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The 11 Best Dandelion Diggers

Having pesky weeds, such as dandelions, in your garden is inconvenient. Weeds can easily overtake a space through reseeding and root spread if not tended to. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the right dandelion diggers on hand to keep your garden clean and healthy. But, there are so many kinds out there. Which ones are the best?

Closeup of dandelions in bloom.

I’ve listed the top 11 best dandelion diggers. Keep reading to learn more about this tool and which ones you need for your garden!

What Is a Dandelion Digger?

Dandelion diggers are tools used to extract both weeds and their roots without disturbing the soil or surrounding plants too much. They usually feature tines or a V-shaped blade that works by either getting under the roots or by grabbing the entire root from the top. Either way, the goal is to manually remove the roots in their entirety to prevent the weed from reemerging.

Person using a dandelion digger to remove a dandelion from a lawn.

Now let’s take a look at the 11 best dandelion diggers on the market and give you what you need to know in order to pick the one that’s best for you.

The Best 11 Dandelion Diggers

Best Overall

Grampa’s Weeder, The Original Stand-Up Weed Remover

My overall top pick for the best dandelion digger is Grampa’s Weeder because of its simple, durable design. You can’t go wrong with this one! The weeder works by pressing the two claws into the ground over the weed. Then, you lean the pole back, using the foot lever as leverage. This stand-up weed puller works well in any soil type because of the reliable wood handle and steel head.


  • It’s durable.
  • It works well in any soil type.
  • The simple design is easy to use.


  • Weeds have to be removed from the claw by hand.
  • It often pulls up clods of dirt with the weed.

Best for Leverage

Edward Tools Weeding Tool

Edward Tools Weeding Tool - Leverage Metal Base Creates Perfect Angle for Easy Weed Removal and Deeper Digging - Sharp V Nose Digs deep to Roots - Stainless Rust Proof Steel

This small dandelion digger is great for weeds with large, deep roots. It features a V-nose end with a curved metal base that acts as leverage when pulling the weed from the soil. It has a comfort-grip handle to help avoid hand fatigue. The Edwards Tools Weeding Tool does a great job removing weeds with little damage to surrounding plants.


  • Ergonomic design provides good leverage.
  • It has a comfortable grip.
  • It works well for deep-rooted weeds.


  • The V-nose doesn’t work very well on small weeds.

Best for Tight Areas

Seymour 41035 Dandelion Weeder

Seymour 41035 Dandelion Weeder, 13.25 x 1.25 x 1.25

The Seymour 41035 Dandelion Weeder has a small, simple design, but it takes out dandelions with no problem. It’s a great compact tool to have in your collection with a durable wood handle. It may not have many frills, but its performance ranks it among the best.


  • It works great for dandelions and small weeds.
  • It is well-made.
  • The small blade doesn’t damage surrounding plants.


  • It doesn’t perform well in heavy, clay soil.

Best for Large Weeds

CobraHead® Original Weeder & Cultivator

CobraHead® Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool - Forged Steel Blade - Recycled Plastic Handle - Ergonomically Designed for Digging, Edging & Planting - Gardeners Love Our Most Versatile Tool

The CobraHead weeder looks like no other with its curved head – hence the name! This dandelion digger was developed by the company creators realizing how handy a single tine from a hand cultivator was at weeding. It has a strong steel head on a recycled plastic handle. It’s one of the best choices for getting around and lifting deep-rooted weeds.


  • It’s made in the U.S.A.
  • The steel head is high quality.
  • It works great for large weeds.


  • The design takes practice to use effectively.
  • The tip of the blade was too dull for some.

Best Long-Handled Cobra Head Weeder

Hoss Tools Single Tine Cultivator

The Hoss Tools Single Tine Cultivator works like the Cobra Head, but this weeder has a long handle, preventing you from having to kneel. The 54-inch hardwood handle is useful for getting under large weeds in between rows of vegetables.


  • It’s made in the U.S.A.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • The long handle prevents kneeling.


  • It’s pricier than other weeders.

Best for Self-Ejecting the Weed

Fiskars 339950-1002 4-Claw Weeder

The Fiskars 4-Claw Weeder looks similar to Grampa’s Weeder in design, but the Fiskars model can self-eject the weed. It also has four claws instead of two to grab the weed. It features a large footplate for pressing the steel claws into the ground and an offset handle to provide more comfort for your hands.


  • This weeder can self-eject.
  • It has a large footplate.
  • It works to prevent back and hand fatigue.


  • The handle construction is not as durable as other models.

Best for Avoiding Kneeling

Garden Weasel Step and Twist Hand Weeder

The Garden Weasel stand-up dandelion digger works by pressing the two steel claws into the ground, then using the thumb release to eject the plant. This model is great if you have trouble being on your knees in the garden. You don’t even have to bend down to remove the weed from the tool. The entire tool is steel, so it’s a good, durable choice.


  • It’s well-made.
  • It’s great for those who prefer standing.
  • It has a self-eject feature.


  • Footplate is small.
  • It tends to pull out large clumps of dirt.

Best for Versatility

AMES 2917300 Steel Stand-Up Weeder

AMES 2917300 Steel Stand-Up Weeder, 40-Inch

This AMES stand-up weeder features curved, steel tines instead of the usual straight tines. The curved tines help grip the weed better, and it has an ejection shaft for when you’re ready to release the weed. Another thing the curved tines are good for is aerating the soil, so you can accomplish multiple things with this one tool.


  • It has a comfortable T-grip.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • The curved tines are dual-purpose.


  • The footplate is small.
  • Plastic handle is not high quality.

Best for Durability

CFCT Aluminum Hand Weeder Tool

CFCT Aluminum Hand Weeder Tool, Bend-proof Weed Puller, Ergonomic Bulb Planter, Dandelion Digger, Picker, Remover and Extractor Garden Tool

This dandelion digger is one solid piece, so you don’t have to worry about any parts breaking off! It’s made from high-quality cast aluminum, and it can be used as a weeder, bulb planter, or trowel. It has a V-nose similar to the Edwards Tools’ model that works well for getting under and around roots.


  • The solid design is well-made.
  • It’s versatile and easy to use.


  • The wide head can leave holes in the dirt.

Best Budget-Friendly Option

GANCHUN Hand Weeder Tool

GANCHUN Hand Weeder Tool,Garden Weeding Tools with Ergonomic Handle,Garden Lawn Farmland Transplant Gardening Bonsai Tools

This dandelion digger is perfect for those on a small budget. It’s made from aluminum alloy and features a comfortable grip handle. The V-nose head works into a curved shaft for added leverage when pulling up weeds. For the price, this weeder is sturdy and extracts large weeds easily.


  • It’s cost-friendly.
  • It has a comfortable grip.
  • It works well on large-rooted weeds.


  • The aluminum blade is not as durable as steel models.

Best for Small Weeds

CobraHead® Mini Weeder & Cultivator

CobraHead® Mini Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool - Forged Steel Blade - Recycled Plastic Handle - Ergonomically Designed for Digging, Edging & Planting - Perfect for Small Gardening Jobs

The CobraHead mini weeder is similar to its big brother on a much smaller scale. The steel blade head works by getting under small, taproot weeds with little to no damage. This is a useful tool for those with container gardens or raised beds that need to remove small, pop-up weeds.


  • It pulls up shallow-rooted weeds easily.
  • The steel head is well-made.
  • It works well for getting in between plants.


  • It won’t work well on larger weeds.

When to Use a Dandelion Digger

It’s a good idea to remove dandelions in the spring when they bloom. At this point, you will be catching them before they reseed, and the roots will likely not be as large.

You can also remove dandelions in the fall to prevent them from growing the following year.

A red mechanical dandelion digger -- some of the best dandelion diggers do the work for you.

Removing any type of weed throughout the entire growing season is also good practice and will help your garden produce the best harvest.

Different Types of Dandelion Diggers

Stand-Up Weeder

Stand-up dandelion diggers have a long handle usually attached to a T-grip that you can use to control the weeder. They have two to four tines on the end of the handle that work to remove weeds. By pressing the footplate down and twisting, the weeds (and more importantly, the roots) will break loose. These also have self-eject features on some models.

A man using a standing dandelion digging tool.

Handheld Weeder

Handheld dandelion diggers work well for those who prefer gardening on their knees. They have V-nose heads and a curved shaft to lever weeds from the soil. Overall length is often around 12-inches. Handheld weeders are usually the most cost-friendly of the dandelion diggers.

A blue handheld, manual dandelion digger.

Cobra Head Weeder

Cobra head weeders can remove small weeds in tight areas. They have a single curved tine that works by getting under the root and extracting it. You can find cobra head weeders with long or short handles depending on your preference.

How to Choose the Best Dandelion Digger for You

Handle Length

If you have a bad back or bad knees, you may want to look into a stand-up weeder. Alternatively, handheld weeders work well for those who enjoy kneeling in the garden and working the soil. Handheld weeders are also handy when you are already checking on or harvesting in your garden.

A dandelion pulled by a dandelion digger tool.

Soil Type

Consider your soil type, whether it be clay soil, sandy soil, or loamy soil. If you have heavy, clay soil, you will want to look for the most heavy-duty dandelion digger that won’t break easily under pressure. For other soil types, you can generally have your pick.


If you want your dandelion digger to last many seasons, look for weeders made from wood and/or steel. These will last longer and work better in tough soil. Aluminum and plastic weeders are good for those looking for a quick fix or for beginner gardeners.

Dandelions removed by a standing dandelion digger tool.


Some dandelion diggers have comfort grips, while some just have plastic or wood handles. Your preference will likely depend on how long and how often you use this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a weeder when I can just use my hands or herbicide?

Weeders and dandelion diggers help cut weeding time down significantly. That means you have more time to work on other things in your garden. Some weeds are also prickly and sharp. Weeders prevent you from having to grab these by hand and risk getting stuck.

Weeders are also great for organic gardening. You don’t have to worry about getting any kind of herbicide or harsh chemicals on vegetables, surrounding plants, pets, or even yourself.

2. I’ve been weeding my garden, and they keep coming back. What do I do?

When weeding, make sure to remove the entire root. If you only remove what’s above the surface, the weed will usually return. When you extract the weed, put it aside in a bucket to dispose of later, so it doesn’t reseed in the surrounding area.

A basket of garden weeds, including dandelions.

If you are weeding your lawn, you can reseed the affected area with your grass seed of choice to prevent weeds from filling in.

3. Is there an easier way to work the root out?

One trick to removing weeds is to wet the soil 30 minutes before you dig any weeds up. The wet soil will help the roots come up quicker and easier. This is a great idea if you live in an area with heavy, clay soil. It will also be easier on your weeding tool, so you don’t risk damaging it.

Wrapping Up the Best Dandelion Diggers

Dandelion diggers are a quicker, more organic way to keep your garden controlled. Your garden will thank you for maintaining weeds by looking tidy and flourishing with healthy plants. My top pick for the best dandelion digger is Grampa’s Weeder for its durability and ergonomic design. If you prefer handheld or cobra head weeders, I have several of those listed for you as well!

A person using a dandelion digger to remove a dandelion weed.

There are other weeds besides dandelions to worry about invading your garden, but we can help! Visit our Weeding Tools page to learn more about other great tools to help you conquer those pesky weeds.

Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on garden tools and garden supplies, then you’re in the right place!