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Practical Spaces: Choosing The Best Storage Sheds For Your Backyard

It finally happened. You pulled into your driveway, opened the garage door, and realized there was no room to park. Clearly, it’s time to invest in the best backyard storage shed you can find.

Choosing the best storage shed for your needs won’t necessarily be easy. You’ll have to figure out how large a structure you’ll need. You’ll need to choose between metal, wood, or plastic construction. And, of course, you’ll need to consider the cost.

Read on for our recommendations on the best storage sheds for your backyard. You’ll also find help in deciding what you’ll need in a storage shed.

Best Storage Sheds

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Suncast 8×10 Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Shed

Budget Option:
GRAVFORCE 3×5 Outdoor Metal Storage Shed

Best Large Storage Shed:
Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Storage 8×15 Dual Entry Shed

Best Overall

Suncast 8×10 Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast 8' x 10' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, Sand

Practicality, durability, and spaciousness are all part of the Suncast 8×10 storage shed. And unlike many other storage sheds, the Suncast includes a floor strong enough to support your lawn equipment.

Of course, you’ll need to provide a level foundation, which can be as simple as a layer of sand, for the shed. But once the foundation is there, the Suncast shed comes together easily in an afternoon.

As our recommendation for the best overall backyard storage shed, the Suncast includes provisions for a padlock. It also comes with multiple skylights to make sure you can maneuver safely in the shed.


  • Easy construction, can be completed in a few hours
  • No problems with water infiltration
  • Can be painted to match house


  • Pre-drilled assembly holes may not line up exactly
  • Walls may not support interior shelving
  • Corners are structurally weak

Budget Option

GRAVFORCE 3×5 Outdoor Metal Storage Shed

GRAVFORCE 5' x 3' Outdoor Metal Storage Shed, Outdoor Shed, Galvanized Steel Garden Shed with Single Lockable Door, Tool Storage Shed for Backyard, Patio, Lawn (Dark Grey)

Need to get your lawn mower and garden tools out of the garage, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? For less than $150, the 3×5-foot GRAVFORCE outdoor metal storage shed is your solution.

In addition to its price, the GRAVFORCE shed gets our recommendation as the budget option among the best storage sheds for its lockable door. Other notable features include vents to help with temperature control and a sloped roof to keep rain out.

Built of galvanized steel, the GRAVFORCE shed is durable and rust-resistant, ensuring it will serve your storage needs for a long time. And at nearly 6 feet tall, it’s easy for adults to move into and out of the structure.


  • Perfect size for smaller residential lots
  • Plenty of room for lawn mower, tools, and other equipment
  • Can be assembled by one person


  • Some screw holes may be misaligned or not pre-drilled
  • Assembly directions may be inadequate for some purchasers
  • Actual interior space is slightly smaller than 3×5 feet

Best Large Storage Shed

Lifetime Outdoor Storage 8×15 Dual Entry Shed

Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Storage Dual Entry Shed, 15 x 8 ft, Desert Sand

When your storage needs have far outstripped the space in your garage, and maybe even your basement, it’s time to consider a large storage shed. But of course, with a large structure, you’ll want something attractive for your backyard.

That’s a major reason we recommend the Lifetime dual-entry shed as the best large storage shed. But it’s far from the only reason. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, the Lifetime shed is steel-reinforced for extreme durability.

The Lifetime shed is protected from ultraviolet rays to combat fading over time, and it also features a polyethylene floor. (Note: You will still need to have a prepared foundation on which to construct the Lifetime shed).

Another great feature of the nearly 6-foot-tall Lifetime storage shed is its dual-entry construction. Having two entrances means easy access to items stored in the shed’s interior, measuring slightly under 8 feet by slightly under 15 feet. The Lifetime shed also is equipped with skylights to heighten interior visibility.


  • Attractive and functional addition to home landscape
  • Dual entries are handy feature
  • Extremely resistant to inclement weather


  • Some pieces may not be labeled
  • Shelving can’t be adjusted
  • Floor may be thinner than expected

Best Small Storage Shed

UDPATIO 5×3 Outdoor Storage Shed

UDPATIO Outdoor Storage Shed 5x3 FT, Metal Garden Shed for Bike, Garbage Can, Tool, Outside Sheds & Outdoor Storage Galvanized Steel with Lockable Door for Backyard, Patio, Lawn

Whether you need storage, want garden tools near your garden, or want your garbage cans hidden, the UDPATIO storage shed is a great backyard addition. Its galvanized steel construction resists both rust and the sun’s rays, and it has earned our recommendation as the best small storage shed.

Despite its small size, the nearly 6-foot-tall shed includes a door that is 5 feet tall, providing easy adult access into the structure. Other notable features of the structure include its overlapping wall panels and its sloping roof, each designed to keep precipitation from entering the storage area.

For security, the UDPATIO shed features a door-locking mechanism ready for a padlock. And as a nice touch, the UDPATIO shed is shipped with protective gloves to keep you safe during assembly.


  • Good supply of extra parts
  • Very sturdy when assembled
  • Can be assembled by one person


  • May take longer to assemble than instructions indicate
  • Plastic sheathing is difficult to remove for assembly
  • Metal may be thinner than some purchasers expect

Best Wooden Storage Shed

MCombo Wooden Shed Closet

MCombo Outdoor Storage Cabinet, Garden Wood Tool Shed, Outside Wooden Shed Closet with Shelves and Latch for Yard, Patio, Deck and Porch 1000 Natural

Many of the wooden storage shed options on the market today are kits comprising only framing hardware, and none of the wood you’ll need for building. There are, however, some smaller wooden storage sheds that are shipped with everything you’ll need for assembly.

Our recommendation for the best wooden storage shed, including everything you’ll need for construction, is the MCombo Wooden Shed Closet. The MCombo shed measures nearly 40 inches across, almost 2 feet deep, and nearly 6 feet tall. That’s more than enough room for garden tools and supplies, outdoor recreational equipment, or whatever else you may want to place in it.

The rustic MCombo shed will look good no matter where it’s placed, whether on a deck or patio, or in your garden. Built of high-quality fir, the MCombo shed will be part of your backyard landscape for a long time.


  • Easy half-hour assembly
  • Great storage space for garden tools and supplies
  • Looks better than many plastic sheds


  • Wood may not be as sturdy as some purchasers expect
  • Doors may be difficult to align
  • May need to be attached to fence or wall to stay in place

Best Metal Storage Shed

UDPATIO 10×10 Outdoor Storage Shed

UDPATIO Outdoor Storage Shed 10x10 FT, Metal Outside Sheds & Outdoor Storage Galvanized Steel for Backyard, Patio, Lawn, Tool Shed with Lockable Door for Trash Can, Bike, Lawnmower, Generator

The UDPATIO 10×10 shed is our choice as the best metal storage shed on the strength of its ample floor space and its 6-foot height. That footprint and height are more than enough space to store your lawnmower, snow blower, and other lawn equipment. Plus, you’ll also have plenty more space for bicycles, toys, tools, or whatever you need to get out of your garage or basement.

The 10×10 UDPATIO metal storage shed also earns our recommendation as the best metal storage shed for its thick, galvanized steel walls. The UDPATIO shed doesn’t have as many shelving options as other sheds, but that’s not a bad thing. The lack of holes drilled for shelf mounting helps keep water out of the shed.

The 10×10 UDPATIO storage shed also is well-ventilated, keeping heat from damaging any of your stored items. Additionally, it is equipped with a padlock-ready locking mechanism to ensure the security of your stored items.


  • High-quality galvanized metal also covered with protective film
  • Screw holes line up well for assembly
  • Holds up well in serious inclement weather


  • Leaning items against walls not recommended
  • Roof may need caulking to keep water out
  • Construction may take longer than the claimed two hours

Best Resin Storage Shed

Keter Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter Manor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit-Perfect to Store Patio Furniture, Garden Tools Bike Accessories, Beach Chairs and Lawn Mower, Grey & White

Looking for an outdoor storage shed, but worried that its appearance may detract from your backyard landscape? The Keter Manor 4×6 shed has you covered as our recommendation for the best resin-constructed storage shed.

Made to look as if it has wood siding, the Keter Manor shed will blend well with your landscape. And along with its stylish construction, the Keter Manor shed features steel reinforcement to ensure its durability.

In all, the Keter Manor 4×6 shed offers nearly 132 square feet of storage space. That’s more than enough room for a bicycle, a lawnmower, and assorted other items. As a final note, the Keter Manor shed features a window and ventilation to help keep your stored items safe from heat.


  • Avoids cheap appearance of some outdoor sheds
  • Can be assembled in a few hours with minimal assistance
  • Can be painted to match house


  • Difficult to get walls and roof square
  • Floor must sit on concrete or plywood base
  • May need anchor straps to remain secure

Best Storage Sheds Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen our recommendations on storage sheds, let’s take a look at some factors you should consider for your purchase. Read on to learn about the different sizes of storage sheds and the materials from which they are made.


As you consider the purchase of a storage shed, you need a general idea of the various sizes of sheds. Generally speaking, small sheds are less than 80 square feet, medium sheds are 90 to 120 square feet, and large sheds are 300 square feet or more.

Small sheds are good for push-type lawnmowers, small tools, and gardening supplies. Medium-size sheds can accommodate riding lawnmowers, bicycles, and large gardening tools. Large sheds can accommodate jet skis and snowmobiles along with tools and other items.

Construction Material

A wood utility shed in a back yard

You’ve learned already that backyard storage sheds are made of three materials: wood, metal, or plastic resin. Read on for a look at the pros and cons of each material.


As you’ve already learned, unless you’re willing to build your own backyard storage shed, your options for a wooden structure are fairly limited. Routinely, pre-built wooden storage sheds, or wooden sheds that require just limited assembly, will be among your smaller storage shed options.

Still, there is a place for these storage options, as long as you buy one made of high-quality wood. Avoid wooden storage shed options that are constructed of engineered wood products containing mostly wood chips.

Also, be careful of wooden storage sheds that are covered with wood veneer that may delaminate from the structure after a while outdoors. If you do decide on a wooden storage shed, consider staining or painting it to prolong its durability.


Metal storage sheds typically will be constructed of galvanized steel, which is steel coated with zinc for an extended lifespan. Additionally, metal storage sheds routinely will include some protective clear sheathing to further protect them from the elements.

One word of caution about metal storage sheds is that they can be tricky to assemble. Many metal shed panels will have sharp edges, so you should wear thick gloves when putting them together.

Another cautionary note about metal storage sheds is to be careful when attaching any extra shelving to the walls. If installing the shelving requires drilling holes in the walls, you may compromise the structure’s ability to keep rain away from its interior.

Also, if your metal shed’s walls aren’t particularly thick, or aren’t corrugated for strength, avoid stacking heavy items against them.

As a final note, if your metal shed isn’t constructed of galvanized steel, you’ll need to ensure it doesn’t succumb to rusting or denting.

Plastic resin

In addition to wood and metal, plastic is another material with which storage sheds are constructed. Specifically, plastic resin sheds are most often constructed with high-density polyethylene or polypropylene.

If you’re considering a plastic storage shed, you should know how well it is protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can hasten deterioration. You’ll also want a plastic shed with walls thick enough that they won’t be pulled out of shape during construction or use.

Best Storage Sheds Frequently Asked Questions

posh garden shed with designer accessories and stylish decor, created with generative ai

Now that you’ve seen our recommended choices for the best backyard storage sheds, more questions may have occurred to you. Read on for some additional help in making your decision on the best storage shed for your backyard.

Do all storage sheds need a foundation?

Technically, all you need for a backyard storage shed is a leveled spot of ground with some gravel, stone, or sand for a floor. But that puts your structure in contact with the ground, where moisture can damage it, often in a very short time.

To ensure your shed lasts for a long time, even if it comes equipped with a floor, you should sit it on a foundation. Either a concrete pad or framed lumber installed above the ground and topped with plywood should work.

As you contemplate the purchase of a backyard storage shed, your best bet is also to factor in the cost of installing it atop a proper foundation.

What is the best way to figure the square footage needed for a storage shed?

The first thing to do when figuring out shed size is to be honest about how you’ll be using it. One way to make that determination could be gathering together the items you want in the storage shed and measuring the area they cover.

You’ll also want to be sure the shed is in scale with your residence. Typically, a 12×12-foot shed is all you’ll want near a large home.

The size of your shed may also be limited by local building and zoning ordinances, or by your neighborhood’s homeowner association.

What is the best material for a storage shed?

You can’t go wrong with either galvanized steel or plastic resin as storage shed material. Galvanized steel stands up well against the elements. Plastic resin sheds require little maintenance, and, if constructed of high-density polyethylene, will be as durable as galvanized steel.

You should know, however, that shed construction material may be restricted by local ordinances or homeowner association rules.

Wrapping up the Best Storage Sheds for Your Backyard

Now that you’ve learned about the best storage sheds for your backyard, you’re ready to make your own choice.

For more help with your backyard, check out the many other posts on the subject at Minneopa Orchards.