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The Black Magic Rose

Have you ever wanted to grow a rose that has an air of mystery and romance to it? Then the Black Magic rose is one you’ll want to know about. This rose was created by one of the most prominent and well-respected rose companies. Its unique blooms have become a floral feature in romantic occasions the world over.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about the Black Magic Rose. We cover everything from growing and care to advice for creating exciting bouquets with these gorgeous roses.

Let’s get ready to experience the magic!

Closeup of a Black Magic rose bloom.
A Black Magic rose shrub makes a stunning specimen in any landscape or garden.

History of the Black Magic Rose

In 1906, the German company Rosen Tantau first began developing rose varieties and they’ve been one of the premier rose companies ever since. The Black Magic Rose was created by Rosen Tantau in the early 1990s and is one of their most popular varieties.

Despite being a relatively modern variety of rose, it’s one of the most popular of all rose cultivars today!

Characteristics of the Black Magic Rose

There are a few things that set the Black Magic Rose apart from other roses. The Black Magic Rose has a 4 foot spread and can grow to be 5 to 7 feet tall. The relatively small footprint makes this an ideal rosebush for gardens with limited space.

The Black Magic Rose bushes are continuous bloomers. This means that you need to trim off bold blooms in order for the plant to start producing new ones. This ongoing supply of blooms is great for people who want roses for arrangements or decorations.

The flowers are what really make the Black Magic Rose bush stand out from roses. With deep red, velvety petals they’re unlike any other roses.

These flowers also have very little fragrance. If you’re looking for a rose with stunning beauty, but not much scent, these are the roses for you!

Now let’s talk about what it takes to grow a Black Magic Rose bush.

Closeup of Black Magic roses.

How To Grow the Black Magic Rose

The key to growing roses is knowing where to plant them. The Black Magic Rose requires a hotter environment than most other roses. Black Magic is rated for USDA hardiness zones 7 through 10. If you’re in a more northern climate where temperatures regularly drop below 30 degree F, you’re going to have to try to grow these roses indoors or switch to a different cultivar better suited for colder climates.

Whether you’ve established a graft of a Black Magic Rose indoors, or you purchased bare-root Black Magic Roses, plant these roses in late winter or early spring. This gives the roots plenty of time to establish themselves and allow the rose to ready itself for the colder winter months.

If you’re looking for more details for planting your Black Magic Rose, check out our guide here.

When To Plant Roses

Having healthy, blooming roses is all about knowing when to plant.

Black Magic Roses are best planted in the very early spring. If temperatures are too warm, the rose might have trouble establishing itself, leading to problems during the winter.

You can also get around this issue by planting your rose bush indoors at first. Like many roses, the Black Magic Rose grows well in containers. A container is a temporary solution for people who wind up with a cutting or transplant a little late in the season.

A single Black Magic rose bud opening.

Pruning Roses

Roses need to be trimmed and pruned to stay healthy and produce their best blooms. Here’s what you need to know to keep these roses nicely trimmed.

As mentioned earlier, the Black Magic is a continuous bloomer. In order to promote new and healthy blooms, trim away older blooms. This is a great opportunity to cut fresh flowers for a bouquet or gift.

Aside from trimming blooms, prune for shape and size during the late winter or early spring. Remove dead or damaged canes. Avoid pruning after buds have started forming.

Closeup of pruning shears making cut on a rose cane.

Now let’s get into keeping these rose bushes healthy.

Rose Bush Care

Black Magic roses are disease-resistant, making them a great choice for a beginner gardener.

A few tips to keep in mind about this rose are its sunlight and water requirements. It’s a full sun plant, which means it needs 8 hours of sunlight everyday. Plant these roses in a spot in your garden that’s either lightly shaded or has receives direct sun all day.

Black Magic also requires a moderate amount of water which can usually be met by local rainfall. During dry spells, give these roses 1 inch of water every week.

So how do we grow one of the most attractive roses around?

Different Varieties of the Black Magic Rose

Because of the name, there are some misconceptions around how Black Magic Roses are grown. These flowers are not dyed — their deep red color is natural.

While there are no variations of the Black Magic rose, itself, there are other varieties of black roses. Black Magic is often confused with two of these, in particular: Midnight Blue Roses and Black Baccara Roses.

Midnight Blue Rose

The Midnight Blue Rose has a few similarities to the Black Magic. Both flowers produce exceptionally dark pedals with unique coloration, but the Midnight Blue Rose produces a deep purple flower. These roses also hold up better in colder climates than the Black Magic.

A single Midnight Blue rose bloom.
A Midnight Blue rose bloom.

Black Baccara Rose

The Black Baccara Rose is the darkest naturally occurring color of rose. It’s a deep crimson bordering on black. Both of these flowers do better in hotter climates rather than colder.

Closeup of a Black Baccara rose bloom.
A Black Baccara rose bloom.


If you need to transplant a rose shrub, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

The first thing to do is avoid transplant shock. This is when the roots are unable to provide water nutrition for the plant after transplanting. Doing two important things prevents transplant shock.

  1. Prep the new transplant location ahead of time so that your rose bush spends as little time as possible out of the ground.
  2. Avoid damaging the root ball during the transplant process. Carefully dig around your rose bush in a 2 foot radius from the center of the plant. This leaves plenty of space around the roots and doesn’t damage the root ball.

After transplanting, give your rose more water than usual. This gives it extra nutrition and aids with recovery from being transplanted.

Avoid transplanting during exceptionally dry or hot weather. Wait for an overcast day — ideally, when several days in a row are scheduled to be overcast. This helps the rose withstand any extra damage brought on by hot, dry weather.

Closeup of a dark red hybrid tea rose shrub.

Now that you’ve got a garden full of continuously Blooming Black Magic roses, how can we decorate with them?

Creating Magic Bouquets & Decorating

The first thing that comes to mind when decorating with Black Magic Roses is romance. These have become a leading roses for romantic occasions. Whether you’ve planned a dinner date your partner will never forget, or you have a wedding right around the corner, Black Magic Roses are synonymous with romance.

These roses also have a very distinctive coloration. Their dark color means you’re going to have to either embrace a dramatic design choice or pair them with lighter colors that accent and play off their deep, vibrant color.

To decorate with Black Magic Roses, either you need to be as bold as the rose itself or use other colors to tone it down a bit.

Where To Buy

Black Magic Rose bushes are popular, so finding them to grow or as cut flowers is easy.

Where To Buy Black Magic Rose Bushes

Black Magic Roses are available at most local nurseries and garden centers, as well as online. These are one of the most common roses, so finding shrubs or bare root plants should be easy. Ask at local florist shops about cuttings you can use for propagation.

Where To Buy Black Magic Rose Bouquets

Because of their distinct style, florists all over the country love making arrangements with Black Magic roses. They’re one of the most requested roses for bouquets which only adds to their popularity.

If you can’t find these at a local shop, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to order these online with just a quick search — you can find bouquets of Black Magic roses all over the internet!

The Wonder of the The Black Magic Rose

A Black Magic rose bloom.

Black Magic roses are one of the most interesting out of all of the rose cultivars. The deep crimson color and velvety soft petals make them an ideal choice for decorative uses.

This rose is best kept in warmer climates to avoid harsh winters. It’s a continuous bloomer and you need to be ready to prune frequently for Black Magic to produce its best blooms. With just a little work, this beginner-friendly rose will certainly add enchantment to your garden and your home decor.

Have you fallen under the spell of the Black Magic and planted one in your garden? Tell us all about your experiences with this mesmerizing rose in the comments section below!

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