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The Best Fruit Crusher For 2023

The crushed fruit is fantastic for all sorts of purposes—from making juices and other drinks to having fruit ready and prepped for canning as a sauce or puree, turning into preserves, and more.

To achieve perfectly crushed fruit for your purposes, you need the best fruit crusher that meets all your needs…and we are here to help!

Check out our roundup of the best fruit crushers on the market, along with some things to consider before buying, safety tips, and more.

grapes being crushed by a crusher similar to the best fruit crushers

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
EJWOX Store Fruit and Apple Crusher

Best Fruit Crusher For Small Fruits:
SQUEEZE Master Grape and Berry Fruit Crusher

Budget Fruit Crusher:
OXO Good Grips Food Mill

Best Overall

EJWOX Store Fruit and Apple Crusher

Fruit and Apple Crusher - 7L Manual Juicer Grinder,Portable Fruit Scratter Pulper for Wine and Cider Pressing(Stainless Steel,1.8 Gallon,Green)

When you’re on the hunt for the best fruit crusher on the market, a few boxes will definitely need to be checked… First and foremost are versatility and capacity…you want a fruit crusher that can crush multiple kinds of fruit and a lot of it at that!

You also need a fruit crusher that is easy to use, assemble, and clean, safe to work, and long-lasting. With all this in mind, we recommend the EJWOX Store Fruit and Apple Crusher as the best fruit crusher overall.

This fruit crusher checks all the boxes and more, as it can crush anything from apples and pears to carrots and more, maximizing juice and creating excellent pulp. This item brings excellent value for the cost and is well deserving of the high praise it receives from users.


  • Built of durable stainless steel
  • It has a higher volume capacity and can crush many types of fruit—and veggies too!
  • Easy to use with a smooth hand crank and seamless grinding motion


  • Some customers note issues with a breakdown in the bolt that attaches the crank to the body of the crusher
  • It may require some manual pushing of fruit into the grinder portion for the grinder to catch and press the fruit through

Best Fruit Crusher for Small Fruits

SQUEEZE Master Grape and Berry Fruit Crusher

SQUEEZE master Grape Berry Wine Fruit Manual Crusher Grinder -7 Litre Large Stainless Steel- for Manual Cider Juicer Grinder & Fruit Scatter,Berry Wine Sauce

Not all fruit crushers are created equal. Some of the most well-known fruit crushers on the market are tailored much more toward larger and tougher fruits. This can make for a bad fit if you’re looking to crush smaller, softer fruits instead.

For folks looking for the best fruit crusher for their more pliable fruits like grapes, berries, kiwis, and the like, we recommend the SQUEEZE Master Grape and Berry Fruit Crusher. This is a fruit crusher focusing on leveraging those smaller and softer fruits!

The SQUEEZE Master has gears designed to maximize the crushing and juicing of these fruits to ensure nothing gets missed in the process. If your goal is crushing softer fruits, the SQUEEZE Master is the best fruit crusher to meet your needs and is a worthwhile investment.


  • Tailor-made for crushing smaller and softer fruits
  • Minimizes waste of juice and pulp
  • Manuel crank design can be used regardless of the available power source


  • Customers have reported some incidental issues with their fruit crushers but no consistent problems to speak of

Small Batch / Budget Fruit Crusher

OXO Good Grips Food Mill

OXO Good Grips Food Mill

Though fruit crushers are valuable household items to help minimize waste and increase your productivity with any garden harvest, there’s no denying this can be a big-ticket item! While hunting for the best fruit crusher for your needs, you may want to ensure you don’t break the bank or simply deal with a small batch of fruit.

Bearing this in mind, we recommend the OXO Good Grips Food Mill as the best fruit crusher on a budget to maintain quality while being cost-efficient. At its price point, this fruit crusher is an excellent value for the cost.

While this is certainly a smaller fruit crusher with a much more hands-on approach, this fruit crusher is simple to use, easy to assemble and store, and can even crush fruit at different sizes with three different grinding disc options.


  • A well-valued and affordable fruit crusher
  • Highly rated
  • Has three separate options for grinding size.
  • Easy to use, clean, and store


  • It does not grind as finely as other, larger fruit crushers, making better fruit for purees and sauces as opposed to juicing

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fruit Crusher

Apple crusher with apples similar to the best apple crushers in the list

There’s a big difference between a good and bad fruit crusher. Here are a few of the things we thought of to differentiate what’s worth your money and what isn’t.

How Much Fruit You Will Be Crushing

Fruit crushers come in all different shapes and sizes! When selecting the best fruit crusher for your particular needs, it is always a good idea to verify the capacity a particular grinder can manage. Then check that against how much fruit you intend to grind.

The good news is even a small-capacity fruit crusher can get the job done given enough time However, what might take several batches of crushing in a smaller fruit crusher might take just one or two batches in a larger fruit crusher.

Bearing this in mind, you should also consider how much time you have to dedicate to using your fruit crusher. This will help you choose the best fruit crusher for you—whether you need to budget for a larger fruit crusher with a higher capacity to reduce your production time.

What Kind of Fruit Will You Be Crushing


The type of fruit you plan to crush is a determining factor in which option will make the best fruit crusher for you.

Some fruit crushers are tailor-made for bigger and harder fruits. These can include apples and pears, which may take some extra grinding power to break down.

On the other hand, some fruit crushers don’t have the power to break down harder fruits but will give you way more bang for your buck when expelling fruit and pulp from softer fruits like berries or grapes.

Be sure to bear in mind the kind of fruit you intend to crush, so you can select the best fruit crusher to suit your particular needs!

What You Intend to Use the Crushed Fruit For

For many reasons, folks may be on the hunt for a fruit crusher. These tools are primarily used for making juices, but they can also be used for crushing fruit into purees, sauces, and compotes.

Because of the vast array of potential uses, fruit crushers also vary in how fine they will crush the fruit, how much fruit juice they can expel, and more. It’s important to have a plan for what you will use your crushed fruit for before you pick your fruit crusher.

That way, you’ll know you have chosen the best fruit crusher for the task!

Safety Tips and Tricks

Fruit crushers are built to complete their tasks as safely and effectively as possible. However, these are still heavy pieces of equipment and must be handled with care in order to ensure the user doesn’t harm themselves on the grinding blades or other pieces of equipment.

Fruit crushers should never be used by children unsupervised and are not meant to be operated by especially young kiddos like toddlers. Make sure to store your fruit crusher out of reach if you have little kids or curious pets around.

Upon receiving your fruit crusher, always check for any compromises in the equipment before you begin using it for the first time. Make sure all parts and pieces fit together well without any gaps, catches, or signs of deterioration.

You should continue to watch for any signs of wear and tear as you continue to use your fruit crusher since various brands and models can wear out at different speeds.

If you notice any parts beginning to show deterioration, stop using your fruit crusher and address the issue with a replacement part or by replacing the fruit crusher altogether if need be.

When cleaning your fruit crusher, be sure to handle the parts delicately and avoid touching any of the grinding pieces with your bare hands. Always wear gloves if possible, and don’t work distracted or with dirty or slippery fingers.

Carefully disassemble and wash each part of your fruit crusher after every crushing session. This will help you to avoid the buildup that can lead to molding, foul odors, and even rust or deterioration in parts of your fruit crusher.

When operating your fruit crusher, always be mindful of where your hands are and avoid placing them near the grinders when in motion. If you need to adjust or tinker with your fruit crusher at all, be sure it isn’t in motion and cannot be shifted, even accidentally, while doing so.

If you have an issue with pieces of fruit not catching in the grinding mechanisms of any fruit crusher, do not attempt to push the fruit down with your bare hands, even for a split second. Instead, use a long object or a specific fruit pole to help maneuver the fruit into the grinding mechanism.

Wrapping up the Best Fruit Crusher

Ready to purchase the best fruit crusher to meet your needs? Before you get started on crushing your crops, be sure to check out our Fruits page! This is a great resource for gardeners of all skill levels to decide what to grow…and what fruit they will be crushing during the harvest season.