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The 7 Best Mason Bee Houses

If you want to keep Mason bees, you’re going to need the best mason bee houses to keep them in.

Mason bees are an important species for the environment, just like honeybees, and you can quickly provide places for them to build their nests. It’s a great way to welcome them to your space and help them pollinate your area. Farmers and gardeners in your community will thank you, too!

Other beneficial insects like leafcutter bees also like to use mason bee houses, many of which include spaces for other insects.

Best of all, mason bee houses are so low maintenance. All you have to do is set it out and watch them make it their own!

Check out all these amazing Mason bee houses to find the perfect one for you or as a gift for anyone in your life who loves nature.

Best Mason Bee Houses

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Mason Bee House:
Mason Bee House

Best Refillable Mason Bee House:
Refillable Mason Bee House

Best Multi-Insect Mason Bee House:
Wooden Insect House for Garden Insect Hotel

Best DIY Mason Bee House:
Rivajam Build a Bee House DIY Woodworking Project

Best Overall Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House - Handmade USA Natural Elderberry Bee Hotel - Bee Hive Attracts Peaceful Bee Pollinators to Enhance Garden Productivity

This mason bee house has everything you need to give Mason bees a happy home. It also has spaces for other beneficial insects like ladybugs.

It looks great and is very functional for helping pollinators. It includes a hanging hook, a guide to raising mason bees, and even a flower seed packet so you can plant wildflowers for the mason bees. You have to pick a spot for it and be ready to go.

This quality mason bee house is made in the USA from elderberry wood and will last a long time through many generations of pollinators.

If you find that the tubes fill up and you need more, you can contact customer service for more to continue the cycle for years to come.

Best Refillable Mason Bee House

Refillable Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House - Handmade Natural Wooden Bee Hive Coated with Wax for Water-Proof and Long Service Life - Attracts Peaceful Bee Pollinators to Enhance Your Garden's Productivity

Once the mason bees have used all available spaces, they’ll need new nesting spots.

A refillable Mason bee house makes this easy to do and allows you to continue using the same house year after year. That makes this eco-friendly endeavor even more sustainable.

The wood on this mason bee house is coated in beeswax to protect it from the elements while showing off the wood finish.

Refilling is simple. Just pull out the used tubes and replace them with new mason bee tubes. You can replace them individually as needed or all at once. Just check over all full tubes before removing them to ensure no developing bees are still inside.

Best Multi-Insect Mason Bee House

Wooden Insect House for Garden Insect Hotel

Wooden Insect House for Garden Insect Hotel for Ladybugs,Mason Bees,Butterflies,Ladybirds Hanging Bamboo Habitat (Wooden)

Mason bees are just one of many essential pollinators that need our support. Fortunately, you can provide homes for various beneficial bugs with a multi-insect mason bee house.

This model has plenty of space for mason bees to nest in and many other areas for pollinators to call home. You’ll observe ladybugs, butterflies, and other fascinating creatures moving in.

The materials used in this Mason bee house are all natural with no chemicals, so your little friends will be safe and sound.

Best DIY Mason Bee House

Rivajam Build a Bee House DIY Woodworking Project

Rivajam Build a Bee House DIY Woodworking Project | Solitary Mason Bee House Nesting Box Wood Building Kit & Tools | Garden Arts & Crafts Activities for Toddler Boys & Girls Kids Teens Adults & Family

If you love working with your hands, you can build your Mason bee house with a DIY kit.

This DIY mason bee house has everything you need to get started, including the tools and hardware. It’s easy to do yourself; even kids can enjoy the fun! Detailed instructions are part of the package to walk you through the process.

If you need refill tubes, you can get those whenever you need them.

Topadorn Woonden Multi Habitat Insect House

Topadorn 11” Woonden Multi Habitat Insect House Outdoor Garden Decorative Insect Hotels for Bee Butterfly and Beetle Tree of Life

If you love decorating your outdoor space in a practical way, this beautiful mason bee house is perfect for you!

It has several options for other insects and lots of room for the mason bees to nest in.

The unique and natural design will look great in your garden or yard, making you smile each time you see a new mason bee. Check it out. It’s pre-painted and ready to hang in the spot of your choice.

This mason bee house would also make a fabulous gift for friends or family who love gardening. Their plants will benefit without any extra work, and maybe you’ll get some fresh veggies in return.

Solitary Mason / Pollen Bee House

Solitary Mason / Pollen Bee House

Mason bee houses can be very simple because the bees don’t care about appearances as we do.

This budget-friendly mason bee house is perfect for anyone who prefers practicality and doesn’t need something fancy. Made from recycled materials with cardboard tubes, you can feel good about buying something that benefits the environment in multiple ways.

This mason bee house features 20 nesting tubes in a few different sizes to help raise 100 to 150 mason bees.

It’s specifically designed to provide an ideal nesting spot with protection to keep inside clean and dry, and the color will attract mason bees. Inside, volcanic rock helps keep developing mason bee larvae well insulated.

If it starts to look a little rough, it can easily be cleaned and reused repeatedly.

There’s no assembly or installation required, so you can just put it wherever you want, and it’s ready to go.

MIXXIDEA 3 in 1 Wooden Insect Hotel

MIXXIDEA 3 in 1 Wooden Insect Hotel, Multifunctional Butterfly House with Screwdriver, Sturdy Bee House with Plant Pot, Backyard Butterfly Houses for The Garden Bees, Ladybugs, Butterfly – Brown

Give mason bees a little decor of their own with a mason bee house and planter box in one!

This is a great option for people who don’t have their own garden space but still want to add a little color that also benefits pollinators at the same time. Colorful flowers will help attract mason bees and other pollinators while providing a convenient nesting space for them.

There are even other spaces for extra pollinators, plus a few options for the mason bees to choose from. The natural unfinished wood can be painted to fit your aesthetic. Make it a fun project with the family!

The planter box is perfect for growing a few beautiful flowers of your choice. Assembly is easy, and all the necessary hardware is included.

Buyers’ Guide to Finding the Best Mason Bee Houses

Mason bees at an insect hotel in spring

There are a lot of mason bee houses out there, so you can pick any of them. However, you should remember a few things to ensure you’re not inadvertently harming the ecosystem.

Be aware of how it was manufactured and what it’s made of. Sustainable materials are necessary; you don’t want harsh chemicals to harm the bees moving in. Most of the mason bee houses you’ll see are made of wood and have either bamboo or paper tubes inside.

They can be simple or more decorative if they have appropriate spaces for the bees, so the style is up to you! If you like decorating your mason bee house, go with a natural wood design with no special coating or finish. Use a simple outdoor paint and let it dry completely before putting it outside for the bees.

You should also look for a house that is made to withstand being outside in the weather since it will be outside every day. You won’t be bringing it inside, so it needs to be able to last.

Mason Bee House FAQs

Rustic shelter for mason bees - DIY hive (bee house) made of natural materials, traditional design. Concept of eco friendly beekeeping

Why Do Mason Bees Need Houses?

While mason bees can use natural holes and small spaces to make their nests, mason bee houses are ideal. They provide the perfect space for mason bees to nest in and make it easier for the bees.

Mason bees are an important part of the environment as pollinators. Helping them find nice places to make their nests makes it easier for them to survive and reproduce.

This is especially important because they don’t dig their nests and only use pre-existing spaces. Putting out a mason bee house gives them a perfectly sized nesting area.

How Do Mason Bees Use Houses?

Mason bees are solitary and don’t live in colonies like other bees.

They seek out existing spaces to use for their nests. In each space, they will store the pollen and nectar they collect. They will then lay a single egg on top of those resources and seal off that section with a partition made of mud.

This process is repeated until the entire space is filled, at which point they will move on to find a new place to nest.

Providing ideal spots for them makes it easier for them to reproduce. It also gives them a dedicated, protected area that won’t be accidentally disturbed or destroyed.

Why Is it Beneficial to Have Mason Bees Around?

Mason bees don’t produce anything for us to harvest, so keeping them is purely to give them a place to lay their eggs so they can go out and pollinate.

Like many other species, mason bees are important pollinators. So much of our food relies entirely on pollinators ensuring plants can reproduce.

Just like keeping honeybees, giving mason bees places to live and lay their eggs means they’ll have an easier time pollinating and continuing their species. You can keep them just for fun or as a beneficial pollinator for your garden or farmland.

Are Mason Bees Aggressive?

Mason bees are not aggressive bees, so you don’t need to be concerned about being attacked if you put up mason bee houses.

While they do have stingers, it’s very rare for them to use them. It’s best to place your mason bee house out of the way to lower the risk of accidental stings. Either way, it’s still highly unlikely that you’ll have a problem as long as they don’t feel threatened by you.

Where Should I Place a Mason Bee House?

The best place to put a mason bee house is a spot with some coverage from the elements, like under a section of the roof.

6 to 7 feet high is ideal, and a sunny spot is preferable, with a clean water source nearby for them to access.

If you’re worried about mason bee activity, look for a place that’s more out of the way and not in the middle of a high-traffic area.

Mason bees are diligent about finding good nesting spots, so don’t worry about them being unable to find the house you provided. If you don’t see any activity around your mason bee house, you can also use an attractant to help them find it.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Do for the Mason Bees?

The best part about mason bee houses is their low maintenance. Once you find a spot to put it in, you don’t have to do much else.

The ideal time to put them outside is in the early spring so they’re ready for mason bees emerging as the weather gets warmer. Once your mason bee house is set up, you can leave it where it is year-round.

Mason bee houses provide a necessary place for mason bee larvae to ride out the cold winter months, so you don’t want to remove them.

Once the bees move in, all you need to do is replace any completely used tubes with empty ones as needed. You should also watch for intruders like wasps who may try to take over.

You’ll Love Having a Mason Bee House

Not only are mason bees essential pollinators, but they’re also fascinating to watch.

You’ll see their progress as they build their nests, making it a great educational opportunity for kids and adults alike. There are many ways to give mason bees a place to nest to fit your style and needs.

You can find ready-to-hatch mason bees or let local mason bees find the house independently. After that, you’re good to go.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about honey bees and other pollinators!