.

A basket of picked blueberries.

Are you wondering where to get a regular supply of fresh blueberries for you and your family to enjoy? There are a lot of blueberry farms in Mississippi you can visit where the freshest of the fresh blueberries await you!

Don’t worry about wading through the wide range of available choices—we’ve done the difficult work for you.

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of some of the best blueberry farms in Mississippi that you can visit this spring and summer. We have dedicated sections for different regions, so you can go straight to the nearest one.

Best Northern Mississippi Blueberry Farms

Person picking blueberries into a basket.

Nesbit Blueberry Plantation

Nesbit, Mississippi

Nesbit Blueberry Plantation is a family-owned and operated farm that has been operating since 1984. Aside from serving as one of the best Mississippi U-pick blueberry farms in the region, they also offer farm fresh goodies like jams and jellies.

If you don’t want to pick the berries yourself, you can also reserve a pre-picked bucket of fresh fruit by calling ahead. Make sure to check their website for their schedule before you drive down.

Closeup of a cluster of blueberries on a shrub.

Cedar Hill Farm

Hernanado, Mississippi

Another family-owned and operated blueberry farm in north Mississippi is Cedar Hill Farm. Spread across a 120-acre farm, they’re well-known for growing blueberries, acres of pumpkins, and Christmas trees.

They also offer fun family activities and annual event on their farms during the fall, two favorites of which include the pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Cedar Hill also has a restaurant where visitors can enjoy their fresh farm-to-table delicacies. This is an excellent spot for family members with a sweet tooth to satisfy.

This is one of the best blueberry farms in Mississippi to take your family for a day-long outing on the weekend or over the holidays. Check out their Facebook page for exciting discount offers on seasonal pickings.

Best Central Mississippi Blueberry Farms

Baskets of picked blueberries. Many blueberry farms in Mississippi are u-pick, but some offer pre-picked fruit you can buy

Pecan Hills Farm

Raymond, Mississippi

If you’re a family with clashing berry interests, Pecan Hills Farm is the perfect place for you to drive to. They grow blueberries and acres of blackberries and juicy peaches that your family can take your sweet time picking.

If you time your visit during the fall, you can also bring home their freshly harvested pecans!

Crystal Springs Farm Market

Crystal Spring, Mississippi

If you know your blueberry varieties well and can spend a day picking them, this is undoubtedly one of the best blueberry farms in Mississippi for you to seek out.

At Crystal Springs Farm Markets, you can find your favorite blueberry variety from their 1,400 blueberry fruit plants. They boast seven blueberry varieties that you can feast on every day of the week.

They also offer pre-picked berries if you want to augment your pickings.

Blueberry Heaven

Vancleave, Mississippi

For die-hard blueberry lovers, blueberry heaven is probably how they’d describe Mississippi state! Located in Vancleave, the Blueberry Heaven farm is spread across six acres and has over 6,000 blueberry bushes. It is just how you’d imagine a blueberry paradise: all plants are grown organically without pesticides or other chemicals.

Clusters of blueberries on a shrub.

Bring your family to this Mississippi blueberry farm to pick organic berries by hand or order fresh fruit or pre-picked ones delivered straight to your doorstep.

Hope Fruit And Berry Farm

Morton, Mississippi

Are you and your family interested in picking blueberries, muscadine grapes, peaches, and blackberries?

Hope Fruit and Berry Farm is a blueberry and peaches farm that has everything you need. Drive down to this farm in central Mississippi to enjoy a therapeutic time picking your favorite berries while enjoying scenic views.

Spring Lake Berry Farm

Vancleave, Mississippi

Founded in 1982, Spring Lake Berry Farm has over 1,900 blueberry fruit plants from which you can pick. Initially a commercial farm, they now only offer their homegrown fresh produce for U-pick enthusiasts.

You can also enjoy gorgeous panoramic views and a scenic drive when passing by the nearby Spring Lake.

Before jumping into the car to head out to this Mississippi blueberry farm, check their schedule online to learn about picking conditions and make sure they’re open for picking.

Best Southern Mississippi Blueberry Farms

Woman holding a handful of picked blueberries.

Picayune Blueberry Farm

Picayune, Mississippi

This is one of the best blueberry farms in south Mississippi—they offer more than 13 varieties of blueberries and five varieties of blackberry plants. One visit is nowhere near enough; you’ll surely keep coming back for more!

Founded in 1987, the Picayune Blueberry Farm spreads across 55 acres of land. Not all of it consists of blueberries—they also grow thornless blackberry bushes and elderberries. They also rear farm animals like sheep and cattle.

Picayune Farms is an agritourism farms that hosts tours for international tourists, schools, and civic groups. If you want to learn about their farming techniques or their approach to sustainable farming, this place is a must-visit!

Their harvest season starts in mid-May and goes on till early July. Get in touch with the owners before you visit so you can make the most of your trip to this Mississippi blueberry farm.

Pearl River Blues Organic Blueberry Farm

Lumberton, Mississippi

If you’re looking for organic blueberries in south Mississippi, this is where you’ll find them.

Pearl River Blues is a 20-year-old organic Mississippi u-pick blueberry farm. They open for berry picking seasonally and keep visitors updated through their website. While they are primarily a U-pick farm, they also allow visitors to come out and have a fun picnic on their grounds. Visitors can also sample some of their fruit while they’re at it.

A girl trying some blueberries from her basket. Mississippi blueberry farms are great experiences for kids of all ages.

Sandy Run Farm

Purvis, Mississippi

Sandy Run Farm is a u-pick farm that opens during the summer for blueberries, blackberries, and hand-picked juicy peaches. Come fall, they welcome visitors to explore their pumpkin patches.

That’s not all! Visit them on a summer weekend, and you can enjoy some of their homemade delicacies, like their famous pepper jelly.

Aunt Polly’s Farm

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Aunt Polly’s Farm is the perfect place to cool off during summers. While you’re busy picking blueberries at this local U-pick, they’re busy preparing their iconic blueberry lemonade.

This delicious drink is a must-try if you visit this blueberry farm in Mississippi!

Mason jar glasses of homemade blueberry lemonade.

Toft Farms

Carriere, Mississippi

If you want to pick blueberries and get a taste of the farming experience, you will love this farm.

Toft Farms is a Mississippi blueberry farm that offers u-pick blueberries. They have a long blueberry season that lasts from May to August, giving you plenty of time to make plans to head over. To harvest the blueberries in their prime, you should schedule a trip between the third week of June and the end of July.

You may also want to try some of their other offerings of Centipede Turf, fresh vegetables, farm fresh eggs, and honey.

They also have a Blueberry Cafe on the grounds where you can have a picnic and enjoy one of their drinks or snacks.

If you’re too busy to stop by, you can opt for their delivery services. They only deliver to select locations, so make sure to check their page and coordinate with them if you want to enjoy their top-notch products.

Blue Tara Organic Blueberry Farm

Poplarville, Mississippi

Blue Tara Organic Blueberry Farm is Mississippi’s first certified organic farm. They sell U-pick and We-pick blueberries and already-picked produce in fresh and frozen options.

Their blueberry season begins at the same time every year, so you can mark down the first of June on your calendar as opening day for this Mississippi blueberry farm. Their picking season ends by the 31st of July, so hurry over to get the best picks early and enjoy scenic views of bushes filled with ripe blueberries.

Girls picking blueberries from shrubs.

Blue Barn Farms

Lucedale, Mississippi

Another entry on the list of must-visit blueberry farms in Mississippi to visit for blueberries and vegetables is Blue Barn Farms. They are open every day during picking season, so you can schedule a trip whenever the whole family is free.

They also serve fresh and delicious blueberry lemonade, jams, and jellies that will delight your taste buds!

Dabbs Woodland Farm

Saucier, Mississippi

Do you want to take your family camping where you can also pick blueberries? Dabbs Woodland Farm is the perfect destination for you!

This is a campground and blueberry farm, and until recently, it also sold Christmas trees. Their RV park and campground is spread across more than 30 acres of land, while their blueberry farms offer you the choice of varieties like PremierClimax, and Tifblue.

The best thing about the u-picking at this Mississippi blueberry farm is that all rows are numbered and referenced by variety, so visitors can quickly identify and pick their favorites.

If you’re part of a Church group visiting their grounds, make sure to ask for their Church Group rates. Otherwise, keep an eye on their website for updates on picking schedules.

Visit the Best Blueberry Farms in Mississippi!

This concludes our rundown on some of the best blueberry farms in Mississippi out there for you to visit. We hope this list gives you plenty of ideas to plan out your outing so you can spend a relaxing day surrounded by acres of sweet blueberries.

Closeup of a small cluster of blueberries.

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